2P START! Live!: Tim and Ray Edition


RayA raw, honest, and unfiltered discussion about the final days of 2P START! Why the decision to end it all? What happens to the podcast? What will the final comic be? What hidden details were overlooked? A very insightful episode, indeed.


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  1. SuperVegeta says:

    This is gonna be a hard one to listen to, but I’m eager for more information.

  2. ubuntun3rd says:

    Wow. What a surprise. Sorry I haven’t commented in so long. Thanks for all the awesome. Hope we still see/hear from you guys in the future.

  3. shadowhog says:


  4. shadowhog says:

    wait… whats up with the theme song…

  5. Rick says:

    Already downloading this on my ipod

  6. Supersonic24 says:

    Downloading now…
    gosh, I really need to know what’s up with all of this depression. :/

  7. shadowhog says:

    hey ray, make the last podcast unedited!
    Thanks for all the 2pstart fun, and enjoy your web comic free lives.
    *sobs in corner*

  8. Rick says:

    please get mentioned as a graveriser…

  9. TheLupineOne says:

    1) No M4A? Boy… you guys are serious with this one…
    2) So… you hadn’t planned the end of 2P START! by the Pokémon B-W comic? But you worked it in… somehow? I AM CONFUSED.
    3) ZOMG Ray’s lost it!
    4) Don’t go to IGN! They suck!
    5) Yes! Do please keep the podcast! For Season 4, just have everything in except Comic Talk and Suggestion Box! You’d still have Tim with the News, CSI Oregon, REMIX, Musical Misfits, and Off Topic!
    6) Say YES to 2P RESTART!
    7) LOL at Lily and Pixel Vision. My guess at the speculation: Lace as a character in 3D Dot Game Heroes on the PS3. Q2 2010.

    So… until Thursday… begin the countdown to 2P END!

  10. Admiralsexypants says:

    Well, since we’re coming up on at the end… I might as well RISE FROM MY GRAVE. Been listening to the podcast since around #95 and reading the comic since… probably some comic in the teens. Yes, I suck for not rising earlier, but hey, I’m a lurker, not a poster! Your podcasts have helped me through some very boring times at work.

  11. Curaga says:

    Nice podcast guys, that helped answer a lot of the questions I had. I’m glad you two are going to may keep working together in some form, even if it’s less frequent. I’m also glad to hear you may continue your podcast, I think there are a lot of possibilities with that, even if it isn’t in the same form as what we’ve become used to, it will still be entertaining. Thanks for all the entertainment, I am still looking forward to what you two work on in the near future! Also, Lily was adorable and sort of help put things in perspective, there are more important things than a weekly webcomic!

  12. blaster says:

    What’s wrong with cut-man? I LOVE that joke!
    And I love the concept you talked about in the podcast after that one.
    Every robot is a one-liner, I just can’t stop laughing!

  13. SuperVegeta says:

    I’m guessing the ability to play as Lace is a skin for Zero Samus in Smash bros….

  14. Burnflare says:

    Well, it’s a shame that the comic is really ending. I don’t really know what to say, except for NPG.

    *cries in corner*

  15. zeldadude says:

    I have nothing to say. goodbye. forever. *lies down in front of a rocket.*

  16. Rick says:

    Hey, no graverising? whats up with that guys?

    Also, I subscribed to your rss feed, and now I can wait for the new soundtrack.

  17. Doopliss says:

    In response to Tim’s question: Chicken grab.

    Also, why is the background to the podcast album art thing the animal crossing comic? Just seems kind of random…

    • Highwater Trousers says:

      Oh, it’s not random! Think about it – Tom Crook is symbolically representing 2P START! and that manipulated person is representing the fans. Now you may think, “Tim and Ray aren’t working us death! They gave us tons of great laughs and memories!” Exactly. Because they gave us some fantastic times and memories, we owe them a bajillion bells. In this case, however, bells are also symbolic; bells are known to clense or purify an area and even break a person out of a trance. Thus, earning bells and giving it to them, simply represents how we are breaking out of the depression and denial of the ending. Now, the poor fellow ends up, er, going into the endless trance of death because he couldn’t get away from Tom Crook. Thus, we need to symbolically “get away” by accepting the end, or ending up spiritually and quite possibly mentally dead.

      Putting it all together – 2P START! gave us some good times. Now we owe it to them to accept the ending of 2P START! By getting these “bajillion bells,” we are actually coming to terms and avoiding an unhappy ending for ourselves. Oh, aren’t they clever by picking this comic!

  18. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Sigh…Not sure what to say about my mourning the loss of 2P Start that hasn’t already been said. Very sad to see it go, even though there had been signs months ago that the comic might not last out the year. I hope the new free time will enable you guys to work on whatever projects you have in mind…although aside from Ray’s next album, I have no idea what those projects might be. (Could you give us some more teasers next podcast? Please?)

  19. Pete says:

    Glad to hear your guys honest opinions on everything, I hope that you do continue the podcast in some way, this is seriously one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to, and you guys have some seriously awesome rants that are just a blast to hear. I don’t think the podcast needs to supplemented with a comic, hell it could just be “Tim and Ray rant about things for 20 minutes” and I’d still listen religiously. It’s just that good.

    Also, as a little fanservice/fun thing I’d like to see in the final podcast: You guys have mentioned on several occasions that you really don’t like some comics, I think it’d be fun to either have you say what some of them are, or just have a rant about what they could do to improve. It’d be fun to get some webcomic tips from a couple of masters… or more some webcomic “what not-to-do’s.” Obviously feel free to decline and whatever, but consider that my official request for the final 2P Start! Live.

  20. Stardan says:

    Well Rising from my grave again… I’d like to say thanks and PLEASE have Ray say Finish Him in the FINAL podcast..

  21. mkava says:

    Well, seeing as there is only one, for certain, podcast left… I suppose the only thing I can request is really just look back at everything that has happened. How about a bit more of how you two actually met other than a rather brief phrase or two about it or was it really just a ‘Hey, you want to do a webcomic? -Tim’ ‘Sure, sounds good. -Ray’ sort of thing?

