Ray Relives a Year of Sonic on the Spindash Podcast!


TimRay has once again geeked it up on the Spindash Podcast with GXEchidna and friends, this time diving deep into the issues of Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors. Of course, this won’t be like an episode of 2P START! Live! where a sane person (myself) stops Ray from going off too far on one of his Brawl or Sonic tangents. No, this is a podcast where a Sonic geek just spurs another Sonic geek on and on until the next Sonic debacle comes out. That’s when the recording will stop so they can criticize the new game and start all over! So if the above image is interesting to you or if you find yourself wishing Tim wouldn’t stop Ray’s maniacal rantings, click here!

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  1. GX Echidna says:

    Tim, I hope you realize some day that being sane is highly overrated.

  2. Retl says:

    I’ve had mostly bitter experiences listening to podcasts other than 2PStartLive, but it’s got Ray in it, so I’ll give it a shot.

  3. Teengamer says:

    You do not know HOW many times I’ve wanted to hear Ray continue his rants without interruption. ^^ Looking forward to it!

  4. Jarkes says:

    The image shown at the top of this news post tells me, “Ray rants about how insignificant visual details which have NO BEARING on the gameplay completely ruin the game.” …He’s not one of the ones who complained about Sonic using his modern design, is he? To be honest, I never listen to podcasts all that much (I never have the time), so tell me, Ray: Did you or did you not find Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors FUN, in spite of the insignificant visual details which have no bearing on the gameplay?

    • Ray says:

      First off, I have no problem with using Sonic’s modern design. I would prefer it, to be honest. But to answer your specific question: Sonic Colors was often fun, and Sonic 4 was rarely fun.

      Sonic 4 is a game I have problems with on many, many different levels because it is an all around poorly-created game on deep fundamental levels. Certainly a few things can be chalked up to individual ‘fanboy’ taste, but the majority of my problems with it are simply inexcusable for a game, regardless of the franchise.

    • Blade says:

      Jarkes, the point of the picture is to show how the developers of this game just aren’t trying as hard to make a good game as the Sonic 1 developers did. It’s to make you think, “Man, they didn’t even get THAT right!” Since you don’t have time to listen to the podcast, here’s a summary of Ray’s thoughts:

      He wanted to enjoy Sonic 4 but couldn’t because of all the flaws, and he thought Sonic Colors was a very good game with some strange design choices added in. He states this is one of the best years for Sonic in a long time.

      I never got the feeling he was whining through the podcast, he always made good points.

    • GX Echidna says:

      Yeah, I certainly agree with Blade on that one. I don’t necessarily agree with Ray’s stance on the Sonic 4, nor do I ever think I can put myself into a Ray-vision sense of perception, but his arguments are certainly justifiable. There’s no individual aspect of the game that feels especially polished, which can be a huge problem. However, from my perspective, I still enjoy the game as a full product in a more-than-the-sum-of-its-parts kind of way. It’s just at what level of detail you can appreciate a game.

  5. Kvb says:

    Every time 2P Start links to the Spindash podcast I find it’s gotten significantly better than last time.
    Heck, I didn’t even mind that the episode had a longer run time than some movies.

    Way to go, GX.

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