The Arrival

RayI’ll let this comic speak for itself.


  1. Retl says:

    From a dramatic standpoint, that was very touching and the artwork looks really wonderful!

    I prefer laughing, but I think my impression from this was a good experience. Not that they’re experiencing something good in the comic. I mean the way I felt after seeing it is good.

    I hope I’m not scrambling my words too much, I’ve gotta juice.

  2. randomperson says:

    awesome so ray died? or he’s paralyzed

    • SQLGuru says:

      Dude, he hasn’t moved because he’s playing the latest Sonic game……it’s got to be some sort of MMO or some never ending version though for it to have kept him in place for 6 months.

  3. JohnW says:

    Wow… Just wow…

    Wht did you do, Tim?

    Ray is gone in logo.

    AND OMG! The Gamespot worker is the taxi driver!

    • randomperson says:

      Or its emo Ray (dun dun) or ray had a hair cut (dun dun)

    • TheLupineOne says:

      Nope, still there… but only just.
      The appearance of Tim’s pool full of money means that this epic is taking a turn for the better. NCG!

  4. randomperson says:

    Wait in the 8th panel I think Ray is Foreshadowing his next album it is the 2nd one to the left it’s
    something like protoagogogo

  5. Keja says:

    No Tim! Not the pool of money! How will you feed your family without it?

  6. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Holy Exposition, Batman! Er, that is… This is a gripping comic, guys. Very cool setup for your longest continuing storyline to date. I loved all the hidden details for longtime fans. Keep it up; I’m excited for next week’s episode!

  7. Imaster says:

    This is shaping up to be something pretty epic. I must know what happens >.<

  8. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    I loved the pool of money reference, but I felt like it was better before it was actually talked about. I think leaving it as a picture and not addressing it would be funnier.

    • Loooca says:

      But this is a text-based comic, and to leave an empty panel would seem… just out of place? And I wouldn’t know Tim dug it out; I would have thought he went broke without Ray.

      • The Gastronomic Gamer says:

        No, I mean have text, but not address the money in the panel.

  9. JohnW says:

    Maybe he’s been playing Hannah Montana none stop for 6 months. Also, Ray in wearing his none collared shirt when 2P START! ends, yet in the Pokemon Black and White comic, it was collared… Therefore, the Pokemon Black and Wite comic took place in the future!

    BTW, I’m scared to say this but…

    [spoiler]I liked Mario Steroids.[/spoiler]

  10. BooCwis says:

    Even though it was all sad and dramatic, you guys still kept up with jokes that I had to laugh about. (Ray’s point-out, UP 2, the empty pool of money, 2P Start’s #1 fan…). You’re also adding enough to the story to be interesting but still adding suspense to it.

    And I’m loving the art, Ray! The second panel should totally be a wallpaper.

  11. Agent4286 says:

    oh interesting, can’t wait for next week

  12. TheLupineOne says:

    Wait… Mark Lindermulder… tracking Ray to Japan purchasing a videogame.

    Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

  13. blaster says:

    I still hold my theory that they’re just twisting with our minds.
    The lack of podcast was no accident, but planned, to avoid talking about “Shifting Gears” and to add more suspense.
    And the picture in last comic. I’m more than sure it’s 1xxx (four digit), because with comic and podcasts and blog posts combined, the count was already over 200.

    I just thnk it’s another April fool’s joke.

    • blaster says:

      By the way, yhe twitter thing on the sidebar got your avater missing, both of you.

      • BadnikHunter says:

        Heh, I noticed that too, but figured it was just my computer not loading it all the way. Maybe that’s also adding to what may be happening in these comics. But if that were so, it would only be Ray who’s missing.

  14. Loooca says:

    This is epic, you guys. I can’t wait to see what’s to come — or should I be dreading? Nevertheless, each panel got a giggle out of me and panel 8 just did it for me. The artwork looks pleasing and well-done, Ray (loved the reflection of neon signs + the deserted room).

    Can’t wait for next week’s!

