The End is Near Now


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May 13th, 2010

The End is Near Now

TimHere’s the truth my friends. 2P START! as you know it is ending. As this story arc moved along, we thought it would become apparent through our little hints that the end was truly coming. It seems our hints have been too cryptic. It’s actually quite a compliment to see your hope that this would just be a prank, but I’m afraid it’s not.

Next week will be the end of the story arc, and the end of our regular, weekly comics. We felt it was only right to come out and give the warning for those holding out hope. It’s the end of an era, folks! There is a little bit of truth to what the comics have been saying about why it had to end, why it was right, but we’ll certainly give the whole truth in our next podcast.

I don’t want to say too much more except that we really hope to conclude the 2P END! story in a satisfactory way, and that we’ll still be around in one form or another. Ray and I have really enjoyed working together and sharing that with all of you, and I know there will be more collaboration, in one form or another, in the near future. As many of you know, Ray is working on his next album, and I’m excited to see how the extra time he’ll be able to devote to it will pay off. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this week’s comic as much as I do!

RaySpecial thanks to Richard Aguirre for Ray’s psycho wall art.


  1. Mirby says:

    He’s gone insane! OH NO!

    At least you’re ending this one; I know of other webcomics that have just died, stories left unfinished, plotlines left open… it’s tragic really. Not that this isn’t; I’m just glad you’re giving it some resolution.

    And it appears I was somewhat close, but still way off with my guess last week.

    One last thing… FIRST!

    • Laelaps says:

      Well, almost…

    • Myuu says:

      In my opinion, I actually found the dramatic ending unsuited to the comic. As a humor-based comic with little continuity, little in the way of plot threads to be left open, it could afford to just die. On the other hand, there was a comic I read called Gamecheetz, that did have continuity, all sorts of plotlines and such, and then it did just die without warning, and then after a few years came back for a little while, and is currently in a near-death state in which updates are irregular and extremely infrequent, and by now I don’t even care anymore.

      On a side note, I was surprised that this wasn’t a joke. I would’ve figured they would have had the courtesy to be totally upfront about ending the comic, and that they wouldn’t end unspectacularly with a group of unfunny non-joke comics.

      Well, anyway, bye. I probably won’t bother coming back here. As someone who didn’t even watch the podcast, the comic was all I cared about here, and I doubt I’ll care much about whatever Tim and Ray decide to do afterward.

      • Sam says:

        I actually completely agree with you, at first I thought it was just hoax to see what kind of reactions people would have, but apperantly they took the “Beat around the bush” approach.

        You’d think with it being a humor comic and all that they’d at least make it happier.

  2. Dr. Device says:

    DAMN IT. I loved this comic and read since #1. The podcast was the best part of my Mondays….

  3. MAD_BOY says:

    God dammit, one of the very few good webcomics left, and you’re ending it.

    • Rick says:

      I wish that it could never end. But since this place is ending soon, I would like to rise from my grave. I started reading since comic #51 and have listened to every single podcast. By the way, you said the comics are ending, but is the podcast ending? I hope not, and I speak for every soul that hasn’t graverised when I say: PLEASE keep the podcast. This site was What made me love mondays and thursdays, please rethink this Ray (and Tim, especially Tim, maybe even Eddie). I just hope I’m not the last graveriser ever.

      Thank you, Tim and Ray, for the wonderful site you have made, it’ll always have a special place in my bookmarks, and let no one rape you into the deathzone.


      • snakeisninja says:

        I would also like to rise from my grave, for this may be the last chance to do so. I found your site via bitf (brawlinthefamily) and i’ve read all the comics and a good number of podcasts. This site is extremely funny and has always but a smile on my face. I am saddened to hear that you guys are really killing 2Pstart! but if that is your decision then so be it. And what a way to go! The most epic drama story in 2pstart! history was unfolding before us and only now we hear the news. The next comic will be the last! Wow! Well, thanks for all the good years of comics, it was great while it lasted. I have a few things to say before the end:
        1. EVERYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS NEVER LEFT A COMMENT, NOW IS THE TIME! (or maybe it’s “the time is now”… ) Seriously it’s time to rise from our graves before the end. Or else we may live the rest of our lives in regret! (or at least a few days)
        2. Tim…Ray… I definetely hope that this twisted future never comes to pass. May the two of you stay good friends long after this webcomic comes to an end.
        3. Even if you guys end both the comment and the podcast, I hope you don’t tear down the site and all of the wonderful comics, podcasts and extras within. It will be the one record of these past years for future generations to come… (sniff…I…I just can’t take it anymore…sniff… I’ll be okay…sniff…just got something in my eye…)
        4. i just want to thank you guys, all of you 2Pstart fans one more time. Together we’ve laughed all these years. May we salute the death of one of the best web comics there will ever be.. together…

      • snakeisninja says:

        Oh, I almost frogot! (and sorry for the double post and how huge my last one was) For all of you out there who have not checked out Brawl in the Family, after you recover from the devestation of losing this site and crave something to fill the void I recomend that you do so. BitF is not the same I admit, but Mathew has his own style that I also have come to love. And with that i depart.

  4. Robotworld says:

    WTF Nooooooo why are all my favourite webcomics dying!?!??!

  5. Swimming_Bird says:

    I figured it was coming to this…just as long as you guys do a podcast every so often, (once a week might be too much to ask), then I’d be happy and content. Just a general podcast that’s not necessarily strictly tied to video games would be awesome, since without the comic your horizons are open…I always like off-topic discussions the best anyways.

    I’ve been reading and listening since the Mario Kart comic, and I’m sad to see you guys end things….but in this case, it’s probably best not to burn out or fade away, but to take a bow and walk off stage for now.

  6. TheLupineOne says:

    R.I.P. 2P START!

    14/02/2007 – 20/05/2010

    I hope for the final ever 2P START! comic you replace the regular striped background with the black of mourning.

    Also, your button “LATEST” should be replaced with… “LAST“.

    However, with the final comic next week, does that mean next Monday will be…

    The Final Podcast.

    The Final Comic Talk. The Final Audio Voicemail. The Final Musical Misfit. The Final Black Doom Award. The Final Chicken Grab. The Final Tim With The News.

    Just think… none of this would have happened if Nintendo hadn’t announced PokΓ©mon Black & White. Ray would have no other excuse to have gone after Miley in Japan.

    I hope 2P START! goes out with a bang. For the 2P END! you should bring around EVERY guest strip artist 2P START! has ever had. Bring around Jessica (K Soft!). Jon Watts. Everyone from Gamerspairofdice. An epic 100-panel finalΓ©.

    But for now… Everyone get speculating on Richard “Realism” Aguirre’s “psycho wall art”!

    P.S. I know what my Final Comment will be.

  7. Macrosoft Windoors says:

    I don’t believe it! You’re tricking us!

  8. thisismax says:

    Wow. If this is indeed true, then today is a sad day in the world of webcomics and podcasting. It was a good run guys. You will be remembered fondly.

  9. Agent4286 says:

    Oh wow…

  10. jmleleven says:

    WARNING: This contains a lot of irony.
    Future-Ray should rise from his grave.
    End of irony.
    Seriously – Miley Cyrus? Is Ray REALLY going so insane that he wanted to even put Miley Cyrus in the comic?
    And yes, I know why Tim came there – to give Ray his depression pill. Or cheese. Cheese always makes ME feel sane, so I would recommend it to Ray.
    And, wait… panel 13, near the center… is that… BLACK DOOM?
    I get it now! …not really.
    Maybe in the next podcast Ray will give a Black Doom Award to Miley Cyrus’ security guards. πŸ˜€
    Not really. But, speaking of things in this comic that creep me out, (lol) Ray’s bloodshot, red eye is very scary. Future-Ray truly is… psycho.

  11. Rusty says:

    damn….saw that coming.
    (referring to the news, not the comic)

  12. JohnW says:

    I guess all good things come to an end. ;( RIP greatest comic ever. I hope you’ll still let us peak into your lives from here on. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the 3+ years of free entertainment, guys. I will still re listen to the Podcasts religiously, through the archives and everything else. Thanks for everything!

  13. TheLupineOne says:


    I beg you, answer me this question.

    if Nintendo had not announced PokΓ©mon Black & White…

    Would 2P START! be at its end?

    Would we be where we are now?

    Ray would never had gone to Japan.

    We would all be safe.

    Should we hurl our hate at Game Freak?

    Answer. Please. I beg you. For all that is good in this world.

  14. blaster says:

    Well, Mythbusters tested if it’s good to end with a bang… with no resort. But with you guys, the answer is definitely an yes.
    My only hope is that Ray didn’t end up like this in real live.

    I noticed a little downhill after Heart Man, feeling you seems to be running out of punchlines, in both Comic and podcasts. Maybe getting off hook with videogames is the way to go. I’m not sure. But as soon as the comic ends, are we going to see some other projects you’ve been thinking, at least we can enlarge your wikipedia page with those.

    And I do hope we still get podcasts. I mean, you still enjoy editting those, correct? And since you two are not such videogame nerds, maybe a change of direction is needed.

    And the last thing to say is that I’m proud to be with you guys all these time, sharing all the moment waiting for the comic, listening to the podcast, commenting and sharing thoughts with all of you, Ray, Tim, D3vin, CKcheeseboy, John Watts…

    Thank you, 2P START!.
    P.S. I’m right now trying to hold back my tears. and sorry for such lenghty comment. Had to do it.

  15. Loooca says:

    Am I weird for wishing it’s April 1st? Because I really wish so.

    Whatever this or next week will bring, I’m sure it’ll be filled with so much love (or, in Ray’s part, hours upon hours of staring at the screen). Good luck you two, and don’t you dare and go all MIA on us *grins*.

    • blaster says:

      You’re not alone.

      I believe a lot of us see this coming, just not wanting to admit it.

  16. Keja says:

    Tim, I want to kill you
    Ray…I want to…WAAAAAH!


  17. Kire says:

    I must say that this will really be the end of an era. I’m really going to miss 2PStart!
    Out of all the web comics I read this was one of my favorites and I will probably still check back to this site at least once a week, it’s sad but this comic was amazing.
    I guess all things must come to an end, the best usually the quickest.
    Best of luck in everything both of you do! I’m sure it will be amazing.

  18. Micate says:

    Noooooo… So I graverise for the beginning of the end? I won’t accept it. This entity will survive in some form or another (even if the comic dies), and I do pray you link to it from here, posthumously if you have to. Anyways, I look forward to years of comic commentary, at least, from you guys, and the two podcasts we’ve been cheated these last couple weeks (hopefully during busy gaming weeks so there’s some good stuff to talk about). Best of luck to you in the future, and may you not be killed by rabid 2PStart fans in your sleep.

  19. Supersonic24 says:

    God… I really feel sad now. This comic was just… depressing. Seeing Psycho Ray was also incredibly freaky. The red eyes… oh my god.
    So… is this the end of 2PLIVE too?

    • blaster says:

      No, I don’t think so.
      They’ve been very careful with the wording.
      I think only the comics are ending.

    • freeplay says:

      well there’s going to be at least two more podcasts. One for this comic, and one for the last comic.

  20. MontHenryKnitly says:

    wow, i did not rise from my grave at a good time. cause apparently you’re getting into yours! πŸ™ and i guess my theory about black doom taking over the universe won’t be true either….awww…. πŸ™

  21. thekickawesome says:

    WOAH. I saw it coming, but I seriously feel a lump in my throat. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of the podcast as well.

    At any rate, this just became my new favorite comic. It’s great. Psycho Ray is so creepy.
    (Nice Penultimate Comic, Guys)

  22. Gemini Eos says:

    Great… 4 weeks after I start reading you gys shut down the comic :(.

  23. DarkLugiaMaster-Gir says:

    As I rise from my grave for the final ending of the comic, I can say despite only coming here for a few months it has encouraged me as a gamer and an artist. Thank You Tim and Ray for all you’ve done for us. Thank you for giving us laughs at and with you. Just…Thanks For Everything…An one last word of advice…
    Follow the words…as if..they…were…a…song….

  24. Teengamer says:

    AMAZING COMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please don’t leave guys!! Will the podcast stay? I can’t imagine life without you! Don’t leave, or I’ll have nothing left in my life worth living for!

    • Teengamer says:

      Maybe you can do a live video of yourselves!
      Maybe you can just do a short break! Please!!!

