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RayLife, Nintendo 3DS, A Social Network for gaming, game prices, Halo Reach, Xbox Live, Sonic 4, Downloadable hardware, plus much more!

We’d also like to mention that we received a number of requests for topics to discuss, but they arrived just after we recorded the show – we’ll try to give a better heads up next time so that your contributions can be used. Thanks again!


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Black Doom Award: Sonic 4


  1. Curaga says:

    I’m ready to hear some sonic 4 hate : D. Nice to see a new podcast guys!

  2. Awesome! Ready to listen!

  3. Aaron90 says:

    Cool stuff as usual.

    Really disappointed about the news of Sonic 4.
    Hopefully the Wii version will bring it on back though.

  4. Myles says:

    Hey, he mentioned me! 😀

  5. Andrew says:

    Ray: “I wanted to talk about this”
    Tim: “I don’t know if you are talking about the same thing as me”
    Ray: “No”

  6. Laelaps says:

    Yes! I can’t wait to listen! Though I think “Episode 1” would have been a funnier title.

    • Laelaps says:

      35:10 of Postmortem #01: Tim said $200, Ray $250 and November/December of this year.

      • Laelaps says:

        Just finished and loved it! LOL’d rof real at Ray’s black doom award! Also, did you guys know that September 2010 was the first full month you had gone without recording a podcast for three full years?

  7. Myles says:

    Oh – and for the universal social gaming network – Steam is crossplatform between Mac and PC, and it’s coming (achievements, some games and friends) to 360 and PS3 with the upcoming release of Portal 2. I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention that!

  8. Nice! Always good to hear from you guys. Sounds like some things have changed (opinions, adjustments to fatherhood), and some haven’t (Ray likes to rant, while Tim is monotone). 😉
    Here’s hoping for another podcast next month!

  9. Teengamer says:

    Great podcast guys! 😀 I wish it was a little longer, but oh well.
    Ray, aren’t you at least a LITTLE excited for the Paper Mario game for 3DS? It’s going back to its RPG roots, but I doubt it’ll ever compete with Thousand-Year-Door. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what it’ll be like. 😀

    Looking forward to hearing you guys in the future!

  10. cramill says:

    I wanted to add to your demos and screenshots discussion – The Android Market is the worst – it severely limits text descriptions of apps and it only allows for 2 screenshots per app. How is that going to help? Trial versions and demos are must haves!

  11. Kiwisauce says:

    Even though 2P Start is in its grave, I’d like to finally rise from mine. I’ve been lurking behind the shadows, never daring to leave a single post (how dare I) since the BiTF and 2P Start mutual guest comics. I enjoyed most of the comics and almost all of the podcasts. Funnily enough, I just finished going through the podcast archives today, and suddenly there was a new postmortem episode, literally minutes after I finished.

    I’m glad to hear you plan to continue doing these postmortem podcasts – on top of them just being funny, it’s a good way to hear more general gaming news than just Nintendo stuff, which is all that I really follow on my own.

    Thanks for being so entertaining!

  12. TheSpaz179 says:

    Ok, Great Podcast! Oh, and if I could, I’d give you more free time, Tim!

  13. Apkinesis says:

    Howdy guys! Sorry I haven’t been commenting on your Podcasts lately; seems I just haven’t had anything cool to say to add to the discussions. But, I just wanted to let you guys know I’m still around and lurking (in the shadows) and enjoying the Podcasts as much as ever!

    By the way, I started watching Lost around late August, in large part (though not primarily) because of Ray’s acclaim for it and because of the Podcast which discussed it (the section of which I’ve skipped for the time being and I’m eager to hear once I’ve finished watching the series). I’m currently almost halfway through the third season; pretty awesome stuff so far, and that’s coming from someone who hardly ever keeps up with any live-action TV shows.

    And on a completely different note, I’m not sure if anyone here has heard of the “X, X Everywhere” Internet meme going around recently, but I put together several 2P START! versions here a little while back; just thought I’d throw that out there while I’m leaving a comment 😛

    Anyhow, as always, looking forward to future Podcasts and any other cool projects you guys’ll be working on. Which reminds me, I still need to buy Ray’s new album… *goes to do just that*

  14. Shilvic says:

    I know its too late, but I think I’ll rise from my grave now. I have been listening to the podcast for nearly a year, and I’ve loved it so far. Its sad that once I got here, a few months later 2P Start had to end, but it’s ok. Great podcast guys, I enjoy hearing your opinions and discussions because you two think the same way I do.

  15. I know I’ve been slow to accept mobile games as ‘true’ games but I’ll be checking out Apple’s Game Center soon enough and will probably discover there’s some quality stuff out there. (In other words, I won’t be getting Sonic 4.) I’m already primed for some of PopCap’s games and if they’re half as good as they are on other platforms I’ll be in for some great time wasters.

    However, I will be getting Sonic for the 360. I’ll be taking advantage of the spend-$30-get-$10 that Microsoft is having this month so I’m convincing myself that Sonic 4 will only cost me $5. That will ease the pain if I discover I don’t like the game. I’m still holding out hope that it won’t be that bad or at the very least, won’t be as bad as the iPhone version apparently is.

