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RayA comic without a joke? Tim with a new look? Something awfully strange is going on here, but I wouldn’t recommend taking this comic lightly.

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  1. TheLupineOne says:

    I don’t get it. Is this that overhaul you’ve been planning?


  2. TheFrunj says:

    Er….I hope you’re going somewhere with this!

  3. Twitch_Lawliet says:

    Oh, come on. He’s drinking a Dr Pepper. What’s the worst that could happen?

  4. Maks says:

    Yeah…I don’t get it either. Maybe this is part 1 of a 2 part comic?

    • tustin2121 says:

      I’m thinking more that this is Part 2 of a multi-part comic. Last week, Ray was in Japan. This week, Tim is as well.

      Where might this head?!?! We must wait to find out! (Even though I don’t want to!!) ๐Ÿ˜€

      Story arcs! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Nickl says:

    Raising from my grave to say:


    now to crawl back into my grave.

  6. Zsy says:

    2P START

    20 years later.

  7. Warll says:

    JAL? Japan Air Lines? Was he coming from or to Japan? When was he in Japan? Why Does everyone in the background have black hair? Is his stop a stop-over ie he still needs to take anotehr flight? Or is he about to take the train? Is he meeting someone?

    Reviewed last comic, sounds ilke Tim is meeting Ray in Japan. I’ll be waiting to see where you go with this.

  8. Retl says:

    Toon Tim has Joined the Brawl!

    Well, from what’s going on, I’m either guessing that Future Toon Tim is catching up with Future Toon Ray, or they both just happened to be traveling around. I mean he’s got another stop. Unless it’s a remote pool of money he obtained from profits after getting the new game 2PStart Revival for the Wii, PS3, PS2, PSP, DS, DSiware, iPhone, generic cellphone, and Sega Genesis out to the public and selling well, he’s probably stopping to see Future Toon Ray.

    Really, my first impression of the comic made me think right off of that one scene in Modern Warfare 2. Then after that, of Pokemon. Then I started wondering if this was going to be some kind of bizarre crossover of the two.

    I just realized he’s not wearing a Beanie. It must mean something of incredible significance to this plot!

  9. tidu says:


  10. FluffyPanda says:

    My interest?

    Consider it piqued.

  11. HopeWithFeathers says:

    Woah. . . Diet Dr.Pepper. . . This must be serious

  12. Oliby says:

    For the first time, I’m actually pleased at being unexpectedly unable to sleep. I noticed one of the airplanes has some strange simple, maybe Japanese to coincide with Ray in Japan from the last comic. Now if only if it’s possible to identify what airport this is at exactly, if the airport/airplanes are based on real companies.

    The mysterious Diet Dr. Pepper is certainly strange, saving a few calories is never worth the reduction in the real taste of normal Dr. Pepper. Is this what Tim now drinks instead of normal Dr. Pepper? As for Tim, I guess this is an update to his normal look? I remember seeing a picture of Tim wearing glasses and no beanie in an older podcast.

    But, the greatest mystery is how can Tim talk on the phone, if he has no ears? I can’t believe I didn’t notice it before, but no actually ears have ever been drawn, just the illusion of ears formed by the shape of how Ray draws hair. Oh, and not wearing a beanie makes Tim’s forehead look gargantuan, something like those giant headed Easter Island statues. That’s not a bad thing though.

    Interesting comic guys, I am intrigued at where this will go.

  13. Keja says:

    Tim looks cool with specs and no hat. My theory is he’s using it as a disguise so no one will recognise him in the audience while he’s watching Hannah Montana live with Ray. To be extra cautious they both flew to Japan where their closest fan is probably Blaster, and he’s still hundreds of miles away.

  14. Kvb says:

    Future Tim kind of looks like real Tim…

  15. blaster says:

    I beleve he’s going to visit Ray.

  16. koopabros64 says:

    It’s future Tim coming back from Japan. But wasn’t he just regular Tim in the last comic what triggered the hair loss. Maybe this is the beginning to some awesome battle against future Tim, Ray, Godzilla, and Mathew from BitF.

  17. JohnW says:

    I take this as a sign.

    Is everything alright?

  18. Haniko says:

    He looks SOOOOOOOO weird without the beanie.