    Either way, looking forward to the final comic and podcast. =]

  22. Rey Alejandro says:

    D’awwwww…. looks like I’m stuck in my grave…. well, since this is ending, I must say Congratulations on your…. success? Yeah, that works. Well, though I joined late in the comic, I still feel some kind of melancholy towards this, which usually happens during series finales. I hope that this will be as satisfying as the end to Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy and not like Samurai Jack. I also love the “most recent ex-girlfriend” thing. Found that hilarious, though it’s also fairly mean. Good luck on all of your future endeavors.

    And put another Cutman joke. Please.
    *plays More than a Feeling by Boston*

  23. Liv-the-WaddleDee says:

    It’s nice to have our questions answered. Thanks, guys!
    Though I admit I wanted to shake my laptop back and forth and yell “NO! DON’T END YET!!! NOOO!” but then everyone in the room would stare at me… So I guess I’ll just think it.
    And I also believe it’s my friend’s fault because I had him read it… and then the mysterious storyline began…… Note to self: NEVER MAKE ANY FRIENDS READ ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.

  24. Rey Alejandro says:

    Just another thing, but since most good movies have “post-credits scenes” these days, I believe that you should have something like that eventually, just an afterthought that makes things end on a lighter note. Of course, I’m saying this having no idea how it ends. Just…. no deaths. Please.

    • Curaga says:

      On the note of credits, I think they should have a “credits” section on the last podcast (as we know it), but do it like super mario world did after they had the real credits. Show all/most of the characters in their “natural habitats” doing what they do best in the comic, and have their names by them, that could be some funny stuff with a lot of inside jokes… I always loved the ending of that game…

      /wishful dreaming

  25. JSG says:

    First of all Lily sounded cute :3

    On topic: I was really surprised how this came out. 2P Restart eh…I don’t really know about that. Its a great way to restart the whole process finding good artists and all, but despite this place being copyrighted, trademarked, ect., Tim or Ray will be on a hunt. I Pixel Vision site would also be nice. I’m going to lower my expectations for the next comic as well as the next album. Also, no graverising? Odd…


  26. Highwater Trousers says:

    Thank you guys for explaining everything to us. At least now we can get an idea of what is going on, instead of trying to guess. While saddened immensely, you have my support completely. In terms of the final comic, perhaps something heartfelt might be appropriate. This is just me, but when something, such as a television show, finishes up, I want to be left with something more emotional, rather than something that is funny. That way, I can think about it later and sort of make it a part of me. But it doesn’t matter what I think, just do what you guys want to do and it’ll all work out just fine.

    Also worth mentioning, the quick section with Lily was just hilarious and adorable. Smart move to not have anything recorded. I did a lot of things as a kid that keeps getting brought up… and it wasn’t even recorded.

  27. Keja says:

    I’m really going to miss you guys uploading a comic every week. I’ve had the comic 123 wallpaper (Loving, not fighting) on my ipod for months now and hadn’t really noticed it was there until Thursday evening. It’s sad to think of comic Tim and Ray just not being there anymore…

    Also, I’m mad at you guys for ending the same week as Ashes to Ashes. When next week’s podcast finishes, I’ll be lying down next to Epona on the train tracks.

  28. Victorioso says:

    This podcast was kind of sad. 🙁

    Well, Lily made me smile, so thanks Lily. 🙂

    One question, in the season 3 finale, are you going to list all the final grave risers?

    And when you talked about Lace being playable I automatically thought of 3D Dot Game Heroes. That’s one of the few games I would get a PS3 only for.

    Oh, and please don’t end the podcast. Please.

    • snakeisninja says:

      I think it would only be fitting to at least list out the final grave risers (me being one of them 🙂 )
      But im sure that would be quite a effort considering that they haven’t listed grave risers in more than 3 weeks (not to mention the mass graverising after comic #170)
      Well, I guess they have stuff planed for the “final podcast” (errrrr… I mean the final season 3 podcast, in relation to the weekly comic!… right?…) so i guess all there is left to do is sit back, hope for the best, and see what Tim and Ray do.

    • Rotom479 says:

      I agree. Lily was a real mood lifter.

      Continue the podcast guys. D=

    • Foolsjoker says:

      Yeah i was wondering if grave risers would get a shout out? as i too was one.
      If not I still wish you all the best. My guess is 3D Dot Game Heroes as the playable Lace. Also, i like to think that you guys are prime examples of the friendships that can be made by playing games. Something that breaks the stereotype of gaming as antisocial.

      PS. I do like how you guys are ending it, lots of people would just walk but by how big of a decision this seems to be with you guys it shows how much you cared for ur fans/pet project.

  29. Retl says:

    The Wild Woody intro gave me a good chuckle, as did hearing music from Yoshi’s Story again.

    It’s Brawl model hack to replace Sonic or someone else with the same amount of bones with Lace with an all new moveset and everything! Oh man, that’s going to be awesome! Unless it’s a certain other game.

    Okay, actually I wasn’t a huge fan of Lace, but I liked the idea of her as a game character. But I never got to play any games of that style, so I’m not that attached.

    I had a prewritten comment a while ago about how baby Yoshis are crying because Freeplay and Pokemon Black and White killed the comic, and how I swear I like the comics, Ray the Squirrel who isn’t Ray the Flying Squirrel, smearing dogpoop on the front door of Game Freak for causing the death of 2PStart with the game, but that’s just no fun. I do want to say that while I liked the story arc for keeping all the characters and elements of their worlds that were mostly in-jokes, but most of them didn’t strike me as particular unusual or anything because I had accepted between the podcasts and comics that I had went through these past three (Or was it four?) months. Just as Ray likes to point out, it all comes back to expectations. I expected these kinds of things out of a comic that explores the world of Toon Tim and Toon Ray beyond sitting at the couch. The biggest surprise for me in the arc was that Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana. It’s not a character I know much about in our world, and not a character I had ever known from another name in that comic.. (I’m pretty sure the Tails costume isn’t going to fit her, though.) So that struck me as the great joke of the arc so far. (Except Ray’s intro when Tim showed up. I loved that. Not enough that I’d replace my favorite 2PStart Yoshi wallpaper with it, but still.) Most of the other references were amusing to me because those were the things I accepted of the 2P Start Universe.

    While my favorite part of the site is still the podcast, I won’t know if I would like to hear a different approach to things unless I heard it first. But between you guys Tim and Ray, I do think the podcast will probably be pretty good either way. Or if nothing else, give me a great laugh.

