2P START! Live!: Depression 101


RayRay’s misadventures in purchasing a car radio, payed subscriptions to Tetris, hot reader mail, Mission Impossible 4, Sherlock Holmes 2, Skyward Sword, why Ke$ha is good?, plus so much more!


Links referenced in the show:
“C U Next Tuesday” by Ke$ha
“Do it Like This” by Black Eyed Peas
Fanart by Lewis Tolonen


  1. The Mark Lindemulder says:

    About to listen. I’ve been waiting all day for this.

  2. JohnW says:

    I can’t wait! I’ll download it once it’s there.

  3. The Mark Lindemulder says:

    Here’s my thoughts

    1:00 – laughing my face off
    2:27 – I said boo before Tim
    5:50 – no no no no no no. Do not ruin my memories by making a daily comic.
    18:44 – Facepalm
    22:30 – http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/technobabble
    40:20 – Paying to make the game less challenging? Facepalm
    42:00 – Finally, an explanation.
    I would like to note that a while ago I was quite a fan of Ke$ha. My musical tastes gradually changed, but I did enjoy “C U Next Tuesday”.
    48:50 – Several years ago, my aunt gave my a present in a kholls(sp?) box. I assumed it was clothes and threw it back under the tree without opening it. I got in quite a bit of trouble that night, and the present turned out to be a Lego gift card. Every present I’ve gotten from that aunt since has been clothes.(2pstart t-shirts)
    50:20 – I enjoyed time traveler’s wife.

  4. Firethorn43 says:

    How happy I get when I see a new postmortem podcast.

  5. Teengamer says:

    Thanks guys! Great show! Also Ray, are there ANY meme’s you think were clever or in any way better than the norm these days?

  6. Zeldadude says:

    Another great podcast.
    Also I procrastinated on the TF2 mods of you guys and got a new computer for christmas, so I lost all the files.

  7. CKcheeseboy says:

    Don’t know when I’ll have time to listen to this but I’m not sure whether or not to feel old because of the fact that I know where that dead computer icon comes from.

  8. roadjcat says:

    Debating whether or not to break out my 2P Start! notebook for this or not because I don’t think I will have much to say with the given topics. Hmmmm….

    • roadjcat says:

      -Arrow to the knee is annoying me. haha
      -Captain America was actually my favorite Marvel movie. Didn’t really like Green Lantern. No interest in Batman
      -Pointless upgrade systems lead to frustrating achievements
      -IGN said Zelda was perfect so it wasn’t them
      -Lives system needs to go in video games. I think Sonic and Mario are the only ones who still have that.
      -Wind Waker was like the only one I liked.
      -I only vaguely remember the “technically arrested” thing.
      -Rotten Tomatoes does kind of suck sometimes.

      Okay those are my random disjointed comments. The only other things I wanted to comment on were that if you think Ke$ha sounds like video game music…have you heard Charmaine? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAfbljY7OG0
      She is basically Christian Euro Pop and I swear her song Fighting Furies could be in Mirror’s Edge. I’d really encourage you to check her out.

      Now I want to talk about something unrelated:
      I bought Sonic 06. And guess what? I actually REALLY enjoyed it. If you go into it just expecting a platformer and not like a legit Sonic game, then you’ll like it. Sonic is slow but whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Silver was a lot of fun I thought and Shadow wasn’t bad. Sonic was ironically the worst of the three but I ultimately enjoyed my time with it.

  9. Greg says:

    – I think a major part of a meme is not to be continually funny, but just funny for the first time you see it. I enjoy memes, but I never laugh at them more than once. Your comics, however, are sometimes funnier than when I first read them. Well back when they were being made…

    – I didn’t see First Class or Thor but I really enjoyed both Captain America and Green Lantern best of all the movies of 2011, save Cars 2 and The Muppets.

    – The subscription idea for Tetris just baffles me…

    – I enjoyed hearing the Kesha song. I too put her in the Black Eyed Peas category, but this song was very catchy. I listen to classic rock and metal but every once in a while there will be a pop or video game that I enjoy enough that I will be willing to put it on my iPod (happens much more often with video game songs obviously since I’m commenting on a dead video game webcomic’s podcast…).

    – In my spare time when I do get tired of just listening to music, I load up 2P Start and begin with podcast 83 (the one where John filled in for Tim when Lily was born). It seems like a good place to start after you know who Tim and Ray are and what their lives are like. It’s a little shocking to listen to those podcasts and the beginning of this podcast to talk about Tim’s massacre. Took a little while to get used to the change in happiness.