  19. Gregjr94 says:

    Come on guys. We’re gonna analyze this thing like it’s the next “Stairway to Heaven” unless you tell us what’s going on! Not sure what to say in regards to the comic though…

  20. BooCwis says:

    Is this Tim or Steve Jobs?

  21. I have a theory, for this, and the last comic:

    1) Ray watches LOST

    [spoiler]2) Currently, on LOST, there are scenes from some strange ‘alternate’ universe.[/spoiler]

    Need I say more?

  22. JohnW says:

    Diet Doctor Pepper? Japan Airlines? Ray beeing over shadowed in the logo?

  23. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    No, there is a joke. Tim is cheating on Dr. Pepper with Diet Dr. Pepper. But that must mean that he’s also cheating on…


  24. steve-ohs says:

    I’m confused, but interested, and slightly worried

  25. Agent4286 says:

    Ray thought he could play hannah montanna and get away with it.
    *he was wrong*
    Ray thought sega could still live up to a reputaion gained from one game released nearly 20 years ago
    *he was wrong*
    Tim thought he could switch to diet dr. pepper
    *he was right*
    Ray thought he could write the joke and draw the comic AL L BY HIMSELF
    *He was Wrong*

    Now Tim must do what he should have done a long tim ago.
    Get. Rid. Of. The. Guy. Who. Got. Bored. &. Learned. Photoshop.

    *Bang* 2P *Bang* Start! *Bang* The movie


    • Retl says:

      I want this movie so much!

      • JohnW says:

        Lets just hope they don’t release a game before it, then base it on the game.

      • Agent4286 says:

        I wouldn’t worry JohnW, Games needs so many art assets and Ray grumbles about doing a four panel comic! haha
        [spoiler]Tim would have a hard time coding what with all the chasing Ray to Japan (?) and such[/spoiler]

  26. randomperson says:

    open the spoiler [spoiler] In the far future Tim and Ray go to japan and Tim buys Diet dr. Pepper because he is trying to loose a couple of pounds. Ray finds out The Hannah Montana Trilogy is out for xbox 360 and it’s on sale for 30 yen. Tim disguises himself as Steve Jobs so no one will recognize him because in Japan Tim is named Kuso slinger (poop slinger).Ray soon realizes lost does not go air in japan.

  27. TheLupineOne says:

    I have a feeling it will be a very different podcast next week.

    But if it were really REALLY serious, we’d have had a normal logo instead of the Dr. Pepper can.

    Talking of, did Diet Dr. Pepper get mentioned in that segment at the end of Episode 118?

    And Japan… maybe this is months into the future? Future Ray has flown over to Japan to buy Pokรฉmon Black / White, still reeling from his displeasure of Pearl. And now Future Tim with the glasses is getting involved…

    Or is it deeper…

  28. YamiGekusu says:

    I think it’s the diet dr. pepper. The diet drink is changing his thinking on things and whatnot lol

  29. Apkinesis says:

    Huh, curious to see where this might be going, or if it’s just introducing a character-model update like with Toon Ray before. Never expected to see a(n intentionally) jokeless 2P START! comic, but I honestly enjoyed it.

    That last panel was a bit of a pleasant surprise, seeing Toon Tim looking a bit more like Real Tim. I can see that Diet’s working wonders for you Toon Tim; seems you’ve only recently started, and already you’ve lost the weight of your beanie ๐Ÿ˜›

  30. Bobipine says:

    The future is taking over, myths are being busted, the 4th wall is breaking down, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE CHILDREN? HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF THE CHILDREN!?!?!?

  31. ยญ says:

    Wait what happened to the benie? Then again he doesn’t have that in real life. And the diet Dr. Pepper.
    He looks odd.

    There isn’t anything to get I think.

  32. MiMGodfather says:

    I’m not going to over analyze this, though a few possibilities do spring to mind. Whatever the outcome, consider my interest piqued. It’s moments like this that make me wish the comic would get updated more than once a week, but that just wouldn’t be any fun for Tim and Ray to not see everyone sweat now would it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. mattprime86 says:

    he is the “can you hear me now guy”

  34. mattprime86 says:

    woops i hit enter!

    hes been travelling the world for so long…..

    get it?

  35. blaster says:

    You know, with this comic, I figure it all out.
    I should probably stop going for suggestion box and voice mails for some time.