    (I discovered one week while I explored the podcasts of other game related sites, that 2PStart Live is nothing like any other podcast! During that week, I heard so many horrible podcasts, that I started to understand why so few people would check them without having heard parts of why this is worth listening to. Bad podcasts from even my most favorite of sites! I do think maybe short sample clips playable on the site might be beneficial for potential new listeners.)

    As for this podcast, it was definitely informative. I liked it for the info. Just like with the ending comic art though, it’s almost like something completely different in genre, but the same flavor.

  30. Luigi fan says:

    Hmm it’d be interesting to hear Matt or someone else’s opinion on the comics, I mean nothing against you guys but it’d be fun to have another person’s idea on them. Anyways, I enjoyed this podcast. It was fun to hear your thoughts on things. Can’t wait to hear how the next and last podcast goes.

  31. D3vin says:

    If I had realized this arc was something to tie all of the loose ends, I would have commented differently. Oh well, It is over. That is all I can say? I guess it will be one

    I don’t like the idea the other fans have of continuing it, just because it isn’t the same thing… I wouldn’t mind an official spin-off or a new comic, but that isn’t happening anytime soon…

    I guess we have to wait for Lily and Ray’s future offspring to make the official sequel,
    “2P START! the Next Generation”

    I guess it is due time for all of us to go back into our graves…

    • dest747 says:

      Well, there’s always 2P reSTART!

      • D3vin says:

        I’m still kinda iffy on that. I’d want to join, but if the fans made it It’d be more like an imitation instead of continuing the original’s spirit. Or something completely different.

        It is almost like Elvis Presley impersonators, there are so many out there, but few that actually do a good job…

  32. Dan-Man says:

    (this is just a re-post of what I wrote in the Comic section. I won’t try a stunt like this again.)

    Hey, 2P START! world. as snakeisninja said, “EVERYONE OUT THERE WHO HAS NEVER LEFT A COMMENT, NOW IS THE TIME!”, I am going to post my comment. I’m a grave-riser, who found your site through a link in Brawl in the Family, and I have read every single comic. I didn’t bother with the podcasts older than that comic, seeing as they might be out of date. I have a few points to make:

    1. It’s depressing to see such a fun web comic end after I have only followed it for a few months, but I’m glad that you’ve decided to end it in a clean, clever way. Whatever things you may be doing in the future, I hope you have success.

    2. I presume I speak for both my twin brother and I by saying this: Your comics and pod casts were always entertaining, and we typically got a good laugh out of the both of them. thanks for keeping at it for so long.

    3. this is my first and last comment, so no body will see from me again, not even in next weeks final updates. I’m sorry if anyone liked what I had to say.

    4. I am a LOYAL 2P START! fan, so I will be coming back every now and then to see if you sneak in an extra update (however unlikely that may be), but I’ll have to hunt down your website to do it, because I have no wish to sign up for RSS. if you’re currious why, then that is no one’s concern.

    5. to all loyal fans: I’m quite certain that Tim and Ray appreciated your support, humor, and feedback, be it negative, or positive. I, at least, thank you for being so supportive.

    thus ends my epic speech. if you skipped to the bottom, then please go back and read this again. it contains good stuff.
    Goodbye, 2P START! it’s been fun.

  33. shadowhog says:

    Tim and Ray, I kindheartedly respect your decision. If 2p start has become more of a chore than a fun activity then it may have to end. I will not lie, seeing my favorite web comic go to ruins really hurts, but it is better than you keeping it going, yet not having your heart in it. One of the many things I like about 2pstart is that no matter what people say, you try your best. Well maybe not Tim but Ray does. ( just kidding) If this comic were to continue without your heart it just wouldn’t be 2pstart. And people, dont be upset about them leaving, at least they had the decency to admit * were dying*. I know many sites and podcast that deny the fact that they are ending so fiercely, that it hits the fans like a giant middle finger when they find out it ended, and then some end without a trace leaving people thinking *what the heck happened*, so be happy that 2pstart cherished their fans enough to make a whole story arc, just to tel us that *were dying*

    2p start, I thank you for all the wonderful times, I thank you for all the comics that had me clutching my sides in agony, and I thank you for the wonderful podcast, may you two have the best of lives, and may your friendship last to the grave. And remember, through all the late nights and deep thoughts and long hours working, you have made a web comic/ podcast… worth remembering.

    Rest in peace 2pstart.

    ps. I will be beyond pissed If I typed all this out and this is only a joke. Like, hunting you two down pissed.

    *bows head in respect for Tim and Ray

  34. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Man, it’s been far too long since I last listened to an episode of 2P START! Live! Nice Podcast Guys, it’s nice to have a bit more insight into the final decision to end the comic, as well as ideas for what might come next. It’s a shame though, that the idea I had for a homage to 2P START! never really came together. Maybe someday… Anyway, nice job once again, and I’m eager to see how the final comic plays out!

  35. C.Olimar788 says:

    Well… great podcast, really. Even though I still don’t think that the way you ended it was the best way to do so, and that you still should have said it straight out, I can definitely see where you guys were coming from. I will very much miss 2P Start!, and I would heartily recommend the idea of an occasional pseudo-podcast or comic, though, again, I can see why you may not want to do that. Your guys’ call, of course!

    Also, when you said that we could play as Lace sometime Q2 2010, the first thing I thought of was Super Meat Boy. Probably not, but hey, it’d be sweet!

  36. dest747 says:

    Well, as one of the artists for 2P reSTART, I can say I am very excited about it. The first comic should be up on Wednesday, June 2, so look out for that. I’ll post a comment somewhere or send a link through my Twitter. (twitter.com/dest747)

    Ray… Tim…
    (Nice Webcomic Guys)
    All of my respect goes to you two, and I hope 2P reSTART will at least be a tenth as popular as the original.

  37. Oli says:

    Though 2P Start! it had to end,
    We were never aware ’twas ’round the bend.

    Tim your ceaseless monotone
    Can never be replaced.
    And Ray your endless Sonic drone…
    Your confidence misplaced!

    What’s that you say?
    The podcast stays?
    Then what has happened these past days?

