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May 20th, 2010


RaySpecial thanks to Angela Watts of Tekoa Rose Photography. While this is the final comic, we’re not completely done here yet. We’ve got the Season 3 finale of the podcast to conclude on Monday, as well as numerous little cosmetic changes across the site as we move towards locking the website into an archival state for others to enjoy. Over three years of weekly comics has certainly pushed our creative limits and I’m quite pleased with the results. I couldn’t have done it without you Tim. Thank you. And thank you to the fans – your comments, fan art, phone calls, videos, criticisms, and friendships have meant everything.

And a very special thank you to Brawl in the Family for their Farewell 2P START tribute.

TimI can’t be happier with how this last comic turned out, and I’m even more blown away by the immensely positive response, not just for this comic, but for the entirety of our work here on 2P START! I’ve never worked so long or so hard on a project with someone, but I can’t imagine another person with whom so much could have been accomplished. Ray and I have worked so well together these past 3 years, I’m still astonished that we ever did anything at all. In the end, I’m very proud of what’s been done here, and I must confess that I’m sad to see it go. The sweet farewells from all our fans makes it that much harder to say goodbye. Ironically, I feel that last message in the comic, meant for Ray, will turn out to be something Future Tim needs more than anyone. So thanks Ray, and thanks to everyone out there who read, laughed, and was kind enough to leave a word of encouragement. I know we never would have gone 3 years without the support of all of you. 2P START! was a lot of work, but it was well worth it. Crazy to think that so much could have come from such a simple idea.


  1. Doopliss says:

    *sigh* Oh well, I guess, according to Genesis 6:23, all good things must end, and this was one of the best… Goodbye 2P Start. It was fun… So many great comics, and podcasts, I just hope you update every now and then to keep your fans from turning emo themselves (especially Mark).

    • Wingman Dan says:

      uh… there is no Genesis 6:23. the chapter ends at 6:22. I don’t know if you were trying to be clever or what…

  2. Keja says:

    you should have spent one hundred and seventy one weeks on making a good comic, instead of this series. This comic used to be funny about 162 or 163 issues ago.Β 

    • Imaster says:

      Haha, that was great. It was inevitable that someone would make this joke; still, well handled.

      Anyway, I have to say how impressed I am with this comic. A touching ending with a nice message, that, while not comedic, was more than satisfactory. The real life picture of Ray was a big psych-out, but an interesting addition. It would’ve been nice to have a picture of Tim on there, too, but that’s just me.

      Congratulations and goodbye, 2PStart. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished over the years.

  3. M says:

    Awesome. Sad to see that it is over πŸ™

  4. Teengamer says:

    Truly outstanding ending to your comics guys. Thank you so much! And now for my last farewell…..

    • Teengamer says:

      I started out with Brawl in the Family, which introduced me to this site. One podcast was all it took for me to want more. You guys never failed to satisfy thereafter, and I truly appreciate that.

      What you said in this last comic was truly inspirational. I love you guys, every step of the way. I’m sorry you’re ending, but I respect your decision. Just doing what you were doing was enough sacrifice for me to recognize how much you put into this. Hopefully your relationship won’t end with the comic, but I kind of doubt that it would.

      In simpler words, thank you. Thank you for everything. My only request is that you read this comment and know with a surety that you do have fans. It seems so petty to think, “well they’re just fans of a dumb video game comic” when in reality everyone respects you, and is happy for everything.

      You don’t need to reply or give me a shout-out or anything, just understand me. Thank you, and farewell!


  5. krawky398 says:

    Great ending. It was truly inspirational. Thank you for the laughs, 2P Start. May this comic live on in the history of webcomics!

  6. Bona says:

    I found that…rather dissapointing. No offense or anything, but I thought the bang would be…a little bigger.

  7. Pete says:



  8. TomX says:

    Well, in all seriousness for once I threw together a quick 2P Tribute! video for you guys. Good luck with all your future endeavors. We the fans look forward to whatever other projects you guys come out with.

    Fantastic final comic BTW. NCG forever!

  9. YamiGekusu says:

    I actually shed some tears reading this. This comic has brought so many smiles the past three years (Even though I was only around to read this comic for about four months) and I’m sure that much enjoyment was brought through this epic comic series.

    Thanks for the memories, Ray and Tim. Thanks for the laughs you brought, and the greatness you will always bring.

    I’m still shedding tears, this ending just felt so right.

  10. SonikFan112 says:

    Bye, 2P START! We had some good times. Tim, Ray, maybe you could update with a comic every now and then to stop Mark from cutting himself.

  11. Supersonic24 says:


    This makes me sad. This was quite a good way to end it. I especially love the; “You haven’t lost 2PSTART at all. You’ve taken it with you, and moved on.”

  12. Danzaiver says:

    OMG you guys are great, thank you for all the fun and the good laughs, 2PSTART! will always be remembered. I hope you guys continue being friends for ever!

  13. dest747 says:

    Oh my gosh, I had no idea it would be this epic. I cried a little bit when I read it.


  14. TheLupineOne says:

    I can’t believe I didn’t cry when I read this.

    And I thought that it would be revealed that Ray was working at SEGA as part of the fan input delaying Sonic 4 Episode 1.

    And now… I must leave you with my Final 2P START! Comment.

    That comment is…

    Thanks for all the 2P START! memories, all 171 of them.

    – TheLupineOne

  15. Acgamer says:

    …that was great. Simply great. I don’t know what else to say, except thanks for all the laughs. Cheers to the world’s best and funniest web comic.

  16. Hyperstar96 says:

    Well 2P START… you lived a good life. :'(

  17. JackitK says:

    Now what? It feels like I just started to make these comments to this comic and now it’s over. :/ Oh well at least we have the comics of the past to remind us of all the good times.

  18. Jon Paul Simonelli says:

    This may be the very last opportunity to “Rise from My Grave,” but I figured you guys deserved a proper send-off from all of your fans, even the ones that lurk in the shadows of the internet’s endless ether.

    I have been following this site for over a year, and the podcast about half as long, and I can only conclude that 2P START! is a member of a dying breed of webcomics, and good clean humor in general. Laughs may not have been quite as consistent as a cheekier, more risque comedic style, but at least I can read these comics in front of my little cousins, and we can both laugh at the same joke. That has to be worth something.

    Well, I’m off to make my rounds through your archives.

    Thanks for Playing!

  19. Rey Alejandro says:

    *Final Fantasy Victory Theme plays* It’s been a great couple of months since I discovered you guys, Never failed to impress. I guess we’ll be seeing you around. And, since Sonic is featured so prominently in the comics, I guess I’ll end with this quote from Sonic Adventure 2: A new day brings new adventure. But for now….

    …Rest Easy Tim & Ray.

  20. Kirb says:

    Thank you, Tim and Ray, for a wonderful end to a wonderful comic.

  21. kodykid168 says:

    man, i just can’t believe it’s over… sayonara 2PSTART
    (i butchered that word, anyone wanna correct me on it?)

  22. Zegres says:

    Great Ending guys. I am disappointed that it’s all over, but I’m glad you did it in a story rather than just a random joke. I don’t remember what comic I started reading at but I’ve read them all and continued to read them all. I guess I’ll just have to start over from the beginning to get my 2P Start fix of the week. I can’t wait until the 2P Start Live Finale and I hope that it is the best thing ever.
    Good job on everything you guys have done. Good luck on all your future ventures!

  23. Jimbo says:

    Its the end of an era

  24. Estigia says:

    I’ll guess this is my last chance to Rise from my Grave. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your comic a lot and that you still have a fan in Mexico.

    I’m going to label β€œSuccess” not just this comic, but your entire run and I’m going to suggest K.K. Ballad as a music choice because I think it’s fitting.

    Thanks for all 2P START!

  25. Hamslice64 says:

    Well I know its a little late to Rise from my Grave, but I just wanted to say that reading 2P START! Has been an incredibly enjoyable experience. While I am sad to see you guys stop this comic I am also excited for the future. I hope to see some awesome stuff from you guys and I wish you both good luck.

  26. DiamondCrash says:

    Excellent way to end. Good job guys!

  27. Snifit says:

    I wasn’t sure how it would all end but it ended on a very magical note.

  28. Aaron90 says:

    A great look back to days gone by.
    Glad to see my favourite Brawl moment added in, the Land Master!

    I hope the last podcast will be as good.

  29. Seth (NSB) says:

    I’ve been a long time follower of 2P start. Ever since Comic #80 (Level Up) 2P start has been a major part of my life. Of all the webcomics out there, only yours have I read every comic for and listened to every podcast. If this is truly the end, I can only say one thing, Thank You. When I was going through a rough patch in my life, this comic was the only thing I could look forward to. I can say with certainty that you guys save my life, and for that you have my eternal gratitude.

  30. JohnW says:

    Huh? Wha?

    In all seriousness, thank you very much for the past 3 years of laughter and epic win, dedicating your lives to 2P START! and us. Thank you. I will continue to re-listen to the Podcasts religiously and read through the blogs and comics many times.
    [spoiler]Also, this comic used to be good[/spoiler]

    Thanks once again. πŸ˜€ I will get my shovel and rest, next to 2P START’s! grave.

  31. MiMGodfather says:

    Excellent ending. I’ve said it so many times, and I even said it in a phone message a few days ago… thank you guys. Thank you for everything you’ve done here, and thank you for sacrificing your own free time to bring us entertainment for so long.

    Rock on and God bless

  32. Daecious says:

    I’m disappointed Tim and Ray didnt fight to the death, it would have been an all out brawl. The artwork and script were fantastic, at least I thought so. I want to say keep up the good work but… well… nfcg.

  33. Sam101 says:

    :sob: πŸ˜₯ :sob:

    Farewell 2p start!

  34. koollizard says:

    This was great thanks for the great memories

  35. D3vin says:

    A great ending to a great comic, That’s all I can say.

  36. spiritofnature says:

    guys, this is my first ever comment here, but i just wanna say that even though i didn’t read your comic for very long (since the BitF guest strip, actually), i enjoyed it thoroughly, and I just wanna say that you guys just had one of the best endings in ANYTHING ive seen in a while. i’m even gonna bookmark this page, it was that awesome. thank you guys for the laughs, and good luck in life πŸ™‚ it’s been real.

  37. Kelster165 says:

    I really like how you blended all those comics together. Very creative and awesome πŸ™‚ . I think this was a good close for the comic, very final. The comic has been great and I will miss it, but thanks for all the laughs!

  38. Ro9ge says:

    Wow, I think a web-comic just made me cry. Amazing job guys. God bless as your life continues on.

  39. Sir5000 says:

    I’m in near tears just reading this. I’ve read all of the comics, and now we’ve ended at this. It was a good run, and I’m actually kinda happy you guys are moving on. As Tim said, “looking back should only help you look toward the future.”

    Thanks, Tim and Ray, for the fun you’ve given to many thousands of people. I’ll be sure to come back here periodically for re-reading!

  40. trakmiro says:

    The fruits of a bygone era. How it flourished. It’s reign was a great one, but a fairly short-lived one. 2P START!, you will be missed greatly. Goodbye Tim and Ray!

    I hope SEGA gets what’s coming to them, what with all these screwed up Sonic games. Good luck with Sonic 4, Ray!

  41. maugchief says:

    Guys, thanks for all the laughs you’ve provided. I’ve only been following a short while but it was a blast. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do with the final podcast. And thanks for an epic finale. I guess now we truly can say this comic used to be good without it just being a running gag anymore.

  42. Keja says:

    How does it end though? How did toon Ray react to Tim’s speech? Do Dona and Eric get back together? Does Bender live happily ever after? Doee Earl ever complete his list?

    I need answers!

  43. Rey Alejandro says:

    Also, can’t wait for BitF’s gift to you guys. Promises to be epic.

  44. CKcheeseboy says:

    Amazing comic, and a great bookend to what was one of the best webcomics out there.

    Thanks for the awesome ride guys; you will be greatly missed.

  45. Leonardo says:

    Dude dude dude dude dude!
    Oh man, I thought you guys were joking! Oh man, that got me sorta depressed now…

    Best wishes for the both of you, and many thanks for all the comics.
    Good luck, buddies!

  46. Ember Web Ninja says:

    And the best webcomic on the internet goes out with a bang..

    I’ve said it several times already, as have so many other fans, but thank you once again for the last three years of comics, guys. Been a fan from the (almost) start to the end, and I can honestly say that you deserve all the kind words and thanks that you have received over the last couple of weeks, tenfold. I hope you two are still able to collaborate with each other and share it with us all, otherwise, you’ll be missed.

  47. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Great Comic Guys, a very nice way to end such a fantastic series. I simply cannot give enough thanks to the both of you for three years worth of dedication and compassion towards each other and your fans, two of which I had the incredible pleasure to be a part of. What happens from here, I’m not sure yet, but I look forward to whatever future projects each of you has in store.
    Sincerely from your reader, listener, fan, moderator, and friend, MetaRidleyR27.

  48. DarkLugiaMaster-Gir says:

    As I leave as silently as I came, I must say, Thank you Tim and Ray and all you’ve done to make our days better and inspire us with 2Pstart. All you’ve done in these 3 years is just amazing and inspiring, and each day gaining new readers and fans, Thanks again you two…we will miss you..Tim and Ray…
    And as I said before…
    Just follow the words as if they were a song…..

  49. BadnikHunter says:

    Though I’m sad that the comic is leaving, this was a nice ending to it. It had a really good run. Thanks for the 171+ endless nights towards great comics for us.

    I could say my farewell right now, but I’ll save that till the final podcast, so for now, I’ll just say my final “NCG!”

    • BadnikHunter says:

      Okay, read the comic over again, and I almost cried. These words not only apply to this comic, but also to all of us. I must say it one final time, NCG, and GREAT run, you guys.

  50. Sebby19 says:


    Nice Series Guys.

    My time here may have been short, but it was worthwhile spending 2 months going through all the podcasts.


    (plays the 2P Start theme one last time)

    Where you guys get that^ anyway?

  51. TriforceBun says:

    Great job with this comic and the series! Very cool way to wrap it all up, and all the callbacks were a treat to see. And in the immortal words of Super Smash Bros’ faceless announcer, I declare this comic a SUCCESS.

    Also, I’ll have a small dedication for you guys tomorrow on BitF.

    Good luck with all future endeavors, and I’ll be looking forward to the next podcast.

  52. JohnW says:

    I just broke down and cried. Frick. I have a sore throat. So many happy times, gone…

    • JohnW says:

      Also, good luck in your everyday lives, Tim and Ray, always remember, there are thousands of people who care or about your work and wish you well.