    I tried for suggestion box once at how to train your dragon comic, then suggestion box is totally fogotten in podcast 119.
    I tried harder next week, then we have the WHOLE PODCAST NUKED.
    I tried nothing for a week or two, everything is normal.
    Yet again, I submitted a voice message, and we have a comic with no joke!

    I believe if I try again, then we’ll haveto see Internal service error everytime we visit the site.

  36. BadnikHunter says:

    Okay, normally I would simply think this is just to show a Tim redesign, but considering what Ray said, I don’t think it’s that simple. The plane says “JAL” on the front, meaning Japanese Airlines, and considering that Ray was in Japan in last week’s comic and both of them having redesigns, this might be a future where Ray doesn’t live with Tim! Instead, Ray lives in Japan and this “last stop” might be visiting Ray, making for a THIRD comic along these same lines.

    This is, though, simply a theory, and I could be (and probably am) completely off.

    • BadnikHunter says:

      Though I’m mostly trying to figure stuff out, I’m very interested in what’s going on.

  37. Jarkes says:


  38. Dest747 says:

    I believe that the joke in this comic is the fact that we finally get to see what Tim looks like without the beanie, and how weird he looks without it. Honestly, to me he looks like Steve Jobs from 10 years ago. NCG.

  39. Great Byron says:

    Well, I guess it is time to- RISE FROM MY GRAVE!
    (insert cheap MIDI sound effect)
    Any ways, I was sucked in visited this site when Brawl in the Family did a guest comic for you guys.
    Since then, I have read every comic, (a massive undertaking) and have started on listening to every podcast (an even more massive undertaking).
    So far I have not found any bad comics, and I even find Timโ€™s Take allows me a (small) chuckle.
    Keep up the good work, and I also want to make a note that I screamed out loud when I saw Future Tim(?) in this comic. Great pseudo-joke guysโ€ฆ

  40. Teengamer says:

    If there’s a hidden joke or hidden detail that I’m not getting here, I commend you for keeping it away from me, since I obviously can’t figure it out. ๐Ÿ˜›

    New Tim looks alright. Like the the glasses, not the hair. Still, if it’s an update, I’m all for it!

  41. CKcheeseboy says:

    Just putting this out there for all the “future” theorists:
    Tim is talking to Lily in panel 1, when as of right now, she isn’t even one year old yet. So that lends some validity to the theory since she at least seems to be old enough to talk on the phone here.

    Also, for some reason I’m reminded of the Homestar Runner “DNA Evidence” incident with this comic and last comic.

    • Dest747 says:

      But the DNA Evidence was gone!
      Yeah. Strong Bad screwed up the universe with his gameboy-in-a-blender (aka alternate universe portal), and caused a huge dimensional rift in which all of the alternate 2P START! universes molded together, causing major brain damage and mayhem. Because of this, Tim calls Pizza Hut, thinking that it’s his daughter and wife, and Ray all of a sudden loves Hannah Montana. But this happens only in Japan, which they coincedentally are in. Also this explains why Tim has no beanie, diet Dr. Pepper cravings, and loss of eyesight.

      …You know, I still haven’t ever seen a real-life picture of Tim.

  42. Meteora says:

    Does no one understand that this is about the Iceland volcano halting airline travel? Isn’t this supposed to be a “The volcano trapped me in wherever I am and it took 20 years for the airlines to re-open so I could get back home” joke? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s what I thought when I saw the last panel (I really do hope I’m not completely wrong, as if I am I probably look like a total idiot).

  43. Rokai says:

    I think I know where this is going and I don’t like it.
    [spoiler]The end of 2PSTART! maybe?[/spoiler]

  44. Curaga says:

    ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I am excited to see the next comic, I shall abstain from making any predictions because I have a feeling I just won’t get anywhere close, but I trust the next comic will be quite interesting…

  45. TomX says:

    Secret Agent Tim??? O_O

  46. JohnW says:

    Might not be too important but anyone notice that the price to have an ad on the site was jacked up by 26 cents (I think). I probably just over analysing…

  47. tustin2121 says:


    This can only mean good things. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Myuu says:

      I disagree about the good things; this isn’t funny and doesn’t seem like it is supposed to be funny. I really don’t get it. I agree it’s probably a 2-parter, but I don’t like the look of it.

  48. Cyberkid says:

    If one attempted to rise from their grave, and was killed before they were properly acknowledged, does that mean that they have to come back as a zombie now?