    As far as pricing goes though, $10-15 for 12 levels and 4 bosses of a NEW Sonic doesn’t seem all that bad. Provided Episode 2 is either just as long, or else shorter and cheaper, I don’t have a problem with it. Though I will admit it is a bit steep for anyone who might be on the fence about getting the game.

  16. ithink2psturtisok says:

    OMG NEW You guys rock

  17. Wyrm says:

    Uhhh, about the Intel DLC. It’s actually a great idea. If you understand how the hardware industry work, MANY chips are locked, and this has been going on ever since the first pentium processors, which they just disabled the FPU on the chip and sold it for less.

    It costs less for them to manufacture a more powerful chip and disable some features, then sell it as a less powerful chip because they already have the manufacturing facilities to make the powerful one. So, rather than a hardware lock on the chip, you have a software lock on it that you can unlock.

    What you paid for IS the “lower-end”, disabled chip. You didn’t pay for a better chip, it just makes more sense for intel to GIVE you a better chip that’s disabled because of their manufacturing costs. So, rather than forcing you to buy a non-disabled chip, they let you software unlock your disabled chip, so you don’t have to open up your computer and upgrade.

    In fact, the only reason why this would fail is because there would be too many hackers unlocking these chips, thus making them lose money on the better chips when everyone buys the lower end one which they know they can unlock for free.

  18. freeplay(mark lindemulder) says:

    1. Ray, your views on children are scaring me.
    2. 2P reSTART! Live was actually gonna use that chip as a black doom award, but because of technical difficulties we didn’t get the podcast out.
    3. YES! A reSTART member mentioned in the podcast.
    4. Ray, am I invited to your death bed? It sounds like a fun time, not that I’m looking forward to you dying.
    5. “That’s called quality” – Ray Hargreaves. BEST QUOTE EVER
    6. Luckily my parents recognize that it takes work to make games, so they let me spend much time on it.
    7. I can’t wait for the twitter movie.
    8. Tim, nice Ferrari analogy.
    9. NPG

  19. Copper says:

    Wow 2 new black doom awards! 2PSTART! iIs risimg from its grave!

  20. Keja says:

    I’m back!

    Brilliant podcast, guys.

    About that gaming social network site, I think you guys should look into it. I mean, 2P START would even be a great name for it.

    Also I want to say congratulations to Ray on the new album. I havn’t had a chance to get it yet, but come next pay day I’ll be purchasing it.

    P.S. are we ever going to se a Raybob Industries T Shirt in your merch or did that die with the comics?

  21. ShoutingRyan says:

    I probally shouldn’t have paused this to go buy Sonic 4. I was annoyed by all the things you mentioned after I unpaused it.

  22. blaster says:

    Now THAT’s a surprise.

    I was going to play HOI2, and open my iTunes for some music, and THIS!

    I’m going to find time to listen^^

  23. Macrosoft Windoors says:

    Man, I thought Ray would love Sonic 4.
    I personally think it’s great.

  24. blaster says:

    Well, someone told me that they sold 3DS as a console. And I think he got his point there. I mean, come on! Just look at the price lol.

    BTW, in my area, streaming playing video game live is in at the moment, I have watched they play TONS of Megaman, Mario, kirby and so on. It’s really interesting, especially when the broadcaster dies from something stupid. It’s a lot of fun interacting with other watchers, too.
    What do YOU think?

  25. mkava says:

    Glad to hear you two are doing just fine. =]
    Also, glad to see Ray is enjoying Reach. Saw you beat it on Legendary solo as well. Congrats. =)

  26. Imaster says:

    Hey hey hey! It’s great to see a new podcast up on the site. Even though the 2PStart! is over, I still really enjoy listening to you two talk. Definitely the most addictive podcast I’ve ever listened to. Please keep making these, those of us who’ve stayed to listen to them really appreciate them! 😀


  27. D3vin says:

    Ironically, The Sonic fans are starting to hack the game. They managed to find bits and pieces, like the Minecart from the leaked version (that they removed in all versions exept for Iphone). Here’s hoping for a fan edit that fixes all of those things that add up to be a problem.

    I also want a “classic Sonic” hack, just because I still think that it is crap that they at least didn’t have it as an unlockable

  28. blaster says:

    Hmm…Let’s see.

    The 3DS. The sleep – connecting sells great on Japan.
    And it works like this. You go to work, with 3DS un your bag or pocket or whatever.

    And after a day’s work, you went home and check what happens. Therer’s no need to check right away.

    I’ve watched someone live streaming Sonic 4. I mean, it fails. TOTALLY. I can see the control isn’t quite easy, slowing people down, and using the homing attack to move forward… I mean, I am good with a ramp, thanks.

  29. Rey says:

    See, the thing about Halo is that if you play with good people, they instantly think that you suck if you’re not leading. You can’t friend good people. They’ll attempt to vocally beat you up. And on the topic of DLC (and Halo), Bungie is releasing a new Map Pack for Halo: Reach in November. Now, this is less than 2 months after the game’s release. Also, pre-release screenshots showed one of the new maps on the map pack. These maps were clearly ready when the game was released, but they’re making us pay extra for them less than 2 months later? WTF!

  30. JohnW says:

    Thanks to the 32gb’s on my new (awesome) iPod Touch 4G, I’ve been able to re-download the Podcasts!

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