    To afraid to open your fan page?
    To afraid to hear us cry in rage?

    That you would leave us to despair…
    How cruel of you, you awful pair!

    Please say your lying through and through!
    Please say this is something you’d never do!

    But, alas, it seems this is the last,
    It’s been fun, we’ve had a blast.

    So farewell to Tim,
    Farewell to Ray,
    It’s all I can say,
    On this Solemn day.
    As I rise,
    From my grave

  38. Arveas says:

    1. Ray says: “I just don’t friggin’ care about video games anymore!”

    Believe it or not, not that controversial. I mean, look at me. Here I am, having one of 3 or 4 video game webcomics in my queue. I also keep buying games. But, I’ve noticed most of the games that would have appealed to me at a younger age do not do so now, making the games I do like now far and few between.

    Essentially, I think video games hit the same point movies are in now. For one thing, I’ve learned that I don’t like certain content in movies first, and games have slowly trickled into that mold recently (Resident Evil 4 basically jolted me into realizing this). Also, most of the games I do like are something that’s on a “higher level ” than most games; something that really taps into my sense of awe. I’m expecting more Pixar or (part of) Dreamworks in the game industry! The days of the SNES when I could play almost anything and love it are gone!
    All I have left is a handful of Nintendo’s games, the Dragon Quest series (selectively), Team ICO, and Klonoa if Namco deigns to release more of them.

    2. Got an idea about the podcast. Tag along with someone else’s webcomic! Mark Taranto of BitF immediately comes to mind, since you love his webcomic. You could even still do comic discussion, saying what you thought of his comic, and getting in touch with Mark about what he thought when making it! All of the remaining segments would flow into place.

    3. I thought Tim was supposed to have the creepy voice. Remember Episode 100? “Hurry up, Hoshi…”

    For the record, I’ll state now that I understand your reasoning for no longer doing 2pstart.com. The free time just disappears. I mean, this comic kind of said it all (granted, the prediction was one year earlier than the result).

    In closing, this’ll be good for everyone in the long run. You’ll both have more time for life, and you’ll no longer have me stalking you. Isn’t that great! 😀

    …No, I didn’t admit to anything. *shifty eyes*

  39. YamiGekusu says:

    Pretty awesome podcast guys. Different, as it was a bit serious and the discussion was pretty cool. I think I heard someone going to see Stomp lol. I’ve actually been to see Stomp a few years back. lol

  40. BooCwis says:

    I have multiple points as I listen:
    This is (sadly?) probably one of my favorite podcasts besides the Knubby Awards, etc. And having no music actually makes your voices sound better, so I’m liking that.
    MAN, you guys should really bring Lilly in for the end! Just hearing her HAS to make me go “Awwww” and make my 2P STOP! troubles go away. But Tim, podcasting can save to a bunch of time instead of taking it if Lilly being too loud is a problem! 😉
    Also Tim, want to fulfill that promise about Pixel Vision? I’m not even close to being expert like a few people, but what about a Pixel Vision SMW ROM Hack? You can even arrange pixels to make enemies and Mario different (like looking like Lace, per say). Even add Ray’s music into the levels! Though it’d take a lot of time on it’s own. Any fan willing to take the stand?
    Sonic Unleashed 2: Who Let the Hogs Out? Be careful guys! There might be a Sonic Team worker lurking in the shadows. But I like the idea since it’s Sonic UNLEASHED.
    And speaking of sequels, you guys HAVE to make time and play Super Mario Galaxy 2 for me. It looks amazing level design/scenery/music-wise. Even having a whole galaxy based on Mario 64 levels! One thing Ray could add to the site is video game reviews (that is, if he can even PLAY the games, AND 100% it as he likes to make the “perfect perspective” for his reviews).
    And I just downloaded your music, Ray (gonna use little bro’s iTunes giftcard to buy your Silver Eclipse album) and I love it! Can’t wait for your album!
    Finally, a last comic idea you say? Yeah, you guys are going it all wrong! You have to make it like the first comic, then add little jokes from past comics along the way as you tell an epic about your guys’ everlasting friendship (and make a metaphor to it being like the 2P START Memory lasting forever)! Gosh, not only has the comic used to be good, but your guys’ comic IDEAS used to be good.[/sarcasm]

  41. koopabros64 says:

    Wow it’s weird to think that I’ll only be checking in on this website two more times. It’s kind of sad but it was pretty obvious that this was going to happen soon. I think you guys should continue to do podcast, and I like the idea of working with Mathew. Oh now I can’t help but think of BitF ending. Well I guess this is goodbye.

  42. koopabros64 says:

    Ok I like calling Mark Mathew alot apperantly.

  43. You’re ending the comic now? Seriously? Seriously? Lost will be done soon, obviously that extra hour a week should be plenty of time to crank out a comic a week! How dare you.


    I kid, of course. I’ve enjoyed 2PSTART! for quite awhile now, slowly evolving from occasional viewer via Joystiq, to regular reader, to grave riser (before it was called that), to podcast listener (comment of the week for comic #116, Living the Dream (thank you, thank you, no applause necessary); which, coincidentally, preceded the comic 2PSTOP!).

    My recommendation for the next podcast; a return of guest speakers. Perhaps some of their thoughts on the ending of 2PSTART! and trials and tribulations of maintaining a comic and/or podcast. Better yet, that might be a good topic for a future podcast.

    [spoiler]Hint, hint, do future podcasts![/spoiler]

  44. Bobipine says:

    Lace will be playable? bonus character in Sega all star racing, or as a way to pick your songs in Ray’s next album maybe, anyway…. I’ll wait to the final podcast to post my paragraph ‘tribute’ thingy for your work so far, like, much of the readers, how original of me… oh well, good luck

  45. Gregjr94 says:

    Guys. I just want to say that it’s great that you left the part with Tim and Lily in the podcast. It makes us all calm down from our rage and go “Hey. That’s what it’s all about.” I’m sad that the comic is ending, but as long we remember all the great moments we’ve had, 2P Start will never die.