    At any rate, I will now try to *Dr Light’s Voice* Wise Fwom Mah Gwave for a second time, seeing as how the first attempt didn’t seem to take.

    This new comic is bugging me, because I know that there is some deep meaning behind it, but I can’t figure out what it is. Five bucks says that the next comic is going to hit us with an awesome joke that nobody saw coming. Like Superman riding next to Tim on the plane or something.

    (Also, diet drinks are evil. Tim, I can’t believe you allowed yourself to torture your tongue that way.)

  49. Cheeseball701 says:

    Nitpick: Diet Dr. Pepper normally comes in a white can. The red can must be the proof that this is an alternate universe comic!

  50. Rusty says:

    JAL = a japanese airline. I think Tim is gone to Japan to fight for Ray’s love

  51. Uber Spycrab says:

    No beanie? DIET Dr. Pepper? TIM IS SPY
    No, really. I do believe this is the beginning of something huge. Can’t wait to hear Comic Talk on Monday. NCG!

  52. boxless says:

    glasses!? like me? he may be a mear mortal after all.

  53. mrpinapplehead says:

    huh no wonder why the website would not start new look!

    and sorry but the new tim look justs remid me of someone i know well

  54. NintendoNaut says:

    Hmmm. Well, must be something cool on the way. Maybe an allusion to a special sort of podcast? Anyway, we’ll see.

  55. JohnW says:

    Maybe there testing to see how loyal we are by giving us a comic with no joke…
    I think I may be onto something.

  56. sikera says:

    I don’t like to speculate future comics in the comments, but I have my ideas of what’s going on. Love the comic, keep up the great work. Salutations from Brazil ๐Ÿ˜‰

  57. Hmm… I’m seeing a trend here based on the last two comics…

    In the first comic released last week, we see that:
    Ray has a new shirt of the polo flavor.
    Ray is holding a Hannah Montana game.
    Ray is looking at a Pokemon game with interest (which, if I remember the recent podcasts correctly, he’s not particularly a fan of due to the ultra rehashive nature of the series).
    Ray is in Japan.

    In the second comic (today’s comic), we see that:
    Tim has glasses (and not the dedicated sun-blocking kind).
    Tim’s beenie is nowhere to be seen.
    Tim is drinking DIET Dr. Pepper!
    Tim is presumably either going to Japan or currently in Japan (I will guess the latter, due to the first frame consisting of airliner companies that are common to see in Japan, as see here).

    This can only mean one, or more, of several things:
    Ray and Tim are in Japan.
    Ray and Tim are going to Japan.
    Ray and Tim came back from Japan.
    Ray and Tim have been hypnotized by Japanese anime that would normally cause seizures in other people.
    2PStart is being bought out by an entity in Japan.
    Ray and Tim are selling advertisement space in their comics (in the last two weeks we’ve had Pokemon, Hannah Montanta, Dr. Pepper, JAL, and ANA).
    A sudden life change has occurred for both Tim and Ray (let’s see… maybe Tim and Ray both become professional video game journalists for some company). may die soon. ๐Ÿ™

  58. Aaron90 says:

    I bet its being changed to an action drama.
    Note how dramatic the home page picture of the comic is.
    I bet the guys are getting some kind of special mission and then they both
    have to do something awesome.
    Maybe Pixelvision is involved!?

  59. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    Oh my god… future Tim is in an AIRPORT?! What drama could possibly ensue? Find out next week on, 2PStart, now being bought out by several members of the dark cult of the Soap Operas.
    So, who will get amnesia, and who will get cancer? And is it Ray or Tim who has the deep, tragic past? I’m guessing it’s Ray, he had a collared shirt.

  60. Kvb says:

    Maybe Tim and Ray slapped something together randomly, just to see what kind of crazy speculations we would be able to craft from it.

  61. FLUDDGadd says:

    i bet this is after tims beanie comes alive and eats almost eveything.

  62. BadnikHunter says:

    Way I see it, these past two comics are leading to something big.

  63. cgoodno says:

    Looks like a young Steve Jobs…

  64. SuperVegeta says:

    I cool with there being a multi-part comic if it gives Tim and Ray a break and a chance to relax from the normality. This is way better than them quitting all together. I do agree with Gewurztraminer’s theory above though. It’s a very viable option.

