2P START! Live!: Hey Girl Hey


RayRay’s new album is out, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Metroid Other M, annoying legalities, what 2P START! could have been named, and a never-before-told story about our free Wii giveaway.


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Get Ray’s new album!

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  1. technothetechie says:

    Yay, finally! i was tired of listening to the old podcasts. Btw i auctually went back and listened to every podcast (some more than 3 times) all during these last 2 months

  2. Anon says:

    Wow, it’s nice to hear you guys again!

    Also, Metroid: Other M comes out TODAY (In America), not before this…

    Also, Tim’s having another child. This came out of nowhere?

  3. SuperVegeta says:

    Sweet. Can’t wait to listen!

  4. Kvb says:

    Oh wow. This came out of nowhere. What a pleasant surprise!
    Nice podcast, guys. I liked the random stories. It was especially interesting to hear what other names 2P Start could’ve had.

    If you guys are looking for things you’d want to talk about next time, I’ve got two stories I’m personally dying to hear:
    Did Tim ever end up telling us how he got “technically” arrested?
    And Ray, how did you get married and divorced in one week?

  5. YamiGekusu says:

    Tim- my little nephew does the same thing when I play Mario and other games haha XD

  6. JohnW says:

    Listening to it right now! Really good to hear your voices again, big suprise to see it appear!

  7. JohnW says:

    I personally would love weekly podcasts, even if they’re only 5-10 minutes long. I really enjoyed this episode, it was really funny and it was great hearing your stories and opinions.

  8. koollizard says:

    What do you do for work anyway Ray?

  9. freeplay says:

    BTW Ray, did I tell you some girl paid me to for all the info i had on you. I think her name was Lindsay or something.

  10. technothetechie says:

    hey, the link to the podcast is broken… and so is the entire contact page… can you guys fix that? thanks

  11. Mkava says:

    Always good to hear you two again. Glad things are going well for both of you. Once I have some for-certain spare cash, might have to snag the album. Song after the podcast got me interested. Take care folks. =)

  12. Cheeseball701 says:

    NPG! I hope to get the album as soon as I have funds! How did you fall through your ceiling, Tim?

  13. Teengamer says:

    THANK YOU for posting that track! I knew I’d fall in love with the album if I heard a full-fledged song from it! 😀 Despite your mediocre singing voice (no offense, please forgive me) your music is always TOP-NOTCH!



  14. Kelster165 says:

    Another great podcast! Love Hey girl hey.

    Ray, you have to propose with the customized Mario level, and spell it out in coins, haha.

  15. blaster says:

    Nice podcasr, as always!
    Just as I thought it should be around…
    Well, I’m only 18, so I have no credit card to purchase the album, for shame!
    I’ll buy it someday…

    I haven’t touched my Wii for a while, for it’s somewhat strange. The remote dries out battery soooooo quickly!

  16. Kilburn says:

    Good podcast. First of all, the link to this episode is broken on the podcast archive page..

    On Scott Pilgrim, you’ll get MUCH more out of the game/movie if you read the books. Can’t stress that enough. Loved the game and the soundtrack.

    Other M: Got it today and it’s not as terrible as perceived. The recharge system makes sense when playing through the tougher sections. On the “forced scans”, you are right. Sometimes it’s ludicrous, offering no help. I’ve counted at least 3 times so far that I’ve scanned over the desired object multiple times before registering. What should be worthy of the black doom is Samus’ varia suit decision… That was just painfully stupid.

    On the controversy of the character’s portrayal, I find the emotional sides of samus coming to light a good point in the game. But I find the hypocrisy from some reviewers to be annoying. It’s “beautifully tragic” when Snake sheds a tear, but when Samus gets freaked out at seeing an enemy she just utterly destroyed the day before ALIVE AND WELL AND TRYING TO KILL HER, its and absolute travesty? How does that work?

    No Xbox Live price hike for the BDA? Wha?

    Also, congrats to Tim on the news of the baby boy!

    Review embargoes have never really made sense to me. Sometimes they make me think they have flaws they’re trying to hide in their products. I’d like to have a knowledge of what to expect beforehand whether it be glitches in a game, terrible twists in a movie or book, or a drastic change in a band’s sound for the worse.

    On supporting supporting creators, Secret Exit Games have kinda rubbed me the wrong way with how they handled the DLC for Stair Dismount. Any user with a simply Jailbroken iDevice are not allowed to buy the DLC, pirated copy of the game or not. I bought my copy, and still cannot buy the ONE DOLLAR DLC. Why? They’re response was “Why support a hacked device?”. That kinda pushes those people even farther away. If they would allow the jailbreak users to download the DLC, they’d still be making at least SOME money, right?

    Looking forward to the next podcast.

  17. Sebby19 says:


    Where’s the “He’s TIM! And he’s Raaaaaayyyy” For the close?

  18. Eddie Hargreaves says:

    Listened to the podcast after watching Apple’s Live Event. Tim got everything he was hoping for! His expectations were met!