  15. Z80 says:

    Anyone else notice the sudden change of tense in the last panel? It shifts into the present, which I would guess is implying that the story is going to pick up (or end). You know, now that the exposition is out of the way, they can start getting to the point. Anyway, I am surprised at how good of a dramatic story this is. I’m getting a Palahniuk sort of vibe from the way the humor and drama are mixed. This is a very good thing!

  16. I can’t wait to hear a podcast in a couple weeks where a grave riser says “I’ve been following you from comic #169”.

  17. NintendoNaut says:

    See, this is a great comic because it:

    1. Explains what’s happening
    2. Has a couple lol-worthy jokes.

  18. Also, nice job putting false elbow knobbies on Mark Lindemulder. I really love the details of these comics.

  19. roadjcat says:

    See? Everyone freaking out about 2P START ending…you don’t have to worry about that until around the time Up 2 is announced. XD SCG.

    • Dominator_101 says:

      Actually, that’s just when Tim starts looking, implying that it ending some time before that. It’s already ended by panel three, where Tim still has his beanie and his blue phone, so who knows when that took place?

  20. TheLupineOne says:

    Is panel 3 a reference to this?

  21. Rokai says:

    I love the artwork of these comics. I hope we’ll find out in the podcast what Tim has to say. I can’t wait another week!

  22. YamiGekusu says:

    I still think my silly DDR suggestion stands lol

  23. The return of the pool of money! Or, at least, a pool of spare change…

    Nice to see more a progression in the story this week. The numerous inside jokes and references previous comics help too.

  24. Jarkes says:

    Ooooh… NOW I get it! This is a dramatic story arc looking into your guys’ future!

  25. Apkinesis says:

    Nice! I really liked all the references, big and small. Also interesting to see some plot development, though I still stick with my plot prediction from before, with a few amendments. The time portal didn’t take Ray’s GPS, which is just lying on the floor beneath a display rack somewhere near the portal. When Ray said he was going to find his Miley, he was referring to the Hannah Montana (aka Miley Cyrus) game*. And because Ray didn’t have a pool full of money (which is apparently how much it costs to fly to Japan), he sold all his belongings to afford the trip required to reach the game.

    *This sentence is the only bit of my entire theory that I honestly think might actually be plausible.

  26. Teengamer says:

    This is awesome! 🙂 I really like where this is going, and all the details, inside jokes, and even the reflection effects. Thanks for almost satisfying the suspense that was created by the last few comics.

  27. mrpineapplehead says:

    ok this is just very good very..very good

  28. Thomas says:

    Finding his Miley? In the first comic… He bought Hanah Montana… Who is played by MILEY Cyrus???

    • Stickybomb67 says:

      Um, I think it’s more likely to be a reference to the comic where he dates the other girl who also plays Sonic (And more notably, the girl dresses up as MILES ‘Tails’ Prower for their wedding).

  29. wazkatango says:

    This is bizarre and hilarious.

  30. Highwater Trousers says:

    Yes indeed, the comic does speak for itself. I suppose it is a logical thought to believe that the comic is ending. Let’s think about it. For this comic, Tim and Ray are just indulging fans by making references to many things from 2P START! history. So, either you have to have been here since the beginning or taken the time to go through their entire archives. It’s almost as if they are going out with a bang. Still, I would at least expect more of an announcement rather than weekly installments. I will admit, this is kind of reminding me of Final Fantasy IX and how everyone thought it would be the last Final Fantasy due to all of the references to Final Fantasy history. Well, we now know that Final Fantasy IX was in no way shape or form the last game. Anyways, this should be interesting.

  31. Lottel says:

    Just you wait. It’s all leading up to the big reveal:

    Another Mario Galaxy Yoshi joke.

