It’s An Inside Job

D3vinThis comic was more or less an experiment in ways to set things up in flash, Everyone is made out of several pieces that could be moved and posed at will, making the rest of the comic’s construction streamlined (other than the sometimes awkward looking poses). Since whenever I’m brought up in the podcast, they usually state how I’m “banned” because of “trying to overthrow 2P START!” I also wanted to do a comic with the same underlying theme as “Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s inside story” (a clever plot to take over the world) and I slipped that in nicely, if I do say so myself.


  1. randomperson says:

    wait. why is starlow/chippy there?

  2. D3vin says:

    I suck and i should stop trying to take over 2pstart

  3. steve-ohs says:

    I really liked this comic D3vin!! Your best one yet!

  4. Unclever title says:

    Very nice and funny to boot. One minor problem I see, the shading’s not quite right. On the legs it looks like someone is shining a light unto their respective crotches, not necessarily wrong mind you.

    I know very little about flash, but from what I see that’s a thing to either remedy, lose entirely, or edit in “post”.

  5. Kvb says:

    I like that this got its own 2P Start page. Now we just need a custom logo to complete to illusion.

  6. BadnikHunter says:

    Haha, nice. Pretty darn funny.

  7. TomX says:

    Very well executed, didn’t see the Bowzers Inside Story joke coming. Beautifuly crafted πŸ™‚

  8. aghhdjgdjkfhgtahdugihila; says:

    Spah sappin’ mah dispensa!

  9. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    I’ll admit that I wasn’t quite sure where the comic was going until the final panel, which was pretty unexpected and clever. Nice Comic D3vin!

  10. Highwater Trousers says:

    Nice! The ending caught me off guard, although the more I think about it, I’m not sure I want to know how Tim and Ray got out…

  11. D3vin says:

    I have just noticed this, I should make guest comics for whenever Ray or Tim don’t think their regular one won’t be a smash, just like a safety net for the Trapeze that is 2P START!.

  12. TheLupineOne says:

    “Press the A Button to jump!” 2P START! classic. Congratulations D3vin.

  13. aghhdjgdjkfhgtahdugihila; says:

    Why is it always the A button? Super Mario 64 was perfect and it used the B button to jump!

  14. Jarkes says:

    Actually, Chip, while annoying, knew when to keep his mouth shut for the most part, and unlike Omochao, he was actually integral to the plot, so…yeah…

  15. aghhdjgdjkfhgtahdugihila; says:

    tim is playing an invisible wii in panels 1 and 2

  16. Mirby says:

    I would play that as well… TIME FOR SOME HACKIN’!

    Not really, I’m not sure how to go about hacking a DS game…


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