  53. blaster says:

    I thought you want to end with a bang… But looks like to fuse fifn’t reach the dynamite

  54. Rey Alejandro says:

    Well, I figure it’s about time for me to go look through all of the comics of the past. One last time, Boys: Peace out 2P Start! Maybe one day you too can “Rise from your grave!”

  55. Victorioso says:

    I loved this comic.

    Frankly, this was the perfect way to end it. Showing us bits of the great comics of the past. I’ve been sitting in a car for 30 minutes with my iPhone, pressing the refresh button nonstop just to read this comic. And it was worth it. I even feel slightly less sad about it ending.

    Thank you guys, for the hours of happiness and joy you’ve brought to us. This comic will never be forgotten and will always stay within my best memories.

    A big hands of applause to 2P Start for all the 171 successful comics.

  56. Pom Bad says:

    2Pstart was always funny. I even laughed at the Mario Steroids one. Yes I said it. I can’t wait for your next Podcast. I guess this is goodbye to the comics. So long Tim and Ray. Thanks for the memories.

  57. Rey Alejandro says:

    btw, to all the haters on this comic: They said not to have any expectations for it. Listen to the Podcast.

  58. NintendoNaut says:

    And so ends an epic comic. Excellent, excellent finish guys.

  59. Bobipine says:

    For some reasons, I just want to write…
    No cutting.

    well, the fourth wall truly broke down (though it happened once before, but more hidden) so, I wasn’t that far off, at some time, in my multiple theories. You did pulled of the ending on a high note, taking somewhat of a philosophical approach toward the ending of the project may I call.
    Locked in archive, well it’s the way it should be I think.

  60. bcow1020 says:

    While my 1 year anniversary just came up I think a week ago, I still feel a really deep connection with 2P Start!, and it’s kind of become part of my life in a great way. You’re the ones who spoiled me with oodles of great comics once a week, as well as great podcasts once a week as well. You’re obviously done now, and I’m extremely sad, as I feel a part of me is lost now. I still hope deep inside that this is all just a big (excruciatingly cruel) joke, but I really know that’s not true. I found you guys through a Joystiq Webcomic Wrapup (like most people on here), and I think I’ve voted for you every single week you were featured, even if the comic kinda sucked, and that time a couple weeks ago where it wasn’t video game related. I have always had a daily routine of sites I go to. Since I found your site, it’s pretty much been 1. Twitter 2. Joystiq 3. 2P Start (I’ve eliminated Facebook in recent weeks.) Now that you guys are really finished, my productivity will probably go majorly up with all that extra time not clicking the random button over and over and listening to old podcasts. I started a while ago to listen to all of your podcasts, and kinda stopped, so now I’m probably going to go back to that soon.
    My liking of webcomics is now pretty much gone. My biggest complaint with video game webcomics is that they rarely have artwork, let alone good artwork, at all. In addition, as that old comic of yours said, they mostly circle around a sex joke, drug joke, and a pop culture reference. Your comic reinvented what a webcomic should be like for many people, and I’m starting to see a lot more webcomics lately following more of your clean joke/quality artwork formula.
    Both of you have no idea how much you’ve affected the internet as a ehole. I’m sure that in 10 years when Ray’s on the Billboard Top 10 with his latest album this all will just be a little insignificant blip on his resume (I have no idea what Tim will do), but your comic will still make an everlasting difference to many people. I will never forget 2P Start, and I’ll probably be one of those people checking back on the site every day to see if there’s SOMETHING new, even though I’ll probably be doubtful, but yet hopeful.
    Great job in the past 3 years. You both are 2 of the awesomest people I know of. Thanks for all the memories.

    Your somewhat quietish fan,

    -bcow1020 (The_Potato)

  61. ConmanIX says:

    Since this is my last chance, I thought I should do it. This is ConmanIX informing u that I am ‘Rising From My Grave’. Im glad I finally did it!

    Personally, I thought this was a great conclusion to this fantastic comic. It perfectly reminded us of all the excellent attributes of the comic and why we read it in the first place. Thank you, Ray and Tim, for 3 years of a hilarious,swear-free,and all around fun comics. It will be sorely missed!

  62. Agent4286 says:

    So long and thanks for all the fish,
    seriously thanks for everything guys and best of luck with the future!
    *jumps into the deloreon*


  63. Peasley says:

    I’m sorry to say that I’m a bit disappointed with the ending. It was very…anticlimactic for me. I was expecting something cool about the perfect Sonic game, or the last Brawl match ever. But. No. I didn’t even come close to shedding a tear.

    Too bad you couldn’t have ended on a better note.

  64. Curaga says:

    Perfect ending you guys, there could not be a better way to end the comic.

  65. sikera says:

    great ending guys. =)
    that’s all I can say right now.

  66. Ember Web Ninja says:

    Comic #117, Ray predicts the end of 2P Start.
    Comic #171, 2P Start comes to an end.

    Coincidence? Yes, but still weird.

  67. lets play nothing says:

    as my fourth and final comment, let me just say, i enjoyed this comic, and i am sad to see it finished. i need something to replace it. yeah right, like some thing could replace this.

  68. Doopliss says:

    Also, my question stands, are the shirts still up for purchase?

    • Tim says:

      Yes, as long as there is a demand for them, I’m sure our partner SplitReason will allow us to continue selling them.

      • While on that topic, I was thinking a T-shirt with a TiMii on the front and the words HOW DARE YOU would be hilarious. Probably a little late for suggestions, however…

  69. Wolfenpilot687 says:

    Thank you for the laughs after so many comics.
    I wasn’t here since the beginning, but kept coming back after the first time I found the site.
    Peace, and out.

    Another loyal fan, from Mexico.
    -Rick AKA Wolfenpilot687

  70. Anon says:

    This comic used to be good. *sniff*

  71. shadowhog says:

    I honestly shed a tear at this…..

  72. The quote at the end was really nice. It’s too bad it’s all over…
    RIP 2P Start!

  73. Tre says:

    Well, I commented a few weeks ago for the first time because it was my first official time here. I’d read a few strips here or there because of Joystiq, but I never really looked at the amazingness going on ’round these parts until then. This whole thing was genius. I read every comic and I can honestly say that no other webcomic I’d read (heck, maybe no other comic period) made me laugh (or cry) like this one did. I hope that the both of you are successful in your further endeavors, because this was amazing. Thanks for the two weeks of enjoyment. :’D

  74. JKirby says:

    And that is how you end a comic series. *claps*
    I’m gonna miss you guys, but thanks for all the memories.

  75. Walt says:

    Good bye legendary webcomic
    May your legacy live on forever
    *hums funeral song, still sobbing*

  76. Chocolate_bob says:

    Tim, Ray, thanks. This comic was always such a treat to see in the morning, and the podcasts were the highlight of my Monday. You guys will be missed.

  77. wolfablaze says:

    T.T all good things must come to an end ray and tim gfcg you guys shall always be in my heart….and prayers and that mushy stuff also if that really is you ray a the end of the comic well might i say that you are quite handsome good sir

  78. AlternateMew says:

    As a grave riser in your final comic, let me just say, thank you for all that you have given us. I’ve may have only arrived since your BitF guest comic, but it was a great run from there.

    I would like to congratulate you guys on the decision to close the comic peacefully rather than let it drag on until it was stopped abruptly and without notice. I wish you two the best for the future, and I hope you enjoy your new-found time for other creative outputs!

    Farewell, 2P START! There may not be more to come, but there’s still plenty too enjoy already here. I’m happy to hear that the site will stay. After all, a good game deserves replays!

    • AlternateMew says:

      Goshdarnit. I got wrapped up in farewell and didn’t directly state my reaction to the comic itself.
      Let me set that straight and say it now: I was literally moved to tears. In a good way. Those final words could not have been better. The comic as a whole, I think, really serves its purpose well. The portrayal was wonderful, and the clever figure hiding in the sketchy outlines above the Landmaster… lets say this is the first time I’ve really payed such attention to the little things when reading a comic for the first time.
      This is truly a beautiful grand finale.

  79. TheLupineOne says:

    One last parting Musical Misfit…

    This is Through The Sea Of Time from PokΓ©mon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It plays when the characters’ greatest ally sacrifices himself for the good of the world, never to be seen again…

    And then, once that ally has departed, In the Hands of Fate plays, as our heroes mourn at the departure of a great friend…

    It is, in my opinion, the perfect music for a farewell. I plan on using it to give my farewell to my flatmates when I vacate halls next week. And I use it to bid farewell to you.

  80. ChronoCT says:

    Yeah, I’m another one of those late bitf grave risers. This is realIy not what I was expecting at all, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I really like how the images start to fade panel to panel, but once Tim says his last bit, the pictures fade in. So.. NFCG (nice final comic guys.)

  81. Ember Web Ninja says:

    ChronoCT, they don’t appreciate that kind of lang-.. oh.. final.. nevermind, NFCG guys!

  82. Drake says:

    2P: You Win!

  83. koopabros64 says:

    Well it’s finally over. I’ll be looking forward to your last podcast next week, and please don’t leave these guys sitting in there graves. Thanks for all the 2p start memories.

  84. Lee says:

    Perfect end guys. Thanks for everything!

  85. Dr. Device says:

    Goodbye to the best webcomic ever.

  86. cramill says:

    Sad to see you guys go! I’ve really enjoyed the comics and podcasts! You guys put out some quality stuff! I wish there were more comics and podcasts like 2P Start…

  87. Matteron says:

    I never got to ask, but what does Ray’s symbol stand for?

  88. Ekkaia says:

    Well, this is my first (and last) comment… on the last comic. The ride was awesome. Pretty considerate of you the archival intent. Thanks Ray & Tim

  89. Gadoink says:

    R.I.P. 2P START

    February 14, 2007 – May 20, 2010

  90. Eric Renn says:

    I don’t usually comment on sites, but I guess I will use your last comic as an opportunity to rise from my grave.

    I’ve been reading your comic for over two years and 2P Start! has always been an enjoyable addition to my week. My favorite comic is ‘So Close, Yet…’. I started listening to your podcast last September and I regretted not starting sooner. It will definitely be different without new comics and podcasts, but I suppose all good things must end.

    Thanks and congratulations for making such an awesome comic and I wish you guys luck with your future endeavors.

    Thanks again,

    Eric Renn

  91. 2pPunch!! says:

    NCG guys even though this comic used to be good,It will always be remembered as one of the few good no great gaming webcomics out there

  92. Gathma says:

    I’ve been reading the comic since the Brawl in the Family guest comic, and I’ve finally decided to rise from my grave. I’ve read all of the comics in the archive and this is the best one so far because of how well it ends the story arch. It saddens me how this is ending, but it was never answered exactly what the number on the back of the picture in comic #168 is and all of the intent behind putting it there.

    • Ray says:

      The number was #171. The original intent was to leave it in full view to alert readers exactly when the comic would be ending so they could start the count-down. But since many still hadn’t figured out that the comic was even ending in general, we decided to cover it up so that they would know the “what” but not the “when”.

      Tim and I were both surprised that this still wasn’t enough proof for so many fans, and we have since sort of wished we would have shown the number.

  93. Rotom479 says:

    Why does this comic remind me of the Gold/Silver/Crystal ending credits song? Anyway, nice comic guys, and I wish you luck FOR THE FUTURE!

    The third panel was awesome.

  94. Mr. Br Mario says:

    Well… Looks like this is it, then. 2P START! has come to an end. As Ray put it, the site will soon be locked into an archival state (hopefully we’ll still be able to post comments, though). I’m just glad Tim managed to change Ray’s point of view about, well, pretty much everything… except, perhaps, Ray’s point of view towards new Sonic games (to which I already gave another point of view for Ray to think about in the previous comic; if you’ve seen it, Ray, good; if not, go ahead and search for it in the comments, it’s very important). Now it’s time for life to go on, with new goals, new issues, new solutions… Time to start an extra life (hehe) and not think about 2P START! as something lost, but something everlasting in our memory. Maybe then Ray will be able to reconcile with Miley as well, heh.

    It was good as it lasted, and I still have so much to see on this site (I have to figure out how this RSS stuff works, in order to start listening to the podcasts, haha). Farewell, Tim and Ray. May your life be as much enjoyable as this webcomic was for all of us, readers and artists alike. Good luck on your future endeavors (hopefully not as pyschotic as Ray’s Sonic game XD).


  95. Liv-the-WaddleDee says:

    I know all good things must come to an end…but I ignored that because this is a GREAT thing! But apparently all things that are good or better must come to an end…
    Even though it’s over now, I’m still gonna spread the word to as many people as possible about how amazing every comic has been. NCG.

  96. Kvb says:

    You liars! I was promised a visually boring comic. This comic is absolutely stunning, and an amazing ending to 2P START!

    Well… The comic’s been fun while it lasted, guys. I’m looking forward to the podcast, to find out how things will continue from here. Hopefully this monday won’t be the last we’ll hear from you guys.

  97. I guess this is it. Sigh.. I wish it was a joke but it isn’t and this is the 1st comment I ever posted on 2P START! I guess the only thing that’s left, is the podcast.

  98. LotsaBacon says:

    Just watch… It’s all a hoax and next week we’ll have another comic. ;p But seriously… sorry to see you guys go. You had an excellent comic. =]

  99. Thanks for the comics, the podcasts, for you guys just being you. Best of luck in the future and I will be back when I need just the thing to perk up my day. Again, thanks and good luck!

  100. TheNinjaMouse says:

    Awwwww….! Really beautiful, touching final comic guys. Ray, this is some of your best artwork all brought into one piece. Tim, that was eloquently written. Thank you both for one of the most rewarding webcomic experiences I’ve ever had.

    Did anyone else have this song (http://lnk.nu/youtube.com/1b3c) going through their head as they read this comic? It’s sad to see two great stories come to an end this week….

  101. AngryAncestor95 says:

    This sucks. I’ll miss you guys so much. :'( Hope to hear from you in the distant future! πŸ˜€

    Cheers, 2P START!.

  102. Jen says:

    Ray. Go out with me.

  103. Meteora says:

    I haven’t really commented on any of your podcasts or comics, so I felt that it’d be unappreciative and disrespectful not to comment before it ends so that I could show how much I appreciate all of the time and effort you two have put into not just the comic, but this whole site.

    I guess you could call this rising from my grave, but with so much that you two need to talk about, I doubt you’ll be having a grave rising segment in your next and possibly final podcast anyway. That doesn’t matter to me though, as I simply want to show my appreciation for the comic before it’s too late.