  32. Bobipine says:


    The Miley isn’t probably related to the Hanna Montana game, I think more of that one as a hint for really hardcore fans to consider back then, he got his Miley in Japan, so kinda dating someone from over there? Didn’t moved in the past six months.. I’d say… in six months he’ll move there? it might just be a arbitrary number though. We didn’t yet heard about her because of the problems caused by this in the past, I think. When Tim visited Ray’s apartment the trace of furniture could still be seen, logically, didn’t moved entirely very long ago, and it was empty, and there was still a flower on the floor, thus nobody rented it after. But Lily could also be seen as a time period factor, 2 weeks ago, Tim talked to her at the phone, but when the comic stopped, he was still changing diapers and feeding milk, so I’d like to assume she learned speech sometime between, though that might just mean the family grew, or mean nothing at all.

    Or…. we could just remember that comic Tim and Ray are not related at all to real Tim and Ray and… well that wouldn’t leave us anywhere so, it’s probably an exception.

    Causing conspiracies sounds fun….

    • Bobipine says:

      on a side note… the reflections on the taxi windows look kinda weird, along with Tim’s hand if we look at his current posture considering he’s walking out of the taxi

  33. freeplay(mark lindemulder) says:

    BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! I can’t believe I’m finally in a 2pstart comic. I always hoped it would happen, but i didn’t think my dream would ever come to fruition. Unfortunately my mom is worried about me since I’ve been hyperventilating since i read the comic. One last point, i’m glad i finally get a copy of Proto a GoGo.

  34. JohnW says:

    Looks like Tim has Knubby elbows in Panel 2.

  35. NintendoNaut says:

    Wait wait wait…Find Miley (Cyrus?)…Buying a game in Japan…The Pokemon Black and White comic showed Ray IN Japan buying a Hannah Montana game…Possible connection? XD

    • Laelaps says:

      It’s pretty obvious the ame in Japan is a refernce to high in contrast, and the Miley thing has been a recurring joke since Ray’s Adventures in Dating.

  36. Aaron90 says:

    Tim seems like such a cool guy finding his best buddy after all those years.

    Seems like he should wear armor when he tells him about spending all that pool money though! O_O

    Great drama so far guys, nice work!

  37. Rokai says:

    If Ray hasn’t moved from the video game store, he’s most likely still playing Pokemon Black & White. I think the final joke will have to do something with that.

  38. Curaga says:

    Oh this arc is getting epic now…

  39. Mirby says:

    I still laughed at this… Ray only left to get that damn Hannah Montana game! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! lol It’s all starting to make sense now.

  40. SSF2Zelda says:

    UP 2?

    I know what that is. (BTW this is the first time I’ve commented.) Remember that movie, UP? With that crabby old guy? That’s what it meant!

    Miley MAY mean Hannah Montana, but you need to remember, he has a ring. He got MARRIED (Comic #115: Ray’s Adventures in Dating). We never found out the name of the girl (as far as I know), so Miley may be his wife. Also, another reference to comic 115 is his Sonic hat, it was used in the marriage.

    Also, I think that perhaps…


    That or he found the bug and left it somewhere.

  41. Kvb says:

    Is that a ring on Ray’s finger in panel 3? I guess it’s not what I think it might be, because Ray later went out to “find his Miley”.

  42. Ihsoylr says:

    Ray is REALLY faded in the logo…guys, next comic must be the last one…

    • Myuu says:

      The last 2PStart comic, or the last one in this storyarc? Possibly (hopefully) the end of the storyarc, but I think, and the existence of the ol’ money-pool (not to mention the fact that Ray is still the one drawing these) plants this firmly in the world of the fictional, rather than real, Tim and Ray, and seems to confirm what I’ve thought all along, that this is just an (in my opinion unfunny) prank on the readership.

  43. Ihsoylr says:

    Whoa wait! In panel 8, look in the topleft background.

    Is that…Ray?

  44. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    Wow, so this is the first story arc since what, comic 2 or 3? And this one’s already made it past the two comic mark. Could the next comic be a 100 page comic? Have I ever typed the word comic so much in one comment?

  45. D3vin says:

    better than the last one, but because this is faster and the plot is picking up. I guess last week was just a slow spot I could have fast-forwared through.

  46. shadowhog says:

    I WAS RIGHT!!!!