    • Tim says:

      My wife would say that I just can’t be happy, but seriously, POINT SEVEN!?!?! (See latest tweet).

      • Heavenly Spoon says:

        I guess they just decided to go with a camera to shoot video because a) iMovie and b) front-camera but no back-camera would be rather odd.

        960×640 could be decent when you just want pictures to post online (especially considering what the quality will be), but if you were hoping for 3MP, or even 5MP, well, ultra-thin, lowish price and Megapixels don’t seem to mix too well.

        I’m glad it at least has a camera (adds quite a bit of functionality) and if I didn’t waste my spare change on an iPad I would definitely be in the market for this. I guess the iOS 4 fix for 3G iPhones will allow my 8GB iPod to at least play podcasts without occasionally pausing when entering sleep mode, which thankfully didn’t happen to this one, but did happen to the Lame Show podcasts I’ve been going through.

        BTW, I don’t think Steve called it a camera as much as he called it a camera for shooting video, which I think is the point of this thing. I think he carefully avoiding saying anything specific about the camera for precisely this reason.

        And that’s what you get for getting your hopes up, I guess…

  19. TheCuraga says:

    awesome podcast guys, not super interested in scott pilgrim stuff, not my cup of tea, and I’ve never been a big metroid fan either. Overall the podcast was pretty interesting though. I love these occasional podcasts guys, keep them coming!

  20. DrOswald says:

    That was a great podcast.

    So, I have Metroid Other M and I have played it about an hour. The game is strange. The first thing you need to understand is that it is an action game with exploration built in, where as Metroid games have historically been more exploration with action built in. Overall I enjoy the game. but I am hesitant to say it is a buy. The core game is very fun, but it has issues. I will reserve judgment until I am further in.

    The recharge thing is actually, in my opinion, a good thing. Because of the recharge they were able to remove random health and missile drops, keeping the pace up which is very important in an action game.

    You guys should totally do a weekly podcast, or even monthly. I would totally listen. Please?

  21. jd56970 says:

    I was a bit edgy about other m too, it kinda doesnt really feel like metroid more like zelda really, but i havent gotten really far on it, the whole recharge your health thing is made up for with the fact that its to easy to die! and another thing is that the missle expansions only give you one missle. I was really looking foward to the story, but to me the dialouge almost seems dry (and without subtitles almost impossible to understand). its definitly not a bad game but i dont feel that urge to play it that one gets when they bought the game the previous day.

    P.S. the whole thing with the messed up zero-suit is that they changed the design a bit and made samus less of a super-model and more realistic, but not in a bad way, in other words it doesnt look like she will collapse under the weight of her suit…

    • jd56970 says:

      I got another chance to play today and i beat it, IT WAS AMAZING! you just have to give it time to warm up, the story had ming-warping twists, it got kinda fun to fight once you master the dodging, plus,

      kinda [spoiler]ish

      you’re still not done yet there is an epilouge, i haven’t finished it yet (busy collecting the powerups) but it seems promising

  22. Laelaps says:

    NPG! Love hearing from you; this is your best Postmortem yet!

  23. Good to see another podcast again. I’ve also secured a copy of the album; I particularly liked the sticker that called it ‘tasty’. I haven’t listened to it in full as yet but am working on that.

    On Apple/iPod – In part because of Apple’s new announcements, I’m starting to come around to the idea of the iPod Touch actually being a gaming device (for myself I mean; not the larger argument about whether it is or isn’t). Now that my nano has finally died (1st gen) I’m looking to upgrade, and I’m thinking a new or last gen iPod Touch would be a better replacement than another nano.

    On Scott Pilgrim – I am so obsessed with this right now it is ridiculous.
    The game is good, but yes the initial difficultly can be insane. You can literally level up to the max and be utterly destroyed because (as I eventually realized) you have to buy your stats in the shops. Lack of online multiplayer is it’s biggest weakness, but not a deal breaker for me.
    The movie was great, and while I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD, I am in no way hoping it gets bumped from the theaters sooner. I may have to go to it a second time. Your complaint Ray, about the hollowness of the relationship, is something I would have to agree on for the movie. In the books you really see the relationship develop over time (about a year goes by) and it makes sense, but condensed into under 2 hours for film it seems like it could just be a crazy week for these guys, and it’s not the same.

  24. Twilight Lucario says:

    Hmm? Do I hear speak of reviving the Podcast? I SURE HOPE SO! <3 If not weekly then bimonthly.

  25. Baeleox says:

    Now this is the highlight of a boy’s day right here. Coming online to find a good webcomic’s new podcast. I feel like I should have been holding a cup of tea and saying, “Aaaaahhh…” after each joke. And after every sip as well. Sadly, my World’s Best Hero mug is in the dish washer for the day, as I had used it for tea this morning. Anyway, it sounds great and it’s always fun to hear from you guys. Good luck with the boy, Tim. A name suggestion: Kirk. There are so many awesome things that have to do with the name Kirk. Ray, good luck with your new Miley. Here’s to hoping you can decide on when to have that cosplay wedding. *sip* “Aaaaaahhh…”

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