2P START! Live!: Free Roaming Edition


RayPokémon Black/White talk, audio voicemails, mysterious Future Ray, Mario Galaxy 2, and evil DLC.


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  1. Maugchief says:


    Does anyone know what the CSI: Oregon theme music is? I know I’ve heard it sometime in my NES gaming past, but I just can’t place it.

  2. Laelaps says:

    Yah! Second!

  3. Person Number 3 says:

    GPN, guys! What’s that… Geo Pocket Neo? I dunno. But you did, regardless, do a good job.

  4. TheLupineOne says:

    1) That’s some funky Brawl playing, there!
    2) LOLs at your impressions of Spindashing.
    3) Poké Floats!
    5) I hope CSI: Oregon returns as a regular feature.
    6) Mushroom!
    7) Do you still have 6 Brawl Stickers left?
    8) Groan… I’ve already been pronouncing Shenmue as “Shenume

  5. JohnW says:

    iPod Touch is taking forever to download it. In the mean time, I have Musical Misfit and Wricki-Wricki-Remix suggestions.

    Musical Misfit – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhkGx0QGVDY

    Wricki-Wricki-Remix – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSKxTqDvsas&feature=related

  6. Laelaps says:

    Okay, so
    1. The thing with the Olympics is that you have so many stupid sports, like curling, that it really has started to lose it prestige.
    2. Ray should take Jon McAllister on head-to-head in Brawl.
    3. Unsolved Mystery of Gaming #256: L is real 2401
    4. In case you’re wondering, the DS cartridges say “NTR” because the DS was originally abbreviated/codenamed “Nitro.”
    5. Lego Star Wars??
    6. Sweet!
    7. How was that? Did I play my cards right?
    8. Really? The grave risers and their comments are awesome!

  7. TheLupineOne says:

    Now, for my Musical Misfit selection. One of my favourite tracks in Pokémon Gold, Silver & Crystal was the Menu Theme. I was happy to hear it remixed for HGSS, but IT ONLY PLAYED ONCE!

    But none of those are my musical misfits, that was just a prelude. My Musical Misfit that caught my ears was one of the “also recommended”s.

    It’s the Mewtwo Battle Theme from Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare). I’ve never played this game, but boy, this music sure is a heaping chunk of nostalgia. Who’s with me?

    • Retl says:

      I have played the game all the way through. That song was messing with my head the first time I heard it during that battle. Pressing my nostalgia and confusion buttons at the same time. I do like the song.

      It was a pleasurable experience.

    • JohnW says:

      Wasn’t as emotional for me as HG SS, but good none the less.

  8. SuperVegeta says:

    YEA! I’m Finally out of my grave! It was rather lackluster, but it’s nice to breathe the fresh air.

  9. JohnW says:

    1. Cancer Shorts should be a reoccurring joke!
    2. Ray got ALL the achievements in Mega Man 10…
    3. All first Pokemon footage is a guy going in a circle/one continuous direction!
    4. I have to agree with Tim for the battle scene thing.
    5. Rape into the death zone!
    6. You’ve come far Ray…
    7. Yes, that IS the power of teamwork.
    8. CSI: Oregon should be a reoccurring segment!
    9. Returning laws!
    10. I think I got the same googled thing for GCN, Tim. Did it have to do with the Irish?

    I’ll carry on tomorrow.

  10. bionichute says:

    future ray is here to send a message to modern ray about the apocalypse.
    i think “csi: Oregon” should be called “csi: Oregon trail”, get it? because there’s a game called Oregon tra- never mind.
    i can’t believe you haven’t made a comic on how creepy pokemon is: paras’ mushrooms kill it and control it’s body when it evolves, drifloon take kids to the underworld, when marowak breed the mother dies and the child wear the mothers skull on it’s head, haunter drain people of their life force (a.k.a. steal their souls), dusknoir has markings on it’s stomach that is a mouth that caries souls to the underworld and much more. in fact, here’s an entire list

  11. Gregjr94 says:

    That part at the very end… I think the policeman was the one who needed questioning…

  12. ­ says:

    Yay for comment of the week and it getting you completely distracted. And yes I beive that GCN was Gamecube Nintendo.
    Also Yay for Ray noting that my name isn’t “no name” but
    Also your system doesn’t allow for a blank name. It will post Anonymous. However there are ways to bypass that. Not necessarily your fault though.
    I am willing to reason though and if you really want me to I will change to one of the other names I use that isn’t blank (although not necessarily easer to pernicious)

    • Kvb says:

      Let me guess…
      No-Break Space?

      • Kvb says:

        No, wait, I mean the Zero Width (No-Break) Space.