    It’s quite sad knowing that such a great webcomic is ending, but I guess it was better for you two to hint at the end rather than to blatantly say it was ending. I’ll certainly miss the comic, but I know that you two will be doing great things in the future. Whether you choose to end the podcast along with the comic or not, this will still be one of the greatest webcomics of all time. I bid farewell to the comic and I hope that all goes well with both of you, whatever your decision may be. This was truly the perfect ending to an amazing comic. The ending was very inspirational and got me thinking as well.

    Whether you bother reading this comment or not, I’m just happy that I was able to show my appreciation for all that you two have done. You’ve brought joy and laughter to many including me, and I thank you for that.

    Yes, you will certainly be remembered.


  104. Weasler says:

    Long time reader but never once a commenter, I just wished to say thank you for all of the entertainment you have brought all of us over these years ^_^ It brings me joy to see that you are both moving on with your lives though with no regrets, and while it is sad to see it end I couldn’t be happier for either of you. Have a good life gentlemen!

  105. Shmoopshybob says:

    Well, I hadden’t planned on ever rising from my grave, but since it’s your last comic I might as well. You guys are awesome. Great ending.

  106. Petridish27 says:

    Well, I guess I have to “Rise From My Grave” now. I have been follwing since comic #153 (I know it’s not long). I love all your comics, but my favorite is probably #34, Muttering Moblins. I suppose like any stereotypical source of humor, it must end serious(I did love the ending though). Thanks for 122 days of splendor (I suppose I must cherish the time left [Hopefully a lot] with BitF).

  107. SgtBlink says:

    Fantastic, although I’m a bit disappointed this is only my second comment, great way to end. You will be missed.

  108. Jen says:

    The honor of being directly answered is a soothing balm to my broken heart.

  109. Gaive Raiser says:

    Rising from my grave here. Just letting you know that I’ve been reading this comic since the first panel of 2PSTART ever graced the Internet and I’ve listened to the podcast since the first word was spoken. All I have to say is…

    This comic used to be good.

  110. Lottel says:

    Well guys, I guess it’s time for me to rise from my grave. I’ve been reading since comic 17 and have listened to every podcast and I just want to say…

    I was expecting a yoshi joke! Mario steroids was better than this crap.

    Alright. So I’m not really grave rising. So I’ve made a few comments over the years.
    I’ve been a fan of 2P start for a long time. It’s not because it’s the funniest, or the prettiest, or even the most clever. I’ve come here once a week and listened to all those podcasts because Tim and Ray tried. It was obvious from the comics and the podcasts that they tried to make something they liked and other people might. Not because they wanted to be internet famous, not because they thought themselves the best people to grace the internet. But because they thought that they thought of something funny and that some other people might think it’s funny too. That amount of humility and the casual friendly attitude permeated through everything. It made me visiting the site not just strictly for my entertainment or just to see the comic they’d be talking about come Monday, but because Tim and Ray made something. It was like supporting a friend in an endeavor.

    It wasn’t a difficult thing to do. They gave me plenty of things to enjoy. And now that it’s gone, I wish Tim and Ray the best of luck in what they do next. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the tweets and whatever project you guys decide to do next.
    Thanks for all the fun over the years.


  111. deadpool2 says:

    Good bye Tim and Ray hope you post the Ray/jon watts podcast

  112. Pokemaster says:

    I am not good with words so instead a song,.
    Goodbye, Goodbye, Tim and Ray goodbye, for now It’s time to gooooooooo, we’ll miss you sooooooooooooo,
    As said before, im no good with words but ill say some anyways
    I’m so glad that that one faithfull day you guest stripped on BitF I still remember reading through all your comics in one day. Thanks for the memories,2P Start! well mis you

    2P START!

  113. PostmanAssassin says:

    Well, I suppose this is a bad time to Rise from my Grave, but I might as well. I doubt that this will be featured on the 2pLive season 3 finale, but… I loved this comic ever since BitF did a guest strip. I expected that this would end eventually. NCG! Yeah… thats all I have to say.

    OH WAIT!???!?!??!@!! I noticed that you referred to the podcast as the “Season 3 finale” instead of the final podcast. Does this mean something? Or are you just leaving it open in case you ever want to bring a new podcast in the future? I don’t expect much more from now on but you should seriously do SOMETHING together. Even if it has nothing to do with 2p Start. But thanks for the closure. I hate when theres no closure. Its like when

  114. Jumbif says:

    That was the most amazing finale I have ever seen. The only thing that could make it better would be seeing Tim next to Ray drinking Dr. Pepper.

  115. roadjcat says:

    Wow. That was really good. Great job guys. Really, and thank you for the past 2 years (I came late. haha). I’m going to miss all the Rouge mentioning and the comic analysis. πŸ™‚

  116. Very nicely done. I did as requested and had no expectations and was completely blown away.

    Now, I expect progress reports on all music, art, game reviews, and custom-built arcade cabinets from both of you! Or, you know, whenever you feel like throwing your undead legion of grave-risen 2PSTART! fans a bone every now and then. Whichever.

  117. I am you, But not really you says:

    This was my favorite comic series. I am a webcomic fanatic, but this was my favorite. Sure, you have BitF with the surreal, and XKCD with the Math Jokes, but this was special. The gorgeous artwork alongside the witty writing made me appreciate every moment. From Tim’s Takes to Heart Mans. From ValentiNES to Christmas Brawls. This Comic was worth it all. Grave Rising 101, know when to make the move from lurker to poster. This wasthe time.

    Many more Tim. Many more Ray. There is and never will be anything like this.

    Nice series guys, NSG. Live your life to the fullest. And maybe, I can move on.

  118. RedZero says:

    These things usually end abruptly. This didn’t. I’m glad you gave 2p Start the ending it truly deserves. Good luck with your lives, and all future adventures. Bon voyage.
    *Standing Ovation*

  119. paq says:

    If LOST ends anything like this… well, that would actually be quite cool. πŸ˜› However, it is sad to see both my favorite webcomic and my favorite tv show go in the same week, realizing that there will be no more…

    But instead of going on about how sad this is and how great you made the last comic with breaking the fourth wall I will simply point out some of stuff that made 2P Start so great:

    * The Layout. This can’t be stated enough. Having the panels vertical and large is brilliant and suits the media (computers and the web) perfectly. Before I read 2P Start I thought the definition of webcomic was simply a comic in its traditional form put on the web. But you guys have redefined webcomic – the vertical axis gives you the benefit of being able to read the comic without spoilering too many panels ahead, it’s intuitive, gives you more area and emphasis on the graphics and the possibility of making up a comic with 40+ panels, still good.

    * The small details. Having a larger format gives you more space to put in those small subtle references that me, and probably other fanatics of shows like LOST, are eager to track down and find. The extra effort you put into the comics and the extra effort we as fans take to remember past comics and noticing details sure pays off as satisfaction. And this goes even beyond the comic to how the logo changes with each update and other surrounding stuff.

    * The Style. The Creativity. Sure, this can be said for many webcomics but it truly feels that not only have you tried to distinguish yourself from other comics but you’ve also put a lot of emphasis on what 2P Start is and what it should be – all from the knubby elbows, recurring Sonic and videogame jokes to the vector art, website layout, the blog and the podcast. Along with that comes the interaction between you guys and the fans which makes me feel that Tim and Ray are actually real. Good job!

    Sometime in the future there should be a museum with all your comics framed and put up a wall. Or at least a book, I would buy that. πŸ™‚ (although the media transition would be difficult)

    It’s been a great trip! To the tune of the ending song from Super Mario 64 in my speakers I just want to say to you… Thank You!

    — Oscar aka paq, a huge fan and a reader since comic #1 from Stockholm, Sweden

    • BigMomma says:

      You have something there with a published book! I would buy one too.

    • BigMomma says:

      I have read every comic since #1 and listened to all the podcasts. I think you guys are amazing!! What you accomplished was really fantastic. After reading all these comments, it is clear that you have impacted a whole bunch of folks in such a positive way. Their affection speaks volumes!
      I too am going to miss seeing your fun artwork and enjoying your sense of humor each week. What do I have to look forward to on Monday nights now? : ( I wish the both of you much success in whatever you do. You are very unique people with very special gifts and your sharing them has made the world a better place.

  120. SuperVegeta says:

    I could go on and on about what everything you guys have done has meant to me, but that could fill pages. So I’m just going to resign myself to say, “Thank you for the 3 years of entertainment. I wish you both luck in your future endeavors and hope to hear from you again.”

  121. C.Olimar788 says:

    That… was a great final comic. What a finale. Bravo. *applauds*

    Though it will be very sad to see you go, all great things end eventually. I wish you both the best of luck in future endeavors! And I am sure that 2P Start! will remain a great comic for many more to enjoy, and many, MANY, to look back on.

    Congratulations on the run! You guys are great.

  122. Freakality says:

    Wow, seriously guys, beautiful… I’m almost in tears, and no, i’m not afraid of saying it.

    Rising from the grave here (I posted just one other time and it was when you announced the comic was ending), I’ve followed the comic since #13, and since then, it was probably one of the best webcomics out there for a lot of reasons, the amazing art, the most of the time unoffensive, but still awesomely funny jokes, and of course… Heart Man.

    I won’t mention more, because I think this comic pretty much sums it all up in a really artsy, classy and beautiful way. I will always fondly remember this epic webcomic and every laugh it got out of me, so for you, Ray, Tim…

    2P WINS!

    [spoiler]Oh right!… This comic used to be good… Aw man!… *cries*[/spoiler]

  123. Jarkes says:

    Wow… that was really sad… The real clincher, though, was seeing THE REAL RAY at the very end.
    Well, I guess this is goodbye… So what are you guys doing after this?

  124. thekickawesome says:

    1) Absolutely beautiful. I cried again. Curse you.
    2) Before loading the comic, I had to close my eyes and savor my last moment of ignorance. My heart stopped upon opening my eyes.
    3) Ray… you are looking pretty durn good.
    4) The comic preview background was awesome. Love it.

    I love you guys and I love this comic so much. I’m sad that it’s ending, but I hope you guys both go on and do great things: together and alone.

    Thank you so much for the laughs guys, you don’t know how much it has all meant to me.

  125. Dominator_101 says:

    Well, I must say… As sad as I will be that the comic is ending, I understand. I will miss you, 2P START! Tim, Ray… Good luck with wherever life takes you. And even though 2P START! is ending, it will always live on… In our hearts…

    Okay, just pretend I didn’t say that last line…

    But seriously, thanks for the laughs over the years. It’s been great.

  126. .|beta says:

    …Oh, sure, axe the comic JUST as I’ve risen from my grave… ;~;

    I dunno about you guys, but I feel like 171 is a weird number to discontinue something at, but…hey. It was a good, well-played run. Imma gonna miss this on Thursdays…

    *sniff* Gee, thanks, NinjaMouse. I have that song playing right now and it’s making me feel so sad. T^T

    Ah. It was great while it lasted. I guess that this is bye, then. :’3


    • .|beta says:

      And if you never make Pixel Vision into a real game, I’ll never forgive you, Ray. X’D

  127. cronobreaker says:

    Tim and Ray, well done on your fantastic web comic series and your highly entertaining podcasts. I’ve been following weekly for well over a year now and just want to thank you for all the fun, inspiration & entertainment.

    Best of luck for the future guys!

    (Melbourne, Australia)

  128. Kilburn says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Very heartwarming. Congratulations on making it this far and good luck for the future you two. Tim, Ray…. So long and i hope all of us cross paths again when your next project hits. The fans, the two of you, EVERYONE!

    -Quinton K

    • Kilburn says:

      Also, CONGRATURATION! A WINNERS ARE YOU! VICTOLY! You have earned the title of “Worl’d Storongest”! And any other obscure engrish / typos / mistranslations i forgot from game endings.

  129. Justin278 says:

    I cried.

  130. Gordon says:

    I’ve only ever commented once on this site. Maybe twice, but I feel that this ending did justice to 3 years of great material. While we fans are sad its over, we will continue to look forward to any other creative projects either of you two think about doing and as long as there’s twitter we’ll know. Thank you both for providing so much entertainment at the cost of your money, time, and energy. This was truly a great comic in a over-saturated world of gaming comics that did a great job of standing out and having a great humor style unlike any other comic out there. I wish both of you great luck in any future endeavors whether they be creative or not. Thank you guys so much for the comic and we all look forward to 2p start’s final podcast.

    Thanks for the laughs.

  131. Anon. says:

    (plays Taps)

  132. snakeisninja says:

    I think that it’s good the way it is. It would have been to much of a giveaway if you had the number of comics reaveled. You did show half of the 1 so it let us know it was most likely in the “100s” and it helped the plot thicken and more specuulation to arise. As you said on your last podcast, youwere trying to make us take it seriously, and prepare us for something big, without reaveling it fully. Anyway, on an unrelated note, Ray, you have seen this, right?
    Just to clarify, The Lupine one found it not me.
    however I just found this (It begins to discus sonic 4 at 12:14)
    honestly at first I truely belived that it was a joke, (sort of like when I refused to accept all of your hints that the comic was ending) but it’s real. Looks like SEGA finally heard your shouts of protest (probably your rant about Sonic 4:
    http://www.2pstart.com/2010/04/06/2p-start-live-quick-and-disastrous-edition/) and decided to do something about it. Oh, and I just noticed Tim saying “this is a sign that 2pstart must die” in the podcast! Wow you guys really gave us alot of hints…makes me feel dumb for not picking up on it until comic 170 when you anounced it.

    • TheLupineOne says:

      And I thought the kicker would be that Ray would be working for SEGA to improve Sonic 4.

      Hopefully this means they’ll change the Special Stage music…

  133. snakeisninja says:

    just found a good musical misfit (as a bonus it’s pretty touching once it gets going)

  134. Tailskirby6 says:

    So I guess this is my only comment on 2P START! then. I wasn’t really around long- I only discovered the site from Matthew’s guest comic, and I’ve read through the archives and listened to only a few of the podcasts since then. I’m somewhat sad to see this comic end, but I’m glad it ended the way it did and not with a Next button that leads to nowhere. I liked the symbolism of the lines of past 2P START! comics fading away, and those pictures of Ray at the end are great, even if they may be slightly paradoxical. Tim and Ray, I thank you for these great three years of 2P START!, even if I haven’t been around nearly as long, and I wish you good luck in your future endeavors. This may be 2P FINISH!, but I hope that you’ll be able to have a good time and go on to 2P CONTINUE! the rest of your lives…
    It’s been a good run, 2P START! Far from Game Over, I think this is the start of a new beginning in its own way…

  135. snakeisninja says:

    for some reason one of my comments is awaiting moderation
    why isn’t it showing up?