      • Teengamer says:

        Please guys, don’t leave us. I believe you in saying it’s not a prank, but it just seems so abrupt to start now!!

    • Teengamer says:

      And another thing – HOW DARE YOU!!

      There are better ways to let us know that a LEGEND is ending, you know? πŸ™

      • Teengamer says:

        Alright guys, I’m sorry πŸ™ If it truly is the end, I’ll try to accept that fact. I’ll write my final goodbye to you in the last comic. *sniff*

  25. YamiGekusu says:

    Aww man, I just got into this comic a few months ago πŸ™ This comic has a lot of great memories. Thanks for the awesome guys! *wipes tears away*

  26. Kree says:

    I got a good laugh out of the podcast intro liner. You guys will still keep doing the podcast… right? *puppy dog eyes*

    But seriously, not even an increase in time between new comics or something? Not even a hiatus? I’ve got tons of comics in Google Reader that take waaaaaay longer to post updates. Slow is better than stop, and I’ve come to learn that most things in life take more time to make than people might want them to.

    P.S. Is that wall art going to be available as a wallpaper? πŸ˜›

  27. Bona says:

    Oh come on I just freaking started this comic just a little while back!

  28. KnucklesE says:

    Seriously… One of the only clean and funny web-comics out there and you have to end it. Well…. They were amazing while they lasted.

  29. steve-ohs says:

    I’ll be sad 2pstart! is ending, but if you feel its for the best, I can’t argue with you. Good luck guys with everything, its been a pleasure reading your comics for these past years.

  30. Daecious says:

    This is an odd feeling for me as this is my favorite website. Lately all I’ve been doing is listening to all the podcasts in order multiple times. 2PStart ,as pathetic this may sound, has become a part of my life.

    • mkava says:

      Heh. I listen to the podcast at work and on my way to and from classes and work. So you’re not alone. =]

  31. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    But you’ll still be doing the podcast, right? NOT AFTER SKIPPING TWO WEEKS, RIGHT?!?

  32. blaster says:

    You know, I can’t imagine what the 12-year-old fans will react if other webcomic is announcing an end… reckless crying? spamming? It is so good for you to have us grown-up fans.

  33. 1337pikmin says:

    Well, I don’t have much time left so I guess I will RISE FROM MAH GRAVE! I don’t know why but this comic had me laughing when I read it. Probably because of the Miley Cyrus stuff. That was hilarious. I hope you have an awesome last comic and have a good time (If it’s possible) without 2pstart. Well I’d better go back in my grave.

  34. AuraKnight says:


    I’ve been silently following 2P Start! for some time now, and I just wanted to say how much i’ve loved it. Thanks for creating the webcomic, and I wish you the best in whatever you guys do next. It’s been a pleasure to read.

  35. Miki Suzaki says:

    WHAT?!?!?! I only found this comic this year! πŸ™ you two are selfish!!!

    nah I’m kidding. I understand no good thing lasts forever. Still, forgive me if i am saddened by this news nonetheless. I did enjoy rising from my grave with Curaga, and the comic has been a bond and always something uplifting to see.

    Good Jorb.

  36. NintendoNaut says:

    I respect that you guys wanna end this but…Is this what’s really gonna happen after you end the comic?! XD

    Anyway guys, gotta say I’m disappointed. I’ve been following you guys for several months now, and was really takin’ a liking to the site. Not to mention the podcast became one of my weekly highlights. I’m pretty bummed out to see it all end. You guys should definitely consider keeping the podcast.


  37. Twilight Lucario says:

    Oh my goodnesssssss…Well this is a mood killer! >.<

    While it is down heartening to see a great comic come to an end, at least you two did see it through to the end and didn't just abandon the comic and all of your fans.

    Thanks for the many great comics like "Halloween Safety Tips" and "Define 'Addiction'" and the many great podcasts. I may have only happened upon this site through BitF, but it took only one look to make this site a constant stop twice a week, sometimes more so to read the older comics and listen to the older podcasts.

    Well, here's to 2PStart!…And the hope that this comic is not some dark, prophetic foreshadowing of events in the distant future!

  38. koollizard says:

    this just ruined my day………………. but if its got to end its got to end i guess………

  39. roadjcat says:

    I did enjoy the comic, but does this mean no more Rouge mentioning? haha. Are you guys planning on doing an E3 podcast at all?

  40. sikera says:

    when I finally lol’d a little at the comic, tim’s comments took it all out of me =/

  41. Underyx says:

    Oh God, this is… madness!
    I actually dreamed with you guys last Thursday…
    In my dream Ray was leaving, and Tim posted on 2P START! that he was looking for someone to draw the comic then. He chose one of the two applicants, but 2P START! was not the same… text bubbles were not transparent anymore, edges/outlines were much thinner, and the whole comic lost its atmosphere… I was sad even on that morning just because of this, but now… πŸ™
    (By the way, the guy Tim teamed up with even did a videocomic on the first day. I can’t remember what it was about, but it was really yellow)
    Oh God!

  42. koollizard says:

    Will there be a final podcast after the final comic or will the next one be the last

  43. Jarkes says:

    The “psycho wall art” kind of reminds me of Sonic Adventure 2….

  44. Anewbus says:

    Well I’ve got to say that I’m rather disapointed but that may be because I also just lost 8-bit theatre, I also got into 2p start late (comic 81) and feel as though I haven’t gotten to know it as well as I could have. 2p start quickly became a part of my weekly routine and it will be missed, but instead of focusig on the bad I’ll focus on all the laughs and good times I’ve had with 2p start. Tim and Ray you’ve done an excellent job with 2p start and I wish you the best of luck on whatever comes yor way.

    – Anewbus

    p.s. I still hope to one day see a pixel vision game *wink*

  45. Curaga says:

    I look forward to seeing what you guys work on next, even if it isn’t updated as often, It will still be awesome!

  46. Dededoo2 says:

    Okay, so im really peeved that you guys are ending the comic, but what about the podcast? I’m a really huge fan of you guys, and I just feel like being kicked here, but it’s your reason, and i guess there are other comics out there…

    Now the reason I’m posting this, i have questions i long to get answered.

    First: Ray, do you like grapefruit more than dragon-fruit?

    Second: Tim, what is your favorite word.

    Third: Ray, which Sonic game (other than shadow the hedgehog) do you hate the most?

    Fourth: Tim, what was your all time video game?

    Last: Other viewers, who do you think would win in a fight? Chuck Norris, or Snake?
    There goes my first and last comment on 2PSTART! and hopefully leading up to 2PEND…

    • snakeisninja says:

      That’s a tough one. As you might have guessed I’d usually be in favor snake…but you just can’t beat Chuck Norris now can you. And if I said otherwise I would be roundhouse kicked before i could finish my sentence πŸ™‚ It would still be an epic fight though.

  47. Dededoo2 says:

    (sorry for double post) lol, nice black doom reference (check the name)

  48. Mariorulez14 says:

    2P START! ending…man, that hit me REAL hard. I’m not gonna cry…I’m not gonna cry…

    Well, at least this comic had a really good run. It was funny, and that’s really all that mattered to me. You guys were great, and I’ll miss this comic…*cries*
    At least there’s still BitF…

  49. FluffyPanda says:

    Time to rise from my grave*. I’ve been reading since comic #2 and listened to the podcast since it started. I’ll be really sorry to see 2pstart come to an end.

    I think everybody must have noticed that the time strain was getting too much though, the podcast comments from Ray have made that quite clear. Better to finish now and have something you can look back on with pride than keep going for a while and end up resenting it.

    All the best for the future, I hope you drop in with occasional new stuff from time to time as the mood takes. I’ll watch the RSS feed with interest.

    *may not actually be true.

  50. Rokai says:

    Thank you guys for the 3 years of entertainment you gave us. I’m really happy you’re going the extra mile for your fans and end this in a great series of comics. I’ve been reading for a long time and I’m really going to miss you guys, but everything has to end sometime. Again, thanks for everything, I loved every comic and every podcast and had some great laughs.

    PS: The last panel reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist. Ray looks like Al’s body and the wall looks like the door of truth or whatever.

    PPS: Here’s a Musical Misfit for this sad event.

  51. Daniel and Pyrex's Personnal Army says:

    RISE FROM MY GRAVE!!! And, soon, I will die. I mean, there is nothing to live for. I have been around since the Brawl in the Family strip. I adore(d) (Incase you decide that it really is a prank) this comic. It’s inspired me to learn photoshop. I have checked every comic and I have loved ALL of them. You guys are legends, and I hope you know that. Well, not much to rise for. I mean, this is the second to last comic, but 2P END! Has made me go insane and I thank you for that.

    You guys are amazing, NSG (Nice Series Guys)

  52. JohnW says:

    Also, Tim doesn’t mention the Podcast will be ending, just the comic…

    Silver lining?

  53. Mr. Br Mario says:

    Wow, talk about a bummer… I’ve been silently following 2P START! for many months now (silently, because I never commented, unaware that I could comment as a guest XD), and it really worries me to know that it’s coming to an end… To think, I’ve been reading all those comics about Mario, Sonic, and well, everything else, and it’s been fun, since I followed a link to you guys from Brawl in the Family and ended up here. Well, gotta accept the truth, nothing lasts forever, so maybe it’s time for all of us to part ways. Perhaps sometime, we will be able to see some of your work again. Until then, sayonara, Tim and Ray from 2P START!

    PS.: Ray, I’ve been reading your comics regarding Sonic, and I’m aware that you feel down about how SEGA is going too far from the original Sonic gameplay lately, so here’s some advice for you: you’ve gotta start thinking about those new Sonic games as innovations, not letdowns. Got it, Ray? It’ll be better like this… I mean, there are some Sonic wikis out there, such as Sonic News Network and Sonic Retro, and a certain user from the former site, named Sonictoast, said during his Featured User interview, that he “loved Black Knight, Unleashed and Olympic Winter games. SEGA continues to produce creative new twists and gimmicks for Sonic that keep him interesting and I appreciate that. As for where it is headed? […] Sonic will continue to be a top rated mascot no matter what those angry reviewers say about him. Even if the next Sonic Game is as good as Mario Galaxy the reviewers will still tear him apart. The thing is, Sonic isn’t aimed at the reviewers who fell in love with Sonic & Knuckles when they were 10. Sonic is aimed at today’s kids and the reason is because kids love Sonic. […] No matter what, the games will sell because Sonic is such a lovable character. So I don’t think we have to worry about him disappearing. And honestly, I prefer the games being aimed towards kids, GTA is garbage”. So, don’t you think this is why SEGA’s been giving new twists to Sonic? It’s not meant to bother old fans, but to attract new ones! Try thinking about it, OK? I seriously don’t want to see you turn psychotic in the near future… That’d be sad for me… for us… and mostly for your best friend and companion, Tim. Of this I am quite sure.

    Well, that’s one heck of a comment (quite big for a first time), so I guess I’m pretty much done here. I thank you for all this fun, Tim and Ray. May your future look much brighter than this comic actually shows. I think I’ll be commenting some more in previous comics (and the last comic next week), so if you search around, you will find me. This is Mr. Br Mario, pupil of Mr. L, giving my final regards to you before it’s too late. For you… and for everyone in this webcomic… B-ye!

  54. Sebby19 says:

    I knew this would end eventually, but it just seems to soon still.

    I have a musical misfit suggestion. It’s the bonus round music from Rayman 1, but I would really pick the entire soundtrack if I could:

    You HAVE to tell us where you got the 2PStart Live theme from, or how it was made. The Ultimate Trivia for YOU! Unless the podcast is not ending, nevermind.

  55. Tom says:

    Ok, Now I am UNBELIVABLY sad. I won’t deny that. I love the comics and The Podcasts. But if the next Podcast, Is the last one, Then, I don’t think we should have a sad musical misfit. This is my suggestion. It’s happy and Sad at the same time just how the last of ANYTHING should be. I want to go out like this.
    Even If I’ve only been following from the BITF guest strip, I’ve loved every single comic. So Ray and Tim. I thank you for the memories.
    [spoiler]Especially Mario on Steroids![/spoiler]

    • snakeisninja says:

      I for one belive that in all the world there could not be a more epic final musical misfit :S
      sniff…so beautiful…

      • snakeisninja says:

        although i am 100% for your choice of the final musical misfit, i do hope anyone who has not heard this song gets the chance to now, I believe it is both the oddest and least known video game music out there. well turn up your speakers and enjoy πŸ™‚
        You know, now that I think of it this would be a great musical misfit for the 2nd to last podcast, then you could still have the Mario 64 ending song on the last one!

