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Tim delays another podcast; Ray releases old music

RayAs much as I tried to talk Tim into it, things simply didn’t work out for the podcast this week. I even went to the trouble of recording a whole show with Jon Watts, but we both felt ho-hum about it afterwards and I decided it would be best for everyone to take yet another week off.

Does this all have something to do with this bizarre story-arc in the comics? That’s for you to decide, but we promise we aren’t choosing this silence as part of an elaborate prank. To try to make up for at least part of your disappointment, I’m releasing a handful of songs from an old album requested by our die-hard fans, and you can download them here. It’s old stuff, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The moral of the story? Blame Tim.

TimIf I can at least offer up an explanation, yesterday was my wife’s first Mother’s Day. I’ve come to realize that as you get older, there are more mothers around to honor on this day, so it becomes a bigger deal. In addition, I’ve had a pretty bad sore throat for the last week and the thought of doing a podcast just made it hurt worse. So once again, sorry for the lack of content and thanks for understanding.

Proto a Go Go


  1. shadowhog says:

    …………………… After hourly checking your website I am greeted with this……… CURSE YOU KARMA!!!! I SHOULD HAVE NEVER KICKED THOSE KITTENS!!!!!

  2. TheLupineOne says:


    Don’t end up in a world like this: vote Raypublican.

    Which is funny, becuase IRL I support the Democrats.

    • Keja says:

      In my mind you’re leader of the Lupinal Democrats, the decider on whether to form a coalition with New Keja or with the center-right opposition, the Jonservative party. It’s up to you who becomes the next prime minister of the United Kingdom of Gamers.

  3. I think this is all part of the 11 month April Fool’s Joke setup about 2P Start going away.

  4. Exploding Pancakes says:

    Well, whatever. Again.

    The next comic better be the best thing anyone of us have ever seen in our entire lives and will make us elect both tim and ray as presidents of every country in the world AND mars. Plus, It’d better make me laugh, because the last one was pretty depressing. :/

  5. NintendoNaut says:

    Uhhhh, really guys? Really? I’d rather you guys just say, “Yeah we’re dying,” than keep disappointing us.

  6. MiMGodfather says:

    Dear sweet lord, what is with all the negativity? The comic will end when it ends, and the podcasts will end when they end. Why worry about it ending when things come up like this? Fact is: real life happens. I’m also disappointed that there is no podcast this week, but I’m looking forward to hearing Ray’s old stuff. Ray has his own life, and Tim has his own life. If things come up that keep them from being able to do stuff that they DO ON THEIR FREE TIME AND DO IT FOR FREE…then I will gladly wait for the next update to occur, and will enjoy what they have already given us. Multiple years’ worth of comics and podcasts.

  7. Supersonic24 says:

    Oh well, time to go play Invincibility on Beat Hazard, I’m recording and posting it on Youtube for anyone who’s interested.

  8. Aaron90 says:

    Well, lets hope everything goes as it should next week.
    For now, I’ll check out this music.

  9. Apkinesis says:

    This Podcast used to be good… back when there were actually Podcasts. Just sayin’ 😛

    But no worries, by missing a Podcast this week, if anything you’ve granted me an extra hour* or so to focus on my upcoming finals of later this week. But the next Podcast had better be over an hour long to make up for the recent absences, or at least crammed with enough epic to equal three Podcasts in one. Just sayin’.

    Anyhow, I’ll take a listen to the album this evening; should make for a nice change of music to listen to while studying. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot the obligatory IS THIS THE DEATH OF 2P START!?!

    *(I’ve been listening to new Podcasts twice on release day recently for some reason.)

  10. Keja says:

    Why can’t you crazy Americans have mothering sunday the same time as the Great British people? 🙁

    • Highwater Trousers says:

      Hey, we’re not crazy! Okay, well maybe I am, but I call it being eccentric. Anyways, we celebrate Mother’s Day, which I heard is technically different than Mothering Sunday. From what I know, Mother’s Day was started mostly as part of the Women’s Right Movement in an effort to gain recognition for mothers, while Mothering Sunday is based on Christianity. Mother’s Day has a definite date each year, while Mothering Sunday changes based on Lent.

  11. BigMomma says:

    I think mothers are way more important than a podcast. So why did John’s wife have to give up her night for a podcast that didn’t get used? Just sayin……

  12. Daecious says:

    While I do love the podcasts(i really really do) and am dissappointed for not getting one, It’s understandable if you miss some for awhile. At least you haven’t abandoned us like staccato did. And at least you have an excuse for being gone, which is more than I can say for vgcats.

  13. pcargill says:

    hup hup hup! ray i told you! i told you! i shall say no more!!!

  14. Highwater Trousers says:

    Perfectly understandable. I don”t think you guys should worry too much, you had perfectly good reasons for this decision. Personally, I can wait until next week or whenever things will work out. Does this mean that the next podcast, whenever it comes out, will be extremely entertaining? Well, on the positive side of all this, we get a soundtrack to listen to!