  136. Burnflare says:

    Well you two, you had a good run. This is and probably always will be my favorite webcomic on the internet. Thank you for bringing me many lolz. And in conclusion…



  137. Cheeseball701 says:


    My favorite 2PStart memory will be when I had a stomach virus and all I did, bedridden, was listen to podcasts for 2 days straight you know between sleeping and pooping. Good company, Tim and Ray.

  138. O_o

    E… E… EPIC!

    On an unrelated note, why is your application bar rectangular? Mine is a trapezoid, and that was in both Leopard and Snow Leopard.

    • Ray says:

      It’s a built-in Mac preference named “Simple Dock” but is not actually selectable in the System Preferences. An application I use named CandyBar allows me to activate it.

  139. Draknero says:

    Hey, I’m another fan since the guest comic at BitF that’s finally rising from the grave. In these few months, I’ve seen each comic at least twice, and liked every moment of it. When I have more time, I’ll listen to the podcasts (and I hope you do a fourth season). Generic message: Thanks for all the laughs and joy you guys did to me and my little brother. I wish success in everything you do, including finding a Miley for Ray and taking good care of Lilly, amongst other things.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done!

    PS:This was asked earlier, and I’m curious, what does the symbol in Ray’s T-shirt means?

  140. The Gastronomic Gamer says:

    So this is the end, huh? The last comic I can make a comment on and hope it gets comment of the week? (Unless of course you continue the podcast, which I, though part of a minority of listeners, would be eternally grateful for)

    I think I’ve grown along with 2P Start! It was one of the first webcomics I started reading. First Wigu, then Overcompensating, Scarygoround, then Extralife, then Dueling Analogs, then 2P Start!. After reading through the archive in a day, I bookmarked it immediately and came back every week for another great joke among dozens of smaller jokes nestled in the background. I think that’s what I liked about 2P Start! back when it USED to be good. Just looking throughout Dr. Mario’s office was like expecting a plain donut and getting Bavarian cream. What was special was the fact that other comics had a set-up and a punchline while 2P Start! was throwing punchlines at you while it was setting you up, so even if the ultimate joke was a failure, you were still laughing at something.

    When I started listening to the podcast, I had already been reading the comic for a while, but as soon as I heard the latest one, if I remember correctly it was the one with Kamella’s music from Mario Galaxy for Trivia for You, I was hooked. After a few more weekly episodes, I went back and listened to the archive in a couple of days. After listening to all the episodes, I started listening to other podcasts because I realized what a great medium it was when done correctly. I still listen to the podcasts on my walks to school. I sometimes listen to them during gym class and laugh out loud with my headphones on. The rest of the class has gotten to a point at which they hardly notice it anymore. I still remember the day when I entered the contest for the person who loved 2P Start! the most. I was a runner-up and to this day I think you chose wrongly. Look over the applicants’ comments again and you may change your mind. I still long for the embrace of the cottony plush of the t-shirt prize.

    I joined the forum community at 2P Start! for a short while, trying to jump-start every thread, but it didn’t last for long. There weren’t enough members to keep it going at a good pace. After a month or so, I abandoned it, not because I didn’t like when people replied, but because it seldom happened. 2P Start! was beginning to fall apart at the time.

    You guys stopped playing games as much. I started to look at my habit and question it seriously for the first time. Tim had a baby. I started getting a social life, friends that I could do things with other than chat with on AIM. I got passionately into music. Music was talked about in a few Off-Topics and I knew exactly what you guys meant, I wished that you could keep having those segments. Everything had its parallel.

    Now it’s ending, with just one for-sure podcast. I’m going to college in the Fall. I’m leaving everything that I’ve ever known and I’m ecstatic. Video games are fading from the focus of my life. I’m an actor now. I’m starting to really love life, love what I’m doing. I wish that some things could go on, but moving on is almost always for the better. Don’t linger. Go be creative outside this medium you’ve trapped yourself in for the last 3 years. You’re free.

    Go on and become a successful songwriter, Ray. Do whatever you can to make yourself a great musical artist that the layperson will envy.

    Be the greatest dad, Tim. Do whatever you can to make Lily into a joyous toddler, into a smart, fun-loving kid, and a fulfilled adult. I don’t know what it’s like to be a father, but I know that Lily means the world to you. If you keep that in mind and think over the big decisions in your life, everything will come out better than hoped for.

    The one thing I ask at the end of all this:

    Don’t forget us and don’t forget me.

  141. RingmasterJ5 says:

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  142. Alex says:

    Wait. WAIT! You mean that right when I first find this site today, you guys end it? Am I like, evil or something? Darn. Well now I am going to read all of them. Thanks for making these!

  143. Chaos Kiwi says:

    I cried for a few minutes after reading this.

    This was one of my favorite comics on the internet. I can’t believe it’s over. I started reading only a few months ago, but it feels like I’ve been reading much longer. But what did you guys mean by the end of weekly comics? I thought that it might mean there woul be more eventually. But it was just a dream. Oh well.

    I loved this comic, and you guys rock. I love the podcasts and music. Everything on this site was great. I hope I can still buy things in the store. I have one thing left to say to you, just as many other people have said,


    ~CHAOS KiWi

  144. Zantetsken says:

    I’m another guy who showed up from Brawl in the Family since the guest comic and read it from start to finish. I didn’t find the art or writing here too amazing… You guys joked about how all the comics would look identical if this were a daily comic, but I think the drawings of Tim and Ray DO look like copy+pastes. But I did get some smiles and occasional laughs here. The “daily comic” was one of the ones to make me laugh (“oh brother”) and that Heart Attack one was just plain witty. The “Pokemon Black and White” one was also very good. I guess I’d call this series hit and miss rather than “most epicly amazing, groundbreaking, legendary webcomic” like some seem to be saying. Anyhow, whether I laughed or not, thanks for the consistent amusement on Thursdays. Good luck with your future projects.

  145. padraig08 says:

    you know what, this is awesome. I thought the end of 2P Start would be depressing, and in a way it is. But, this was the perfect ending. Not many people get to do stuff like this, only the few who aren’t bent on making sequels or deny letting go of something they have grown close to. This was really for the fans, for the art, and for 2P Start altogether. Ray and Tim have an immense amount of respect for not only 2P Start, but us the audience. Thank you guys, for possibly the most genuine and professional webcomic I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Keep on keeping on.

  146. DJDragon10 says:

    2 things:
    first, its akward how i joined the website just in time for it to “end”.
    and 2, as a great man once said, “But things never really end, do they?”

  147. Dusekkar says:

    Great quote at the end. -writes down-

    -salutes- You shall be missed.

  148. Victorioso says:

    I’m sure you are all wondering, what happens next?

    Will Ray and Tim still be friends? Will they still do things together? Will Tim ever wear his beanie again?

    I’ve found that the answer to all those questions lies inside issue #104, and is in fact, yes.

    But Tim’s beanie becomes black. I think black might have become the new brown.

  149. Maks says:


  150. Narnian says:

    It has been a wonderful three years guys. Thank you for everything! πŸ™‚

  151. Gamer Blue says:

    I just wanted to comment on the last comic on the day it came out. My farewell to comics will be tomorrow. VNLCG. (Very nice last comic, guys)

  152. GA-B1-G5 says:

    My very first comment,

    I started reading 2P START! a few months ago, when I saw it mentioned on Kotaku. I was hooked immediately, and read everything from the beginning in a matter of hours. Ever since then, I’ve waited on pins and needles for the next comic to be posted.

    2P START!, you will be dearly missed.

  153. Oliby says:

    I can’t really believe this is the end. This song is how I feel about it. But you know, the last comic was great and I wish you the best of luck to you two. I only wish that we the readers can do something to thank you. The only I can do is comment, which probably gets boring to read.

    • Oliby says:

      Dear 2P Start!,

      I can’t believe you’re ending and didn’t even respond to my last letter! Before I lock myself into a closet and cry for a week, I want to declare all the greatness that is 2P Start!

      2P Start fought for freedom in an age of repressive Internet Police, runs the only successful market fund that appreciates at a rate of 3.14 swimming pools annually, and saved a bus full of Penguins by raising awareness of Mario’s criminal behavior.

      I want to have eggs with this comic, and so does every Birdo in the world. It prevents cancer in small children from by warning of cancer causing ink and saved thousands from a hideous death of dysentary, though it did fail at curing Grandpa’s elbow tumor.

      This comic is so intelligent, it created the electron microscope just so that fans could pore over ever hidden detail. 2P Start is some amazing, it evens burns fat and tighten abs without any exercise.

      Finally, 2P Start is just so great, it can hold the entire universe and my heart in a single giant six fingered hand while also giving all the die-hard fan a giant middle finger at the same time.

      Green Greens, Popstar

      PS: When I said I want to have eggs with 2P Start, I mean talk over a breakfast of scrambled eggs. I’m afraid I don’t speak for Birdo though.

  154. Volt875 says:

    Though I have never left a comment I have read the comic for quite some time. Although I am saddened by the end of 2p-start. I will never forget you guys. Good luck in everything you do Tim and Ray.

  155. elah says:

    Sniff. Goodbye. Sob. This was the best. Tear. I love you guys.

    Goodbye. I will miss you both so much.

    Best regards, Elah

  156. Sky says:

    As I type, I am drawing a tribute to 2P Start.

    This site has literally has brought me through emotional problems, I’ve fallen in love and found myself heartbroken. Well, since you’re leaving the comics up (if I understood correctly), I will never be tired of the great, awesomeness that is 2P Start.

  157. Gamer Blue says:

    Also a note for Tim and Ray, you should check out Brawl in the Family. It was amazing.

  158. tustin2121 says:

    This was EPIC! The Third panel medley awesomeness is just epic! I love how the wire frames fade in and out. πŸ˜›

    Oh yes, and can’t forget: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! 2PSTART IS ENDING!!!! HAS ENDED!!!! πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

    I almost cried with those inspirational words, Tim, Ray. Those are words to live by! Just stick in ANYTHING in place of 2PSTART in those sentences and you have yourself a great speech for anything: graduation, employee roast, going away parties, ends of WEBCOMICS! Beautiful words!

    Now I must also ask, what will become of the site? Will the forums still run? How long will you guys be willing to pay to keep the site up? Will the mini blog still be updated in the site’s archival state?? Where will you guys go on the internet?

  159. racefreak265 says:

    I can’t believe it over! I will really miss reading new comics in the mornings on Thursdays, but maybe we will get a podcast now and then? (Please?) Anyways, it’s been a great time following you all the past 2 years since I discovered you all here, and I’ve loved every moment of it. (Yes, even Mario steroids). I wish you all the best of luck in your futures, and that I hope you will still keep in touch with the fans occasionally.

    Thanks for the memories,
    – racefreak265

    P.S. – Good luck with all the grave risers (if you choose to do so in the next podcast)!

  160. DJDragon10 says:

    while i liked this comic, i must say im kinda pissed off dissapointed about this website ending. ive read all your comics for a year and a half, and went back to see the ones that had already been made, but i didnt make an account until i was sure i couldnt prove myself wrong.
    also, i liked the effect of having the comic be less and less drawn until they finally just faded away to never be seen again, except in our memories… (and the comic archive). thank you, Tim and Ray, for all the memories laughs! It’s been a good run, and its time for you guys to take a break…

  161. legowego says:

    Well, looks like you are dieing just like Kirby and Pikachu Super Show and Plumber Stories. Goodbye, cya. Last words until next time: 2P Re-start fancomics.

  162. Rusty says:

    well I’m misty-eyed.
    this is an overly emotional week, with my personal school issues, an end to LOST – and by extention and end to Jears- and now this. ugh,

    Glad you could go out the way you wanted as opposed to dragging along and letting comments get to you and trying to appease idiots instead of drawing what makes you happy.

    Please, in the updated archival mode, keep us up to date with present projects…like the soon to be announced all Pixel Vision site!!

    Recently grave-risen, Rusty

  163. RedZone says:

    “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”–The Dark Knight

    I only started reading about two months ago. Was definitely sad to see this is already ending…

    T’was a more than amazing read though. And I’m glad you guys ended it when you did, because…

    Look at Garfield. For an astounding twenty years, Jim Davis pumped out funny and original comics day after day. But after that point, it went pretty downhill because the comic’s jokes and patterns are pretty much all used up. In the recent years they’ve managed a bit of freshness now that Jon and Liz are dating, but even that freshness will only last so long. On the whole, modern Garfield is now funny only for people who haven’t read the previous comics (and even that is questionable at times). For longtime fans, there’s nothing in the new comics that hasn’t already been done.

    I imagine, too, that Jim Davis’s schedule is much more packed than it was when he started the comic–that’s why he now has a staff do the actual inking, coloring etc. while he really only does the rough sketches. He went through the entire process of roughing, inking and polishing the comic all by himself for the first few years, but at some point, he found himself managing a popular icon, with all sorts of logistics, politics, business stuff and such, which depleted his time to dedicate to the comic itself. Even in the first 10-15 years of having to delegate, he kept the comic original and true to his vision for it, but that had to be difficult.

    The only way you guys would be able to keep 2P Start! going with your schedules now would be to hire a staff to bring life to your rough sketches/scripts. And for you guys, with as much creative juice and personality as you’ve poured into this comic in just these few years… I don’t think you guys would be able to bring yourselves to do that, nor would any of us be happy with the result. It’s good that it ends now. It started as Tim and Ray’s comic, and it’s ended as Tim and Ray’s comic. That’s the way it should be. It was a good run.

    I always liked that your comic was tasteful. Don’t get me wrong, the occasional dirty joke or violence rampage is funny, but when it’s constant it’s just kinda pointless. That’s the problem I have with certain other game comics on the web.

    Besides that, your comic, when it chose to be cynical, did it in such a way that even someone who disagreed with you could still manage to bust a gut.

    I wish I could think of some better things to say about 2P START! It was truly an amazing comic. But for one reason or another I can’t find the words. I think that’s because 2P START! is beyond words…in a good way.

    My favorite comic…The one where the Brawlers saved Christmas.

    Thanks for 2P START!, Tim and Ray.

    p.s. I couldn’t help but notice that the images of Tim & Ray in Tim’s Take look an awful lot like the images of you guys in the 2P START! logo. Which one inspired the other?