  46. Anewbus says:

    Still listening, but I’ve got to say that I like the ending of 2p start alot more than 8-bit theatre ened (just suddenly), I’m glad your not selling the site or letting someone else take it over. I think that a good way to end it would be a tribute to all your fans!, why not do a big poster that combines everyones gravatar pic as well as several icons of 2pstart? put it up as a desktop background or something, just kinda thinking while typing. Whatever life brings or whatever you guys decide to do I wish you the best of luck, it has been a good trip but it did have to end eventually.

    Thanks for everything,
    – Anewbus

    • BooCwis says:

      I actually really like that idea. I only just thought of everyone winning Trivia For Yous and we all have floating 2P START! heads to create that collage, but how would that work? I WOULD like some tribute to the fans though. Not in the self absorbent way, but I think it would be way cool.

  47. TriforceBun says:

    Great podcast, answered a lot of questions. I think ending something you love when it’s still going strong is a good idea, and it’ll help its legacy along the way. It always catches me off-guard to hear my name mentioned in one of these, though! And of course, I’m curious about these extra ideas that never ended up seeing the light of day. In the meantime, though, I’ll be sure to give you guys a shout-out on Brawl in the Family so BitF readers can catch the final strip this week too!

    All this talk about mortality, sheesh. Let’s focus on the good times — great work on the strip and podcast, and I’ll certainly be stopping by on Thursday!

  48. deadpool2 says:

    post the john watts podcast please i need it so bad Oh, and please don’t end the podcast

  49. ubuntun3rd says:

    Well, after listening to the podcast, I just wanted to let you know that, even though I’ll certainly miss 2P START!, I wanted to let you know that I understand and appreciate your decision and I hope you guys enjoy the stuff that you’re going on to do.


  50. ­ says:

    I just want to say don’t end the pod cast. Haven’t listened to it yet cause its something to do in car tomorrow on way home from work.
    You only have to end comic talk. That or just talk about other webcomics so we can find new ones so we don’t miss this one as much.

  51. bcow1020 says:

    For stuff you promise: season finale means KNUBBY AWARDS. At least do a mini Knubby Awards, come on!

  52. koollizard says:

    will next weeks podcast be knubby awards

  53. Desymise says:

    Brawl in the family will promote you. That dude loves you guys, and a lot of people still go there. Including me.

  54. Great Byron says:

    WOAH!!! There’s no MP4 version of the podcast!! Evidentially the decision to cancel 2P Start! has far-reaching consequences to the very fabric of the universe! Or else Tim and Ray didn’t feel like putting one in…. Or even the show’s format did not lend itself to MP4 version… So many choicesssssss….

  55. Plet53 says:

    I’ll tell you what happens:

    YOU LIVE ON. There are people (me) who will hack you in to brawl, and send people screen-shots (They work on unhacked copies!) and eventually drag it out of brawl to a JPG. , add some speech bubbles, and viola! 2P RESTART. just by putting those OUT THERE you have created an infinite amount of fan-made comics. Welcome to the new comic.

  56. Laelaps says:

    Well, I guess I have only a few things left to say.

    1. Will you guys attend Anon’s funeral? (Ep. 47)

    2.If I can rationlize my feelings for a second, I have to say that you guys are, when all is said and done, awesome. I’m sorry for not putting it past you to have this whole things be a grave riser ploy, but I really just DID NOT WANT IT TO END. Though, I guess, you guys are the genius artists who created Ray’s Adventures in Dating, Mario on Steroids, Calculus Wars, the Dance to Moroder remix, Tuesday, March 17, and Sonic and the Black Doom Edition (“…and Shadow. Brandishing what? A GUN?!?” epic.), so maybe it’s all for the best. But you guys gave us years of free, hilarious entertainment and this final ride really has been fun; I can’t overstate this enough. You guys will be sorely missed for all the right reasons. Thanks for all the 2P Start! Memories; all 171 of them.

    3. I feel almost compelled to apologize for this, but as I REALLY don’t want 2P Start! to end, and If way I can do that is by never reading the final comic (or podcast) I have no doubt that it will be epic, but I don’t think I can bring myself to end it like that. Maybe as I’m dying I’ll have someone bring me my laptop, but I really don’t think I’ll be satisfied after it’s all over.
    (My original plan was to stay up all night to get the first comment before I realized how miserable this would’ve made the rest of my day, but here’s what is was going to be:
    “Oh brother. This comic used to be good, before you “people” decided to rape it into the death zone. I’m just sayin.’”)
    4. Thank you for not making the last one a Tim’s Take. That was a serious dread in my mind until that moment (I mean, I wouldn’t have read it anyway, but I would’ve heard it, and the shock might have killed me then and there).

    5. Any possible chance of closure with Agent Dex and/or “???” ?

    6. Just a suggestion I have to make, have you guys ever heard of Chips’ Challenge? It’s sort of a Video Game Misfit, and I think it’s worth checking out.

    7. Please tell me SOMETHING will happen for Galaxy 2 and Sonic 4

    8. This was a triumph.
    I’m making a note here: EPIC SUCCESS.
    It’s hard to overstate my appreciation.
    2P Start! Comics
    You did what you could
    because you cared.
    For the good of all of us.
    Except the ones who are dead (Anon).
    But there’s no sense crying over every mistake.
    You just keep on trying till you make a Tim’s take.
    And the comic gets done.
    And you make a neat pun.
    For the people who are still alive.
    I’m not even angry.
    I’m being so sincere right now. (Seriously!!)
    Even though you broke my heart (I’m actually tearing up right now).
    And killed Anon.
    And tore him to pieces.
    And threw every piece into a fire.
    As they burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
    Now this Christmas-Brawl comic has some beautiful rhymes.
    And Ray’s out of passion.
    It’s ending in due time.
    Still I’m SaD we got burned.
    Think of all the things we learned (Orange Juice > French Fries)
    for the people who are still alive.
    Go ahead and leave me.
    I think I prefer to stay inside and brood over Captain Rainbow Killer.
    Maybe you’ll find someone else to help you.
    Maybe Sonic Team
    HAHA. FAT #%$#*ing CHANCE!!
    Anyway, this Tim’s take is great.
    It’s so delicious and moist.
    Look at me still talking
    when there’s things pertaining to real life to do.
    When I look out there, it makes me GLaD I’m not you.
    I’ve experiments to run.
    There is hidden joke scouring to be done.
    For the people who are still alive.
    And believe me I am still alive.
    I’m playing Sonic and I’m still alive (though Sonic just flew off the edge. @#$% camera.).
    I feel FANTASTIC and I’m still alive (Well, apart from the comic ending and Sonic and everything.).
    While your comic’s dying I’ll be still alive.
    And when you’re dead I will be still alive.

