Swing And Miss


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August 27th, 2014

Swing And Miss

TimAfter Tap to Flap, I thought we might be done for awhile, but Dong Nguyen went and released another pull-your-hair-out iOS game, so here we are! Interestingly, Flappy Bird was removed once we started working on Tap to Flap, and now, Swing Copters has been updated to reduce the difficulty after I came up with this comic idea. It’s a Tim’s Take of sorts as I did this one myself, with all the pixel pushing and none of the MS Paint artistry you are used to from me. I even took the time to ANIMATE it, so I hope you enjoy the effort!

PS: If you haven’t checked out my short story yet, I’d love any feedback you might have before the contest ends on the 31st! More info in the blog post here.


  1. Papashark says:

    This comic used to be good

  2. Destin says:

    Holy cow, two in one year! The comic’s practically back and running again.

    Is there any possibility of a new podcast in the future?

  3. Nashew says:

    *Checks website randomly to see if there’s a new podcast because I do that sometimes*

    *There’s a new comic*


  4. Cheeseball701 says:


  5. Tim says:

    Thanks guys! It’s more ‘cute’ than ‘lol’ but I’m really happy with it!

  6. Jeff says:

    Another one of those super-long-scrollers? It must be a 2p Start specialty, not that I have any complaints. Though I have to admit to not having tried this game, I did try Flappy Bird for about a minute, and this was basically my reaction. Also, Tim, your art has really improved man! You could almost take over for Ray, but then you wouldn’t have time to sleep or relax by your swimming pool of money.

  7. CaRmAgE says:

    At least Donkey Kong is not at the top, throwing barrels. (Don’t ask what made me think of that.)


  8. Ultimate Silver Fan says:

    I can’t believe it.

  9. . says:

    I love 2P Start. Thank you for all of the time you guys have put into the comics, podcasts, and site extras. Thanks for all of the laughs and good times. Seeing the occasional postmortem update brings a smile to my face. I’m going to keep checking in every couple weeks for this pleasant little surprises. I hope you both are doing well. Hopefully that pool of cash hasn’t dried up yet.

  10. Wheelpath says:

    It’s been so long, god i miss you guys and was disappointed at the lack of E3 podcasts but i know you guys have lives, but I have a hefty request of you both. As you may or may not know Brawl in the family is coming to an end, and it would really touch a fan like me if you guys would do a sort of good bye podcast or comic. I don’t know if Matthew or either of you would have time,but it would mean a lot. I’ll probably ask you again after reading your short story so sorry if I get annoying… Just wanted to share.

  11. Ultimate Silver Fan says:


    I miss Brawl in the Family already…

  12. OhTartarSauce says:

    Came back after reading the last BitF comic, thought there might be a little farewell pic or something along those lines. And it’s a Swing-Copters comic. Oh well.

  13. CarnivoreApple says:

    Did you guys hear about Brawl in the Family quitting too?
    where am i gonna get my amazing nintendo-ish themed humor from now since both you and him stopped?

  14. Greg Maxwell says:

    I’m really surprised that I missed this one being posted. Thanks Tim and Ray for still bringing laughs to the fans. I still find myself listening to podcasts when going on runs or driving to classes. It’s the perfect amount of humor to keep me coming back. 🙂

  15. PinkieBrony says:

    Merry Christmas Tim and Ray! I hope that it is full of as much fun and joy that this web comic has brought me.

  16. JordanTH says:

    Wow, been ages since I’ve checked in on this place, and there’s a new(-ish) comic?

    I can’t believe I started reading this comic over 7 years ago, way back near the end of 2007. Such a long time… wow.

  17. PinkieBrony says:

    NCG!!!!!! So… when is the next podcast coming out? Is it expected to be released in 2020? Cause with the current agreement those are my expectations right now. 😀

  18. Daecious says:

    Rise from your grave.

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