  164. bluedude says:

    Time to RISE FROM MY GRAVE! I found out about 2P START! when I was reading Brawl in the Family. Then I saw the link and clicked it. It was awesome! I read every single comic and heard a few podcasts. I will treasure this site forever!
    P.S I’m 12.
    P.S.S I like Sonic!

    • TheKickAwesome says:

      You like sonic? At this point, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not…

  165. bluedude says:

    P.S.S.S I KNOW WHAT A NAUTILOUS IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Highwater Trousers says:

    Well played guys. I cannot stress enough how great the ending is. A fantastic heartfelt message mixed with a transition to the real world makes for a incredible ending that ends the comic well. I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart and if you guys don’t mind, call you two my friends. If I can call you guys that, then thank you my friends. Maybe I’ll see one of you down the road?

  167. Darkspines22 says:

    Dear Tim and Ray,

    You’re comic brought me many laughs. You’re podcasts and comics was one of the highlights of my week.

    From the time I read the Brawl In The Family guest strip. The time I showed my friend that Megaman strip. The Time I read you’re 2p Start! guest strip for Brawl In The Family. The time I heard my grave rise being read off of the podcast (and Ray’s reaction to it). For all of the other memories you have brought me. For all of the memories you have brought to the readers and listeners. I say thanks. Thanks for everything Tim and Ray.

    Who knows? Maybe 2p Start! will come back. Maybe you guys will do comics every now an then. But as of right now, there are 171 comic masterpieces on your site. Each one having incredible artwork and writing. You’re 124 (and soon to be 125) hilarious podcasts that made me laugh and discover some of my favorite video game songs ever. I owe it all to you guys!

    So…well…thanks Tim and Ray. You guys don’t know how much us 2p Start! fans owe you. I shed a tear as I say-

    Farewell, 2p Start!

    But the comic and podcasts and 2p Start! in general will live on forever.

    PS-Tim-The credits music from Up was playing while I read this comic. It seems to fit the mood.

  168. Desymise says:

    I have to say. The art work in this most have took hours upon hours of hard intense work. And I loved every single comic ever. This site was… beautiful. Ray and Tim, Thank you for all the time you wasted for our laughter. Tim, I hope you Daughter has a excellent life. Ray, I hope you find your Miley. You know. I knew it was over in Now boarding. The messages were there. Ray, you should pursue a career of an artist. Ray and Tim, I hope you all stay friends. And I hope you gives us a podcast every now and then because you guys just have these interesting things to talk about. And stay strong Ray, Sonic 4 got delayed. As for Tim. I hope you win a DP contest. A life time amount. -Sincerely Desymise.

  169. Mirby says:

    What a great ending. While I’m sad that you’re ending the comic, I’m also happy with the way you ended it. Great work! I’ll miss the updates and everything.

  170. Paper_Banjokami says:


    It was a great webcomic, that I wish I was there for more than a month or two. This was an amazing webcomic, and to end it like this is a good way to end it.

    But if you got new people today, they would be all “WTF is with this?!”. Then the whole comic is ruined for them basically. Actually I chose a good time, if any, to start this site.

    I hope you guys still do something on the interwebz for us fans to enjoy. Because you owe us.

  171. kbknigon says:

    You’re going to have a hell of a lot of grave-risers with this one, me included. Firstly, the art in this comic is simply incredible. Go become a professional artist Ray. Do it.

    I’m going to miss this comic so much, so good luck in all your future endeavors. Maybe someday you’ll come back to the comic. We’ll all be here waiting.

    And one last thing,

    You guys USED to be good!

  172. JamBlur says:

    Thank you so much guys. It was a blast and I hope you go far in whatever the future brings for you.

  173. Dinosaur Rex says:

    Oh crap, this is the real deal.

    I wish you well, I’ll miss your comics, I hope you keep them online πŸ˜€

  174. Zoltan says:

    I’ll admit, I was in denial when all the clues were given of 2pStart’s end and was very upset to hear that in fact the end was nigh, but now with this bittersweet ending, I’m not anymore. While other web comics have just filtered away but still try to get stuff from the fandom they have (I’m looking at you VG cats, how dare you show up at my convention selling shirts when you haven’t updated in months) I’m actually glad that 2pStart quit while they were ahead. Now their memory isn’t tarnished by an awkward ending and everyone has been prepared to move on. I can only wish that other web comic creators will follow suit when they have had enough of their site. Not only is it honorable but shows great respect to the fans that have made them as popular as they are. I can only hope the podcast finally is just as good. Wish you guys best of luck.

    PS, a suggestion for the final podcast: I don’t think you guys have ever elaborated on just how you met and why you decided to start a web comic together. I think explaining that would go well with the theme of looking at the past and moving on to the future… just sayin

  175. Desymise says:

    @Zoltan They did actually. They said they meet through a site exchanging wii numbers. As for the comic. I think they both were bored one day or Ray or Tim said they wanted to start one.

  176. Zoltan says:

    Sorry about the double post but I just wanted to say that in honor of 2p Start’s memory I’m going to go through the entire archive one last time… another night, it’s late and I’m sleepy.

    Also, I noticed that in the final panel (that wasn’t a picture) the background has all of the icons of the comics you’ve made, when I noticed that I just seriously lost it and started bawling. It reminds me of why I love you guys and the great attention to detail people get with each of the comics…. *snif*

  177. ultimateDK says:

    Amazing end. I will miss this site dearly. I will still click on that bookmark and hope for a new update, even though I know the truth. Best to both of you.

  178. BubbleWrap says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the laughs and good times with both the comic and all the podcasts. I am sad to see the site go but i understand thanks again Tim and Ray.

  179. mkava says:

    Looking at all of the comments, it’s obvious you two made a huge impact on people’s lives. Thanks for all the memories, the laughs, and all that jazz. And that is one helluva way to end such an extremely high-quality project.

    Honestly, you two have really shown how valuable it can be the take the high road when it comes to creating something humorous and meaningful in today’s world. Removing the cursing, the blatant sex jokes and violence, and really just anything else that is ‘kid appropriate’ from your work has put an extreme amount of value into the project. Like one commenter said earlier in the lonnnnnng comment list, he and his younger cousins could read the same comic and laugh at the same joke. It’s something that can bridge generational gaps (after all, there are gamers in their 30s+ *looks at Tim*). So my hat is off to you on your all of your awesome work.

    Thanks again for everything. I respect and understand your decision to close up shop here and go work on your other life projects (Tim and his family, Ray and his future family πŸ˜‰ ). Best of luck to both of you and I hope to see a many interesting things from you in the future. Twitter and RSS feeds will probably help there =)

    Take care.
    So long and thanks for all the fish. =)

    • allpowerfuldet says:

      This just about sums all of it up. You guys have made a difference in the gaming community, and I hope you allow us to continue following whatever else you decide to do in the future. This feels a lot like the end of Seinfeld. Going out while you’re on top. Or…not at the bottom. Whatever.

      Also, I would like that last panel in wallpaper form. Words and all.

      Thank you, Tim and Ray. You feel like close friends.

    • Tim says:

      Hey! I’m 28!

  180. Apkinesis says:

    Still saving my formal 2P START goodbyes for Monday, so for now I say: very NCG. Not sure if it was Tim and Ray setting my expectations low during the previous Podcast or if the comic was simply epic in its own right (I’m guessing the latter), but awesome job on it guys! I’m hoping that next week’s comic will be just as awes… oh wait πŸ™ But seriously, great work and a very fitting final comic, and I’m not just saying.

  181. An Inspired Guest says:

    I was not a regular reader of the comic, only reading a few strips here and there, but I must say, this strip was absolutely beautiful and very well executed.

  182. koollizard says:

    Here’s a little farewell comic I made for you guys on my webcomic even though my art is not nearly as good as yours….


  183. Shiyo says:

    Dear Tim and Ray,

    I am taking this final opportunity to Rise from my Grave. This comment has been a long time coming and couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t post something, now that 2P is ending.

    I have been a loyal listener and reader since round about the Yule Log Edition of the podcast and around the same time period for the comic. I was introduced by one-time Suggestion Box winner Haniko. I have since thoroughly enjoyed your site, and want to sincerely thank you both for all the laughs and emotions the two of you have coaxed out of me.

    Tim, to you I would like to wish all the best for your wife and child. You have a bright future ahead of you and I wish you well. Thank you for all the great jokes, your soothing voice and for your insights into many aspects of life. Thank you for maintaining the site for so long. And yes, thank you for TIm’s Take.

    Ray, thank you for the gorgeous art you’ve thrown at us week after week, your wonderful wit and personality and for being such an endearing Sonic fan. You’ve gifted us with great podcasts week after week and always worked to make one better than the last. I’ve seen you grow as an artist and can only imagine what you’ll accomplish in the future. I’ve learned much from you.

    I’m sad that 2P is Stopping, but it shall forever be aLive! in my heart. Thank you both for allowing us to glimpse into the lives of two friends and to let us watch you both learn and grow. I hope to see the two of you collaborating on creative things in the future but most of all, never stop being friends. With 2P, you’ve created something beautiful, both off the site and on it, and in all of our hearts.

    I wish you all the best.


  184. Lonely says:

    2P Start has been a weekly read for me for over a year as when I was little I was always Player 2. Its sad to see you go, but I’m glad you put thought into it and gave it a very good proper ending. So many just walk away, I’m glad you are closing and locking the door.

  185. vlad3163 says:

    I’m always sad to see a comic go, especially one like yours. Take care guys, and thanks for doing what you do.

  186. Carwyn S says:

    I just had to leave something on here, mainly because I started to well up inside as I read this D: And well I guess a little part of me wanted to thank you guys for making such an awesome web comic πŸ˜€

    Wish you all the best for the future guys and I’ll always have my memories ^_^

    Bye :'(
    Carwyn, Wales πŸ™‚

    • Carwyn S says:

      And yerrp I had to finally sign up even though now it’s a bit late πŸ™

  187. Tacos says:

    Thank you for all your hard-work and effort for this comic. Time and time again, you brought a smile to my face on those glorious Thursdays and for that, you have been an important part of my life for the past three years. I wish you both the best in your future endeavors.

    Your very own Pokemon legend is about to unfold! A world of dreams and adventures awaits!

  188. Desymise says:

    3rd, and final comment. But I wanted to show you guys a little tribute I made. For all of the memories.

  189. blackhole5 says:

    Hey guys. I just joined the forum just so I could “Rise from my Grave.” I just wanted to thank you for all the great laughs and memories like countless other fans have done. This has been the greatest webcomic of all time! Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.

  190. Sponge760 says:

    We miss you, 2P START! :'(

  191. Rokai says:

    Please do one last chicken grab in the last podcast.

  192. Vinicius says:

    you will be missed. I can’t believe its over

  193. jd56970 says:

    Nice Comic Guys,

    I haven’t been here for long and just made my account a few minutes ago but my time here was great, my first comic that i read was #55 which i had thought was hilarious especially because i had been playing Patapon at the time. One of the funniest comics i can remember is #122, Big Announcements, which still makes me and my brother laugh. And ever since then, i found some way to read your newest comic every wednesday (until it changed to thursday, which frightened me at first when there was no new comic) whether it be using the DSi’s really slow browser or asking someone if i could borrow their web-enabled phone so i could “call my mom”. After spending countless hours reading your comics and all my feeble attempts to read all the comments (got about a quarter of the way through with this one!) it feels like i’ve really grown up with all of you and that we’re all part of some kind of 2P START! family but sadly and unfortunately it is breaking up, but not in the sense of something like a divorce but more like the young birds leaving the nest…(i guess, I’m tired)…but alas I’m rambling now…
    it was a tear-jerking and bitter-sweet ending but nevertheless amazing you’ve warmed this alaskan’s heart, farewell 2P START!


    P.S. i noticed the icons from each of the comics faintly in the background in the white part, but i kinda had to tilt my computer…

  194. Anonymous says:

    Though I’ve only been reading for about a year, I’m still be sad to see you guys go. Thanks for everything.

  195. Anon. says:

    Game over, man!
    Game over…

  196. Uber Spycrab says:

    No, thank you for everything. What more can i say?

  197. kfdwiki says:

    2P Start!……A comic of the ages………Something to bring a smile to my face…….long…..gone……whenever I read Brawl in the Family, I will forever think of you…..

    I love you guys.

    R.I.P. and may the many years left of your life be fulfilling.

  198. Heavenly Spoon says:

    Love the art in the last panel, very realist… oh, that’s you. Hehe…

    Yeah, sad day and all. I still remember reading through the comic archives when there were only 13 comics, laughing, totally forgetting about the site, remembering the site a year later but being unable to remember the name and then accidentally coming across it again about a year ago. Good times, good times.

    I hope you guys will keep on doing some sort of podcast. As one of those people insane enough to listen to all the podcasts (albeit whilst playing games or doing other stuff most of the time), I can say it will be truly missed, probably more than the comic. I hope the last one’s beyond epic (it better be!).

    Goodbye from Belgium. Have fun doing other things in life!

    PS: You need a picture of Tim somewhere to compensate. We can’t just have Ray’s face in the archives, can we?

  199. Amorin Uzuki says:

    Thanks for all from Spain, your “the end” was amazing!

    Goodbye for the best webcomic in all the Internet! I miss you!

  200. zotec says:

    r.i.p 2p start

  201. zotec says:

    [/spoiler]the last comic ever in 2p start on a thursday (friday in the other side of the world)
    why why why end it now

  202. Daniele says:

    The German Guy you mention in one of the Podcast saith quiet: “TschΓΌss”

  203. no hay nick libre says:

    Another spanish fan saying goodbye to his favorite webcomic ever.At least you ended it with a great finale.

    Also,i’m really offended that 2PSTART! doesn’t have a TV tropes page.That must be fixed

  204. SuperVegeta says:

    I also forgot to mention, the artwork was epic in this one Ray. I don’t know what you were talking about in the podcast about “don’t expect the greatest artwork” This was awesome.

    As an after thought, I think it would be really cool to have a wallpaper made with a bunch of your characters all clustered together waving good bye and maybe standing around a 2P Start! logo or something. It’d give things a nice closure.

  205. Jcfreak says:

    I know you guys are getting a lot of grave risers for your last comic, so I hope you don’t mind me adding on another one. I’ve been reading your comic regularly for about a year now and I’ve read every comic of you guys’ repeatedly. I have to say it’s been a blast, I don’t know anyone else that regularly produced good, clean comics for as long as you did with such amazing artistic style. My favorite comic has to be #128, I’m a huge Lost fan. Of course, I’m a huge Sonic fan too so any comic with Sonic in it was an automatic win.