  56. Long Time Fan says:

    Well, Time to “Rise from my Grave”

    I have been following Tim since and have kept up with Ray since Pacific U and the raybobindustries days. I have the comics rotate through as my computer’s wallpaper, and I have a special 2PStartpod with only the podcasts on it, which I listen to whenever I go running, walking, or breathing. I have a 22 year old daughter and a 2 year old son, and I figure if I play my cards right I will eventually be family to one or both of you. Sorry I never commented before, I guess I just figured we would have time to talk at the weddings.

  57. joshiyoshi64 says:

    Dang. I guess now would be a good time to finally ‘Rise From My Grave’.

    I don’t remember exactly, but I think I was introduced to the comic right around the time of Brawl’s release and I’ve been hooked ever since. It was good to see a funny-while-staying-clean-webcomic. Those are hard to find anymore, y’know? I’ve just recently started listening to the podcast, although when I get bored I go waaaaaay back in the archives, in the hopes of finding even more lulz.

    It’s a shame to see such a great comic end, but it will always have a special place in my heart …and in my favorites bar.

    Peace out guys!
    P.S. I really wish I’d commented before now…

  58. Highwater Trousers says:

    Well, I guess I was wrong. I was one of those who held out hope thinking that the whole thing was mostly a prank and that you guys were leading us along. I was wrong. I must admit though, reading the announcement here is like the time I heard Michael Jackson was going to the hospital. I thought, “He’s going to be fine. He’s Michael Jackson!” In this case I thought, “They’ll keep going. It’s 2P START!” Guess I shouldn’t follow my gut instinct anymore…

    Anyways, thank you for all the fun times and entertaining moments. I’ve been here a little less than a year and I feel like I’m losing a best friend. However, if you guys feel like it’s a good time to end it, then I’m all for it. I suppose the last thing any of us want is a washed up product that’s lost its groove, just like a bad television show. Still, you may have crushed my hope for the comic, but not the podcast! I read over your guys’ statements and found nothing that technically specified ending the podcasts. Unless that annoucement is coming too or I completely missed some detail. Regardless, best wishes to you guys and I hope you stay in contact with us fans.

  59. DrOswald says:

    Well, crap. Sad to see you go guys. It’s been great.

    I hope you’ll at least release a new podcast once in a while. I was looking forward to Ray railing on Sonic 4 when it comes out.

  60. D3vin says:

    I like it, and is that his ski slope sliding over his left eye? πŸ˜‰

  61. freeplay says:

    hey, any die hard fans like me that want to make sure other 2pstart fans don’t go without a comic. We could possibly start a fan comic with the same morals of 2pstart. I know someone tried to get 2pstart fans together for a cyclic fan comic, but that stopped soon. Although now that there is intensive we might get one going. We can talk about it here

  62. MiMGodfather says:

    It’s been a pleasure, gentlemen. Being in the same age range, we all have lots of life left to live, and I look forward to seeing where it takes both of you. At least what you share with us weirdos online, anyway πŸ™‚ God bless, and I raise my glass of morning orange juice to one of the best webcomics ever.

  63. Acgamer says:

    …and the world loses it’s best web comic.

    Is the podcast ending too? The podcast makes Monday sooo much better. ;_;

  64. Uber Spycrab says:

    This just made my day pretty sad.
    But that’s nothing compared to the happiness and laughter you brought me the short time I was following your comic.
    And I have to say I loved all the 123(+?) podcasts and all the comics. All of them.
    Well, here’s my Musical Misfit suggestion, although it’s pretty fitting;
    I hope you let us know what you will be doing in the future.

  65. Oliby says:

    Well, first off, I got to say the comic made me laugh. I really liked the visual and dialog. I wish the best of luck to you two in whatever endeavors you try out next.

    But, what I found particularly funny and ironic, is the readers’ comment for this story arc. It turned out that all those saying, “This comic isn’t funny, is it the death of 2P Start?” have actually been correct the whole time! Meanwhile, all those die hard fans who defended the comic arc as just a natural up and down in humor level have all been completely delusional from the start. I too was one of those delusional readers.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I must leave to ponder whether i have been misled on the existence of God, the value of college, whether man landed on the moon, and is Black Doom really the worst character in a Sonic game? I’m guessing no for the last one because I can no longer trust what Tim and Ray says anymore.

  66. Pataponjokewasbest says:

    Thank god its over

  67. TriforceBun says:

    Dang guys, I’m gonna miss seeing new strips on Thursdays now. But when you’re ready to wrap it up, that’s that. Keep in mind that you’ve made a quality strip that you can be proud of, although I hope the podcasts can continue for a few more weeks, at least.

    About this week’s comic itself, I like all the references to the 2PStart/Tim and Ray universe–makes for a very good wrap-up. I’ll certainly be checking again next week, and I’ll mention you guys on BitF next Tuesday too!

    • dest747 says:

      Heh, now that 2P START! is going to end, all of these fans are gonna flood Brawl in the Family now. Let’s hope you don’t end BitF soon!

  68. Freakality says:

    This comic used to be good :(… now it’s over…

    This sucks.

  69. lets play nothing says:

    2 things. first: ray, you’ve gone farther than the deep end, you’ve gone through the earth. 2: WHY!?!?!?!?

  70. Carnivore_Apple says:



    my thursdays won’t have anything fun anymore now…..

  71. SuperVegeta says:

    Here come the millions of grave risers that were still waiting so they can get in the last 1 or 2 podcasts.

    I am saddened by this news though. I figured Ray would have his emo hair-do finally, or is it a hair-don’t? A tear actually formed in the upper regions of my tear ducts when I read the “To be concluded in the Final 2P Start Comic”.

    FYI in my opinion the podcast can live on without the comic. Just sayin… Seriously! πŸ™‚

  72. Aaron90 says:

    Those two missed podcasts were the biggest hint the end was near.
    It’s like if Ross Gellar had 4th divorce, except there was actually love in this one.

    Man… that joke sucks.

    Anyway, cool comic guys.
    Shadow The Hedgehog Ray!
    I can hear the faint murmurer of “Tim” over and over again…

    “Tim…… Tim…… He’s Tim… And I’m Ray… Tim…”

  73. NintendoNaut says:

    As for thew comic, loved the whole “Dark Ray” thing, but I loled at the webcomic artist/nobody bit. Anyway guys, seriously, keep that podcast!

  74. Bobipine says:

    So it’s the end, well, in one week, but close enough. Well, there were hints of it in the recent arc, or however you’d like to call it, was just better to ignore them, ignore the horrible truth of the world we live in, and just come out with crazy theories instead. Seems you are ending on a high note like you planned, Ray’s back in the banner, even with some kind of sunset feel to it, like the end of a day.. I will need some time before I can stop over analyzing stuff. Well, I guess that’s that.. and on a random note I just think about right now, Ray, did you make that video montage for the church’s event in time?

  75. BooCwis says:

    I’m not going to be selfish about the whole situation. And even though a chunk on my entertainment is washed away, I can tell that the comic and podcasts take up too much time for you guys. I just hope Black Doom won’t separate your friendship like the comics suggest…

  76. mrpineapplehead says:

    well this was a great one guys 2p start is ending to be one of the greats
    seems like yesterday i just found 2p start…ah good times reading all of the archives from comic 1 to me being here weekly listening to the podcast for the first time oh the good times
    well see you guys maybe we cross paths someday maybe when sega brings out a sonic game that is really good (apart from the classics) maybe at 2p con a convention started by all of the fans of 2p start who knows
    back to the old comics now

  77. John says:

    I never really liked this comic. The odd one made me laugh but all in all it was really becoming more work than it was worth to check. All the scrolling ones were terrible but I liked the one with mario jumping off yoshi and one or two more in all of them. I’m happy the comic is ending it will save me 30 second a week.

    • JohnW says:

      How lazy are we getting!?

      Also, you don’t have to come back, there’s something called ‘Deleting a Bookmark’, ‘Not Googling it’ and ‘Not typing in the URL’.

  78. Ember Web Ninja says:

    Well, I’ve been waiting for the right time to rise from my grave for a good few months now, and while that ‘right time’ never came, it would seem now is going to have to be the closest I get. I’ve been reading the comic since #15 or so, it’s hard to remember at this point. I began tuning into the podcasts around #93 and was instantly hooked, and have since made my way through the entire archive, including many repeated listens to my favorites (#97-#105 especially, where you guys really hit your stride).

    As many have said before me, thank you for the years of free entertainment and laughter; you’ve been my favorite webcomic for a while now, not only for its content, but also the unique attitude and approach you guys bring to the table. Can’t wait to see what you guys do next, and I hope life does not imitate art, in terms of this arc and your future endeavors.

    Good luck to you both, and thanks again!

  79. elrobo8 says:


    Right when I discover/bookmark the comic, it ends?

    *big ol’ sigh*

  80. Keeblin_elf says:

    Thanks guys

  81. BooCwis says:

    The next 2P Start! logo is obvious. Not only will the START! and Ray be shaded in red, but Tim and 2P will as well.
    And the red will signify many things. A red light for 2P STOP!. The sunset of a generation. Freeplay’s blood when he begins a ski slope of his own. The final glance at Ray’s red shirt. Fires of multiple riots going on at every city in the world on May 20, 2010 (and the firetrucks to stop them). The passion of every 2P START! fan, present and future….
    But it can also mean good things like the warmth that Tim and Ray give each other and us. The love that Tim can now exert on his wife and child now. The roses that Ray will give to his TRUE girlfriend (maybe a red head?). And the red of Mario when he travels the universe a second time only three days later, meeting all the places where Tim and Ray extended the imagination of thousands over the past few years.

  82. D3vin says:

    If it really is the end, It had a good run.

  83. LotsaBacon says:

    Well, it’s time to rise from my grave (I’ve been reading since BiTF gave the link over.) And all I can say is, this comic USED to be good.

  84. Cerdeira says:

    I was waiting the end of this story arc to rise from my grave but now that the comic is ending then…


    I’ve been reading the comic and linstening the podcast since the brawl in the family guest comic and I think your comics were great.It’s sad that the comics is ending, but you gave us great comics that we will keep on memory.

    Best wishes to you both.

  85. tustin2121 says:



  86. Jason says:


    I guess this explains why you haven’t done a podcast in awhile. I really wish you all the best. I’ve loved every, well, almost every strip you’ve done.And unlike other comics, you did it clean. This is truly the end of an era.

    Tim, ya just had to go and have a damn baby didn’t ya?! XD

  87. Anon. says:

    This has got to be a joke, right? 2P START ending? right? RIGHT?!?!

  88. Pete says:

    What better time to rise from my grave, then on the penultimate comic?

    I just wanted to tell you guys that you’re both incredibly awesome for consistently providing free, and incredibly funny comics and podcasts for so long, and it really is going to be a shame to see this go. I haven’t been following this site for too long, just about 6 months or so, but I must say, you guys have helped me make it through my final semester of schooling alive.

    It’s really going to be a shame to see this comic in particular go, because you don’t see a lot of comics and podcasts that don’t diss the Wii every other sentence, that’s a rare thing to find in the world of gaming, and this was a nice change of pace. Not to mention the safe for work humor you guys stuck to. I definitely considered this site the “Homestar Runner” of the gaming community.

    It’s rare to see two people who don’t live anywhere near eachother click on so many levels, and I really hope you guys maintain contact for as long as you can, whether you know it or not, you guys have a seriously amazing creative spark that I rarely see in real life, let alone between two people over the internet. Don’t let that die.

    As odd as it sounds, I was going to rise from my grave a few months ago, when you guys started talking about how the comic was getting stressful and beginning to become “too much work,” and just throw in my two cents about webcomics, and how I didn’t think it was a good idea to label each comic a “success” or “failure,” but as I listened further and further back in the podcasts, I realized that you guys were fully aware of everything I could have suggested or told you. You guys knew what you were doing, and I told myself that if the comic did end, at least I knew that you guys were doing it for the right reasons.

    I intend to follow both of you on Twitter now, and I really hope you guys keep producing content in some way or another, I’d hate to see this story arc become a reality.


