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No Podcast Recorded This Weekend [UPDATE]

TimSorry folks, but the timing didn’t work out this weekend to be able to record a podcast. We’ll see if we can’t get something short and unedited up tonight for your listening pleasure.

RayIt’s official – we’ll be taking the week off from the podcast this week. See you guys with a new comic on Thursday!

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  1. TheLupineOne says:

    the death of 2p start is truly upon us. i can’t even be bothered to use capital letters.

    • talduras says:

      Yet, surprisingly, they still seem to tell us to call 740-3pstart. Maybe they’re in denial as much as we are, with a single sliver of subconscious betraying their thoughts.

      • BooCwis says:

        OR they’re making us call to find who might have a voice that sounds enough like Ray’s to replace him…

  2. MiMGodfather says:

    Hey, life happens and it gets in the way of things sometimes. Looking forward to whatever comes next. Whether it’s a short unedited podcast or a comic on Thursday. Either way, have a great week guys!

  3. Highwater Trousers says:

    Don’t worry about not getting anything up! Things happen for one reason or another, so don’t fret about it at all. Just take it easy, sort things out, and then perhaps have an excellent podcast next time.

  4. TriforceBun says:

    It happens. It’d be nice to get more hints about the current storyline though!

  5. No worries; we’re all pretty much used to having no idea what’s going on anymore.

  6. shadowhog says:

    All grave risers….. go back to your grave…… the party seems to be ending…..

    • jmleleven says:

      No! Don’t listen to him! If 2P START! Really IS ending, then you actually SHOULD RISE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! But, I honestly don’t think that 2P START! is ending soon, so… yeah. Come out whenever you feel like if you agree with me.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      Wow, calm down! Just because they’re busy doesn’t mean that 2P START is coming to an end yet. Real life stuff happens.

    • shadowhog says:

      i’m just joking. GRAVE RISER COME IN SWARMS!!

  7. Person Number 3 says:

    Gah! I wanted to see if my comment on your last Podcast would get mention…is the death of 2P START! truly upon us?

  8. NintendoNaut says:

    Guys, I don’t think a missed podcast defines the of the site. Am disappointed though.

  9. Supersonic24 says:

    Well, at least it isn’t as bad as the “Short and Disastrous Edition”. Nothing’s worse than losing a large amount of work before anyone gets to see it.

  10. Oliby says:

    I’m disappointed, of course, but if you two don’t have time, you should put the podcast off for now. It would be really hard to have an interesting podcast conversation if you’re under pressure and really stressful.

  11. Teengamer says:

    That sucks guys. I hope that postponing the podcast plus the comic aren’t hinting at the death of 2pstart! 🙁

  12. C.Olimar788 says:

    Don’t worry about it, guys. There’s nothing wrong with messing up and missing a deadline every once in a while. Everyone does it! I wouldn’t be worried about 2P Start! ending or anything like that; I do believe it has survived larger amounts of life getting in the way before.

  13. CKcheeseboy says:

    Maybe if SOMEBODY didn’t watch Fantastic Mr. Fox they would’ve had time for a podcast. Instead your fans suffer. Good job.


  14. Retl says:

    Yoshi, the messager of web-production death, fruit, friendliness, free omelets, and occasional substitution/sidekickery sends his greetings.

    [spoiler]As well as three plates of omelets. No worries about the podcast guys. We’re not going to die of UEDS (Unpaid-for Entertainment Deprivement Syndrome) over it if you need a break.[/spoiler]

  15. Shimahamaru says:

    Hmmmm… By unedited, could he mean that all of the other 2pstart podcasts WEREN’T live?? Impossible!! Just look at that title. And them saying “Edit” every once in a while wouldn’t be there if the actually did edit it out… unless… it was done to make us THINK that they were doing it live! *gasps* Tim! Find it in your heart to leave your pool of money long enough to give us ONE live podcast! You know what, you don’t even have to get out of that pool Just please, don’t make it the first videocast too.

    On a more serious note, I’m wondering if they actually plan on doing a live podcast in the near future. I personally think that it would be a nice little treat for of us. Although I would get somewhat annoyed if Ray went all out and got a robotic Chip that flew around saying “Open your mouth to speak Ray! Don’t forget: Inhale to breath Ray!”

    • Shimahamaru says:

      Sorry for the doublepost, but I completely forgot that in order for Ray to get a robo-Chip, he would have to have something called money. Knowing him though, he’ll probably grab some cross-dressing kid off the street, give him some Tinkerbell wings and cat/fox ears, then toss him 3 notecards to repeat spontaneously for the duration of the show. Either that, or he just leaves the game on in the background to do it instead. I’m thinking that it’s the former though.

  16. Lanson says:

    No 2P Start Live this week!? My life is over! [/Sarcasm]

  17. Curaga says:

    I thought Ray Might want to see this
    Spotted down at my local wally world (walmart). Looks like sonic hats might become main stream…(shudder)

    • ­ says:

      I actually want a Luigi hat, not a Mario hat a Luigi hat.
      That would work much better then a sonic hat seeing how Luigi and Mario actually wear a hat…

  18. Desymise says:

    It seems that 2P start is fading away. Maybe because Ray Saw this! Any ways… You guys entertained me for a long time. I suppose I can just stick with just one Podcast a week… Ray, my only wish is before you die, you get to play a new, original sonic, with little dialog. After looking at sonic 4. All I could do is face palm. Well, have a good one.

  19. blaster says:

    Well, I think it’s not a bad thing not have listened to all your podcast yet… There’s something “new” for times like this.

  20. Exploding Pancakes says:

    Oh well. Hopefully you’ll have time next week. BECAUSE IF YOU DIE BEFORE NEXT WEEK THEN GODDAMN YOU’RE GOING DOWN

    Oh and play this as musical misfit in the next podcast.

  21. JohnW says:

    (Insert Picture of Jigglypuff crying in corner here)

  22. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    I love how you have just ONE missed podcast, and everyone starts thinking 2PStart is dead. Or maybe everyone is being sarcastic and somehow I’m the one who doesn’t notice.

  23. NintendoNaut says:


    Well said.

  24. mkava says:

    While I do hope for a new podcast today, a week after the postponement (and maybe an answer to why it was postponed in the first place), I can totally understand why a podcast or even a comic for that matter wouldn’t make it up. I’m just happy you two decided to not throw something short up. Personally, I do expect a bit from both of you when it comes to quality (“oh crap!” right?) so I’d prefer you didn’t deliver something half-baked instead of something a week later that is quality work.

    It is amusing to see how many people hop on the ‘death of 2P START!’ wagon right away, and gripe about not being given their FREE content. Hell, I’m just happy that you two can still do a comic AND a podcast on a weekly basis. Impressive feat either way. =]

    So uh, why did the podcast get cancelled?

    • mkava says:

      Oh, and even though I think John does a great job filling in for Tim (he truly does, even though his voice isn’t “manly” like Tim’s complete lack-of-enthusiasm normal voice…).. please don’t bring up the whole “sex with my wife” story again. >.< Was listening to one of the podcasts today on my commute to my parents place and that one came up. Awkward… especially when I listen to these podcasts with my friends on occasion. Just imagine 4 guys, playing games, with 2P START! Live going in the background.. and that topic comes up. 😛

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