    I’m going to miss your comic Tim and Ray and though I’m sad to see you go, I wish you both best of luck in your future endeavors. 2P Start will always remain a fond memory. This week’s comic is no different. This has to be one of the best endings I have ever seen for any comic, maybe one of the best endings for anything. I practically shed a tear, it was really moving. Plus the way you spread the line art throughout the panels. Or panel I should say. It’s incredible, words can hardly describe it.

    So best of luck guys and may God bless you both. RIP 2P Start.

  206. DaPatman says:

    Wow. Just… wow.

    Okay, I’ll admit it: this comic hasn’t always been as good as it could have been, but you guys sure know how to do a finale. In fact, out of all the webcomics I’ve read that were properly finished, rather than simply dying from lack of updates, this one had the best ending. You should be proud of yourselves, especially, since I’m comparing you favourably to 1/0 in that last sentence, and that was a masterpiece.

  207. Carnivore_Apple says:

    On the “the end is near now” comic i had already posted this but i don’t think anybody saw it…
    Here is my surprisingly fitting musical misfit:

    I still can’t believe it…

  208. DrOswald says:

    Great end to the comic guys. We couldn’t ask for more.

    But please do post whatever projects the two of you happen to be working on. Even though 2p Start is on it’s death bed, I will always be a fan of Tim and Ray.

  209. Shadax_Beoluve says:

    Another riser from the grave. All I can say is I started reading at the Mr. Game & Watch comic and haven’t looked back. I may not be even remotely close to being a die hard fan, but I was a fan none the less and wish the best of you all. I will jump in every so often to see if you randomly update for nothing else than hope you make a glorious comeback down the road.
    Until then, I will be reading these archives and remembering the jokes I saw. Best wishes to you both, and fond memories follow all us fans.

  210. DocScott says:

    This is a great ending to this comic, it was sad, happy, and awesome looking. I hafta say though, I’m gonna miss it. It was one of my favorites.

  211. Smore Ninja says:

    Let it be known that 2p Start Comic # 172 would have been so good that not only would it get you an invitation to the White House but it would also get an invitation to be publicly awarded in the Canadian House of Commons and not only that it would end all hatred among men! Perhaps some other awards and what-not. Since that won’t be happening I can only say great ending.

  212. RockingMonk says:

    πŸ™‚ Fitting that I’m so lazy that I’ve been here since the beginning and yet failed to ever comment prior to the end. That being said, let’s continue, shall we?

    Tim, Ray, thank you. For all your effort bringing a little joy into my, as well as many others’, life. I can’t speak for others, but the last three years for me have been rather turbulent, and coming here, seeing a joke I could relate to…even on my worst days it brought a smile to my face. And of course, we have them all to look back on. I am glad you two did decide to exit on a high note, rather than drag it all back down. I, for one, know how hard it is to walk away when the time is right, because of simple human nature that wants to ride it all the way to the bitter end. Bravo for leaving only the good memories for us.

    I wish you two the greatest luck in your future endeavors, and know that you have legions of fans hoping for the best for wherever the road takes you.

    I suppose a suggestion for music would be appropriate…
    I’d say this is appropriate for you guys.

    Thanks Tim. Thanks Ray.

    P.S. If remixes count, this and this popped into my head first. πŸ™‚

    And for the future I can only offer this advice.

    Good run, guys.

  213. SuperVegeta says:

    Sorry if anyone posted this already. There are just too many comments to look over. BitF did a nice tribute farewell for 2P Start!

    It’s really pretty funny. πŸ™‚ The name of the ship is great. πŸ˜€

  214. ReMiX says:

    Good luck guys. Be proud of what you accomplished

  215. toiletmunger says:

    WHOA! Real life Tim!

    • trakmiro says:

      Ummm… no offense, but isn’t that Ray? Note the spiky hair, red shirt, and lack of brown beanie.

  216. JohnW says:

    Anyone notice that the “white” background is made out of archive icons? On the subject of icons, the latest 5 comic’s question marks have been replaced?

    Also, Tim, Ray, be proud of what you’ve achieved. You are my role models. You proved you can go into your 20’s and still, to an extent, enjoy videogames.

    • mkava says:

      Here here! Not to piggy back on John Watts’ great comment, but you two have truly done something amazing and astonishing with this project. Thank you soooo very much. =]

  217. ShadScy says:

    …Wow. I’m really going to miss this comic, it’s been one of the highlights of my week for about a year so far.

  218. hey soul sister says:

    damn you bitf if you never linked me here i would have never had to see a great web comic thank you to 2p start tim ray and harvest of time comic all rock so i just want to say one last emo thing :: WHHHYYY!!!!!!!!!????????!?!? ATLEAST PUT THE COMICS ON YOUTUBE OR GOOGLE OR GIVE TO BITF SO MATT

  219. Luigi fan says:

    First of all, shame on me for commenting late, and second, really great ending. I’ve really enjoyed going to this site, and I will continue to. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  220. Sir Bladington XIII says:

    I don’t care if it wasn’t funny, the ending was beautiful. I’m glad that even with the comic ending, you can find a way to make the comic unique. I’m glad I read this comic, even if it wasn’t for all that long.

  221. Warren says:


  222. Peofin59 says:

    I’ll make this clear; This is not a satisfactory ending to the comic. At all. Since the end began, this comic has been only a shell of its former glory, not having a single joke, or anything that can make one smile like a good webcomic should. 2P Start is, as of the last few strips, a disgrace. I understand that you now have more important things to do, and I respect that, but I must say, this is the single most disappointing ending I’ve seen in years.

    • Retl says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you Peofin59, but there were a few microjokes sprinkled in the details here and there. I can’t say I’d feel any better if they’d had done their usual kind of comic and then left it as “the end”. For them to end it on one really big build-up joke comic would also take the time and resources they’re stopping the comic to acquire (and for those who didn’t find the final build-up joke comic funny, it’d end up the wort ending to a webcomic ever).

  223. poketama says:

    I’ve been with you guys for the last 15 months, first time commenting. Thanks for being bros guys and making a great comic.

  224. MAD_BOY says:

    Thursdays will never be the same again. Thanks for so many great comics.

  225. Oliby says:

    One last thing, I have to commend both of you, Tim and Ray, for being such responsible role models on the Internet and building a community based on decency.

    With all the cursing, ad hominen attacks, and hate fill comments left on so many site, I’m glad 2P Start has a base of nice people.

  226. JSG says:

    Congrats guys. You guys were my inspiration, but all good things will. I cried.
    I will miss em all. The puns. The jokes. The art. And most important. The whole site.
    Good luck to you guys. Even if this place dies. There will be spot in my heart.Wheter its gone, I’ll still like it. Good luck, good bye.

    P.S. I like future Tim’s hair. :3
    P.S.S. This better be a joke/lie comic or I’ll be mad.

    • Gadoink says:

      Sad to say it, but it’s no joke.
      The end is here now, 2P START has died…

  227. Retl says:

    I’m a little sad to see the comic go, but I’m glad you’ve guys have done the work you have. The Noah comic will go down in internet history, and I have a new Yoshi wallpaper for all my PCs that knocked the block off of older wallpaper I’ve had for years. This one’s going to be sticking with me for a good while yet.

    For me, though. The show’s not over until the final podcast. And that’s something I might get a little emotional over (before I listen to all of them again from the start).

  228. IcarusTA says:

    Man… it’s such a coincidence that, while I was reading the last comic, I was listening to earthbound “Smiles and tears” (anybody who played the game, or at least played brawl, might know wich music is). And damm, it fitted the emoction of this comic so much!

    Good work with all the comic guys, awesome finish. Hope to see any other kind of work from any of you later ^^

  229. kerouacCat says:

    D; That almost made me cry… wait, what’s that? OMG I THINK THAT’S A SINGLE TEAR.

    No, but yeah, this comic was awesome.

    Hope you guys have fun with your future projects, be they webcomics or not (you know, like real life stuff, like families and whatnot).

  230. Drake says:

    I have a suggestion: Change the button under the comic that says “Latest” to “Last.” It would look better and go with the ‘First” button, and it will give the entire comic a better sense of continuity. Just something to think about.

  231. trakmiro says:


    Go to this forum if anyone wants to rant/vent/plead for more. And yes, I know there is already a forum here, but we’ll spare that one from another “COME BACK PL0X!” or “AWWW MAN!” thread.

    • trakmiro says:

      You know what, never mind. I guess some facepunch people don’t know good art/humor/taste when they see it.

  232. Nyctea says:

    I started reading this comic months ago, and I feel that now that it’s ending, I should finally comment.
    I’m sad to see it conclude, but maybe it’s for the best (Keep it while it’s good.)
    The comics were fun (And still are), and I’m glad the site will stay so I can look back at my favorites.
    …Between the comics and the Podcasts, I certainly laughed a lot!

    But this was a fantastically pulled-off finale. I’m at least happy it didn’t stop abruptly like other comics are forced to do.

    Good luck, Tim and Ray!

  233. NaturalChemical says:

    Wow. I’m sad that it had to end, but that was a wonderful ending. However… it didn’t actually conclude the story, just the comic itself. It was worth it, but I still feel like the characters are left hanging there.

    Oh, and any chance of getting that last panel as a wallpaper?

  234. lwelyk says:

    I’ve been gone for a looooooong time, but I wanted to stop by and say that it’s a shame to see the comic gone. Thanks for all the good times guys.

  235. SuperSonicGoku says:

    Goodbye, 2Pstart. You will be missed. I’ve been around for about 10 months, and I will miss all of this. Tim’s word’s in the middle really made me teary eyed. It’s been a great run.

  236. Natsuiro says:


    I got to know this site LAST MONTH!
    And you just end it? D:

    …ok, just joking. The show must go on and whatever, sooo what I really have to say is what was already spoken a LOT in this page.

    Good job, you two. You two gave a meaning to “lol”
    Someone said that if anything you ever did changed someone’s life to better, you did good.

    HeartMan and Noah being a trainer is a common thing said among me and my friends so yes. you two did good.
    Very good.

    Btw, sorry for my poor english (:

  237. ParodyKnaveBob says:

    Good end.

    Kind of an EarthBound/Mother feel to it, really. (Like, we’ve given you all this funny stuff, and let’s lead it up to something that really -means- something. With a sort of metaphysical this-really-could-be-what-Tim-said-to-Ray ponderance. And isn’t at all what you were expecting. But even then, it won’t be 100% heavy-hearted. And let’s shatter any remnants of a fourth wall while were at it!)

    The semi-wireframe collaged revisits were lovely (in concept, execution, and sentiment). The final couple panels were an -exquisite- metaphor.

    Thank you for ending 2P START! just exactly the way you did.

    Brandon W. Horton
    $:^ )

  238. srkelley says:

    I’ve loved reading everything you guys have ever placed up here. It’s going to be sad to not have aa new 2P Start to look forward to. We also never did get to that boss fight with anti-alias :(. But go ahead and enjoy your freedom, keep us up-to-date on your new projects!

  239. Techno_the_Techie says:

    Thank you guys, i came on around the time that you guys made the guest strip for Bitf and have read it ever since. You guys did great and now i get to listen to your guys podcasts all the way through… kind of sad that this is the end for you guys, but if you both think its worth it, then good luck to you both in your 1P lives. I think that you two should add more to the websight one day, even if its in 5 years! Heck, The Rolling Stones have been around forever and still have fans and so would you. I wish the best of luck to you guys (again), but maybe now you guys could REALLY show how you make the comics? haha
    Im sorry that i wasnt here to read your comics from the very start because i would undoubtedly be your biggest fan
    but look out for my name in the future cause im gonna be big on the interwebs!

  240. Kavrn says:

    I found this site, sadly, as it ended. Following the tribute on BitF, I decided to read the whole comic from the start, and I must say, that was a few hours well spent. I loved reading this comic, and good luck to both of you in whatever you do next.

  241. kirbyfox says:

    Guys, I’m sure you’ll read a lot of these so I’ll finally give ya a goodbye. I don’t know when I first came here, but I think I started coming here after I saw one of your comics on GoNintendo. It was funny, in it’s own kind of humorous way, and I enjoyed reading it. I soon put you in my bookmarks and have came back every week to see what you came up with.

    I feel your pain, though. I took gave up my blog I had worked on for two years. We never had a big fanbase really, but it still was hard to do that last podcast and write the final article. I had formed so many friendships through the blog, and a lot of my friends told me they grew a lot from it. I’m tearing up now just thinking about it all!

    I’m sorry I didn’t have time to be a bigger fan of you guys. What you did, you truly cared about- much like my friends and I. I expect to see you guys showing up doing something else one day, just as my crew is slowly moving back towards wanting to do a podcast again.

    Best wishes guys for your future. I hate to see my bookmark going now :-(.

    James Gabbard aka Kirby Fox

  242. Mitchell says:

    Thank you for the wonderful comic! Best luck in your future endeavors!

  243. turtleboats01 says:

    thanks guys

  244. Alongtimefan says:

    I love it.

  245. jcstickraven says:

    oh no plz NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST STARTED READING THE COMICS!!! AND I ONLY GOT TO LISTON TO FIVE DAMN PODCAST!!!! YOUR THE ONLY REASON I GO ON THE INTERNET!!!(other than bitf :P) PLZ DON’T GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WHY DO SO MANY OF MY FAVORITE THINGS DIE ON ME?!?!?!? Please if you look back to the web site don’t think about yourself think about your fans?. YOUR MILLIONS OF HART BROKEN FANS!!! And your not even doing it for YOURSELVES?!?!? YOUR JUST DOING IT?!?!? AND TIM WHAT ABOUT YOUR POOL OF MONEY?!?!?! AND RAY WHAT ABOUT YOUR…um…sonic???? SO PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THINGS GOOD, JUST DON’T GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO PEOPLE AND ESPECIALLY D3VAN, UltimateDK, Freeplay, CKcheeseboy, Highwater Trousers, and everybody else DO A BARREL ROLE Na just kidding now for real this times…
    So people… JOIN ME!!!

  246. BenAdamson says:

    I think I’m actually about to cry. 2P Start has been a major thing in my life, I listen to the podcast every week on the bus, I read the comics as soon as they come out, and I have enjoyed nearly every single one of them. You guys, as well as the whole 2P Start community, are awesome.
    I’m not going to use this word lightly, just like any other random teenager, but this comic has been truly epic, in every sense of the word.
    Good luck in everything you do in life, I’m sure you’ll have realised that you have made a big difference to a lot of people.