  57. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    It feels odd for me to say this, but I too feel the same way about video games. I’m losing interest even though I like playing games in my spare time on the train and at such times.

    I honestly would be satisfied if you guys just recorded all of your Skype conversations and posted the best ones online. Have you ever listened to the podcast Never Not Funny? It’s just a bunch of comedians talking and cracking jokes. They enjoy it and it doesn’t take too much time because they don’t really edit. So, what do you say?

  58. JohnW says:

    I for one would want a Season 4, with or without videogames! Just as long as we here you two, you make my weekdays fun… Just don’t go… Season 4… Please…

  59. blaster says:

    I realized I might have found a paradox in your story Arc.
    Pokemon B/W is scheduled for S4 this year, so the time you’ll be able to try that is E3 2010 in July I believe, and according to art, that is where he got threw out by securities and decided to turn back to Sonic, making his signal not moving for 6 months. So the time Tim find Ray should be around January 2011. And he talked to Lily.

  60. MrDeku says:

    While it’s a shame to see the web comic go I think your doing it in the right way and providing an actually providing a conclusion for the characters rather than just your average joke. Also while I am probably in the minority here unless 2PStart Live got a radical shift in focus I don’t really see that much of a purpose for it, don’t get me wrong I enjoy the show and have listened to them all but every podcast needs a focus point a fact that I believe you’ve both pointed out to those who’ve asked you for advice on their shows. Without the comic and a lower amount of time playing video games the podcast losses much of its focus which in my opinion would have to altered if you ever did decide to continue it. I honestly didn’t plan to end this on such a down note but I was just saying.

  61. Swimming_Bird says:

    If there isn’t a Season 4, then it’d be great to have the last podcast end with any edited out bits that Ray still has left in a montage of horrible things we should never have heard…then we might not have such a hard time letting 2P Start go.

    I know the podcast listening audience isn’t huge, but I sure most of us will keep listening as long as you keep putting them up. With no comic as an anchor, it might make the podcasts filled with more tangents than Ray might like, but that’s actually something I’d look forward to. Who knows, having a more open podcast that isn’t tied in directly to the comic might actually expand your audience a bit…I feel there are too many podcasts that artificially limit themselves from touching on subjects they might have a lot to say about merely because they feel they must stick dogmatically to their purview. Either way though, I hope you’ll both really consider keeping the podcast going…to me each week, the comics have always been the icing to the podcast cake.

  62. Mr.??? says:


    Yeah, i checked out 2P Start from time to time. Good comic and i’m sad to see it end, but that’s what all good things evetually do. Or else they become decrepit and unfunny due to being stagnant (coughnccough)

  63. Sebby19 says:

    I think you guys promised us the Ultimate Trivia for YOU! way back. It would have been the 2PStart Live! theme song. No one has figured it out yet.

    Also, I want to say that I listened to all the episodes. Just sayin’

    Will there be a musical misfit next time? If there is, I suggested the Bonus level music from Rayman 1 a couple times back.

    I also have a prediction, though listening to the podcast, it’s unlikely. Tim mentions Pixel Vision, and how they can work on it together, instead of Ray’s ‘perfect’ sonic game. lace saves the day.

    (sigh), it will be sad to see you guys go. Thank you TriforceBun, for introducing your fans, and me, to theses two guys.

  64. BadnikHunter says:


  65. Legend of Mii says:

    Sorry to see it go. Good luck, and thanks for all the laughs.

  66. JohnW says:

    Also, I’m keeping from commenting about the end ’till Thursday.

  67. Cheeseball701 says:

    Am I weird for wanting the season 3 finale to include every segment you ever have done?

    Tim With the News
    Trivia for Two
    Trivia for You
    Musical Misfits
    (Wricki-Wricki) Remix!
    T-T-T-T-Topic of the Week
    Tim Checks on the Baby
    Black Doom Award
    Timocrats State of the Union Adress
    Comic Talk
    Suggestion Box
    Rise from Your Grave
    Internet Loot
    The Official Chicken Grab

    I think that’s all of them, right?

    • Retl says:

      I’d like a return of the unofficial “Find Ray a New Video Game Hero” segment, but seeing as that’s only showed up one time in episode 113 with Jon Watts, I’m not sure how likely that is, even for a final podcast.

  68. KickButtToaster says:

    It really does make me sad that such a great comic is coming to an end. But when Lilly got on the mic, it just kinda hit me- how you guys are just regular guys, with your own lives going on, and your own families to worry about and raise. I really wish the best for you guys nd everything you do in the future.

  69. Apkinesis says:

    I respect your joint decision to end 2P START even moreso after hearing this Podcast, and agree that the way “the end” is being revealed/handled is the best way to go, though I among many will greatly miss the comic and Podcast as we know them — though posting phone conversations does sound like a fun idea; I’d give those a listen for sure. I’ll definitely continue to follow the site through Feedly and Twitter, and will look forward to updates, including the release of the new album.

  70. Snifit says:

    This one was really bittersweet. On the one hand I’m gonna miss the heck out of this site but on the other hand life moves on. It’ll be interesting to see what comes up with new free time.
    Looking forward to seeing what happens. Its a good story and a nice way to wrap everything up. I like seeing everything in the future. It really is a sweet sentiment to the ending
    On the last podcast I think you should still have the small chatter or edit out jokes at the very end. It was such a cool part of the podcasts, like an after credits scene in a movie. Somehow I just think that a 2pStart podcast doesn’t end until that last joke you hear.
    Its been a good ride and your webcomics/podcast/reviews/everything else has been great.

    And for the record, in my opinion “Big Announcements” was your best comic.

