Name That Game #4 [Update]


TimAlright, this one is a bit more obscure and I’d be REALLY impressed if anyone got this. I’ll start dropping hints and expand the picture a bit if it proves too difficult. If you’re new to this little game, rules are posted after the break. Good luck!

[Hint 1]: I knew this would be tougher! First of all, it’s not a Mario game, so forget about the Chain Chomps! Also, I’ll clue you in that the title of this game doesn’t exactly ‘roll’ off the tongue…

[Hint 2]: Ok, I’ve expanded the field of vision a bit on the image, it may help a little, but it’ll still be tough. My hint this time would be that the game is a current generation console title. That’s all you get for the next 24 hours, so start guessing!

[Update]: Nice work Rokai (and Andrew)! It is the U.S. box art for Kororinpa: Marble Mania. I told you it’d be a bit more obscure!

Above, you’ll see a small portion of a much larger picture. This picture is some sort of official artwork for a videogame. It could be a screenshot, or box art, or a flyer, or anything the publisher put out related to the game. Your challenge is to figure out which game it’s from. If no one guesses correctly in a reasonable amount of time, I’ll expand the window a bit and let you see a little more. This is a ‘just for fun’ contest, but you should still try to Name That Game!

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  1. miniace2009 says:

    Oh gosh! I KNOW THIS! I just can’t quite place it….

  2. JJ W. says:

    Oh gosh! I KNOW THIS! I just can’t quite place it….

    This is easy it is Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door (or maybe Paper Mario)

  3. Tim says:

    JJ, that is incorrect.

  4. Darkness_Keeper says:

    I’m gonna say Yoshi’s Island DS…

  5. Dragonblader1 says:

    No idea. I actually tried looking at the URL and it looks like it didn’t say what it was (I thought that someone may have had a brain fart o-o)

    It definately looks like a Mario game though (with the Chain Chomp-like thing) but the art style is weird. I’m just gonna take a random guess and say a game that not only have I never played before but I’ve never seen the box art of it… Mario is Missing? (Lulz if I’m right)

  6. Narnian says:

    Yeah, what I immediately thought of was patapon or a chain chomp from the mario series… I dunno though :L

  7. Nick Ashley says:

    that is so not chain chomp. its one of those obscure games for psp.

  8. OmegaLord says:

    Katamari Damacy?

  9. Darkness_Keeper says:

    Loco Rolo! The game with the black thing and the yellow chick thing!

    Yeah, that one!

  10. Rioluke says:

    Yohis island1!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rioluke says:

    NOOOO wait yoshis topsy turvy!

  12. dj75728 says:

    We love katamari? But probably Katamari Damacy

  13. Andrew says:

    Wow, I leave for the afternoon, and not only is the next on up, but a hint is already here.

  14. Ian says:

    loco roco?

  15. Jeff says:

    Could it be Disgaea?

  16. Rokai says:

    It’s so obvious…Kororinpa

  17. Andrew says:

    It’s so obvious…Kororinpa

    Well sure, now that you can see the penguin body.
    Box art for Kororinpa: Marble Mania.

  18. Andrew says:

    You found a good spot to zoom into, which helped a lot.

    I’m waiting for you to zoom into an obscure image on the smash dojo.

  19. Rokai says:

    Yay I won!
    By the way, how can I register or put picture above my name?

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