  47. DrOswald says:

    I really like this series. I think this is the best one so far, because it had some really good throw backs and inside jokes, but still moves the plot forward a lot. I am really looking forward to next comic.

  48. Myuu says:

    I wish the storyline would just end, and get back to the usual humor.

    What strikes me as odd are the strange creative liberties Tim and Ray have taken with their own lives. Most people I know of wouldn’t do that. It’s like they’re writing a dull and terrible nerdy fanfic, except instead of a character someone else made up, it’s themselves, albeit the distorted versions of themselves they’ve used in the comic, but still, themselves.

    • MiMGodfather says:

      Ever consider just sitting back and enjoying the ride? Obviously they are doing this for a reason.

      • Myuu says:

        The point I was trying to make is that I am not enjoying this ride. I know Tim and Ray will finish it in their own time, and I’ll just have to wait for them to finish, but I see no reason to conceal the fact that I wish it was just over. Just speaking my mind…

  49. Teengamer says:

    Wait a minute…….Ray, did you change any of the panels? Particularly number 8? I distinctly remember seeing a Pixel Vision poster on the wall, as well as Jessica and the Silver Eclipse. When did the room get so dark? Why did you change it? WHY??

  50. Laelaps says:

    Well, this is a satisfying continuation –
    1. We know have a much better sense of where we’re headed
    2. I was more or less right for my guess last comic that Tim was regretfull of something
    3. BTW, I can’t really see what video mark is watching on Youtube, but i can see that he’s signed out, on the new Youtube, and the video has King Dedede in it.

  51. Mangemonk says:

    I honestly think that why ray is in Japan, buying sonic 4. This is only my idea but from all the other comics I have read I honestly think he has spent 6 months playing sonic 4

  52. Mangemonk says:

    I think ray is in japan to buy sonic 4, and he has spent 6 months playing sonic

  53. Sir5000 says:

    In the next strip, you’d probably find Ray just sitting huddled in a dark corner. Tim would touch his shoulder, and he would turn around happy faced, playing Pokémon Black & White.

    “Oh, hey,” he’d say, “Lemme just finish leveling up this guy.”

    Tim would then facepalm.


  54. Mangemonk says:

    I think Ray is in Japan playing Sonic 4, he loves sonic and if it was out he would move to japan to play sonic 4. That’s why this is funny to me,

  55. C.Olimar788 says:

    Wait so Ray went to find his Miley… Cyrus? XDDD

  56. Phos says:

    He didn’t try searching for him on Facebook or something?

  57. trakmiro says:

    Aha! The cab driver in the first panel looks a bit like the gamestop guy!

  58. MontHenryKnitly says:

    awesome comic as always guys. i am not gonna go with the crowd on this one about ray might be in japan playing black and white, and i have a different theory…
    Ray decides to go to japan to get a new exclusive Japanese only console, which is also Sega’s revival, the Sega Gear: a hand held version of every Sega console ever with downloadable content and all the sonic games for free, including up to Sonic 6. (not 06!) But when he comes to the store to buy this rare masterpiece of a console, Tim and ray’s greatest enemy comes….Black Doom…
    He has been plotting ever since 2PStart Black Doom segment had been made, for revenge upon them for calling him the “worst character sonic team has ever created.” He uses demonic powers to paralyze Ray BEFORE he could get the ultra rare Sega Gear. He also has an idea to lure Tim into coming to save Ray, only to be frozen with him, with which he shall create a black hole, where Tim and Ray will be sucked into, never to exist. Therefore, 2PStart will have never existed, and nobody will have made fun of Black Doom in the first place! Also, the Sega Gear are actually fake consoles made by Black Doom, really being a special powerful device that can take over people’s minds, leaving him to take over the world!!
    …either that or Ray never rose from his grave.
    RISE FROM MY GRAVE by the way =D

    • MontHenryKnitly says:

      and since that last epic comment was my first in a comic, i guess this is RISE FROM MY TOMBSTONE…wait… my first podcast was Brawl in the family edition, and my first comic was High in Contrast, although i had looked in the archives and read all your comics ever. all of which are great. keep up the great work and i hope Ray is fine and my theory will not come true. (see my other comment that i’m replying if you haven’t already)

  59. kodykid168 says:

    to be perfectly honest, this is beginning to remind me of Megatokyo

    • MiMGodfather says:

      Why? Because it’s in Japan? And is using drama for this arc rather than the usual video game humor?