    • SuperVegeta says:

      Now that I think about it, I think Ray stole Tim’s beanie and sold it on celebrity ebay to afford the ticket to Japan to purchase Hannah Montana. This was Ray’s only way of affording the ticket because he never gets paid. Tim obviously could just take a net and fish out money from his swimming pool to buy a ticket. So he’s off to “take care of” Ray. Perhaps he will cut off Ray’s hair slope. The glasses are there to protect his eyes from the sharpness of it when he slices it off with a samurai sword. The diet Dr. Pepper just shows that Tim is still self conscious about how he looked in comic 154 done by BitF.

  65. C.Olimar788 says:

    Tim doesn’t have a beanie.



  66. D3vin says:

    It is just another update, Tim lost his beanie and added his glasses, while Ray now wears a more different shirt…

    All we need to do is make the elbows knubbier and we got it down

  67. KickButtToaster says:


  68. goat says:

    I thought Tim’s new style was the joke.

  69. BulimicKoala says:

    You guys used to look good.

  70. Zegres says:

    Well, I sure want to know where this is going. So many questions: Is this really a two part comic? Why isn’t Tim wearing his beanie? Is diet Dr. Pepper really that good? So many question so little time.
    On a completely unrelated note, how to a change the picture that appears with my comments, I looked all over and just can’t figure it out. Help Anyone?

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      Register at with the same e-mail address you used here (I think the caps have to be the same as well), upload a picture there and it should work.

      • Zegres says:

        Thanks, I’ll have to try that out later. Hopefully I can remember the email address I used.

  71. Daniel and Pyrex's Personnal Army says:

    First post, I have read since the BITF comic and I have scanned the archive’s like a mad hawk.

    To start, I amd getting end of the comic vibes. This will be interesting I must say. As a comic maker, I have a bad feeling about this.

    Note, if this is a big comic arc, why isn’t Tim helping with it? We have had Ray comics for both and they both seem to match up. Conclusion? A: This is not a major, comic changing, plot. They would bring in a writer for that (I do suffer from writer superiority syndrome, what’s it to you?). Or, B: (I do not listen to the podcast so this may be bogus) Tim doesn’t have the time to do this. B is represented by the art changes and the overall feel of the comic. Of course, there is C: Ray likes fans to be alienated.

  72. Retl says:

    Guys. I’ve figured out the secret to this comic. A new Yoshi’s Island for consoles is coming out in future-zone, and Future Toon Tim and Future Toon Ray are heading down to check out the newest of the new games.

    This leadup comic is necessary to make it a big deal as Yoshi isn’t allowed to show up in a 2PStart item that isn’t a big deal.

    Or it will be something using dramatic build-up comics to run things into a hilariously anti-climactic resolution. But where’s the fun in a broad prediction like that? I’m betting one fan-art that it is.

  73. Gadoink says:

    Have we entered Bizzaro-world?
    I know something was off when I saw the diet Dr. Pepper, but this…


  74. D3vin says:

    Ray is just setting this up so it is a parallel to the Archie Sonic Comic’s “Mobius: X years later” comic, An alternate timeline in the future.

    Either that or Ray didn’t want to make another 4th-wall breaking comic documenting the changing.

  75. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I’ll keep my predictions to myself, but I’m definitely intrigued to see how this plays out.

  76. Highwater Trousers says:

    Wow, talk about something worthy of speculation. Granted, we could all be running in circles and trying to make something out of nothing… or there is some secret just waiting to be discovered. Let’s break the comic down for some clues:

    1.) Tim is already at a Japanese airport. That means that whatever happened in Japan, has occurred between the last comic and this one without our knowledge. Unless, there’s upcoming flashbacks.

    2.) Tim says that it was a long trip, but a good trip. However, “it’s been good” was said after an elipse, thus indicating a pause. This pause could very well refer to the fact that Tim needed to stop and think about the next statement, indicating that something went wrong at some point. Or it could refer to that fact that Tim was indeed recalling some of the finer points of the trip, therefore making it a good trip.

    3.) Tim states he’s going back home after one more stop. Where in the world would Tim want to go? Let’s see, Japan is just across the ocean from California, but then again so is Oregon. Hypothetically, Tim could be flying out to Oregon and then return to California. There’s no evidence though, so I could very well say Tim is going to fly out Waco, Texas to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum or Christiansburg, Virginia to visit the home of Dr. Pepper.