  89. krawky398 says:

    Well, better now than never. Time to finally rise from my grave. I’ve been reading the comic since 154 and listening to the podcast since 117. I had been waiting for the right time to rise, but this seems to be my last chance. Sad to see it end, but all good things come to an end. Just make sure you go out with a bang!

  90. PhunkyPhazon says:

    Alright, I guess this is the last chance I’ll get to RISE FROM MY GRAVE!!!

    I’m fairly new to the comic, I started reading when I saw comic #152 at Joystig. I figured any webcomic that would make a Harvest Moon joke would be worth my time, and boy was I right! I don’t really remember when I started listening to the podcast, but I made it a habit to listen to those most every week. It’s a shame to see the site come to an end just a few months after finding it. But instead of whining and moaning about it, I’ll just say thanks for the laughs guys.

  91. elah says:


    • elah says:

      (I especially liked panel 13: downward ski slope AND all-bad Sonic moments. Seriously, I was stunned. But I look forward to whatever comes next. As long as I can still buy a t-shirt and read the archives, I’ll be set until the next big 2P START! occurence. Because I recognized this a long time ago: this is not just a webcomic anymore. It’s an excellent podcast. It’s great music. It’s fantastic downloads and merch. 2P START! may never be the same, but as long as Tim and Ray are still around, it will always be good. Congratulations on…er…how many is it now? An astronomical amount of fantastic comics. I will always be a fan, and a Raypublican, and a Sonic fan. I will always be a 2P Fan.)

  92. Luigi fan says:

    Well, it’s kinda pointless, but I might as well rise from my grave. I came here from Brawl in the Family and have been hooked on the site ever since. I’ve read all the comics, but haven’t quite made it through all the podcasts. You guys have a great web comic and I hope you continue to produce quality content, whatever it may be. Thanks for the laughs.

  93. Apkinesis says:

    This comic made me laugh (is that a bad thing, considering the mood?), but the comments made me sad-face πŸ™ Guess I should’ve seen it coming, but in any case, it’s understandable: Tim has a family, Ray has other projects to work on, and all that. Still holding out for continued Podcasts though, and am looking forward to what you guys will have in store for us when you return from your extended vacation from 2P START!

    Also, it’s a good thing I woke up a couple of hours early today; it gave me the time I needed today to put this together real quick for you guys.

    Anyhow, I’d say “take care” and “you’ll be missed,” but there’s still at least another week before that needs to be said. Until then though, as always, I’ll be looking forward to the comic and Podcasts!

  94. Laelaps says:

    At any rate, Tim said “as you know it.”

    Also love how psycho Ray’s ski slope is pointed downward, and how Tim made the security guard’s hands black.

    • Laelaps says:

      And poor Lace!! She’s just being left on the curb with this whole thing!!

  95. Gamer Blue says:

    I don’t believe that this is the 2nd to last comic, and it is still a prank. Anyways, if it’s not, I may as well RISE FROM MY GRAVE. I’ve commented before, and also have tried to rise, but apparently, it didn’t get mentioned. At least I think it didn’t. Well anyways, now it’s official, and just in time for the end.

    • Laelaps says:

      Wait this couldn’t all be just a ploy to root out all the remaining grive-risers, could it? After all, Ray and Tim seem to be hating on the segment more and more.

      • Laelaps says:

        What the HECK??? – I just counted 18 grave risers and they’re still coming!

      • snakeisninja says:

        You know I was just thinking that myself… and considering that i just rose from my grave a few minutes ago, I’d say it worked pretty well (if indeed it is all just a trick)
        However I doubt that they would ever outright lie like that, so to all speculating rising from your graves sonic says “Common step it up!” πŸ™‚

      • Laelaps says:

        Good gravy, it’s up to THIRTY now.

  96. Victorioso says:

    Really? The next comic is the last? Darn… then I guess it’s time for me to rise from my grave…

    First off, I’ve been reading the comic since Matthew’s guest strip. I’ve read all comics, and quite a lot of the podcasts. I just love every piece of your work, it’s amazing. My favorite podcast was Controversial Edition, it got me laughing all the time. A favorite comic would be hard to choose, since they are all SO great. This is my favorite comic-EVER.

    But what I’d like to do the most is thank you guys, a LOT. I’ve been going through some hard times lately, and the only people that were always there for me, in some way, were you guys. When I was feeling depressed, when things got tough, I started listening to one of your podcasts, it’d alway cheer me up. I’m serious about this, God knows how I’d be right now if it wasn’t for this site. So Ray, Tim. Thanks.

    I really hope this is a joke, and that you guys will keep working on comics and podcasts… but otherwise, I’ll just keep coming to this site, to listen to all the podcasts I still haven’t heard. I’m really sad it’s coming to an end.

    So once again, thanks a lot for this wonderful and amazing website.

  97. Imaster says:

    Well, first of all, allow me to express my sadness at hearing that 2PStart is ending. I understand why even without hearing any more about it; sometimes you have to give things up to free up room in your life, and it’s hard to keep going and going, coming up with new content every week. I don’t hold it against you guys, I’m just slightly bummed that I came into the scene so late.

    Anyway, I loved the comic. It’s all coming together now! Emo Ray with his downward ski slope was win. Waiting for the finale…

  98. bcow1020 says:

    I saw this comic earlier today as soon as I woke up, and boy, did it ruin my day or what. I’ve been wondering about how different my life’s going to be now without a great comic to read on Thursdays (and maybe no podcast on Mondays, hopefully that won’t happen though). This comic seemed like a whole entertainment medium for me. I had my TV shows, my video games, my movies, my books, and 2P Start. Now that this is ending, it seems like I’m giving up a huge fraction of my entertainment life. I’ve only been following your podcast and comic since July of last year, and yet I still feel so connected to it. I follow all the Joystiq Weekly Webcomic Wrapups, and constantly look for new and original webcomics, but I’ve never been able to find one anywhere close in quality to yours. True, there are a few I’ve kinda gone “Huh?” at, but for the most part, every one was a masterpiece that deserves a place in a museum. (Hey, that wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all!) On the comics I didn’t quite get because I wasn’t familiar with the franchise, I’d make myself Google it, and find out more about it. Your webcomic is probably a huge reason that I’m so into video games and video game news today, and I’d probably not be as involved without you guys. I understand that you both have personal lives and a lot of stuff to do outside 2P Start, and I wish you both the best in the paths that you wish to take in the near future.


    -bcow1020, aka The_Potato, aka potatohead4

    P.S. Next week’s comic better not be like the Sopranos…

  99. BooCwis says:

    Holy moley! I remember how many podcasts ago (or was it all of them?) that you guys are begging people lurking in the shadows to Rise from their Graves. Faking an end would’ve been the way to go, seeing all the Grave Risers for this comic. (as Laelaps said (beat me to it)) The closest thing this could remind me of is the Pluckaphone from Pikmin 2.
    While I’m at it, Tim’s post scared me more than the Waterwraith (just not all at once). And anyone who’s played through the Submerged Castle knows that. Too bad no comics actually centered around Pikmin. You guys not fans?
    And to fit probably everyone’s mood, my submission for Musical Misfits this week IS the Submerged Castle from Pikmin 2.

  100. Arveas says:

    Whoa. Ray + drooped ski-slope hair = Sonic! All that’s missing is some blue hair coloring.

    I’m going to admit, I saw the end coming (of 2pstart, not this comic). A baby in the family made it hard on Tim’s end, and everything made it hard on Ray’s end.

    I was actually going to do this last week, just for kicks, but better late than never.

    BEHOLD! The remainder of my Musical Misfits recommendation backlog!

    Title: Super Castlevania 4
    Track: Dracula Battle
    Composer(s): Souji Taro, Masanori Adachi
    Platform: SNES

    Title: Jet Force Gemini
    Track: Rith Essa
    Composer(s): Robin Beanland, Alistair Lindsay, Graeme Norgate
    Platform: N64

    Title: Castlevania- Aria of Sorrow
    Tracks: Forbidden Area
    You’re Not Alone
    Composer(s): Michiru Yamane, Takashi Yoshida, Soshiro Hokkai
    Platform: Gameboy Advance

    Title: Golden Sun
    Track: Saturos Battle Theme
    Composer(s): Motoi Sakuraba
    Platform: Gameboy Advance

    Title: Mega Man 5
    Track: Protoman Stage
    Composer(s): Mari Yamaguchi
    Platform: NES

    Title: Seiken Densetsu 3
    Track: Return to Forever
    Composer(s): Hiroki Kikuta
    Platform: SNES

    Title: Ecco the Dolphin- Defender of the Future
    Track: Process That Never Ends
    Composer(s): Tim Follin
    Platform: Dreamcast/PS2

    Title: Gradius V
    Tracks: Stage 3- Fortress
    Stage 2 & 8- Battleship
    Composer(s): Hitoshi Sakimoto (yep, it really was composed by “the Final Fantasy Tactics guy”).
    Platform: PS2

    Title: Zelda- Oracle of Seasons
    Track: Tarm Ruins & Lost Wood
    Composer(s): Minako Adachi? (only source I could find for this was, and that was for Oracle of Ages).
    Platform: Gameboy Color

    And, finally, I thought I should end the list with an epilogue track, one of the most beautiful tracks to grace the face of gaming.

    Title: Shadow of the Colossus
    Track: Epilogue- Those Who Remain
    Composer(s): K? ?tani (also written as Koh Otani).
    Platform: PS2

    • snakeisninja says:

      Ah… Jet Force Gemini. So many awesome songs one of my favorites is:

      but in general that was such an epic game (and one of many reasons why no game console could ever be as good as the 64 was)

      • Hey, you just listed my second favorite track from that game! Heh heh.

        Yeah, It was a great game, though ironically also one of the hardest to get back into. I tried to play it again roughly 5 years after I beat it, but found the controls to be insanely difficult to re-master.

        Oh yeah, funny story about JFG. The copy I played the first time was one that my brother borrowed from a friend. My brother didn’t want me to play it (I am the younger one between us), but thanks to the magic of having my own memory card I was able to sneak play sessions in while he was gone, and could hear his car coming home in time to shut of the game, put it back in the stack of games (if necessary), and act as if nothing happened.

        Long story short, I beat the game, said a silent “oh snap!” to myself when I noticed that the title screen background changed, and gave a triumphant victory in my head when the game was returned to the person he loaned it from a few days later.

        …I’m not sure if he noticed. =P

        Oh yeah, and the reason he doesn’t let me play games before him is because I have the (admittedly annoying) habit of spoiling gameplay and story elements. Didn’t happen here for obvious reasons.

    • Oh yeah, one more that I keep forgetting about.

      Title: Kingdom Hearts 2- Final Mix+ (Japan only)
      Track: Fate of the Unknown
      Composer: Kaoru Wada (he usually does cinematic non-vocal music, whereas Yoko Shimomura does the in-game music).
      Platform: PS2

  101. Even the World of Webcomics needs a balance of good and evil and you do realize you’re throwing that all out of whack, right? Alright… just don’t drop too far off the interwebs radar guys.

  102. Foolsjoker says:

    Wow, ive been reading 2pStart from the beginning but never did the whole podcast thing until the last few months. You guys were by far my favorite, but I understand that as time goes on we must keep moving forward and not be afraid to close chapters in our lives. Far too many people find a taste of success and ride it into the sunset, we all know you guys will do well in the future. Best of luck to both of you.

    Rising from my grave,

  103. Zegres says:

    Well, the end is inevitable. Death is a regular part of life, and just as we all die, so must our favorite webcomic. If it truly is the end there is nothing we can do about it, their minds seem set at ending. But I hope we get 2P-Start Live still and maybe once and a while an occasional surprise webcomic. At the very least I hope you decide to keep the site up and running, it would be a shame to lose the treasures your webcomic are from the internet forever.
    I am glad that you are ending with a decisive ending, not just stopping, and I have enjoyed this arc even though it means the end. It was much better than the ending Seinfeld gave us, that’s for sure. I’m just sad I did not rise from my grave earlier and get into the site when I first started reading. I’ll certainly miss my weekly dose of vitamin 2P.

  104. SuperVegeta says:

    I wonder… why does Tim not have his white outline in the panels where he is no longer a part of 2P Start? Is the white outline something that only manifests if you still have 2P Spirit?