      • kodykid168 says:

        both reasons actually, that’s not to say i don’t find it interesting Like it, it’s just that now i’ve missed my laugh for the week. but again, i do enjoy this TO AN EXTENT, i don’t want them to drag it out for 10 comics or anything

  60. Zenith says:

    I think the inherent issue with doing a story arc like this is the fact that you only update once a week. Kind of like whenever Awkward Zombie tries to do one.

  61. Zegres says:

    This is great, I love this story arc. I like the random jokes and the puns, but i think my favorite types of comics are the ones with continuous stories. Great Comic you two. I’m really enjoying this story, I just hope it doesn’t mean the end of 2P start, that would be really really sad.

  62. DGR says:

    I wounder if Ray has been undercover at Sega HQ to find the real reason Sonic has been so bad. He finds out Black doom is the real President of Sega and Black Doom captures him in a Prison cell for 6 months. Right before he is executed by Black Doom Tim saves Ray.

  63. bionichute says:

    it’s obvious, he’s playing the Hannah Montana game he got a few strips ago
    or a new sonic game
    or a new smash bros game

  64. Batty1580 says:

    Purely amazing. NCG

  65. sikera says:

    “Ray helped to fill the pool of money”

    I’ll let this comment speak for itself.

  66. Plet53 says:

    *Gasp* Is this, the DEATH of 2pstart? Or some elaborate joke.

    I hope it’s option 2.

  67. elah says:


    Does this tie in with High inContrast somehow, with Ray in Japan wearing somewhat different clothes? We’ll have to wait and find out…

  68. MrMystery says:

    Ray goes looking for his “miley”, what he called the girl in the sonic wedding comic. Japan is were they make video games, so he’s looking in what best fits his… urr… “needs”. The game he bought was Hanah montana, which turned out to be so hard of a game, he is still working on it.

  69. CaRmAgE says:

    NCG! The part where Mark is tracking Ray gave me a good laugh.

  70. twarner500 says:

    Ray never existed. It was all in Tim head. Ray is something Tim made up to get over his loneness.

  71. lilman1101 says:

    thank you guys for the awesome comic. We finally get to know about what is actually going on in the story line, i can’t wait for the next podcast!

    I love how you guys still sprinkled in some jokes though!

  72. starrymeadows says:

    Mistake: taxi has the driver on the wrong side, since you said it was Japan, which is like Britain – the driver seats in cars are on the right side. xD

  73. BadnikHunter says:

    This was more of a reference comic, but a good one nonetheless. I can’t wait till what I assume will be the conclusion next week.

    And on a side note, Ray, where might one be able to get your Proto aGoGo album? It wasn’t in iTunes nor on your website.

    • freeplay(mark lindemulder) says:

      I too would like to give Proto a GoGo a listen.

    • Ray says:

      It’s not available anywhere on the internet. It’s old stuff, so I’m not thrilled about releasing it, but maybe I can hand out a few stand out tracks if you guys like.

      • BadnikHunter says:

        I’d love to give it a listen if its anything similar to Pixel Vision or Jessica and the Silver Eclipse.

  74. JohnW says:

    Anyone notice that in the previous comic Ray’s Surname is covered? Maybe Tim’s hand is covering “Ray‘s biggest fan” or something like that.

  75. MadeOfLegos says:


  76. Tre says:

    Hi guys, I’m new here (reading since comic 167… is that considered rising from my grave yet?). I read every strip in order and listening to the latest podcast at the moment. It finally makes sense now! I think it might be that Ray’s playing Pokemon B&W in that shop from the strip a few weeks ago, or something along those lines.