      • ­ says:

        The funny thing is I checked and a regular space will work as well. The character I am using is probably what you refereed to as the zero width no break space, but its actually not related to HTML at all.

  13. Oliby says:

    Nice podcast like usual. I enjoyed Tim with the News this time. The highlights were presented in a funnier manners to me.

    But, what happened to the Off Topic segment? That one is usually the funniest part of the podcast, at least for me.

  14. blaster says:

    If you keep insisting on diagonal walking, you guys don’t deserve to play pokemon. That’s all I have to say here.

  15. Retl says:

    I had a great laugh with the use of the teamwork Sonic quote early in. Pretty much chuckling and smiling all the way through it so far.

    – Know what’ll make me laugh my butt off? If within the year, someone makes a model and animation hack to put Toadette or some other custom character into NSMBW. Though, I think it’s much less likely than the same happening with Brawl because the huge fanbase behind NSMBW probably isn’t as incredibly dedicated as that behind Brawl.

    Wait, the podcast over already? I must have zoned out somewhere in there and missed something awesome. Time to set it on loop for a while.

  16. Retl says:

    Also, Ray, both beating the game without getting hit and the replay video you had put up are amazing to me. I was only on the high score boards for ONE WEEK for one of the Wily stages, and that was near launch, before everyone else figured out how to annihilate the game. I just don’t have the dedication to go through Mega Man to get that masterful. Probably because I’ve been spending so much time with Cave Story Wii’s hard mode, I’ve really lost my Mega Man platforming legs.

    Ahahaha I totally missed the “Raped me into the death zone” by Tim. I guess I’m just so darn used to hearing Ray say it that I wasn’t paying too much attention when he said it.

  17. Keja says:

    Great podcast guys! I got really confused during blaster’s message though, it’s the same words as from my skype call rearanged, which is quite bemusing at 1:15 in the morning.

  18. Apkinesis says:

    OPG (okay Podcast guys)!

    Best segway into Tim with the News so far 🙂 Nice call on the Grave-Rising issue; I’ve been growing concerned that the segment would take over the entire Podcast with all the risers lately.

    Looking forward to more CSI: Oregon! And yeah, I’ve been curious about GCN ever since the system came out. Though I’d always known the N was for Nintendo, it’s nice to finally know why the it’s at the end.

    Seems like the first time in a while Tim and Ray have had the same BDA. Also, the interpretations of the first call were pretty hilarious 😀

    Musical Misfit suggestions, both from “Touhou 12.3: Unthinkable Natural Law”
    Beloved Tomboyish Girl
    Grimoire of Alice

  19. Mafleeted says:

    actually, it takes ?2 times longer to get anywhere without diagonal walking.

  20. Plet53 says:

    I have never been honored this highly before. Also: THE TRUE TALE BEHIND READING EVERY SINGLE COMIC VIA RANDOM BUTTON
    [spoiler] it was one long all-nighter (which also included a 4-player 99 lives brawl-a-thon.)[/spoiler]
    Fun times!

  21. Highwater Trousers says:

    Decent podcast guys. There was a good amount of laughs to be found in some of the revivals of some classic lines and the quips between you two. I suppose that things have been going pretty well, since Off Topic wasn’t a major section here.

    CSI: Oregon? Sounds good to me, but is the pilot episode going to be a remake of the Hidden Origins comic? And here’s this for a catch phrase: Ray is investigating a scene and Tim asks a question. To which, another officer stops Tim and says “Shhhh… it’s thinking… I mean, he”s thinking.” First person to get this reference wins a pat on the back.

    Quick bit on the DLC. The whole idea of paying for new content is going in a weird direction. Everything should already be on disc already and if you have to download an unlock code, it should be free. Another problem is timing as well; if it’s already on disc and released immediately, wouldn’t buyers feel ripped off? DLC has come down to the point where it’s used solely as a way of making a quick buck. Occasionally, there is some great DLC at a great price, but how often does that come about?

  22. samacaw says:

    i’ve been reading your comics since strip 21, but only recently started listening to your podcasts (episode 118) and i have thoroughly enjoyed it all. i would be working on listening to the 117 that i missed, but it’s just a matter of finding the time. but i figured that i would rise from my grave and say that you guys are doing some amazing work and i hope that you two keep it up for a long time to come (but not too long, because if you get burned out on it, it won’t be fun for anyone)

  23. D3vin says:

    Are you still doing Skype calls? I’d rather do one of those instead, if not, oh well.
    Nice podcast guys, although that Mario boulder power-up looks more like if you crossbred Mario with a Geodude 😀

  24. Supersonic24 says:

    I think I saw the Google result Tim skipped over. It didn’t have anything to do with gay Christians, did it?