    4.) We slowly begin to see more of Tim throughout each panel. However, the only changes we see are in the Diet Dr. Pepper, the glasses, and the lack of a beanie. While these seem like cosmetic changes, let’s think about the deeper meanings. Switching to a diet drink can occur for several reasons – there weren’t any regular drinks, a change in tastes, or most likely a new awareness of nutrition. The glasses could simply mean that Tim has difficulty seeing and therefore needs some sort of optical adjustment. Wearing them in public could mean that Tim realizes that he needs glasses more often and is thus willing to wear them will he can be seen; his image is changed. This choice in wearing them could mean that Tim is maturing or accepting the idea that his vision is decreasing. The lack of a beanie could be because the weather in Japan is warm at the time, thus indicating a warm climate. However, if the climate was warm, then Tim and the others would be wearing lighter clothes, as in summer; Japan has notoriously hot summers. Since everyone is dressed in full clothing, this means it could be a nice temperature, perhaps even spring time. Still, the lack of beanie could just mean that Tim is changing his image or just plain maturing.
    Overall, we could very well say that Tim is maturing and becoming the ideal parent. Or that he was thirsty, in need of vision, and currently warm in the head temperature.

    Sorry for a long post, but hey, why not! You guys made this conspiracy theory worthy!

  77. james says:

    oh shoot, its future tim.

    first future ray wears a slightly “normal” shirt and now future tim has eyesight problems and has….diabetes?

  78. JSG says:

    Lets see:
    -Beanieless Tim?
    -DIET Dr. Pepper?
    -Japan Airlines?
    -Says “Mommy”?

    I am going to guess 3 things:
    -Tim is on a buisness trip.
    -Tim is going to get a Japanese game.

  79. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    For everyone commenting on how Tim doesn’t have a beanie:

    Tim had a beanie on ONCE in a picture. Maybe Ray has been getting around to removing it and has just remembered to this week.

  80. bcow1020 says:

    This now made me look forward to this Monday more than ever.

  81. Kilburn says:

    Maybe its nothing… But in the logo, Ray is halfway covered…

  82. Mirby says:

    Hmmm… intriguing… quite intriguing… I hope that something is cleared up soon regarding this, because the new look for Tim, and the fact that he’s drinking *GASP* Diet Dr Pepper seems indicative of something happening in the near future…

    Maybe he’s just gonna slap Ray for buying a Hannah Montana game! ^_^ And he’s incognito!

    Or not…

  83. Laelaps says:

    Few thoughts:

    2. On the soda can on the logo on the top of the page, Tim…still has his beenie? Huh?
    3. I think this might be related to the number of Tim’s takes that have been going on, either that or someone’s ordered a hit on someone else.

    Can’t WAIT till next week.

  84. hey soul sister says:


  85. Hyper Dude says:


  86. aamann says:


  87. ยญ says:

    I figured it out!
    This is very important! One of my frends from school today was drinking a Dr. Pepper and he is more of a Mountain Dew person. He was also not wearing his glasses and had a bennie on, even though its hot out. Clearly he switched places with Tim and is planning on taking over 2P-start. As for the diet Dr. Pepper, its just a disguised Mountain Dew that he didn’t get quite right.

  88. Curaga says:

    How are Tim’s glasses staying on without touching his ears? Also, why would this signify the start to the death of 2pstart, it seems like that would be sort of random to make that into a comic instead of just announcing it.

  89. yeah568 says:

    That airport looks a lot like this airport in Japan, after a bit of googling.

    So, my assumption is that this is around ~5-6 years in the future (Tim is still talking to Lily in a way that makes it seem like she’s still semi-young), in Japan, and is drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, in order to control his weight after eating too many Doritos after making that Pixel Vision game. ๐Ÿ˜€

    The “one more stop” is to see Ray, who is also in Japan, in order to lecture him on assuming that Pokemon Black and White will have diagonal walking, and buying Hannah Montana (which is an awesome game. ๐Ÿ˜› /s (?!)) (lol at weird formatting to the left.)

    The logo is obviously a Dr. Pepper can, but why is Ray being overshadowed by the S?! It’s simple – Ray is too absorbed into Hannah Montana to be bothered to help with the comic. Therefore, Tim decided to learn epic Illustrator.Photoshop skills, and slowly phase Ray out of the group, which is why there’s one more stop. That’s another reason why Tim is going to see Ray (see above paragraph) – to tell him that he still has to draw comics for Tim forever, for free.