  77. boxless says:

    ohh please make the reveal why make me wait!

  78. JSG says:

    This is probbably the only comic in the whole universethat made me cry.

  79. Poppa Rocks says:

    Ah cliffhangers. Can’t get enough of them. Aside from that, the comic indeed speaks for itself. NCG.

  80. CPlusEquals2 says:

    Been around since around comic #10
    after this crazy epic comic, I thought I’d listen to the podcast for any hints
    keep up the epic work guys, although we undead minions don’t say it, we appreciate all of your comics, thanks for the great years of quality entertainment, and whether the comic ends or not, I’ll always be a fan of the great Tim and Ray.

  81. padraig08 says:

    Wow… it’s time. from my grave to rise. I’ve been listening and reading since the brawl in the family podcast and guest strip, and have been hooked like a terrible, terrible addiction, in a good way. Today’s comic had a lot of build up and I can’t wait to see the payoff, funny or not. I laughed so hard when I saw Mark, the crazy fan, wearing Ray’s shirt, a failed attempt at his dew, and the pasted on elbow nubs. quite hilarious.

    A monday with no 2PStart Live is like Christmas without pine trees, they just make it that much better. You guys are awesome role models. Although I like other Videogame webcomics, I doubt they’re anywhere near as witty and mature as you two. maybe the internet’s not such a bad place after all. Keep up the awesome work. Peace.

  82. MrDeku says:

    While I’m not going to analyse every detail of this comic I am interested were it could be going.

    Also I though this was quite interesting:
    Mind you if they complain about you fashion sense based upon that shirt design never reveal to them that Ray has a Sonic hat.

  83. Rey Alejandro says:

    He was transported into the world of Video-Land, where he must fight off the various evils of Nintendo villains as CAPTAIN N!!!

  84. Cliched Username says:

    Comment about rising from my grave. Details of how long I have been following the website. Humorous detail found in comic. Crazy theory about current storyline. Interesting and unrelated anecdote with humorous resolution. Memetic reference. Stereotyped conclusion.

  85. Oliby says:

    I liked the stains on Tim’s shirt as he’s holding a baby bottle. It’s a small detail that makes it feel more personal, especially for those who’ve been through similar situations.

    This is certainly the best comic in the arc so far, it has humorous references and kinda makes me feel fuzzy. After listening to the several years of podcast and seeing how Tim and Ray’s relationship went from work buddies to friend, it makes this comic feel more meaningful.

    By the way, in podcast 84, Ray talks about how 2P Start! will end once the time comes.

  86. blaster says:

    I wonder if anyone notices that Ray is getting whited out in the front page logo, too.
    I compared it to the logo of the first few comic and found out.
    Does Ray have a girlfriend again?

  87. Jimbo says:

    look at the facts…. them getting lazy with the podcast, the comic…. 2P start is dying…

  88. Doopliss says:

    I GOT IT! Miley! Hannah Montana! He’s been playing Hannah Montana for 6 months, being with his “Miley” Cyrus!

  89. shadowhog says:

    Folks….. I welcome you to the death of 2p start…… QUICK!!! THROW MONEY AND COMPLEMENTS AT TIM AND RAY!!!!

    • Clichéd Username says:

      Scared exclaimation. Asteriscized action statement about throwing money. Compliment aimed at Tim and Ray.

  90. TheKickAwesome says:

    sorry I’ve been absent recently, but I just have to pop in to say that Future (?) Tim looks a lot like Steve Jobs.
    Coincidence? I. THINK. NOT.

    Hey, Tim, when’s the newest iPod model coming out?

  91. Macrosoft Windoors says:


  92. dilbertdog says:

    i cant see the comic

  93. Muniosi says:

    Dang it! My content filter is blocking the page for the new comic… could someone give me a direct link to the image of the comic?

  94. yeah568 says:

    Hey, that IS the Gamestop guy in the cab! Just noticed that, after checking with other comics. 😀

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