    – Entertaining podcast, nonetheless. Keep up the podcast as long as both of you want to continue doing it, not just because of the fans.

  10. Gewurztraminer says:

    I don’t mind the ads (yet) on the new XBOX dashboard, but what really irritates me is how slow and confusing it is to navigate around now. Since they are forcing the Kinect down everyone’s throats that means things like Netflix and Hulu (which I use daily) also have to have this Kinect-able interface and it really does not flow well when trying to use a controller.

    It almost makes me want to get a Kinect just to be able to use the now-native interface. Just kidding Microsoft; it actually just makes me use my PS3 more. Good job on that one!

  11. SideView says:

    …I think you’re right about that Ke$ha song. (In Tim’s defense, I would also not have assumed she was white.)

    I think anyone would argue I’m playing the Zelda games in the wrong order. One day I’ll play OOT and WW… *shot*

    Anyways, good podcast, still sticking to the RSS feed (twitter? what’s a twitter?)

  12. Feeling a bit conflicted about this episode. On one hand, I’m still missing the more upbeat attitude of earlier episodes (even earlier postmortems), but Tim & Ray’s moodiness was somehow more amusing here than last time. I definitely think Ray needs some sort of creative outlet; if you don’t like what’s being put out there, you need to make something you think works better. Of course, that’s easy to say, harder to do. As a creative person myself who sometimes spends too much time daydreaming about projects instead of actually doing them, I probably don’t have the right to give Ray advice, but I do feel I can empathize. Hope we get to see some more of your creativity soon, Ray!

    Tim, just keep on doing your thing with your family. You seem pretty content. 🙂

    Other notes:
    – I would never discount the iPhone or iPad as a serious gaming device, but neither would I assume that DS or PSP type devices are going to disappear any time soon.
    – Funny you talked about the XBOX becoming more of a media console than a gaming console; Noah and Eddie on most recent episode of The Lame Show were just commenting how few Internet-TV devices have succeeded. XBOX’s Netflix/social media functions certainly have their place, but I think I agree that there’s not as huge of an interest in Internet-TV devices as the tech companies would like.
    – Personally, I wouldn’t want all movies or even all superhero movies to be like The Dark Knight. Sure, it’s suspense and high-stakes are great, but sometimes light-hearted action is great too. There wasn’t a superhero movie this summer that I didn’t like on at least some level, and I appreciated that the Captain America movie, for all its silliness, had a big heart.
    – I would never think to try out Ke$ha, so thanks for the new experience, Ray!

    Even though I disagreed with you on a few points, this was an enjoyable listen! Thanks for the show!

  13. blaster says:

    I think why memes are memes, is because they don’t require a brain to get.

    Yes, Ray definitely has to do SOMETHING, even it’s a total waste of our time, I mean, some people go on the Internet is to have their time wasted.

    Tim, you know, your toilet paper theory has potential to become a big meme XD

  14. Cyphir says:

    Ah, a new podcast. Always a joyous day!

    P. A. Schmidt here, the one who asked the first question. First off, many thanks for taking the time to answer it! That said, I’ve got to admit that I might have worded my question a bit wrong. I’m an artist myself, and I absolutely understand how you would never want to go back and ‘fix up’ an old image. One learns things from the experience of producing a picture, bad and good, and to ignore that process is to ignore the growth from it.
    Perhaps more clearly-worded would be: “If you could have spent more time on a comic – say a day’s more work on Comic #67(a random number) – during the time in the past that you were making it, which one would it be?”
    Still, I truly do appreciate you answering it.

    And, Ray, in regards to doing something creative, have you considered doing anything with the Pixel Vision world? Now, this isn’t to say “give us 2P Start! fans something!” but I know that you’ve definitely put a lot of thought into the world and Lace’s character.
    With no other side-projects in the way, it may be a chance for you to dedicate some quality time to it. At least something to get those creative muscles working.

    Still, a fun podcast to listen to. It’s always enjoyable when they come, but – like Greg said – do it only if the both of you want to. I – and many others – may enjoy them, but I’d hate to have you both feel forced into making them.

    As a final addendum, sometimes at work – when dealing with a situation – I’ll ask myself “what if Ray was this customer?” Perhaps oddly enough, it’s actually been helpful in being aware of how I come across to customers. So in that regard, I guess I can say ‘thanks’ for that.

  15. ScopedShotgun says:

    Reddit is a finicky part of the internet. Some days it’ll reassure you in life, others it’ll murder you and eat your remains.