    The panels also slowly zoom out, perhaps indicating that this is an epic journey, aka multiple comic story.

    Tim also got a new phone! The new one’s monotonous gray and not blue. It matches his monotonous gray clothes and voice. (sorry, had to do that. :D)

    I’m done theorizing now. *walks away slowly*

    • FireSpark says:

      Strong your googling skills are, but not yet complete your tarining is. *cough*

      Anywhos. Your were correct in that it is Chubu Centrai airport. And here is what appears to be the reference photo that was used.

      • C.Olimar788 says:

        I do believe this (or perhaps a higher-resolution photo I haven’t found) is the reference picture, actually, after having listened to the podcast. Everyone must quickly scour it for hidden clues!!

        Also, this comic doesn’t appear to be on the Comic Archive. I assume that’s an accident, and thus I am bringing it to attention.

    • Kirb says:

      Two flaws: If Lily truly is 5 or 6 in this comic, then why would Tim be on his way to talk with Ray about Pokemon B&W? Surely there would have been another generation by then.

  90. Sky says:

    *gasp* Tim without a hat!? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO!?

  91. ultimateDK says:

    I’m gonna love coming back to read all these comments again once this arc is done.

  92. goldensmash128 says:

    I was so hoping Tim would have some giant, rainbow afro or something. What happened to his LEGO head?

  93. Micate says:

    I almost think, after the record-breaking length of the april fools comic, this one is supposed to have a record breaking amount of posts (and consequently, grave-risers, like myself). That, to me, is the punchline.

  94. zotec says:

    rise from my grave! ive read every single comic and heard every podcast there is so fast and i will cary on listening and reading (u guys rock) anyway about the comic theres no joke how am i suppose to live with out some thig to laugh about and also every thig is random ray in
    japan holding a Hannah Montana game!!! (wtf) and also interested in a pokeon game (sigh) u ahve let me down on the past two comics but lets see if they get better.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      Ok, a few things… One: Allow me to donate a few commas and periods to your comment. Two: The focus of the Ray comic wasn’t about him being in Japan but a jab at the Pokemon franchise. This comic doesn’t have a joke because obviously something very serious going on (whether in reality or just the comic we will have to wait and see).

    • JohnW says:

      May you please repeat that statement in English?

  95. Retl says:

    I have to say I kinda agree with the people who are saying this may have a bit to do with the end of the 2PStart Comic. They’ve been pretty vocal about ending it on a good note, but I don’t think that would end their friendship or 2PStart projects in general outside of the comic. Maybe the Future Toon 2PStart Team is meeting up to record a podcast or something.

    Or Bad News Baseball Wii.

  96. zeldadude says:

    OMG. tim has diet dr. pepper, no beanie, and GLASSES. this can only mean one thing…
    ARMAGEDDON!!! or someone stole his beanie, they were out of regular dr. pepper, and he became nearsighted from trying to find every little hidden detail in the entire archive.

    • BulimicKoala says:

      You know I find the fact that he is drinking diet dr. pepper is more offensive then the Mega Wait (the worst 2pstart comic ever). Also new Tim is no where near as sexy as In A Fragile State ( featuring old tim and ray who are hot).

  97. shyguy22 says:

    How come its doing 2p start future?

  98. Kilburn says:

    Another off-the-wall theory. Maybe the absence of the character’s key items is because they’re putting them in some sort of memorial if the comic really is coming to an end? Such as Ray’s Sonic shoes and Raybob shirt, and Tim’s Beanie/Dr. Pepper combo? I dunno, these ideas keep popping in my head at work… Looking forward to Monday, but with some very cautious optimism.

    • Kilburn says:

      Another thing, maybe it’s not actually “future” as most are suggesting. Maybe its to present the more true-to-life versions of time and Ray at this point in time? Cause alot of the recent pictures of the two are more close to the comic re-designs. Anyway, I REALLY have to get back to work…

  99. D3vin says:

    Are we even sure Tim was wearing a beanie in the first place? Maybe it was his hair combed and braided to look like a beanie, but now he had shaved it off. ๐Ÿ˜›

    And his glasses are a real life thing, as seen in that video where he played “Zip Chord/invincibility” to Lily.

