Happy 10th Anniversary to Us!

This Valentine’s Day almost came and went without me realizing the importance of this day! 10 years ago, Ray and I started 2P START!, posting our first simple joke on Valentine’s Day of all things. For the next three years, we dutifully posted comics week after week and gained a fun, loyal fanbase. While it seems like a lifetime ago, it was a memorable phase in my life for a couple of reasons. This was me at 25, no kids, a job I wasn’t sure would be my career (it is), with incredible amounts of free time that I can’t imagine having today. I’ll always look back at those years as a time when I did something I enjoyed and took pride in, making something out of nothing just for the joy of it. Even more importantly, I got to work with Ray (who did all the wrok), a deep-thinking, nerdy critic who always had something interesting to say. We became very close because of the site and talk about favorite games became talk about real life. I got to share advice about jobs and roommates and girls and faith with a friend I had only met a couple times who lived a thousand miles away. I’ve seen Ray go from a college kid with an embarrassing collection of Sonic memorabilia to a pastor who is taking trips overseas to help the poor and sick and hungry. I couldn’t be more proud of my friend!

So Happy Valentine’s Day Ray, and Happy 2PSTART-iversary!

“Who would have guessed that 10 years later I’d be in India playing the new PVP Station Light 3000?” – Ray


  1. Corbin Brickhouse says:

    Came to the site to see if there’d be an update for the tenth anniversary, glad to see 2P START! hasn’t been completely forgotten! Happy 2PSTART-iversary, Tim!

  2. Legs says:

    I’ve never commented on anything you guys have done before; but I’ve been around since you were producing comics, and just never unsubscribed from the RSS feed.

    The updates throughout the years have been appreciated. Both the postmortem episodes of the podcast, and the written content. When I’m out of new podcasts, I even sometimes throw on some old 2P START! LIVE! episodes.

    Happy 2PSTART-iversary, Tim! My best to Ray as well.

  3. RLYoshi says:

    I never commented (in my memory) but I loved, and still love, this comic. I binge it every year or so. You have no idea how good it feels not only to see an update – even if it’s just a blog post acknowledging the ten-year anniversary – and get some closure on how you guys are doing. Thank you to both of you, for the endless entertainment and inspiration you provided, and you have no idea how proud I am of your individual AND collaborative accomplishments. Keep on rocking.

    As you wrote yourselves in comic 171: You haven’t lost 2P START! at all. You’ve taken it with you, and moved on.

  4. Daecious says:

    Still listen to the podcast regularly. You guys are great. God bless.

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