  16. CKcheeseboy says:

    My issue with memes is their overuse. Using the “arrow to the knee” thing as an example: it’s certainly funny the first time you notice it/see a video on it, and could also be a funny reference on occasion. But what does the Internet do with it? It takes it and inundates everything ever with references to that so that within three days you’re sick of seeing it and want it to go away forever. Then, if there’s a time where it normally could have been a legitimately funny reference, it’s not any more because everyone has heard it a million times.

    That’s not counting the ones that aren’t even funny in the first place (“adjective noun is adjective” is one I always thought was stupid), since those aren’t even worth repeating. But I guess people want “Internet cred” so they repeat the latest memes to prove they’re down with the latest jokes, thus ensuring no one can ever use it again. Ugh.

    • zeldadude says:

      This is why I love pulling fake outs in chat windows, I’m trying to coin a phrase (look at me ma I’m hip!) , specifically “That was when I ruled the world”, meant to be a statement similar to “that was long ago” and my favorite part of that is going into chatrooms and typing things like “I used to think that too…” and waiting for a response, usually it’s “DON’T” but I immediately go along and say “…that was when I ruled the world” and have them get confused. It’s hilarious at times.

    • roadjcat says:

      The only meme I think I found legitimately funny as opposed to mildly amusing (90% of them) or annoying (Arrow to the Knee, Justin Bieber looks like a girl, Twilight is gay), was Chuck Testa. That is one of the best ones for me for some reason and really the only one I’ve brought up outside of the internet. XD

  17. KickAwesome says:

    Can I just say how much I miss you guys?

  18. ultimateDK says:

    “You’re like an old man, but now”
    It’s creepy how much I empathize with you, Ray!

  19. Mr. Saxaphone says:

    Ray, check out this website.

    • Zeldadude says:

      Yes, he still hasn’t answered my question.

      • Ray says:

        Which question?

      • zeldadude says:

        Do you watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and if not, why?
        Man, this is almost as special as the time I found out They might be Giants tickets go for $20 less then I expected.

      • kickawesome says:

        Of course he doesn’t, haven’t you noticed how depressed he sounds on the podcasts recently? There’s NO way that he watches FiM.

  20. Retl says:

    Just got around to checking out this latest podcast after waking up with 2P Start! Live! Ep111 on autoplay this morning. (Also, finally remembered to subscribe to the RSS with Google Reader.) After a fairly taxing week of mounting issues and frustrations, I had a good number of laughs listening to accounts of past events and some silliness like the Zelda joke. Put a smile on my face and really brightened up my week. NPG!

  21. Mr. Saxaphone says:

    If Ray wants some original, quality entertainment, He should watch Mlp Fim.

    • TheSpaz179 says:

      Or at least the fan made music/animations.

      Honestly, Ray. I understand your skepticism, but this show has a large fan base, and there’s a reason for that.

    • TheSpaz179 says:

      I just realized something. MLP is on the Top Ten Memes of 2011 list, what if Ray thinks we’re all just trolling him?

  22. Zeldadude says:

    You at atleast have to watch season one, the second one isn’t nearly as good IMP, since Lauren was moved to supervising instead of the actual plot. Although the season two pilots are really good

    • kickawesome says:

      But then again, there’s the original Derpy *tear*
      So cute.

      • Zeldadude says:

        Yeah, that was awesome.
        I’m almost tempted to quote her and use an XD smiley, and I never use smileys.

  23. Laelaps says:

    Hi Ray! Happy birthday! Throw some salt over your shoulder to keep Tingle away and don’t get too drunk from the double-celebration!

  24. technothetechie says:

    Soooo… Whens the next podcast?

  25. Jeff says:

    I just listened to the podcast. Sounds like Ray has a lot on his mind. These podcasts must be like therapy for him. Time for another session, Ray! Really, we don’t mind, and we won’t even charge you.

  26. Jeff says:

    Also, kind of random, but the story of 2P Start and Tim & Ray makes me think of the TobyMac song, Wonderin’. Tim is Toby, and Ray is Matt Thiessen. I think one of you guys mentioned D.C. talk a long time ago, so that’s probably where that idea started. Inception, Mr. Cobb.

  27. Hey Ray, did you hear about the new Sonic game makers? Word on the street is that a significant portion of Sonic Team was thrown out after Sonic 2006. Supposedly the “new” Sonic Team was made up of fresh college grads and their first game was Sonic Unleashed. Then they made Sonic Generations, while another sub-team handled Sonic Colors.
    *special thanks to BlazeHedgehog on YouTube for the info.

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