    – BenAdamson

  247. My only regret is not reading this sooner. I am one of the many who come from reading BitF, and I usually take my sweet time picking up a new webcomic to read. I just read the entire run of this from start to finish in one sitting. I laughed, I cried, I was amused, I was horrified, my heart was warmed and I was given chills. Godspeed 2P Start, hopefully after this end comes a new beginning, one that I can experience from the start. And one last thing, I hope we can at least get a few more guest strips at BitF as needed, those are always fun. πŸ˜‰

    And now the last thing I shall say in my first post here…
    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

  248. Soren says:

    I’m rising from my grave!!!

    Whew! Now that that’s over with, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who was a part of 2P Start. For over a year, everything about this webcomic, from the actual comics to the comments and podcasts, has been a highlight of my day. So thank you, Tim and Ray, for making this awesome site which so many of us have appreciated. I wish you guys nothing but success in you future endeavors and hope to see you around the interwebs sometime in the future.

    Your Loyal Fan,

  249. Zoe says:

    Shame. It was good while it lasted. Bye 2P start. *waves*

  250. Scissors says:

    Even though it would have been kind of cool to have a kind of action-y finaly, this was even better. What it says is very true. Great job guys.

  251. ZerØ says:

    I really will miss 2pStart – greatest 3 years of my life. Three years I will never forget

  252. trakmiro says:

    Tim and Ray, are you even seeing all these comments? Nearly every single one is begging you to come back. I am too! You can’t leave us like this! Not now! Everything was just coming together again! I’ve been with you since the homestar comic and you just can’t quit now! I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll buy one of everything in your store! I’ll make you a pixel vision game! Puh-leeeease! DON’T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!

    Ok, got my cool back. But seriously, name whatever it is you want your fans to do and we’ll all deliver! Just don’t leave us!

  253. GMaster7 says:

    Ray and Tim,

    Thank you for all of the time and effort that you put into creating this awesome webcomic and the always-entertaining podcasts. You’ve done some great work here of which I’m sure that you are both very proud. Since I’m sad to see the comic go, I’m trying to look forward to whatever comes next – independent work, new collaborations, the inevitable reunion podcast… I’m hoping that you guys start to miss recording the podcast before too long and then decide to periodically record and post to the site. No weekly features, no comic talk… just gaming discussion. I think a lot of us would be very interested to hear from one or both of you around this year’s E3 and beyond as gaming continues to develop.

    Thanks again for everything, and good luck!

  254. ? says:


  255. Mighty183 says:

    Never realized how much I’ll miss reading 2P Start, til the first time it was truly absent from Joystiq’s Weekly webcomic wrap up. You guys always had my vote.

  256. Rayni says:

    That was such a wonderful ending. ;_; This couldn’t have been done any better. Congrats to both of you, and thanks for all the laughs.

  257. Jack L says:

    This is a sad day

  258. Kyzin says:

    I couldn’t imagine a better end. I can’t say I was fond of the whole story arc idea at first, but with this closing I simply can’t complain. Goodbye you guys, thanks for the memories.
    *cue sad music*

  259. Miki Suzaki says:

    This makes me sad. Also. RAY YOU LOOK NOTHING LIKE YOUR AVATAR!!! I HAVE BEEN LIED TO. kidding…I don’t think the Internet has given this much sincere love to a webcomic as this one has received. Farewell, and remember, you have won the Internets.

  260. Sheo says:

    it’s too bad just as i started reading this it dies….

  261. Burningrobot says:

    I cried a little πŸ™

    But thanks guys πŸ™‚

  262. Capgun says:

    well, I’ve been reading this comic since pretty much the beginning, and read every single one. I cant say I’m thrilled that it’s coming to an end, but I understand the need for it to happen. Thanks for all the laughs, and thanks for at least ending it in a very entertaining way.

  263. mrpineapplehead says:

    well my final words to 2p start are,

    thanks alot guys
    you made me fell great
    can not believe the show is done
    thanks so much for all the fun
    farwell 2p start!

  264. Dan says:

    just wanna say, i loved the comic. i started reading it around the time it started and you guys have made some fantastic strips. best of luck to you in your future endeavors and thank you for putting your time and effort into this for us.

  265. Stryker X says:

    Sigh… goodnight, sweet prince.

  266. Steffanio says:

    Never posted – always read

    thank you πŸ™‚

  267. TurboKalas says:

    Thanks guys! All the best for you and good luck with your lives.

  268. dj75728 says:

    I know I’m a little late, but farewell guys. I still wear my landmaster shirt with pride and will always remember the good times. Spamming comment boards, being a mod, the RP’s, and everything else. Good luck to the two of you with your lives and thank you for everything. This is Dj, signing out…..again…….

  269. Zero Confidence says:

    Wow, to think after 3 years, 2P Start! is over.

    I’ve been a big fan of the web comic back in 2007, I started watching about the 8th comic update and have seen every update ever since. It’s really sad to see something go, to end, to finish. All in all, it was a great 3 years, everything was so funny and well thought out and interesting. I still have lots more web comics to read, but to know that one I was devoted to seeing and checking up on every week for 3 years, it’s something I’ll just have to get used to. I’m looking at many of the old comics again, good times. Lots of time wasted in class reading comics when I should have been doing work, but it was well worth it. My friends in the same class wasn’t doing any better either as they were reading fireball20xl.

    Well good bye 2P Start, everything you two have done will be remembered for sure. Thank you!

  270. Macrosoft Windoors says:

    So, what comics are we left to read?
    Brawl in the Family
    VG Cats
    Ctrl Alt Del
    Penny Arcade

    And those are the good ones.

  271. Scotto says:

    Thanks guys. For the past few years I’ve been able to log in and laugh at jokes I know many of my friends and family wont get. Its something that has brightened my day no matter how low I felt.

    Thanks again guys. Let us know what else either of you are doing in the future so we can continue to support you whatever way we can.

    Will miss you always. And ‘Good Luck’!!!

  272. Shadowbladez says:

    Thanks guys for one of the best webcomics!

  273. Babs says:

    I came over here from “Brawl in the Family”‘s goodbye strip, having never heard of you guys before. I just spent the last two days reading your entire archives, and now I’m really sad I didn’t know of you sooner, so I could have made the comic at least *seem* like it had lasted longer. πŸ™

  274. dashx747 says:

    Thank you Ray and thank you Tim for the wonderful time and all the laughs along the way. This comic became my favorite webcomic of all time because you guys really brought your heart into it, and everyone here knows it. I would never imagine that one comment a while back, writing NCG for the first time, would come such a way. I was and still am happy that I was able to both witness and be a part of 2P Start history.

    This is a sad day, because it’s the end of an era, but it’s a happy day, because we can say that we have good memories with us going foward. The message was not only great, it was emotional and truthful. So I want to leave one last message to you both:

    Perfect Comic Guys

    Thanks for the memories, I truly wish you and your families the best.

  275. shadowhog says:

    Have you ever noticed that Ray’s face looks like Neo’s from the matrix….

  276. haddyDrow says:

    Hoping you’d read this :3
    I only finished reading through the archives about a week ago, and checked back today for the last comic, it was wonderful reading through, you truly inspired me as an aspiring artist(?) and gamer.
    I might check back in a ton of time from now, hoping you’d return!

    and, damn, you’re cute.

  277. mrpineapplehead says:

    oh have two new things for you guys


    bit too late for the last one anyway….
    i also being be posting these on the last podcast
    well not that long til lockdown

  278. mrpineapplehead says:

    this comic used to be good….and when i look at this in the future i whisper to myself ‘still is’

    also hello from the past!

  279. Terrac says:

    It’s a little late, but I’m Rising From My Grave.

    it is so sad to see things end like this. Although 2Pstart will never truly end in our hearts. I have been following your comic for so long (since the BiTF podcast) and i am finally deciding to rise from my grave. Excellent work on the comic (especially the compilation parts) and i wish you two the best of luck with all of your future endeavors. I know i’m a little late, but i hope i get the message across just the same.

    warm regards,

  280. Riros says:

    I’m Rising From My Grave.
    just to say thanks for the comics guys
    and goodbye

  281. Asa says:


    Come on, please press the A button? Please?

  282. Hawk says:

    I’ve never commented one of these comics but, now that they’re done, I feel like it’s the right time to finally do so.

    I may not have been reading for as long as most (only since comic #163) and I may not have listened to as many podcasts as some, I still know that my Mondays and Thursdays are going to be different without a new 2P START! comic to look forward to. Looking back, it really feels like yesterday when I first went through all the comics after reading 163 to get all caught up. These comics have given me a lot of good memories and I do find myself bringing either them or dialogue from them up in everyday conversation now. Not only that, but there’s also a few things I never would’ve understood had it not been for 2P START! (i.e. the 2P START! quote written on my desk in Science one day) so I guess there’s not much else to say but thanks for all the laughs, memories, and whatnot, even if I may not have been quite as feverishly following of the comic as most. It’s been loads of fun but I’d rather it end now and on a high note rather than to have it decline to poor jokes. So, in honour of my favourite webcomic, I’m going to go crack open a Dr. Pepper. I’d say “Nice comic, guys.” but I think instead I’ll go with “Nice comics, guys. All 171 of them.” Whether or not there’s any new content added, I’ll most likely end up coming back to look through all the comics a third time. Well, I guess that’s all there really is to say now so, again, thanks for everything.

  283. Gorgonzola2104 says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

  284. Guy Brushner says:

    I’ll miss it all the Podcasts, the comic, the game puns, and of course the bad sonic puns.

    Best one:

    162 :Tim’s Take: Taken Too Far
    Comic #162

    2P Start
    In loving memory

    Ray ‘n’ Tim

    02/14/2007 – 05/20/2010 {} Traitor – 2P Finish!

  285. Dark_Devin says:

    goodbye guys…everyone here will miss everything that 2pstart has been, I did cry at the end of this comic just knowing that this is really the end. Hopefully some day someone else will see these comics and really give you two your swimming pool of money.

  286. razronline says:

    But before you guys go, can you give us a last review of Super Mario Galaxy 2? πŸ˜‰ please. As a 2p start closing review?

  287. xcam20 says:

    i just wanted to c more of these cuz its funny and, 1 question there is a guy at you tube called d3vin who is sayng that he is trying to take over 2p start and making his own characters and posting them at this site,is he really taking over this site

  288. Random Lurker says:

    Farewell Guys! Great work all around, congratulations on finishing, and best wishes for the future!!!

    (I think that’s everything…)

  289. Lurker Wising from his Gwave says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your comic a lot and am sad to see it go. I hope the two of you will put out more stuff in the future, and if so, I look forward to it.

  290. Moridis says:

    Great comic guys, I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it brought me many laughs.

  291. JohnW says:

    Today is my birthday.

    Today is also the day there should have been a new 2P START! comic.


    • Terrence57 says:

      Aw that’s sad… But happy birthday!

    • trakmiro says:

      Wouldn’t that be the present of a lifetime. A new 2P START! comic. Check back every Thursday, you just never know if they’ll decide not to leave their faithful fans. You never know. But no matter what, this comic will never leave my Bookmarks Bar.

  292. Dominator_101 says:

    What? No new comic this week? You guys are really starting to slack off…

    • Doopliss says:

      Face it. This site is dying. They should just end it all. We all agree it’s time.

  293. Seaber says:

    Thanks a lot by all that good moments. It’s really hard to say goodbye… I’ll miss you too.

  294. ezo945 says:

    I almost expected a comic today. I hung on, hoping it was all a joke. I guess it really is over. Goodbye.

  295. Michael says:

    I’m not a member, but I’ve been reading these comics almost since the beginning. You guys have done a great job and I’m sad to see it come to an end. Good luck in the future and thanks for entertaining me.

  296. Macrosoft Windoors says:

    Hey Ray, Did you see the new Sonic Color? Direct sequel to Black Knight!

  297. hey soul sister says:

    *sniffle sniffle * every friggin’ time i read this i almost cry you guys cant end i fond this via bitf plus bitf not even funny so i have just one more thing to say bout u gys endin’ to ray and tim=
    A great man will be remembered ( men technically speaking) But a legend like 2PSTART! will be eternal so when you look back at 2pSTART YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT THE ALL THE MARIO JOKES , MEGAMAN PUNS, PODCASTS, BLACK DOOM AWARDS, And lastly all your fans
    – Hey soul sister ( 2pstart fan forever)

  298. MorbidGreymon says:

    You guyz should probably take the ‘NEW’ sign off of the store. It’s been the same stuff for forever and I’m pretty sure that it’s no longer considered new… And unfortunately I don’t expect and new ‘new’ stuff.

  299. Lava says:

    Tim, Ray… I had no idea… man, that’s really sad. I’m glad I stumbled back onto this site after a long absence… Was there much of a heads up, or was this comic pretty much the announcement that you guys are done? What gives!? (I scanned the last few blogs, but not very well…)

    You may not recognize me, but I’m a oldy to this site, and was even mentioned in one of the earliest podcasts. (Maybe around no. 7, but who knows…) Anyway, I loved the last comic, even as sad as it was, and I’ve appreciated the clean humor, superb art, and genuineness of both of you over last few years. A rare combination in these gamer circles.

    I don’t know what to say other than I hope I can find some explanation and closure… and… farewell guys, I hope you will remain in close contact and work on something together in the future… *sniff* GOODBYE 2P START!!

    (Before I saw the drama going on, I was going to tell you Ray, that I recently got into vector art (via Inkscape), and I was gonna see if you would check out my cartoon characters. Thanks for helping to inspire that… even if I don’t end up really pursuing it! lol)


  300. charmy says:

    I started reading when I was linked here at comic 38, which wasn’t that great, but I faithfully read through the rest of the archives and loved it. I always liked the unique art style and humor, but I have to say I loved the podcast more. It was cool to see the ideas behind the comics, and really connected me to Tim and Ray.

    I was genuinely upset and shocked when I saw that you were ending the comic. I mean, I know you guys have been hinting about it through this story, but I thought it was just a joke. Once it was announced though, I knew it was the end. I knew you guys wouldn’t just mess with all the readers. I knew it had to end someday, but I always assumed that day was far away, like the apocalypse or something. It seems I was wrong. (This better not cause the apocalypse!)

    Really though, I think this a great way to end the comic with a final message to the fans, and lots of references to running jokes. Most other webcomics I read either just drop off the face of the internet, often with a slow decline of updates and quality. I’m glad you guys didn’t wait until you started sucking.