  71. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    – Bolth. 😛
    – Well, it sucks that the webcomic is ending, but unlike some webcomic artists, you’re being smart about the decision. Good job guys. 😀
    – Complaining about Facebook for ONLY an hour?
    – You mean you wouldn’t just sell 2PStart for money?
    – I didn’t grasp it because I was in denial. Horrible horrible denial.
    – 3 month late April Fools joke? Now THAT would be cruel.
    – Wow, the airport comic was well done, and most people didn’t even notice. Actually, the whole arc is really well done. At least 2PStart is going out with a nice story.
    – Pixel Vision is like Earthbound, back then it wasn’t that well received. Now, everyone loves it.
    – Tim and Ray’s phone calls? I’ve always wanted… I didn’t say anything.
    – Follow the orange colored RSS feed.
    – 200 comments? That must have taken forever to read.
    – Middle finger: best adjective ever.
    – 2PStart’s ending comic was good 9 issues ago.

  72. 2pPunch!! says:

    Please bring Toon Ray and Toon Tim back!

  73. Dr. Leetstuff says:

    Ok. I’m alright with ending it, every great thing comes to an end. But please, keep podcasting, it’s the best English-spoken podcast I know.
    You guys have always done a great job, congratulations and thank you very much (for all the fishes).
    PS: Lace is being made into a Smash Brothers Brawl character, we got it.

  74. Paper_Banjokami says:

    – Jesus, listening to this podcast hurt. It felt like the fans are being dumped by 2P Start!. Then you had to go and bring Lily on to the podcast, I was about to cry. You guys really have something special here, and it’d be nice if you at least keep the podcast.

    – Oh, and after listening to this podcast, this arc you have going is really impressive, and is probably the most fitting way to end the comic. It’s good that you know what to do with your webcomic. This site is some high quality stuff.

    Dammit Darnit Ray, go to the high peaks of some mountain, and find your inner gamer or something… Eh, I know what you mean. My enthusiasm for games has been dieing a little too, very similarly to the way you described your loss of interest in games. Maybe a break from games for awhile, while you work and do other things is best. Then come back to it afterwords or something.

    – I bet there’s gonna be a Brawl texture hack for Lace or something… no those expectations are too low, I think I’ll expect a(n) XBLA/PSN game, to be of Braid quality or something. With theatrical movie to accompany it.

    – Also, I Gotta Feeling… that you’ll hate this song even more. It’s in the same vain of I Gotta Feeling, in that it’s a song that people like cuz of what it represents and what not. But this song doesn’t even have a good beat or anything, and has no energy at all. Terrible lyricism, lame vocals, that annoying “EY!” thing in songs these days, boring beat that sounds generic and just ugh…

    – I don’t know if you exactly promised it, but you never revealed where the 2P Start! Live! intro/outro music came from, not on the podcast at least. And if you could reveal where you got the “Rise from your grave.” sound clip, and newer music (I know the older one was from Paper Mario 2). And any of the other music you use that hasn’t been revealed as well would be nice I guess.

  75. Gamer Blue says:

    Hey, where were the grave-risers? Guess you all had too much to talk about.

  76. Kvb says:

    It’s a bit of a weird place to be in, but I have to say, I thought this episode was sublime. It really made up for the last two weeks.
    I very much enjoyed the honesty. No more foreshadowing. It’s good to know now where you guys stand right now in regards to this site, and what I can expect to end, and what might still continue.

    I understand Tim’s concerns about if a podcast would still be worth doing without the comic, and personally, I would have to say that it would probably not appeal to a lot of people. I would love it, immensely, but I do think there’s a big chance future episode of 2P Live would only cater to the existing fan base, which is likely to whittle down gradually.
    I think, now that the comic is gone, some serious changes would need to be made if you want a podcast with global appeal, and I’m not sure how you’ll be able to change enough to pull that off, yet don’t change so much that it alienates the existing fans.
    So… Maybe the podcast does need to end at Season 3. And believe me when I say that’s not an easy thing for me to tell you, because I can confidently tell you this: Aside from video games, 2P START Live is my favorite series in any medium. There isn’t anything on TV, radio, print or the internet that I look forward to more than the next 2P Start Live episode.

    I really will miss the comic and the podcast, but you’re probably right. It’s best to end strong than to ruin a good thing.

    (You did get me excited about Lace, Tim. That’s very mean. If she’s not getting her own game, or shows up as an unlockable character in Super Meat Boy or something, I’m going to cry. And I’ll collect all my tears in a jar and mail them to you so you can think about what you’ve done.)

  77. trakmiro says:

    I can’t believe it. Not only was the only ray (no pun intended) of sunshine in my thursday gone, and not only will i have to wait for a monthly VGCats comic instead (not that theres anything wrong with VGCats), but you guys never even mentioned Team Fortress 2 or Half Life 2 in all of your ~170 comics!!!

    • BooCwis says:

      Neither Pikmin nor Portal as well. And there must be a MILLION ideas on those topics out there that Ray can pull his Filter>2P START!>Convert/Ripoff on!

  78. Xero Storm says:

    I just found the site today, so… Yeah.

    Maybe I’m alone in this but after running through the archive, the way you’re ending things does feel “right” to me–with one minor caveat: Pixel Vision.

    No matter how funny you are, you’d never escape the fact that gag-a-day strips (especially about video games) are a dime a dozen online. But even with just the two somewhat awkward episodes, Lace and her tale struck me. You could have something great there–hold on to it.

    Punchlines come and go, but a good story stays with you.

  79. doc a doc says:

    If you guys ever do decide to continue the podcasts, I think an interesting idea to replace the comic talk would be discussions about what ideas for games you guys have or what you think would make certain games better. You guys obviously have lots of great ideas like Pixel Vision and such.

  80. D3vin says:

    And for the record, I wanted to get off of the train and have it run over me, not a bus.

  81. Chris says:

    Honestly I didn’t think 2P Start was such a great webcomic. Maybe it’s because I just found it like 2 months ago (read every strip though) and thus lack this “deeper connection” but overall I’d simply say it was neither exceptionally funny nor above average looking.
    Sure, there were some really funny ones but the majority was just meh.
    And the art really seemed like the guy who did it couldn’t even draw at times (especially the character models looked like they were drawn by a 10yo)
    Just my opinion so don’t be a nazi about it.

    • Cyberkid says:

      Kicking a couple of guys while they’re down…

      Not to mention all their fans…

      You’d best be Trollin’.