  15. sikera says:

    “Does this all have something to do with this bizarre story-arc in the comics? That’s for you to decide, but we promise we aren’t choosing this silence as part of an elaborate prank.”

    Man, I thought about it last week lol

  16. Mangemonk says:

    Ray, you can’t wake me up at 2 A.M. florida time and expect me to take this sitting down; That’s why I’m writing this while standing

  17. ­ says:

    Is it just me or are the Tim and ray icons in the twitter back now after being gone?
    This is a sign i think.

  18. SuperVegeta says:

    You guys used to be good back when you had content. 😉

    • Lanson says:

      They had content!?

      But seriously, what he said. With the whole sarcastic face and everything.

  19. mkava says:

    Oh well. Admittedly a bit disappointed (I do like listening to you folks.. even though I find my self going “Meh. :|” at the end of Ray’s rants.. as a way to shut him down) but hey, that’s life for ya. It happens and the world keeps turning. I look forward to your next podcast and upcoming comic. As usual. 😉

    No content is still free content. =D

    • mkava says:

      Oh, and Tim. Get better. My boss for my second job had essentially the same thing. He was coughing the entire time in class tonight. He didn’t go to school today (he’s a special ed gym teacher) but did martial arts in the evening. No sleep due to coughing and such. So yeah, get better and take care. Hope your wife had a lovely Mother’s Day with Lily and you. =]

  20. D3vin says:

    I feel it would be better to discuss this story ark as a whole instead of in bits anyways…
    See you later!

  21. Mangemonk says:

    I honestly think that they are not doing the podcast so next weeks comic will conclid the story i think and they will explain it. They are making excuses so that they can conclude the comic

  22. freeplay says:

    All is forgiven, I’m enjoying Protoa GoGo immensely.

  23. blaster says:

    My current thory is that Ray’s being abducted by Black Doom, and he had planned all these to create the image that 2P START! is dying. Trying to have its fan decrease. But unfortunately, it seems to be not working. On Thursday, will Tim be able to save the world?

  24. Rokai says:

    I think you should have just asked some 2PSTART fans to do a podcast instead of you. You know, like a tryout in case one of you leaves, so that we’ll have somebody imitate Ray’s high-pitched or Tim’s monotone voice.

  25. Oliby says:

    Ray, would you mind if I ask how you even decided to make these songs in the first place? I don’t think I could even think about doing such a project.

    I’m also curious in how you came up with the name for your music. They’re just so … unique. Without a doubt, I could never come up with a title like “Fish Goes Blip Blop”, which is my favorite.

  26. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    IT’S A CONSPIRACY! *Ominous music*
    Though at least this week, there’s an excuse, seeing how Lily can’t do anything for Mother’s Day and all. I still blame Tim though.

  27. Cliched Username says:

    Angry remark at Tim. Surprised exclamation at the quality of Proto-aGoGo.

    • D3vin says:

      Grumbles to self as I find an AAC to Mp3 converter, since none of my programs recognize the filetype.

      Adds the off comment about my next guest comic.

      • MiMGodfather says:

        Let me know if you find a good one. I’m also in need of a converter and/or program that can play AAC files.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        I believe iTunes can convert from AAC to mp3, but in that case you might as well just USE iTunes to listen to it.

    • Retl says:

      http://media-convert.com/ can convert one song at a time.
      WinFF is meant for converting video, but I believe it can convert audio files as well. It’s been a good while since I’ve used it, though.

      I’d suggest just using VLC to play it though, but iTunes is more common, so if you have that already, try using that to play it.

  28. DarkLugiaMaster-Gir says:

    If the next comic ends up being a Tim’s take I’m gonna go Bananas! I just jinxed it didn’t I?…
    Wait… Tim’s Take…Black Doom…Kidnapped Ray….Knobbier Elbows…..Death of 2PStart…..I’ve got the answer!

  29. blaster says:

    I’m here, waiting for comic 170. Then I realized.


  30. Paper_Banjokami says:

    Now that my grave has risen, I shall begin to be a normal commenter. I read that aloud in a stout, knightly voice for some reason when I wrote that…

    Anyway, yeah, I’m actually digging this music more than Pixel Vision. Sorry if you put more work into Pixel Vision or something. But I’m enjoying listening to Proto a Go Go more. I think my favorite is Pink Sugar Recharge, or Hack in the Box. Awesome naming btw.

    Also, Fish Go Blip and Blop sounds a little like Kids by MGMT, don’t you think? Plagiarism perhaps? A Black Doom Award that has been overlooked by biased eyes?! Will we ever find out if Ray truly is a criminal, unlike the nice, heavenly persona he displays to the world every Monday (except not really every Monday)? Or am I the only one who thinks they sound similar? Can they read another one of these questions, assuming they actually do? Should I stop already?… sorry about that.

    • Ray says:

      Proto a Go Go was released in 2004, and it looks as though MGMT’s album was released in 2008, so I think I’m safe.

      • Paper_Banjokami says:

        Well then… it was actually 2007 to be exact, at least digitally. But you hear the similarity, right?

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