    I really hope you guys keep developing content for the Internet. I think short unscripted podcasts would be really cool to have, or you could just make occasional updates on the blog. Whatever you end up doing, I wish you the best of luck.

    2p Start has been an awesome source of entertainment through the years, providing countless laughs. I will truly miss it, and will definitely come back every once in a while to read through the archives of awesome comics.

  301. Lava says:

    (BTW, I did finally get caught up with the last few comics and podcasts, so I’ve got that closure I was looking for. Thanks again guys, all the best.)

  302. IsaacBrunnel says:

    Shoot, I should have done this sooner. I feel bad for not getting a comment in after such a fantastic finish!

    I think it’s awesome that you guys were able to close the curtains under your own terms. I must have witness at least one comic ending at some point, but I honestly can’t remember. This comic, on the other hand, went out with such a prepared & large bang, that I will likely never forget the occasion. I really enjoyed the photo of Ray at the end, after all the memories came and went, with Ray reflecting on them. It was powerful in my eye, and truly well done.

    I admit that it is a shame that I had only risen from my grave only about a month ago to witness this. And even then, I don’t think I kept up my promise to leave comments all the time. I almost feel like I let you guys down. Well, for you and every other artist out there, I will try to be a better viewer and not hide beneath the earth that is my grave!

    I wish both Ray and Tim the best in their future endeavors. I’ll probably check in every once and a while just for kicks…
    …but until then,…
    until then!

  303. hey soul sister says:

    Wait…. it wasn’t a joke . Wait what NO you can’t leave i only read from 163 but ….. before I go …. I have one last thing to say:

    2PSTART! is a legend ,it is eternal .Tim ‘n’ Ray wll be revered , I will never stop thinking about you guys but nothing is truely immortal , so don’t cry , don’t feel bad It only makes you human –

    Hey soul sister :] [ wrong one , : [] ]

  304. trakmiro says:

    So that’s it, huh? I thought it was another joke… like you would come back in a couple weeks to throw everyone off. But no. You guys really are gone. It’s over.

    …This can’t be happening.
    This isn’t happening.
    It’s just not. It can’t be…

    Looks like I’ll have to accept the horrible truth that the best webcomic ever is gone. Forever…

  305. FluffyPanda says:

    I’ve been away on holiday without web access, so I’m clearly late to this but I have to leave one last comment.

    That’s a phenomenal ending to 2pstart. A really classy look with genuine emotional impact. Farewell guys, you’ve certainly got something here to look back on with pride.


  306. Laelaps says:

    Hey guys! I know I said I wouldn’t read the last comic, but I finally broke down and had to read it. This is incredible. You literally couldn’t have ended the comic better.

    Also, in the vein of hidden details, if you turn up the contrast and look at vector Ray and Tim shaking hands, you see colors – are these the same colors as those in the Power of Teamwork comic?

    Finally, I hope you guys have great lives from here on out. You’ve certainly made all of ours a little better and funnier; and for this, thank you.

  307. Kurtis says:

    Noooooooo πŸ™

  308. ???? says:

    Okay, maybe I rose a bit too late [I knew I should’ve waited until 3 comics ago]. Anyway…
    I just wanted to say that I have the perfect idea for what Ray can do now that the comic’s over:
    Because it would be a way to get Pixel Vision out into the world, AND a way to help put Sonic back on track!
    There, I’ve said what I’ve been waiting to say since seeing a link to this site on Brawl in the Family’s. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

  309. I find the comic and read every comic up to this one only to find out it stopped…? πŸ™

  310. Pokemaster says:

    you guys should check out the 2PReStart fan comic it looks like it will do tim and ray proud
    p.s. Tim, Ray just know that their knees will never be knobbier than yours
    Rest In Panels, 2PStart

  311. Shayx says:

    I, too, came here from Brawl in the Family. However, I came after everything was over. I have to say, these comics were funny; it’s too bad that 2P START! is done.

    As Sonic R said:

    Thanks for Playing!

  312. THE RISING MOON says:

    holy crap. this shouldn’t have ended. and why does your tweets still show up?

  313. riley parker says:

    dudes I have followed you since the beginning and I have loved every minute of it so before you go here are some words of wisdom “Its dangerous to go alone! take this.” 2P start has gained wooden sword

  314. blazingwolf says:

    it has been two months since i looked at your final comic and every time i read it gets me a little misty eyed but it was for the best gcg i hope life is good and may god bless

  315. DrFirefox says:

    -_- I came here to expect a continued comic then comented on a dead website

  316. Andrew says:

    Jeez, this comic USED to be updated

  317. Bren says:

    Read all your comics, you guys had talent, you guys made me laugh and think. I’m glad this series ended well. Good luck and god speed

  318. Hatman1801 says:

    I read all of the 2P Start! comics; started reading them back in early 2009 at some point but I never had the guts to comment before. Now I feel like throwing in my two cents, even if it’ll never get read. Tim, Ray…

    Over months upon months of reading your work, from the beginning to the end, I gained a lot. I felt better when I was feeling down, I laughed when I was crying, and I rekindled my faith and hope when I had been playing too much Sonic. After all of this, I just want to say, as have so many others….thank you. Your creativity and good nature are an inspiration to every single person who has whittled their time away on this website. I wish you both the best over the remainder of your lives.

  319. Noel Y. says:

    Hi Tim and Ray! Just wanted to say (even its way too late) that I really enjoyed 2P START! I’ve pretty much been a gamer since a kid and pretty much an internet junkie for a very long time already, but I just started to read videogame webcomics last month. And so happens I got hook and I started to read a lot of videogame webcomics. I just found out about this site last week, and what I thought would be a long catch-up (I didn’t knew how many comics you have made), I was quite shocked to see that it has already ended. From the 1st one to the last, I enjoyed reading it. Well, it was a great read and I do hope for the best for your future endeavors! Just so you know, you have me as one big fan here from the Philippines. Take care guys!

  320. Anon. says:

    I have on thing to say:

  321. Laelaps says:

    Actually, Anon, I have something to say: I just noticed that the Raybob Industries logo pretty much red-ringed itself, something I’m not sure anyone else caught…or Ray intended.
    Probably Penultimate!

  322. Fxxo says:


    C’mon! It can’t end!

  323. glassmouth says:

    I have the worst luck. I always find webcomics that has already ended. Now I’m bored πŸ˜› Great comic though.

  324. Bonzi77 says:

    Several months later, and I still cry every time I read this… This is weird, seeing as I only read the last few comics of this after BitF mentioned this was ending… A great end to what I’m sure a quick hop through the archives will confirm is a great comic. See you around, Tim and Ray.

  325. blackdoomsucks says:

    can’t believe it’s been this long since the comic ended. I suppose this is an awkward time to finally get an account on here. still, never too late to rise from your grave right? sigh… I first found this site through Bitf, after it already ended. I read the entire archive, listened to every podcast, and by the time I was done, I was hooked. I shed a few tears when I realized it was all over. yeah, we still get a new podcast once in a while, and there’s 2p restart, but… it just doesn’t fill the void. I’d beg tim and ray to come back, just post one more comic, but I doubt they even read these comments anymore. I’m sorry if I’ve bummed anyone out with this comment, and I know a lot of people will think I have no life for still checking the site on a weekly basis, but I needed to get my feelings out. now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back into the archive for about the 100th time since comic 171 was posted. thanks for all the laughs, 2p start.

  326. JohnW says:

    God do I miss you guys πŸ™

    • Bonzi77 says:

      Aww you came back too. I don’t know why, but I keep coming back to this page. It’s a testament to this comic’s greatness that I’m not the only one.

      oh yeah also BitF is awesome never got to say awesome job

  327. Bonzi77 says:

    Oh yeah, also. As 2p Start lies in its own, I finally RISE FROM MY GRAVE.


  328. DSiDewd says:

    Aww, an entire comic series and not even a single Portal reference.

  329. Mr. Saxaphone says:

    my gravatar of classic sonic is working, I made it in honer of you Ray. Although getting a comment spam is annoying I know you get emails 4 every comment.

  330. Rioluke says:

    I just got back on here since not checking this site for a good 2 years.
    I come back to see that it is all over.
    I was there at the beginning and I have a message for tim and ray.
    It’s simple and I hope you guys read this. It’s very heartfelt.

    You guys….used to be good.

  331. bugnoz says:

    Odd to discover a webcomic and read through the entire archive only to realize it has been dead for more than a year. I wonder if anyone will ever read this message even.

    Just completely wasting my time here…

    • Ray says:

      Don’t worry, bugnoz. We still read every comment that comes in. Thanks for taking the time to read through our stuff. It means a lot.

  332. nitram says:

    this is the first time i reach the page and you are leaving? well, the only thing i can say is good luck and thanks for playing. jajajaja.

  333. Logan says:

    My Brawl Friend Code is 2752-1004-5324, in case you want to Brawl with me.

  334. roadjcat says:

    Wow this is so crazy that it’s been more than a year and a half since you guys finished…it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. It kind of seems like a part of my Monday afternoons are missing and listening to the post mortem podcasts I never got around to is seriously nostalgic…it’s crazy. I don’t know that I ever thanked you guys for your hard work over the years, so thank you. You guys created a great sense of community as well as great comics and podcasts. Good job and thank you.

  335. Cheddarface says:

    I heard about you guys from Brawl in the Family, and read these all in one day. ‘Twas a great comic, and I commend you both.

  336. WillWare says:

    Man… I missed an era.

    I also came from Brawl in the Family, not two months ago. I recently found time to read the whole archive, and I read it in a night. It didn’t seem like it lasted long enough to have been going on for three weeks.

    So I read some more. Listened to some podcasts. Looked over some comments. Had some laughs. What I’ve determined is that I came too late. I’ve stumbled upon a great time in the history of the Internet – a place of laughter and friendship and gaming and just general happiness – and I’m too late to see what it looked like in the context of time. How did feel to wait a whole week for the next comic or podcast? What did the site look like originally? Where did the forums go? Why does Tim sound so bored in some of the podcast openings? What was it like to have the first comment, to just say NCG?

    I’ll never be able to figure out. I missed it all. And yet here it all sits, a collective history of a glorious place, left for the rest of us to maybe get an inkling of what it used to be. This comic used to be great two years ago. And then it had to end. I even missed the postmortem stuff.

    …I’d better take advantage of the eras I’m a part of. Maybe one day I can tell their stories to people who would otherwise never see them.

    And speaking of never seeing something, I wonder how many people will read this…?

    This was a great thing. Ray, Tim, you did well. Kudos and may your future journeys go well. Never forget each other, and never forget this experience.

    • Tim says:

      Thanks for the kind words, WillWare! We look back on this time with fondness. Believe it or not, Ray and I still talk about what we had here and wonder if there’s more collaboration in our future. We both felt we worked so well together, if we could just figure out what to collaborate on, we’d probably already be doing it!

  337. WillWare says:

    *three years, not three weeks
    Remind me to also take advantage of the time before I hit “Submit.”

  338. Moonjuice7 says:

    I too just wanted to express my gratitude for this site once again. I was here for most of this era, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed the clean and funny way you two approached videogames. It is a rare combination anywhere on the internet, much less on a videogame based website.

    I recently took the time to make a wonderful journey through the comic archives, and I laughed. Despite the fact that half the jokes were no longer current, they can still entertain. Thank you for the three years you ran this site, and for the many hours you put into it. I know that monetarily it was not worth the time investment it took, but we, your loyal fans appreciate all the effort you put into it.

    Thank you for the wonderful time I was able to spend as a part of this community, and be sure to let your fans know if another collaborative project ever comes up!

    • Tim says:

      Thanks for the comment Moonjuice! As a matter of fact, Ray and I have been mulling further collaboration more intensely lately. Ray is itching to get the creative juices flowing and he’s determined to drag me along with him, baby and all. We’re trying to figure out what ‘it’ even is, but we’ll be sure to let everyone know if we do indeed figure it out.

  339. Talian says:

    I found this awesome site just today, and I’ve now read all the 2P Start! comics from start to finish. Really incredible what you two have done here, and my only regret is not having discovered 2P Start! any sooner. A tip of the hat, and a thanks for the mnay laughs and the inspiring end.

    • Tim says:

      Thanks Talian! Always thrilled to see new readers discover the site. While not as timely as it once was, I’m glad it can still bring some laughs!

  340. Xandria says:

    I’ve gotten into very few web comics and BITF was one of them. Subsequently from there, I was led to 2P Start! Naturally, I started at the archives so I wouldn’t miss any later comic references. What I didn’t expect was reaching an end. It’s bittersweet, but Tim and Ray, you guys couldn’t have created a better finish. Here’s to hoping for more Postmortem comics and maybe even playing Pixel Vision. You guys are awesome.

  341. Ultimate Silver Fan says:

    Well…what can I say?

    Getting here was a long journey. I learned about BitF a year ago because of a friend. I browsed through, and saw a farewell picture. I thought, “2P Start? What’s that?” I then searched it up, saw this, and read every single comic. All 174 of them, from start to 2P Finish to Tap to Flap.
    I honestly cried when I got to the end. I went in my bed and cried. The finish was brilliant.
    I’ve become so in love with this comic, I go to 2P START! anywhere I go. Home, school, library. I reread your comics over and over, wishing there were more.
    I really really wished I discovered this wonderful webcomic sooner.
    Good luck on your future endeavors Tim and Ray.
    2P START will live on!

    • Tim says:

      Thanks man! Every once in awhile I read this final story arc and am surprised at how touching it really is. It’s almost an eternal reminder to Ray and me about this era in our lives and the friendship formed through this comic. It’s always great to hear from a new fan who enjoys the comic even after all these years.

      One of the things I’m most proud of is how we ended things. Ray and I prided ourselves on quality and upholding our commitment to making a weekly comic. When that just wasn’t possible anymore, we ended things instead of leaving people wondering when we would die off for good. Many people have commented on how unique that is in the world of webcomics so I know we did the right thing!

      Some of our craziest fans will tell you that if you can’t get enough of us through the comic, you should listen to the podcast archive as well. I personally have never listened to an entire episode of our show, but I’m told it’s well worth it!

  342. GuyWithThePie says:

    I had found out about 2P Start! when Brawl in the Family made it’s ending announcement. Too bad I wasn’t around for any of these comments and I basically ripped through the archive yesterday, but I did like what it was. Plus, there is still PostMortem, so it looks like everything works out for everyone.

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