    • Aaron90 says:

      Isn’t Tim the one that writes the comics? Or most of them?
      Maybe when the comic ended in the flashback, Ray still wanted to do the comic so his remained, but Tim was happy where it left of so he didn’t need one.

      Either that or for dramatic purposes.

  105. C.Olimar788 says:

    So 2P Start… is ending…

    Well, that really sucks.

    And I really wish you guys had been upfront about it… leaving in this way seems really… I don’t know, just not appropriate in context. Or something. *shrug*

    All that said, I liked this comic. Sonic… XD I wanna see the zoomed in versions of those scribblings, though I assume that will come next week.

  106. Keja says:

    I will add 2P START! to the ever growing list of things I’ve mourned the end of in my life… You guys are up there with Friends, Harry Potter and BNs (you fellow Brits know the ones)

  107. Ryuken967 says:

    i hate this bull****! why you have to end it like this?! i hate both of you! i hope u die more than end this piece of crap.

    Vg cats…brawl in the family… and more and more webcomics… they still there, they dont need to become gay and say “**** you no comics for yer” to everyone.

    • Doopliss says:

      What the hell is wrong with you?

    • Doopliss says:

      The world and it’s “people” aren’t just around to do things for you. They have their own lives and goals so get over yourself or shut up.

  108. Ryuken967 says:

    oh by the way, son of a *****es, the scrbbilngs on the wall are obiusly from sonic the hedgehog 4.

    goodbye, and screw you mother****ers!

  109. maugchief says:

    So, I just randomly happened upon this and it seemed remarkably fitting for the current arc…(Spoilered for TVTropes link)
    [spoiler]Drama Bomb Finale[/spoiler]
    I’m not trying to imply that it’s a bad thing. I’m really enjoying this current arc. It’s sad that the comics are going to end, especially since I’ve only been around a few months. However, it’s always best to go out while you’re at the peak of your game and make a clean break. It’s much worse when the updates just stop (*cough*nuklearpower*cough*), so I applaud you guys for being bold enough to do a proper exit and to go out with style.
    So with that, I just want to say thanks for all the laughs (and the ones yet to come) and I enjoyed being able to follow along with you guys until the end. Good luck in whatever pursuits you each decide to chase in the future.

  110. Motts says:

    If this is the second to last podcast… then… I’ve got to graverise now! before it’s too late.

    and yet I have nothing to say… god… how anticlimactic, all that time of silence, just for this pathetic comment.

    I will miss you guys.

  111. shadowhog says:

    lets face the facts folks……. 2pstart is dying…… only one thing can save them……


  112. Β­ says:

    So you were trying to kill the comic.

  113. sapphire says:

    Well, I guess now is an opportune time to RISE FROM MY GRAVE.

    This is pretty sad. I’ve been reading every week for so long, I probably started in the 50-60 range… I don’t really know many good video game webcomics anymore, especially one that featured Sonic as much as you did (Well, I guess thanks to Ray.)

    Anyways, I hope you guys actually read this. And good luck with life.

  114. Chaos Kiwi says:

    Wow. I hoped it WAS a joke. And just as I was about to finally rise from my grave. It’s so sad. I’ve been following since comic 70. I loved this. It was one of my favorite comics, along with Brawl in the Family and the Book of Biff.

    Wait. WAIT. WAIT! It was stated this will be the end of the WEEKLY comics! Maybe, just maybe, it’s not over for good!


  115. Ihsoylr says:

    The tip of Ray’s hair has sunk! HE’S GONE INSANE! O NOEZ!

  116. Ihsoylr says:

    PS. Please announce my grave rising before the comic ends! Forget my registration!

  117. koollizard says:

    Well I’m glad your going to quit before you go the way of the simpsons week after week putting up mildly entertaining stuff only die hard fans will watch. In my oppinion you havent made a bad comic yet except for the last few tims takes…….sorry tim, and I think you guys could have made thousands more with the same humor that everyone would still love……..good bye Tim and Ray…….

  118. Chocolate_bob says:

    As happy that I am that you guys know when to stop so the memories of the comic will be good (As you’ve said before), this still makes me sad . Although things must turn out fine in the end, as future Tim and Ray are still together. Thanks for the website, the podcast, and all the hours that you guys have devoted to this site.

  119. kodykid168 says:

    *sigh* i didnt start reading until late last year, and your killing it off so soon?
    aw man…that just ruined my Thursday, thanks alot guys!

  120. Β­ says:

    Okay I have to give a rant now because I have to. You claimed a while back in the podcast that you didn’t want to end on a low note. That so if and when people came back to the comic later they would only see good comics, not a ton of useless ones at the end. Here you went an went and made a ton of non-funny comics at the end. I belive you owe us new comics for these last few weeks that are actually funny. Because that way we will remember 2Pstart as funny which it was up until you started this story arc in which you were apparently trying to make us leave. I will now delete you from my bookmarks and never return here again. Except maybe for next weeks podcast. I am not coming back for next week’s comic.
    Seriously though you should continue the podcasts because those are the best part an it will keep your friendship that according to this comic will die if you don’t. Also explain what you mean by not disappearing. Your killing the comic and that’s what is good here. And your not ending it, your killing it. It is dying because of your attempt at a story arc without humour.
    Thankfully I have a lot of other webcomics I read and will now go ahead to link them
    The Book of Biff
    Left-handed toons
    Unshelved (warning about a libary)
    Brawl in the Family (Video Game) (not found from you)
    Digital Unrest (Video Game)
    xkcd (can be sexual sometimes)
    Bob the Angry Flower (Warning Incredably Offensive) (Warning worst archive ever with no next and back buttons, have to do it manualy) (has my single favorit comic ever right here (you probaly won’t get it unless you have an understanding of Quantum Physics))
    Cowbirds in Love
    Not Invented Here
    Awkward Zombie (on pause untill 24th vidoe games)
    Abstruse Goose

    I hope some of you find a comic that replaces this one for you. I don’t think any are really like this one though.

  121. Β­ says:

    To Quote Tim
    Here’s the truth my friends. 2P START! as you know it is ending. As this story arc moved along, we thought it would become apparent through our little hints that the end was truly coming. It seems our hints have been too cryptic. It’s actually quite a compliment to see your hope that this would just be a prank, but I’m afraid it’s not.
    Next week will be the end of the story arc, and the end of our regular, weekly comics. We felt it was only right to come out and give the warning for those holding out hope. It’s the end of an era, folks! There is a little bit of truth to what the comics have been saying about why it had to end, why it was right, but we’ll certainly give the whole truth in our next podcast.
    I don’t want to say too much more except that we really hope to conclude the 2P END! story in a satisfactory way, and that we’ll still be around in one form or another. Ray and I have really enjoyed working together and sharing that with all of you, and I know there will be more collaboration, in one form or another, in the near future. As many of you know, Ray is working on his next album, and I’m excited to see how the extra time he’ll be able to devote to it will pay off. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this week’s comic as much as I do!
    Note the bold text. There clearly not killing everything. They are now required to do comics randomly and continue the podcasts.

  122. DiamondCrash says:

    I’ve been reading since the very first comic, and I suppose this is it. Rising from my soon-to-be meaningless grave. I’ve seen this comic go all the way to its, I presume, spectacular conclusion. I should probably create an account here, but it’s a little too late for that, huh?

    Thank you for being my infallible source of entertainment, and I wouldn’t be suprised if I burst into tears next week.


    • Laelaps says:

      Whoa, seriously? It’s too bad, I would’ve kept silent – I mean, I can’t imagine anyone else left still reading from the first comic. That’d make one heckuva story to tell people, too.

  123. Laelaps says:

    Wait!! just discoevered something!

    If you right-click on any past comic, and hit “save picture as,” then the suggested/highlighted title will be a date – here the date is followed by an ‘a.’ – As in “2010-5-13a” and “2010-5-13b”???????? Were there two comics they drew, and Tim decided to post this one over something else? No matter what, that’s pretty weird…

    • Laelaps says:

      And could it matter that ray’s signature is in panel 12?

      Also, it’s cool how they brought back the flower from the last comic in panel 7.

  124. Drake says:

    NO! I just started reading again! DAAAAAAAAAMN!

  125. ZerØ says:

    This is sad! – this just cant be! – can it truely be that the 2pstart era will end?!?!

  126. aowam says:

    D: As others haven mentioned before me, this is one of 3 webcomics that are/were good enough for me to follow. I loved the fun yet tasteful humor, and I truly will miss reading this ):

  127. knuxsoul says:


    By the way, I’m rising from my grave. I never remember getting in…but I’m rising. Take it or leave it.

  128. AngryAncestor95 says:

    Well, this is depressing. I figure I’d better rise from my grave now. ‘Been around since…hmm, well I guess since Matt from BitF drew his guest strip here. Not too long, but still, I fell in love with the art style, the humor, and eventually, the podcast. Now I shall go back and listen to every episode chronologically, STARTing with #1.

    Rest in Peace, 2P START. As I rise from my grave, may you rest in yours.

  129. Jumbif says:


  130. Narnian says:


  131. Grandpalove says:


  132. Geriatric Polly Pocket says:

    I’m 92 years old and what is this?

  133. jackspace111 says:

    *Sigh I can’t believe 2pstart is ending. It was one of my favorite web comics. I thought I’d leave a comment before it ended…

    • Laelaps says:

      Well, “Every world has its end. I know that’s sad, but that’s why we’ve gotta live life to the fullest in the time we have.”

      They will be missed.

  134. Whoa whoa whoawhoawhoawhoa. WHAT!? The comic REALLY IS ending!!? NO!! So, does Ray really feel this way? Well at least you’re ending it in a pretty epic way. F@nboy$ just out right stopped. I had just recently discovered this comic too. Oh well.

  135. Phreack says:

    Oh come on, this comic was improving so much, you had ages before you peaked, why in the world did you think you needed to do this? After it ends, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ll come back again if there are no more comics, there’s no way you can do better than that and you were getting even better at it.

  136. JSG says:

    This is [misspell] DEFENITLY [/misspell] scaring me about 2P START!’s future.

    Can’t wait.

  137. Rotom479 says:

    [chuggaaconroy no]
    [chuggaaconroy-style sound that no one could ever make if they tried]

    *ahem* I have been here for an ENTIRE 7 MONTHS (that is so much time, right). I was going to save this RISE FROM MY GRAVE until comic 199, but that’s not going to happen, sadly. Anyway, rest in peace, 2P START!; I wish you both luck in the future.

    (This is what I get for being a grave riser)
    (I’m 12! =D)

  138. Mutated says:

    I can’t remember if this is a rise from my grave or not. I’m certainly not a huge commenter.

    While I’m sad that 2P Start will be leaving, I enjoyed the comics and the precious few podcasts I had the free time to listen to. Looking back, I regret not making more time.

    I wish you two the best of luck in whatever else you may pursue, whether published on the internet or not.

  139. The Great and Illustrious Baron Loki says:

    Well, isn’t this just completely bloody excellent! I was going to wait for the big 200 to rise, but no, you had to go and end it all at #171! Well, I guess that settles it. It’s time for me to…

    [cue dramatic, full orchestra surround sound version of that 8-bit sound you love so much]

    RISE FROM MY GRAVE!!!!!!!!!

    [cue impressive pyrotechnics, i.e. flamethrowers, fireworks spelling out ~LOKI~, etc.]

    …ahem. Now that that’s out of the way, I suppose there is nothing I can do to stop this madness. After all, it’s your choice, and I suppose the best way I can show my true status as a diehard fan is to support that. I only wish that you had let the comic live just a little longer. Oh well.

    Now is not the time for complaints. I look forward to next weeks comic, and I trust that it will be absolutely brilliant. I will remain in this graveless state until next week, when I shall lay you to rest along side me, and the rest of my fan bretheren. Until then…


    • The Great and Illustrious Baron Loki says:

      Oh, and post scriptum, it would really be quite fantastic if you could make a wallpaper of your ‘psycho wall art’, Ray.

      Until next time…


  140. Guinea says:

    Oh whatever. I’ll just rise from my grave and comment. I don’t remember how I found this, but it had something to do with Brawl In The Family, but it was a couple of months before the guest strip. Anyways, I was going to grave rise earlier, but I knew I would be too lazy to ever comment again. Anyways, I’ve been reading the comics for a while, but just started with the podcasts. It’s a great site, too bad it had too end. Oh well. Anyways, I thought this story would end with a killer joke, but y’know.

