Happy Halloween 2010!


TimHappy Halloween everyone! Thought it would be appropriate to remind you all that you can still send out Halloween cards (based on last year’s ‘Halloween Safety Tips‘ comic) to your gamer friends by clicking the images above. Just click on the thumbnail of the one you want to send and fill out the form. Enjoy, and have a safe, fun Halloween!


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  1. Laelaps says:

    First! Yay! Can’t wait for Halloween! Got a killer-original costume lined up! (I’ll post a picture Sunday).

    • Doopliss says:

      Is it Tim AND Ray?

      • Laelaps says:

        No; though it is 2P START!-related. I might go as Ray next year, if me girlfriend would agree to dress up as Miley.

      • Mr. Saxaphone says:

        You could go as Tim, just dress normal, talk monotone and your set!

      • Laelaps says:

        On second thought, since my computer and camera aren’t getting along, I’ll just say that I went as the Gamestop guy. Grey shirt, pair o’ binoculars, and a 2007 nickel.

  2. Doctor Germany says:

    Nice logo with the pumpkin,fells like 2p start is still ticking. even though its more like crawling on the floor. Also my costume for Halloween is Lucas from Mother 3. Yes, I am lazy.

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