  25. JohnW says:


    I lol’d. Exact same quote as #25! And frankly who listens to this *quote*/unquote* “person” anymore?

  26. JohnW says:

    I have a Black Doom Award suggestion. Nintendo can’t possibly think Wiis control the whole house! http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=243453

  27. Kvb says:

    I’m going to need to go off on that caller who spoke way too fast for me to catch his name. I highly disagree with that guy.

    Cursing being unnecessary has always been a flawed argument in my opinion, but in terms of video games and other fiction, that argument is just downright wrong. Swearing DOES serve a purpose in fiction. It’s a method of characterization, or setting a certain mood. Imagine GTA4 without the swearing. Or, even worse, with every swear replaced with “gosh darnit”. That doesn’t work, because that’s a clear contradiction with what these people are supposed to be characterized as. They’re thugs, bad people. They have murdered a small city worth of people, and yet the problem is their mature vocabulary?
    Of course you can argue that it’s okay, because they’re not killing real people, but how is that any different when it comes to swearing? I can understand being offended by a swear word when it’s aimed squarely at you, or when it’s used to insult someone or something you care about. But when a fictional character curses to respond to a fictional situation he finds himself in, why on earth would or SHOULD you care about that? You’re just being offended by that for the sake of being offended at that point, because you haven’t got anything to do with it.
    It’s alright! The F-bomb that the nameless NPC hurled at your main character is not gonna bite you.

    But alright. Let’s just assume for a second that someone who is strong enough to murder virtual representations of human beings, yet at the same time so emotionally fragile that the mere mention of any word with a negative meaning makes him weep, not only exists, but is playing exactly that kind of video game.
    Does censorship really help there? If someone says “What the *bleep* is your problem?”, do you REALLY not know what that third word was supposed to be? Even if you didn’t, the fact that it’s bleeped out indicates that it’s a swear word. Does not exactly knowing which specific swear word the character said REALLY make you feel any better? Really?

    Bah! Being offended by swearing has become so artificial at this point, I can’t stand it!

    • Curaga says:

      Personally I don’t play games with huge amounts of gore and blood, and I rarely ever play a game where I actually kill other humans (especially fps titles). But on the rare occasion I find a game that interests me and it has cursing in it for whatever reason, it really turns me off to the game, if it’s done in the way Tim and Ray described it in the podcast especially. The way I see it, the more you are exposed to a certain vocabulary, the more likely you are to use the word in some sense, whether mentally or vocally. That and pointless cursing actually does sort of rub me the wrong way. Really this would mostly apply to a game with tons of cussing, the rare curse for dramatic moments used tactfully isn’t a biggy to me, I just don’t want to be desensitized to it.

    • Maugchief says:

      I’m not opposed to contextual language and violence in games/movies, but it would be nice to have the option to censor it, especially for younger players or people who just don’t like it. The one game that comes to mind that did it really well was Brutal Legend. It actually gave you the choice in a context that kinda showcased some of the humor you could expect from the game.

      But of course the real driver to having these options in games is money. Would having the option to reduce violence/language increase the sales enough to offset the cost of implementing it? What about marketing to let people know that the option is even included in the first place? Then you’ve got ratings to worry about. Sure, you may be able to censor everything so that it could theoretically get a ‘T’ rating, but if it still has that ‘M’ on the box for language, violence, and gore, are parents (the ones who care anyways) even going to give it a second glance? Based on the extremely sparse number of games that actually do have the option, it would seem at the moment that it’s just not worth the trouble.

      • Kvb says:

        This kind of hearkens back to me not understanding swearing in general, but why is language even considered such an issue at all again? As I said, I understand it can be used in an offensive way, but the words are a part of the English vocabulary and have legitimate uses. Rather than indoctrinating into our kids that these words are inherently evil, maybe we should just teach them to use the words responsibly. You know, like how we teach them to use knives and matches responsibly.

        The thing is that all language in fiction is always contextual. A writer is responsible for these stories, and if he puts something in, there’s a reason for that. In every case it shows us the personality of the speaker at the very least. It can illustrate what subjects he or she feels strongly about. It can even expose a character as someone who only curses to be cool and a rebel. Either way, it’s part of what the character is.

        And the thing about the rating absolutely doesn’t fly for me. First of all, I’ve never EVER encountered a game where swearing is the defining factor that increased the rating. Swearing is always paired with violence and maybe even sex. Or did I miss a particularly vulgar Mario game?
        Second, ratings don’t work that way. They are always based on the worst a game has to offer, so a hypothetical “mild mode” would not change the rating at all. Kids would always be able to access the vulgar mode, even if there were some sort of parental lock system. Because let’s be honest: Kids are WAY more tech-savvy than adults.