    I just wonder if they are going to update their icons to support this change…

  100. D3vin says:

    Unless Tim and Ray have gone to Japan to open up a Japanese base of operations. just like how Nintendo has Nintendo of Japan, America, and Europe.
    We just might see stuff from Raybob Industries Japan.

    2p Inc. a subsidiary of Raybob Industries

  101. jmleleven says:

    Well, this comic seems strange enough to “rise from my grave”. Everything is weird… Here’s a list I’ve made of all the changes in the last two comics:
    1) Ray is wearing a “normal” shirt.
    2) Ray is in Japan.
    3) Tim doesn’t have his beanie.
    4) Tim has glasses.
    5)Tim is drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, rather than normal.
    6) Tim’s phone is black here, but in previous comics (or both Ray or Tim’s Twitter page) it is blue. Am I the only one to notice this?
    Also, I am one who actually DOESN’T believe that Tim is in Japan. There are a lot of words in english there, but Ray blurred them out. I know that Japanese people use english AND japanese, but not THAT much.

    P.S. I DO know that Tim in real life doesn’t (always, supposedly) wear a beanie, and actually DOES wear glasses. Just clearing that up.

    • jmleleven says:

      Yes, I know a lot about 2P START! , even though I first came upon it in only comic 155 through Brawl in the Family, who had a link to your page and mentioned the guest strip he did and appearing on the podcast. I am still in shock that Tim has a new phone! And, I am in shock that no one but me (so far) has noticed! And, also, what are all these changes leading up to? (Unsolved Mysteries… to us fans, that is.)

  102. Justbngoode says:

    diet. diet! DIET. DIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I don’t think it’s a future-Tim as the sun has yet to fade the top of his hair where the beanie used to be. Unless it’s a not-too-distant-future-Tim. I *suppose* that’s possible.

    Also, he’s clearly wearing a monocle.[spoiler](just kidding)[/spoiler]

  104. gatorsteph202 says:

    WHAT IS THIS? This doesnt make any since is this the future is this happening now, plus there is no mention of anything video game related and it wasnt funny, hopefully next week we’ll find out the conclusion and it will be funny somehow. Sorry 2pstart but even if this is a 2 part comic there wasnt any clue of what is going on, maybe u guys could explain in the podcast of why u chose to do this?

  105. Abso1uteZero says:

    Wait…. could this mean that Tim might be leaving us???…. No that CANT be it. But i cant wait for next thursday!!

  106. 2pPunch!! says:

    Well, I guess it’s time for me to Rise From My Grave.I have read your comic since comic 155.After reading this comic,I knew I had to comment. Tim without his beanie?I can’t wait to see where you go with this.2p Start live was the 1st podcast that I’ve seen so I must thank you for that! Thank you for the laughs.Man, it feels good to get of my grave I was starting to decay.

  107. Mike-El says:

    I thought the joke was that Steve Jobs ISN’T using an iPhone.

  108. JohnW says:

    NOOOOOOOO!!! My Ipod Touch died! And I’m not gonna put speakers on loud on my PC to listen to the Podcast at midnight…


  109. Imaster says:

    Well, this is interesting. My first thought upon seeing this comment was that it was a joke regarding the ash cloud over Europe and that Tim’s flight had been delayed for years, but I guess my mind was just on that. I’m cool with cliffhangers anyway, so long as they’re resolved eventually >.<

  110. Poppa Rocks says:

    Anticipation. Interest. Only two words I can say about my reaction to this weeks (last weeks?) comic.

  111. Drake says:

    Are you guys starting an arc or something?

  112. LittleKyvy says:


    He looks so….Adult.
    In fact that the beanie is missing, this isnt harmoning with me but,
    I kinda like it.

    I dont know why.

  113. shadowhog says:

    I don’t get it…. BUT ITS STILL AWESOME!!!

  114. shadowhog says:

    Wait … Lily has a cell phone???

  115. zezhyrule says:

    Diet Dr. Pepper? The horror!!

  116. boxless says:

    lost style alternate universe.

  117. starrymeadows says:

    …what airport is this, I feel like I’ve been there.

  118. Luke says:

    its the airport from cod 4 2, you can see those russian guys coming through the metal detector in the last frame

  119. Ted says:

    2pstart will now turn into 1pstart

  120. indtilp6453mo says:

    [b][/b][b][/b][b][/b]Rar! – Rar! – Rar! – Rar! –

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