  141. Gatowag says:

    I’m rising from my grave, even if only to say how good this comic used to be. Actually, no, redact that! I think it’s more appropriate to say that you’ve robbing me of my grave by forcing me out on such conditions. I was happy in there.

    I’ve been a reader for some time, listened through every podcast, and will be terribly disappointed to see it go.

    Sleep well sweet prince.

  142. JosiePika says:

    Just PLEASE, PLEASE keep the site open! Even put the comics on Public on Photobucket!
    I want to keep rereading these over and over, so please don’t close the comics up.

  143. … I can’t belive it there stopping 2p start! … and right when I made my own web comic! Brawl in the Family and 2p start! together inspirid me to make my own web comic:(

  144. SonikFan112 says:

    Since 2P Start! is ending, I’ll rise from my grave.

    I’ve been reading since comic #63. It’s sad to know my favorite webcomic is ending. We shall say goodbye to all the great moments. Bye to the Take That! at Joystiq. Bye to Tim. Bye to Ray. Bye to Black Doom Awards. Bye Tim With The News. Bye Lace. Bye Podcast…. But most of all…. Goodbye to 2P Start! Have a wonderful life, TIm, Ray…..

  145. I hope someone saw what I wrote. If so comment please?

  146. yeah568 says:

    :'( Been reading since April 1st, 2009. Definitely sad to see this awesome webcomic go. Seriously, this was the ONLY webcomic that I read. It made me leave BitF and xkcd, and it’s more or less gone. *sigh*

  147. deadpool2 says:

    Dang It

  148. deadpool2 says:

    Dang It Oh well

  149. Ezekial says:

    it is sad to see a good webcomic end…i fear vgcats might be next T^T

  150. Kilburn says:

    I’m glad to see the two of you are doing what you think is right. I hope that the future projects will be as awesome as 2P Start was. Good luck to you both and whenever you want to let us know that something new is coming, we’ll be here!

  151. Delta Force Leader says:

    I don’t remember exactly when I started reading 2P Start! I was looking for GOOD webcomics, so I did a Google search and came up with about 50+ sites. I have three MAJOR criteria for webcomics.

    1) Artwork: Must be in decent and color preferred. I’m not a fan of doodling (xycd, enough said).
    2) Jokes: If it’s not funny what’s the point? (95% of all webcomics)
    3) Website Design: Must be well-maintained site with WORKING links (Penny Arcade, so many broken or misdirected links its not even funny).

    Out of the 50+ sites I found several OK sites but only three GOOD ones (2P Start!, Ctrl-Alt-Del, Order of the Stick {Yes, I know it is stick figures but I like the jokes and story line.}) 2P Start manages all three extremely well. Tim, the website design is neat and organized (which is more than I can say for some websites). Ray, your artwork is wonderful. Ever since the first time I found out you started putting hidden stuff in the background, I’ve going over each comic looking for every little thing. Together y’all make a wonderful team.

    The only reason I’m not sure exactly when I started reading is because the first thing I do on a new webcomic site is jump to the first comic and read all the way up to the current comic. I know I have been reading between 1 and 1 1/2 years.

    About 2 1/2 months ago, I started listening to your podcasts (also starting at the beginning and listening up to the current episode and yes I know I took forever to start but the idea of listening to a podcast just was not interesting). Here is where I must give praise to Tim: When I first opened iTunes and told it to download 2P Start Live! the link for the first episode was broken (reference Rule #3). Because I absolutely enjoy the webcomic I decided to give y’all a chance and report the broken link. In less than a day, Tim had the link fixed and sent me an email informing me of this. (Note that if I wasn’t already a die-hard 2P Start! fan, I now was.)

    Since then I listen to your podcast whenever I am driving. I did not plan on Rising from my Grave until I could honestly say that I had listened to all of your podcasts. Sadly, I’m currently on Episode 95. However, if 2P Start! is really ending I figured I must Rise from my Grave at least once before the end.

    I must say that I honestly don’t believe that y’all had a single bad comic in the group. I even found the Mario Steroids comic funny. It was a nice ride while it lasted.

    Tim, Ray, I wish y’all luck in your future endeavors and I believe I speak for all of your fans when I say, “We will miss y’all.”


    2P Start!

  152. mkava says:

    Well, I’ll save my final goodbyes to the regularly scheduled comic for next weeks.. I want to say thanks for everything over the last three years. It seems weird but after celebrating the 3rd year anniversary for my first big community (that later died after about two years..) and the IRC network that I run that has become its own entity after being an offshoot… and then seeing the end of 2P START! Mainly since this wonderful experience started a few weeks before the release of that first big community and it’s hard to believe that after a little over three years, this is coming to an end. I’ve spent a lot of time here reading comments, listening to your podcasts, and rereading your comic archives. Hell, I’ve been to raybobindustries far too many times to remember. Been a great treat to see into both of your lives this last few years. I do hope that you both are still around and that in time, you can do a podcast, or some such, remembering your time on top of the world with 2P START!.

    What would it take to help you both out by setting up a mirror of some of the content? Not sure what I can do, but I think it would be a great thing to do for the future 2P START! dedicated. =]

    Thanks for the laughs, the tears, the facepalms, the smirks, the chuckles, the eye-rolls, the jabs at Sonic, Lace, the fanboyish charms that I hold dear to my heart, and most importantly, the memories of what both of you have down to bring together such a wonderful group of people with your work. Thank you both so very much. I can’t say it enough. I look forward to seeing what comes from both of you in the future. Best of luck.. to you.. the kings of the my webcomic world.

    And, of course, so long and thanks for all the fish. =)

  153. TheLupineOne says:

    Think we’ll get one last Skype Call in the final podcast?

  154. TheLupineOne says:

    Well… possible last podacst… everyone’s making their Musical Misfit suggestions. I’ll make mine later on today, but let me say…

    After the last misfit has finished, let us hope that it is not this, or this, or even this

    but this

  155. sikera says:

    i hope next week the comic will be something like this

  156. blaster says:

    Even in sad moments like this, I had to poke fun out of you.
    By the Perfect Sonic game, do you mean this ?

  157. Sam says:

    The bit of happiness I had today just died. πŸ™

  158. hey soul sister says:

    your ending all ready!?! dude i only learned about 2p start since you guys were linked to bitf and that was around comic 150 but ill miss so much ray and tim goodbye

  159. SSF2Zelda says:

    I KNEW that Miley was the girl! I KNEW IT! WHOOO!

    Erm, great idea.

  160. Great Byron says:

    2P Start ending? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Just when I finally rose from my grave too… Ah well, everything must end sooner or later, although I should have guessed it through the lack of podcasts you guys were uploading…And don’t worry Ray, there are more fish in the sea other than Miley Cyrus (have you seen her latest music video? She is starting to act like Lady Gaga). I guess I’ll have to take you guys off my favourites too πŸ™ . Well, I salute you guys and I wish to say “So long and thanks for all the fish comics”.

  161. BadnikHunter says:

    Wow, Ray looks really creepy. As for the comic ending, as much as I loved it, I’m sure I’ll (eventually) survive. I’m just glad that you guys were able to make this comic in the first place, and have it be a great one at that. And atleast you had the return of Miley before the end! You guys had a great run, and I respect you’re decision to end it, though I’ll be sad for a few days or weeks. Here’s to a great final hurrah!

  162. Cheeseball701 says:

    just sayin’

    (I like how the secret to ideal Sonic gameplay is locked in the golden rectangle.)

    • Cheeseball701 says:

      PS: Is that a red Big the Cat? Gee whiz, hypothetical future Sonic Team, is he the edgier, gun-toting, cussing, evil twin of Big the Cat. (With a nega-froggy, no doubt!).

  163. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    Wow, I guess the comic really IS ending (Unless Tim and Ray are really cruel. It feels like it was just yesterday I started reading. D:
    Also, Ray’s reference to the podcast is usually the kind of thing most insane people do before engaging in a climactic battle to the death. Hats off to you Ray, you’re able to stay calm even in insanity.

  164. Person Number 3 says:

    Guys, guys, guys! You can’t end now! I’ve seen the signs, forewarning that the end of 2P START! marks the end of ALL.

    Yesterday. It all started yesterday and hasn’t ended. The first really bad thing was my computer. It’s bricked. Dead. Done for. Shortly after I read The End is Near Now, I acquired a virus, and it seems the only way to help is to format the computer. I’m typing from my Wii here, and I don’t want my ‘puter gone. Bring 2P START! back! Bring my computerr back! Bring the world back, Tim and Ray! We need you!

  165. TomX says:

    I told you I would stop reading if you guys quit!

  166. jOnah says:

    i appreciate your comics so much,you are the greatest comic writers i’ve ever seen, and i read alot of comics. i am writing this through my wii. and you’ve done a great job. goodbye 2p start!

  167. Smore Ninja says:

    Don’t worry fellas! I have risen from my grave! After being in the Darkness for I don’t even remember how long!
    Oh, and so have all these other people…

    Nevertheless, I wanted to say Great Comic and it is a shame that it has to end, after I went out of my way to listen to all the podcasts despite being told not to, advice I enjoyed not following for three weeks. I’m looking forward to your last comic and what you plan for the future.
    This one was more on the Dramatic side I still did enjoy it but the lines at the end of this comic:
    “You’ve come just in time actually I’ve just put the final touches on my first masterpeice… Behold.”
    Makes it seem as if Tim is a destined hero to stop Ray’s plan to destroy the world, with Sonic!

  168. Kvb says:

    The English language has failed me. I can’t think of anything to say that would properly express my feelings.

    I’ll miss you, 2P START…

  169. Tweeg says:


  170. Kelster165 says:

    No! I wasn’t planning to comment until I finished my 2P quest, but seeing as you’re leaving I guess this is my only chance. A friend of mine recommended this site to me around January and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started listening to the podcasts and loved them as well, but my friend would tell me stuff about the old podcasts and I thought, “I might as well just go listen to all of them.” And there began my quest. To listen to all of your podcasts, starting at number one while also listening to those newly released. But now, I’ve only gotten up to episode 56 (I need to get up to 110, where I started listening), and you will be gone when I finish. At least 2P will continue on a bit for me as I listen to you’re old podcasts. Ray, just so you know, I also loved the old sonic. My brothers and I even watched that sonic cartoon they had…I think we still have a VHS of one somewhere. Anyway, this comic USED to be good, back when you did it. Just sayin’.

    P.S.- Will Tim ever finish Zelda? Those are my favorite games.

  171. Scissors says:

    *Sigh* I guess good things really do come to an end. I never really mentioned this, but I’m one of those people that was introduced to 2P START! through BiTF, so this is kinda sad because it’s only been a few months. But as long as what Tim said was true and there’s still collaboration between Tim and Ray, I guess this isn’t so bad, since it’s probably the first of many great projects from both of them. So even if 2P START! ends, at least we know that it brought together to very talented people, and friendship is forever (hopefully). Well guys, thanks for the few months of videogame-related humor, although I guess it’s not over for me, since I’m not done going through the podcasts. And I really hope Tim and Ray stay friends long enough to take that Xbox 360 to Antiques Roadshow!

    P.S. I wonder if Real Ray feels the same way as 2P Ray about ending the comic.

  172. Liv-the-WaddleDee says:

    I knew it.
    All along, I KNEW it.
    As soon as I was planning to rise from my grave, the comic ends…
    I discovered this comic around 137: Drawing a Blank and have been reading weekly ever since. I don’t remember how I found it though… stupid bad memory. I’ve been listening to the podcast since Matt from Brawl in the Family guest starred. My favorite comic was “Go Fish” and “The First Pokemon Trainer” was a close second.
    So as soon as I say hello, I’m saying goodbye to one of the best webcomics in the history of ever.
    Now I shall go drown my sorrow by shooting Metroids and Baby Sheegoths, while also satisfying my Samus fangirlish needs.
    I’ll miss this comic.
    So, NCG times 170 for every comic I didn’t comment on.

    Arigatou, soshite, sayonara, 2P START…

  173. Cyberkid says:

    DANGIT! Why did I even bother to start posting?

    On the other hand, this seems so serious and unusual, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re lying to us and the comic is going to keep going.