    • Supersonic24 says:

      In my opinion, it’s not the cursing that tends to be an issue, but the sexual themes that I take issue with. For example, in No More Heroes, as Ray said, one of the first words that the protagonist says is “****face”. It was pretty funny, and I didn’t mind it; however, the fact that one of the assassins is almost completely naked is a huge issue with me.

  28. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    – Am I the only guy who DOESN’T like Cloud Mario’s hat?
    – Boulder Mario isn’t Sonic, it’s King Dodongo.
    – Ray… you got the Mr. Perfect achievement? I though that achievement was just there to mock everyone who played the game…
    – What I’m looking for in a new Pokemon game is trainers (outside of gyms) who use more than just one pokemon and its evolutions/one element. It’s always just the last bosses who use a varied team put together with strategy in mind.
    – FoReysics Science. Just saying.
    – I know why Gamecube is abbreviated, it’s all written in my manifesto that I pass out at my local supermarket every Wednesday.
    – Before I go to jail, I absolutely NEED to contact 2PStart.
    – I don’t mind swearing in games as long as there’s still some sort of charm to it, like No More Heroes.
    – Aww, STILL no mention? Or maybe I’m just completely missing my name. Who knows.
    – Professor Layton did DLC right, it was on the cartridge, but it was free. Most DLC is handled extremely poorly nowadays.
    – I will reuse one of my suggestions for Musical Misfits from last time, but the other one is from Wario Land 4. I find the soundtrack extremely underrated. I actually think it’s one of the best VG soundtracks I’ve ever heard. I could probably rant on how it sucks that the music is so underrated, but I’ll just stop there. NPG guys.


    “NPG guys” – As redundant as saying ATM Machine.

  29. BooCwis says:

    Hahaha, curiosity is a bad thing when looking up GCN.

  30. ­ says:

    Parts that should become permanent:
    – Find Ray a new Video game hero (because I think sonic has finally failed him)
    – CSI: Oregon (shouldn’t the intro be a The Who song?) (maybe it should be called CSI: Mushroom Kingdom or some other video game Location)
    Old parts I would not mind seeing coming back occasionally:
    – The trivia sections (especially if Ray does it with no notice for Tim (or the other way around))
    – Internet Loot (and you must call it booty)
    – The originally chicken Grab (not the one in space)
    Speaking of the origanal chicken Grab, I one time went up to one of my friends and asked him to go gather my Coocoo’s for me, then offered him an empty bottle as a reward (which was a plastic water bottle that we had been joking abouts bad design).
    Also don’t forget about off topic.

  31. NintendoNaut says:

    Yeah, I’m the second caller. Sorry guys, I talk fast all the time. I had the whole frickin’ thing written down and still couldn’t pronounce. XD But I appreciate you guys taking the time to play it and talk about it. Now…On to my r.

    Let me start my rebuttal by saying I’m a Christian. Maybe you’re not, so that changes our views a bit. I believe from a Biblical standpoint it’s wrong to swear and/or expose yourself to swearing. Uh, sorry Ray, I’ve gotta disagree, swearing’s never funny. XD But anyway, Kvb, we have different views on the subject and are bound to disagree. But I’ve gotta bring up a few points…

    First of all, every time I bring this subject up people immediately bring up some extreme game like GTA and rant on why it wouldn’t fit Niko Bellic to not cuss. Okay listen. In my opinion games like GTA shouldn’t even be on the market. Those games are BOUND to have swearing. They REVOLVE around the dirty things of this world, like , , , etc. No one ever brings up “normal” games.

    I brought up Uncharted 2 (you probably couldn’t even understand me say it). Here’s a game about an American good guy. There’s no reason for Nathan Drake to drop the s-word. He’s not a er or a speed-freak, he’s a normal good guy. But it adds so much more emotion and realism! Wrong! There are ways to invoke emotion without cussing. George Lucas is a master at this. Take the Star Wars movies as an example. Would scenes like these be better/more real with swearing?

    “Luke…I am your father.”
    “Your not my father you dirty piece of s***!”

    “Anakin! You were the chosen one! You were supposed to bring balance to the force not destroy it!”
    “F*** you!”

    No…Wrong, just wrong. Examples of true sorrow and emotion. Totally real, no swearing.

    Or take war games. There are ways to invoke the horrifying aspect of war without dropping f-bombs. I recall how CoD5 (which by the way had a content filter, great game) had sound clips of soldiers yelling things like, “Die! Die! Die!,” and “You can’t hurt me!” They sound a bit cliche here, but in the game the cries were gut-wrenching. They conveyed the grittyness of war without the crap.