  82. Blankments says:

    Well, I guess this is my last chance to rise from my grave. I’ve been a long time comic reader but this is the first podcast I’ve listened to as I was curious why you would end one of the top two webcomics. Now, I know, and even though I’ve liked the last few months of comics, I understand why you’re ending it. Good-bye and good luck with future prospects.

  83. Bruce says:

    I’d like a return of the unofficial “Find Ray a New Video Game Hero” segment, but seeing as that’s only showed up one time in episode 113 with Jon Watts, I’m not sure how likely that is, even for a final podcast.

  84. Oliby says:

    Well, I’m pretty sure you know what my opinion on the podcast, it should continue! There’s so many topics besides videogames that could be explored. For example, you two, well Ray really, spent a lot of time on the phrase “Just saying”.

    More importantly is people who ends their statement with “That’s my opinion so don’t be a Nazi/racist/sexist about it,” to stifle any legitimate criticism on them.

    But, I definitely understand your reasons why you decided to end the comic and possibly the podcast. Your creative work should always be enjoyable for yourself, and if it isn’t, then it’s not worth the time. And of course, family always comes first.

    • Chris says:

      That was for those who see anything as an invitation to start some kind of flame war, I have no problem with regular criticism.

  85. Meteora says:

    I haven’t really commented on any of your podcasts or comics, so I felt that it’d be unappreciative and disrespectful not to comment before it ends so that I could show how much I appreciate all of the time and effort you two have put into not just the comic, but this whole site.

    I guess you could call this rising from my grave, but with so much that you two need to talk about, I doubt you’ll be having a grave rising segment in your next and possibly final podcast anyway. That doesn’t matter to me though, as I simply want to show my appreciation for the comic before it’s too late.

    It’s quite sad knowing that such a great webcomic is ending, but I guess it was better for you two to hint at the end rather than to blatantly say it was ending. I’ll certainly miss the comic, but I know that you two will be doing great things in the future. Whether you choose to end the podcast along with the comic or not, this will still be one of the greatest webcomics of all time. I bid farewell to the comic and I hope that all goes well with both of you, whatever your decision may be.

    Whether you bother reading this comment or not, I’m just happy that I was able to show my appreciation for all that you two have done. You’ve brought joy and laughter to many including me, and I thank you for that.

    Yes, you will certainly be remembered.

  86. Teengamer says:

    Tim, something you forgot that you promised was the story of how you were “technically arrested”. That, or the one where you were really arrested. I forgot 😛 Either way, you said you’d save it for another podcast.

    I’m really gonna miss you guys after these short months that I’ve known you. My last farewell will be on the next comic. Thanks for everything, you “people!!!”


  87. Kelster165 says:

    Though I’m sad to see it go, I do understand not wanting to do this every week. A friend and I did a podcast (for a much shorter time than you) and it’s been going downhill so we’re thinking of stopping. Although we couldn’t compare to you guys. Thanks for all the laughs and awesome comics!

    My last request would be if Ray could possibly, maybe, if he has time, make some type of video showing how he does some of his vector art (not like the pac-man video, though I did enjoy that one). Like a time-lapse thing possibly? I’ve been trying to teach myself to use a vector art program and would absolutely love to see how he does the comic.

    Thanks for the great video-game-related laughs, and enjoy your free time! (By the by, Lily is one of my favorite names, and she sounds adorable 🙂 )

  88. Drake says:

    I just wanted to say, because it seems that this final comic arc thing is being received so poorly, that I think that it’s a really cool way to close the series and that, though they’re not the funniest 2P Start comics ever, they do have a lot of heart. Thanks, Ray and Tim, for giving us this awesome comic for this long. Nobody would be complaining that the comic was ending if it wasn’t one of, if not the, greatest comics on the internet. You guys have given us quality entertainment on a usually weekly basis for years now, and I have faith that, for at least one week more, you’ll give us the best damn comic (and podcast) you can. Thank you.

  89. Gorgonzola2104 says:

    Well, looks like this is my last opportunity to do this: WRISE FROM MY GWRAVE (muahahaha)!
    It’s sad to see you guys go, but I’ve got to say that this is one of the best web comics I’ve read. I’ve enjoyed your clean humor and dedication to the audience for five months. Good luck in your future adventures wherever they may take you!

  90. toiletmunger says:

    My computer wimped out about half way through the podcast…. >:(

  91. Zoltan says:

    A quick thing you should do in your last podcast is that you should let everyone know what video game music you altered to make the intro. I’ve listened to every one of the podcast and you never revealed that, just sayin…

  92. TheLupineOne says:

    Just noticed… SEGA is going to release new Sonic 4 info today… and Ray will end 2P START! with his vision of the perfect Sonic game…

    Are these two related? Could 2P START! be ending because Ray’s got a job at SEGA? Will Lace become a Sonic character?

    • thekickawesome says:

      I could just see it now….

      [spoiler]”heeeeeey sonic! Press A to jump!!”[/spoiler]

  93. ColdFury says:

    Love the comic. I understand why you need to end it, but it will be missed.

    • Rick says:

      Whats up with Tim’s tweet, saying he hates Ray. Oh god, this may of ended because of an argument, and they were hiding it from us.

  94. Acgamer says:

    I believe this would be the perfect song to close out the season (but hopefully not show).


  95. Rey Alejandro says:

    “Wow, look at how much our comics sucked back then compared to now!”

    Direct quote from Ray on your first comic. Please say it in the next podcast.

    • thekickawesome says:

      I went back and saw that comment/blurb a few days ago. A hearty chuckle indeed.

  96. SgtBlink says:

    Nice podcast, I’ve only been listening for a while, only about 10 ago I think, but I look forward to them any free time I got. Keep the podcast alive. Let 2P Restart be a tribute. Grab the chickens.

    Oh, and I didn’t want to scroll through all the comments to see if anyone had mentioned this before, but Lace in Super Meat Boy anyone?

    Also, Lily should be a permanent segment!

    • SgtBlink says:

      Darn it, can’t believe I forgot this, but this is going to be one of the comics staying in my bookmarks along with Cigarro and Cerveja (which, if you haven’t read, go. Now.) thanks for all the laughs, Cut Man Rules!

  97. deadpool2 says:

    can you post the jon watts podcast please?

  98. thekickawesome says:

    Editing the LAST 2PSTART LIVE?!?!?

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