  174. Pokemaster says:

    I started reading this when you guys made a guest comic on BITF not to long ago. I loved it thanks for making one of the best comics on the web

  175. zeldadude says:

    What no! You guys can’t break up! I haven’t even been with you a year! How about comic on the popularity of zombies and such in video games? This can’t be the end it just CAN’T! I swear if you quit I will personally hunt you down and read you amazing books in ridiculous accents UNTIL YOU CHOKE ON YOUR TEARS OF LAUGHTER!

  176. ZerØ says:

    I cant believe this… 2p start was the highlight of my week – what am i going to do on thursdays now?!?!

  177. D3vin says:

    I better send Tim my guest comic, or else it will never see proper print!

  178. Wow, I was planning my “Rise from my Grave” to be alot funner but now, its really is sad to hear about this. This is a webcomic I enjoy wholeheartedly and one of the inspirations to start my own webcomic. Wow, pretty sad grave-rising, totally the opposite of Jesus’.
    I’ve been a fan for about two years, been too long to remember what comic I came in on and sorry for never leaving a comment. I noticed when doing the webcomic, I really appreciate comments rather then “hits” on my website. Same goes for the podcast (maybe around the 70’s)
    Good luck on your future projects and hope to see some stuff from both of you.

  179. Swimming_Bird says:

    I know there’s probably a backlog anyway, and Rolling Start will likely win out, but I figured I’d suggest a final song anyway to play out what may be the last podcast. This one’s a bit of an odd Musical Misfit and a Remix combined…and expectantly enough, it’s from the same series that I suggested the very first Musical Misfit.

    From Bill Eager’s EarthBound mash-up album PK MASH!, the track Endingnition, which somehow blends a song I might normally hate (R. Kelly’s Ignition) with the final song from EarthBound, Smiles and Tears….the end result is strangely touching to me, probably due to the sheer anachronism that somehow doesn’t really diminish what is my favorite ending theme of any game.

    Even if this track doesn’t catch your interest, I really hope everyone tries out some of the tracks from PK MASH….some of the musical combos are all at once hilarious, gut-wrenching, and surprisingly extremely catchy and succinct.

    2P Start, we’ll miss you.

  180. littlebeast says:

    You know what would be the most awesome thing EVER?

    Next page: A Sonic game.

  181. Dr. Leetstuff says:

    I guess it’s time for me to finally rise from my grave.
    I read the comics and listen to the podcast for a long time now, almost from the beginning, stopped doing it some times, but always came back.
    You guys have always done a great work, congratulations.
    I just want to ask one thing no matter how this whole story ends. It MUST have a Tim’s take.

  182. b2trumpet says:

    Man, 2PStart have been the best gaming webcomics. They looked cool, and actually made sense. They are all so funny, and now there will be nothing. I’m sure it is for a good reason though, and hope that the reason works out.

  183. Exploding Pancakes says:

    *Cue this music*






  184. Colin says:

    I have been reading since comic 21 so i’m rising from my grave to say that when I first read the end of this comic I cried. Thursdays and mondays were the best days of the week now they’re going to be empty!

  185. Nachoz says:

    Well, this is it. I just can’t believe it. Not after all those years you guys have gone through. Well, I guess i’ll just have to wait until next comic to see what happens. I just hope you guys will still be pals and all, and us fans will just have to accept it. But deep down inside, everybody wants to hear that it’s all a big joke and everybody would laugh it over. But you guys made it clear. (I really don’t get the ‘rise out of my grave’ thing) Its been a nice run, and this comic will go down as a legend. The only comic I look now to is BiTF. Next comic will be the truth. All of it.

  186. Doopliss says:

    Oh. Oh Dear…

  187. Doopliss says:

    Does this mean the shirts are no longer available for purchase?

    • BooCwis says:

      If not, then I’ll be hatin’. I currently have no way of buying the Pixel Vision shirt, and I REALLY want it.

  188. abey34 says:

    What will happen to this site? What are you guys doing now? Im confused

  189. Terrence57 says:

    Aw man… Guys… Please don’t end 2PStart! It was the one thing I looked forward to every thursday, and now it’s over… You’re my favourite webcomic and I don’t want this to end ):

  190. ronnie the limo driver says:

    Who cares, this comic sucked.

  191. zotec says:

    when luke skywalker heard that 2pstart was ending he when darth vader asked him to come with him and never look at the comics or listen to the podcast again

  192. ParodyKnaveBob says:

    Way to go out with a bang! (And what a very Lost feel to your final min-arc thing here.)

    I’m gonna miss checkin’ 2P Start daily (because I can never remember what day or two you actually update lol!). You guys had lovely, wonderful humor — and so very clean, which is hard to come by in this day and age.

    So many of your comics I loved greatly, although I rarely made any comments. It’ll be sad to see you go, but I’m glad Tim has good priorities in life (family over entertainment thank you very much), and I hope Ray continues to put his artistry to good (clean heh) use, in some form or another.

    I’m glad you’re going out on top. Be good, gentlemen. “NWG” (an acronym which here means, (in context of your entire run online,) “Nice Webcomic, Guys”).

    Brandon W. Horton

  193. BooCwis says:

    Hey guys, I saw the musical “The Story of My Life” today and I really couldn’t help but think of your guys’ own series now.
    Mainly because it’s about 2 friends who were really great friends, then one started to become an author and left his friend to pursue literature (*coughTimcough*). Meanwhile, the other friend began to grow somewhat depressed despite his optimistic personality (*coughRayhack*). It’s pretty emotional at some parts, but I’d recommend it to ya if you’re interested.
    But is this coincidence or what?

  194. zeldadude says:

    okay this is random but I just hit the random button and got “in a pickle” twice in a row! how random is that?

  195. Batty1580 says:

    Hey guys. Once again, I know this wont get to you, but maybe some day in the future youll see this comment while scrolling back for old memories. It took me awhile to choose whether or not to wait to post this till the final comic, but theres just no time. I know ive hardly ever commented, and no one really knows I exist, but thats all the more reason i pray this gets to you guys. I just want to say, you guys are a legend. 2P start will go down in history, and one day everyone worthy of gaming will know your names. I always had that feeling of dread that this one the end, but surprisingly this doesnt really feel like the end to me. Everyone here probably knows that you will live on. I honestly wish I would have rose sooner. It seems so soon, i wish I could have been a better fan. Well, this is my last comment. Good luck guys, I pray for you that your lives remain happy, you two keep your friendship strong, and maybe, Sega will realize their mistakes and Sonic will regain his former glory, without people like Chip. And this is the end of a truly epic comic, and the end of a truly epic stroyline. For the final time, NCG. We all salute you.

  196. Xiegfried says:

    This is the first time that I’ve posted, but I just wanted to say thanks for the comics, guys. I just found out about you a few months ago from Joystiq’s weekly webcomic wrapup and fell in love with the comic. I certainly hope that there is more 2P Start! in the future, but I’m guessing there won’t be. I wish you both luck in your future endeavors.

  197. Travis says:

    The only worthwhile videogame webcomic is ending? To hell with you guys…

  198. Techno says:

    Oh come on guys, though its very unlikely that this will be read by the writers, i just wanna say thanks… thanks for the laughs and everything. though i may be new here, i still love the site, and i hope that this is fake. (along with everyone else here) With all the good sites getting remodeled and getting forgotten, i hope that you decide one day to start making this again. at the very least make “1st Player GO” or something like that…

  199. JohnW says:

    If you want something to piss you off, try here- Read the comments, too. They’re hilarious.

  200. CaRmAgE says:


    You guys will at least keep the podcasts coming, right?

  201. 777 says:

    He turns on the lights and it’s a real Sonic game. And Ray’s the Sonic.

  202. Gadoink says:

    I can’t believe it… it’s ending? 2P START is ending?
    I don’t know what to say… what to think…
    I’ve been reading this comic for a few years now, and I’ve always anxiously awaited each new comic and podcast.
    It seems impossible that it’s all going to be gone…


  203. A user name says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a joke? Or a plot to get more people to register?

  204. shadowhog says:

    2p start, its time for you to RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE (rise from your grave)

  205. Paper_Banjokami says:

    Gee I sure chose the best time to rise from my grave… thanks guys.

    I started following 2P Start! after you guys did a guest strip for Brawl in the Family, and followed it here. So I guess I started with the How to Train Your Dragon comic, and I guess I miraculously didn’t hate it. I had nothing to do that day so I went through your whole archive, and discovered a funny, clever comic, that somehow stays family friendly on the internetz. Then I discovered the even funnier podcasts. I was actually going to rise from my grave when I finished listening to all the podcasts, which I’ve almost done. Then it’d be long enough to be more of a proper grave rising, according to Ray, but I don’t really have the time now do I?

    Also there are broken links on podcast 116. The links are all to stuff from the previous podcast, and I wanna see the fan movie. Just thought I’d grave rise for that.

    UGH, and this probably won’t be read, since you guys are doing more of a grave riser of the week thing now… this webcomic used to be funny (the actual quote; “funny”, not “good”).

    Oooh, but I have a musical misfit suggestion. My favorite track, from one of my favorite games, Okami, which it seems you haven’t played for some reason? What up with that, go play it. It’s officially called, Seiankyou Commoners’ Quarter, but it plays in Sei-an City (Commoners’ Quarters), they shortened names for the NA release.

    • Paper_Banjokami says:

      But seriously, you guys are very funny in the podcasts. I loved the election, and especially the mud sling campaign against candidate Tim. You 2 are also role models in a way, being adult gamers with seemingly normal lives. Being a 15 year old gamer, a lot of people say that this is just a phase, and being an adult gamer would just be childish. I’m pretty passionate about video games though, and I’d certainly hope this isn’t some phase, I’ve loved them since I was very young.

      You’re comics are also great – the only one I follow, other than BitF. And it’s pretty disheartening that you’re ending it just as I’m starting it. Oh well, I hope this conclusion is a worthy one for 2P Start… or that it still ends up a joke… funny that BitF is doing a multi-parter at the same time as you guys…

  206. Vinnie says:

    always loved your comics; good humor, great artwork: nothing cliched or sexual….*sigh* I hope for the best!

  207. Poppa Rocks says:

    Ending of 2P START! Well that’s a downer, considering I’ve only been here for a short time before the curtain fell! :< Ah well, I suppose nothing lasts forever. NCG. Not much more I can say really…:/

  208. Justin278 says:

    Hey guys, seeing as this is your second to last comic, I thought this would be a good opportunity to rise from my grave. I’ve been reading on and off since comic #064 and listening since podcast #072. I’ve listened/read to every podcast and comic at least once I really enjoyed this comic while it lasted, and I hope you guys will still add new comics at least once and a while. Sincerely, Justin.

  209. Ember Web Ninja says:

    I just need to chime in here one more time and say how much I will miss this comic and miss the podcast if it totally disappears as well. The jokes haven’t always been the funniest, or the most original, week to week, yet you’ve remained my favorite webcomic bar none for over a year now. Thanks for the gift.

  210. Thekickawesome says:

    Soo… waiting on the podcast. At midnight, I get up and check. Then I realize you guys live on the east coast.
    Uuuugh. All-nighter. Can’t sleep.
    I’ve become my own Psycho Ray, listening to the podcast for 4 hours straight now.

    • thekickawesome says:

      3PM?!?!?!? You know that’s like, 6 PM where I live right?
      ahhh, my life.
      *plugs headphones back in*

  211. shadowhog says:

    What will cancel the show today…. Ray gets knocked unconscious by sonic unleashed sequel with no werehog? Tim is forced to go to doctor pepper rehabilitation?? Or will the site be overrun by zombies…. life’s questions….

  212. lets play nothing says:

    to tim and ray
    listen. i want to retract my last comment. if this is wha t you are doing please be kidding. man, this officialy sucks. as a greatful undead as of podcast 121, please don’t leave me here to exist! or is it un-die? please! i went through the trouble to graverise for this.

    • BooCwis says:

      But Grave Rising shouldn’t even be a chore! It only takes a few minutes to make up a good comment, and I’m SURE Ray and Tim love each and every comment, right?
      And I think everyone’s Grave Rising to let Tim and Ray know how many fans they actually have?

  213. Sammyp says:


  214. 2pPunch!! says:

    Hey you guys, before you end the comic could you at least bring Toon Ray and Toon Tim back or put them in this storyline just asking?