    As for “being offended” by swearing I really wouldn’t say that. In my clip I said, “It’s just one of those things that really annoys me.” It disgusts me more than anything. It’s not like I’m gonna go cwy becaws somewon said a bad wowd. It’s more like, “Ah, again?! Seriously?!”

    Also in relation to, does the *bleep* make a difference, you’ve got a point. But take a game like CoD5. It had a content filter that removed language all together. No way you could tell when a word was removed. It was great.

    In the end, I’m not saying that people have to talk like old-ladies. “Goodness gracious me that hurt!” No. There’s always a way to keep it real and keep it cool while keepin’ it clean.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      I agree and disagree with you at the same time. Personally, I would prefer to not have cussing in games. However, there are characters such as Marcus Fenix from Gears of War, where not cussing would actually be uncharacteristic. Does the game and its characters take cussing too far? Yes, but the idea is that these are dark, burly soldiers that live to kill and destroy the Locusts. They don’t live by any actual morals, so while leaving the cussing out would clean up their speech, it would be uncharacteristic of such a person to not cuss. Same for GTA, despite its constant recurrence in arguments on this subject. Basically, for these characters not to cuss would be completely unrealistic in regards to the lifestyles and personalities they portray. It’s sad but true in today’s world.

      I do agree that we should have the ability to cut out the foul language in games, but if I enjoy the game then it doesn’t bother me to play it despite the foul language. Then again, I’m 25 and have no kids to worry about.

  32. kodykid168 says:

    Please, please, please do not Ever do a Musical Misfits that long ever again, by the time the song was over, I had forgotten what game it was from….so please don’t do that again!

    Other than that, it was a decent podcast, not too bad, not too good, but decent.

    Incidentally, I have a musical misfit to suggest: Miss Mowz’s theme from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. it’s REALLY short (just barely a minute).

    • kodykid168 says:


      I forgot to put a link to my Musical Misfit up ^^^ there it is!

    • MiMGodfather says:

      Haha, I’m not too sure you should be saying to never play one that long when it was Ray’s pick, then suggest one of your own. He may be a vengeful ruler of the Misfits land. You never know. Unless you know him, then you would know. But even then you never know. You know?

      • kodykid168 says:

        i’m just saying that by the time the song was over, i literally had to rewind the podcast to hear him say where the song was from.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        Either listen to the m4a version or check this page (although if you were listening on the go you may not have had that option).

  33. Oliby says:

    I got two suggestions for Musical Misfit from Diddy King Racing, an amazing Ninteno racing game that easily surpasses Mario Kart in areas like using toned down items. I also never beaten it 100% either, haven’t gotten the last secret character. Did anyone else have trouble getting all the secret characters?

    Boss Race Theme

    Star City Theme

  34. Cyberkid says:

    Gee, I coulda sworn that I rose from my grave, but I didn’t even get my name listed!

    Ah well, maybe next week.

  35. MontHenryKnitly says:

    Hi! i just wanted to say good job on your comics and podcasts, and that i came pretty recently from watching brawl in the family. you guys are hilarious and keep up the good work!

  36. toiletmunger says:

    You didn’t talk about Pokemon as much as I would’ve liked but it was still a fairly-entertaining podcast.

  37. Sky says:

    Haha! I amuse myself…I almost screamed when I got called as a grave riser.

    Great show as always guys, my mood always brightens when I remember that you guys have a new podcast or comic out. 😀

  38. randomperson says:

    gcn wait say it backwards ncg!

  39. Rey Alejandro says:

    Well, I just started commenting now (I forget when I started reading, but It was around the time of your guest comic on BitF (the TMNT Raving Rabbids one)) And this is my first podcast. On the topic of DLC, what I really don’t like is the Microsoft/Valve debate over Team Fortress 2 DLC. Apparently, the PC Version has all this extra content that we 360 players don’t get to receive. Now, from what I’ve heard, Valve wants to release this content for free, but Microsoft won’t let them. WHY, MICROSOFT, WHY! If you guys own TF2, or at least know what I’m talking about, Could you provide some feedback on this? Thanks a lot.

  40. roadjcat says:

    I am seriously slacking!

    But anyway:
    1. I never got the whole GCN thing either. Why was it not just GC or NGC?
    2. As for the swearing in video games, it was kinda interesting in Assassin’s Creed II because most of it was in Italian. XD
    3. And blood can be censored in games sometimes…dunno why the language can’t be.
    4. Rouge
    5. Musical Misfits: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0i6YFrSs6c (obviously it’s a little late, guess this goes for the next, next week).

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