  215. Dan-Man says:

    Hey, 2P START! world. as snakeisninja said, “EVERYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS NEVER LEFT A COMMENT, NOW IS THE TIME!”, I am going to post my comment. I’m a grave-riser, who found your site through a link in Brawl in the Family, and I have read every single comic. I didn’t bother with the podcasts older than that comic, seeing as they might be out of date. I have a few points to make:

    1. It’s depressing to see such a fun web comic end after I have only followed it for a few months, but I’m glad that you’ve decided to end it in a clean, clever way. Whatever things you may be doing in the future, I hope you have success.

    2. I presume I speak for both my twin brother and I by saying this: Your comics and pod casts were always entertaining, and we typically got a good laugh out of the both of them. thanks for keeping at it for so long.

    3. this is my first and last comment, so no body will see from me again, not even in next weeks final updates. I’m sorry if anyone liked what I had to say.

    4. I am a LOYAL 2P START! fan, so I will be coming back every now and then to see if you sneak in an extra update (however unlikely that may be), but I’ll have to hunt down your website to do it, because I have no wish to sign up for RSS. if you’re currious why, then that is no one’s concern.

    5. to all loyal fans: I’m quite certain that Tim and Ray appreciated your support, humor, and feedback, be it negative, or positive. I, at least, thank you for being so supportive.

    thus ends my epic speech. if you skipped to the bottom, then please go back and read this again. it contains good stuff.
    Goodbye, 2P START! it’s been fun.

  216. Jbanjoboy says:

    Screw graverising, I may be doing it, but who cares about that, I am truthfully and sincerely sorry about the comic ending, I’ve been reading since Bitf showed me the way, and since then, been an avid reader, your podcasts were the only thing that kept mondays from sucking, but what now? I have Bitf for tues day and friday, but what about the other two days of blank, empty, web-comicy good-ness? It’s like having ice cream without sprinkles, meatballs without sauce, it’s just no good terrible! While I can live without it, I can say that the podcasts were my absolute favorite thing, just hearing what you guys have to say, it really brightens my mood to not hear sombody ranting and or being all pissy, like most people I have to deal with. I appreciate how your ending the comic in a respectable, clean, manner, but I can’t help but feel a little sad, sure it’s better than doing a vgcats and only updating every, like, month or two, but it can’t be helped. With the comic ending, will you two actually as yourselfs keep in contact, after reading this it worries me O-O, nah I’m just sayin I’m only kidding. Also, I know that it will be said and has been said a thousand times before, but can you atleast give us a podcast every once ar even twice a month or two? I’d really like and appreciate that, I’ve always had crappy ways of ending long comments, but for once, I can say in an appropriate way,
    Keep on kickin ass,

  217. Cowfishsticks says:

    I guess its leading to my last chance, iv put it off for way to long
    Grave Rising my dear men.
    Blah blah reading since like comic 20 or somethin, its been one of the best webcomics out there. Brilliant work, thanks for all the many weeks of laughs.

    Anyway, sad to see ye guys go πŸ™
    Good luck with the future.

    Oh and sweet merciful crap how many comments it took like.. longer then normal to load. Yeah im not good with hyperbole.

  218. hi says:

    are really sory about this. Never commeted before, its just that i always enyojed your comic and that this is the only webcomic i follow. will miss it!

  219. NeonJ says:

    It’s Sonic Robo Blast 2, isn’t it?! πŸ˜€

    …Oh god, if this comic is dying too.. that means…


  220. BowserBites says:

    As my high school career ends and I must say goodbye to all my old friends, I never figured that one of them would be 2P Start. But hey, you’ve got lives to live, galaxies to conquer, and a ridiculously-sized pool of money to refill. I hope everyone misses you, but also respects your decision. I feel bad for putting rising from my grave on hold, but judging by the zombie apocalypse in the comment section, nobody will mind. I hope everyone grave-rises to the occasion to give you a grand farewell. I’ve always wanted to say: NCG =)

  221. Anon. says:


  222. Doctor Germany says:

    since this one of the last comics, I thought this would be a good time to RISE FROM MY GRAVE!!!!! I got the sit from bitf. and ive been following ever since. Also RAY im ur friend on xbl my tag is Doctor Germany. PLZ KEEP THE COMIC ALVE. 4 Mii(sincer snicer),

  223. kfdwiki says:

    Ok, so, you guys are really leaving. Well, wow……

  224. Bioniclegenius says:

    Oh, come on! I literally was just starting to get curious about 2P Start! and needed another comic to look forward to during the week, so I “joined” today. I just finish reading through all of your archives, and then I get to this?!?!?!? COME ON!!!!

  225. Sky says:

    Nooooooooo!!! *falls to knees* EVERYTHING I LOVE IS LEAVING ME!

  226. Asa says:

    GOOD. If Miley Cyrus didn’t have guards, you would die in a matter of days. 😐 No offense.

  227. LiancoZ says:

    I think yeah XD that in the end Tim will say sorry, offer a hand to Ray, and they’ll hug or something and everything will be good again?

  228. Jimbo says:

    It’s the end of an era. Where will web comics go now with the best one gone? Nowhere….

  229. kerouacCat says:

    AHHHH. D:

  230. MrBond says:

    Hats off to both of you. Ending a long-running series of anything, comic, podcast, whatever, is very difficult. I had the experience myself ending a 2.5-year radio show with one of my good friends. Not exactly the same thing, but I understand the feeling.

    Good luck in each of your respective endeavors.

  231. toiletmunger says:

    I found it really clever how you incorporated the ‘Black and White’ comic into this. I would say that I hope that you do more stuff like that, in the future, but….

  232. Macrosoft Windoors says:

    I still don’t believe it, even after listening to the podcast. 2P Start! Cannot end!

  233. gokuto99 says:

    look at all the disasters that happened on this sad,sad day.
    526 – An earthquake kills about 300,000 people in Syria and Antiochia
    1631 – The city of Magdeburg in Germany is seized by forces of the Holy Roman Empire and most of its inhabitants massacred, in one of the bloodiest incidents of the Thirty Years’ War
    1813 – Napoleon Bonaparte leads his French troops into the Battle of Bautzen in Saxony, Germany, against the combined armies of Russia and Prussia. The battle ends the next day with a French victory
    1845 – HMS Erebus and HMS Terror with 134 men under John Franklin sail from the River Thames in Britain, beginning a disastrous expedition to find the Northwest Passage. All hands are lost
    1883 – Krakatoa begins to erupt. The volcano’s final and most notable explosion occurs on August 26
    1896 – The six ton chandelier of the Palais Garnier falls on the crowd resulting in the death of one and the injury of many others
    It’s also the National day of Hatred in Cambodia
    1965 – PIA Flight 705, a Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 720 – 040 B, crashes while descending to land at Cairo International Airport, killing 119 of the 125 passengers and crew
    1983 – A car-bomb explosion kills 17 and injures 197 in the centre of Pretoria, South Africa.
    1989 – The Chinese authorities declare martial law in the face of pro-democracy demonstrations, setting the scene for the Tiananmen Square massacre.

  234. Spazz32 says:

    I couldn’t decide if I should RFMG during this webcomic, or the last one, and I finally decided I did not want to be one of the thousands who are going to post on the final Comic page, so here it goes…

    MWAHAHAHAHA! I AM SPAZZ32! I rise from my grave, as a lowly watcher of 2Pstart. I have been reading your comics since…I totally lost track of where I started. It was something like Comic 70. I went all the way back, way back to the beginning, and read up until now. I even tried listening to all the podcasts, I got through 25 of them, then started skipping ahead (its confusing hearing reference to comics from 3 years ago:P) and eventually settled on listening to the “most current” podcasts, which fo me were about Podcast 100!

    Right now, we are sitting on a rainslicked precipice, waiting for the final comic. I am unsure if I want to read it (though I know in the end I will feel I have to). I feel like reading this final entry into 2Pstart’s Wednesday Thursday Comic Updates will be a huge blow to the quality of all webcomics as a whole. Your comics, featuring comedy duo Ray and Tim, have been often hilarious to me. Rays art style is a sight I rarely see in comics. Never have I see art done in such a way where every comic flows within your own style, in visual appearence and in final outcome for the jokes(NUBBY ELBOWS). If regular 2Pstart episodes are the Straight Man, then we all know what a Tim’s Take ends up being. They are the “Comic Relief” to Ray’s wonderful art. πŸ˜› Baha

    Seeing your comic end, only makes me realise that people like me, who always read these free comics and never commented, are a scourge on the internet. Maybe, if all the neverspeaking, non-Grave Risers (Grave Dwellers?) had spoken their thoughts, and said all of the pro’s about your website, instead of people RFTG and saying the cons, your openion and outlook on th website would be much more Optimistic. Seeing your comic end, you have encouraged me to post on every Webcomic I read from other artists, instead of being a Grave Dweller.

    So heres to 2Pstart. Standing Tall, IMHO, amongst so much drivel on the internet, as a beacon of hope, and a Benchmark of quality. Hopefully someday, Nintendo even adds a official Nintendo Seal of Approval to your pages.

    Thank you both


    • Myuu says:

      I don’t think it’s from a lack of active, commenting readers that they decided to quit this…

      • Myuu says:

        If you need another good clean game webcomic that isn’t drivel, try, Brawl in the Family. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end very soon (then again this one showed no warning of it until very recently), and it has lots of good archives to look through.

      • Spazz32 says:

        I wasn’t meaning it was a lack of replies or comments. I just mean they see, lets say traffic of 10,000 viewers per update, and about 200 comments. if 30% of the viewers were leaving a lot nicer things, the guys might be feeling a bit better bout themselves, and see how appreciated the comic is.

        Obviously with the end of the comic they are getting Failboats FULL of people saying how much they will miss their Thursday Updates, but they said themselves that its a lack of motivation, time constraints, and the ‘forced’ feeling behind the comics that truely stopped the comic.

        TL;DR–>They needed to move on. And I Wish i showed my appreciation more. Maybe i’ll post a (MSpaint) Tribute Picture.

      • Spazz32 says:

        My Webcomic List included (not limited to)

        Brawl in the Family
        Cyanide and Happiness
        Dualing Analogs
        Digital Unrest
        Diglett and Pals ()
        Blank It

        So I definately have something to fall back on, but I always found that Ray and Tim had a strong Dynamic running which will be missed.

  235. Spazz32 says:

    and as a side note, towards all your comics, podcasts, and future endevours…

    NCG. For life. You win everywhere. *Does NOT play cheesy music like WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS or TONIGHTS GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT. Also, does not play random Whistle.*

  236. Carnivore_Apple says:

    Well, i thought about it and i listened to the podcast and i can accept that you are ending this comic.
    It was fun while it lasted.

    Thank god theres still bitf

    Also musical misfit although it fits A LOT:

  237. ReMiX says:

    you guys are awesome. The two best web comics ive ever read where on this site (the Miyamoto drawing pikmin at the conference. Genius. And Heart Attack. Hell most of your Mega Man comics made me lol).

    Good stuff guys. Really.

  238. mrpineapplehead says:


  239. JohnW says:

    3 hours and 20 mins for what will probably the last time I laugh while crying in my life.

  240. War P. Anda says:

    …I simply need to say that this is in fact probably my second favorite webcomic, and that I’ll be sad to see it end. This story arc is real epic an’ all that, and with your apparently good storytelling abilities, I just wish you could’ve made more.

  241. TheLupineOne says:

    Just noticed… SEGA is going to release new Sonic 4 info today… and Ray will end 2P START! with his vision of the perfect Sonic game…

    Are these two related? Could 2P START! be ending because Ray’s got a job at SEGA? Will Lace become a Sonic character?

  242. JohnW says:

    Less than an hour…

  243. Macrosoft Windoors says:

    Oh the tension….

  244. Dominator_101 says:

    This sucks, I have a game to go to when the comic is going to be released… Dang it… πŸ™
    Which also means I’ll come back to about 400 posts that I’m definitely not going to want to read through…

  245. JohnW says:

    Half an hour ’till midnight, half an hour ’till the comic…

  246. jacob says:

    This always happens to me. I find a cool new (to me) webcomic, and then it ends shortly after. πŸ™

    • krawky398 says:

      Ouch. And you say it happens frequently? Well, at least you can spend a good amount of time if you archive binge the comics and podcasts.

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