2P START! Live!: Internet Police Edition


RayIn this episode, you’ll hear about the dangers of making content solely for your own fan base, the dumbest videogame speed-run ever, and watch out – it’s the Internet Police who KNOW THE TRUTH.


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  1. Highwater Trousers says:

    All right! Downloading and can’t wait to listen!

  2. blaster says:

    As a habit…


    • roadjcat says:

      About to start listening, but I’m seconding Guilty Love.

      • roadjcat says:

        By the way, isn’t that like the third time someone has suggested that song? I suggested it once and then CKCheeseBoy seconded it, and then now blaster recommends it. XD

      • blaster says:

        Really, I didn’t know.
        I started listening to podcast since July I believe.
        And I never read comments on old podcasts.

  3. yeah568 says:

    Come, on how do you check these things that often?!?

    Also, downloading.

  4. Mikallein says:

    O……..M……..G………THAT WAS SO FRIKIN FUNNY!!!! ROFL!!!!…………(gets up off the floor) any ways, “GREAT” podcast guys keep it up.

  5. D3vin says:

    “trying to play like, You know Me?” I said, “I’m like come on Fhqwhgads, I said come on Fhqwhgads, Everybody to the limit,The Cheat is to the limit, Everybody come on Fhqwhgads!”
    Ray should have said that.
    I liked Tim laughing, It shows that there is more to him than a three-month/year old and a monotone voice.

    I hate the automated sounding outro, I think you should change that part out every couple weeks…

    • Apkinesis says:

      I held out on mentioning the new outro to see if I’d get used to it, but at this point I have to agree; the new outro isn’t the best thing to happen to the Podcast — kind of makes the show feel corporate (for lack of better word) tacking a pre-recorded message at the very end each time. That segment could be done in similar fashion as other segment intros, in that it could be recorded anew during each Podcast but with the same general message (or even the same exact script), as long as it’s not the exact same recording each time. Maybe even have it as part of the traditional “Join us every week […] He’s Tim, and he’s Ray” outro somewhere, so we still have Musical Misfits and possible Easter Egg recordings at the very end.

      Sorry, seems like I’m always complaining for some reason, but just trying to help out through feedback 🙂

    • Ray says:

      Thanks for the constructive criticism. I’ll take it into consideration.

      • D3vin says:

        Besides, this is a “new” feature, who knows how new things would go over with the crowd? It’s a gamble sometimes, and I understand what you were trying to get at, it just sounds monotone and robotic instead of Organic and welcoming.

        I still like the “gay fox” sketch, it looks cute 🙂

  6. BadnikHunter says:

    Awesome podcast guys. Very funny, hardest I’ve laughed at one of your podcasts. You “people” have made my day.

  7. Narnian says:

    Great podcast guys. But you need to stop making me laugh in public! It’s really embarrassing ha ha. The background music during the Nintendo forum segment made it that much funnier. Internet “people” who think they know everything are the best.

  8. Keja says:

    Wow… I sounded pretty good, apart from the microphone quality.

    I may have also increased your podcast ratings by a few this week by promising friends a chance to finally hear my voice.

  9. pcargill says:

    Nice Podcast guys, suggestion for Remix- http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/48093

  10. randomperson says:


  11. roadjcat says:

    Not much to say, but:

    1. Liked the remix though it didn’t sound particularly AC-ish.
    2. Handheld games are awesome, what are you talking about? XD
    3. My general rule of thumb is that if a soundtrack actually does exist, I won’t download the soundtrack, but if there is no physical CD, I’ll download it.
    4. Kenji Yamamoto is probably my favorite composer, just for Metroid Prime.
    5. I think Nintendo is pretty much aware of the update problem, but I thought they are repairing them for free, but I heard that on GameFAQs so, I dunno.
    6. And in general, people ARE stupid.
    7. Darn, no mention of Sonic stuff. Oh well, Rouge.

    • roadjcat says:

      Okay that point about the soundtracks made no sense. XD

      What I’m saying is that if a physical CD for a soundtrack exists, I will not just download the songs of the internet for free. But if no such CD exists, then I’ll download the songs for free. It is a little disappointing when you find out that you have to pay thirty bucks for a one of the soundtracks though. XD

      • DrOswald says:

        Your essentially saying that if there is no way to buy the soundtrack through a legitimate source you don’t feel bad downloading it? (I am not disagreeing or agreeing, just curious.)

      • roadjcat says:

        Yes pretty much. If the legitimate source is like play-asia or something, a site where I have to import it basically, then I’ll have get it from there. I won’t download the soundtrack online.

  12. MetaRidleyR27 says:

    Great Podcast Guys! I especially enjoyed the Internet Police discussion. Now I’m paranoid about my Wii bricking. I think I may have downloaded that update and I have Homebrew. D:

    • MetaRidleyR27 says:

      And with Ray’s mention of Hideki Naganuma (easily one of my favorite gaming composers) I’m submitting Medley Rush 1 from Sonic Rush as a Musical Misfit. For some reason the linking won’t work, but a Youtube search will bring it up as the first result.

      Sonic Rush in itself seems to be a game lost in the shuffle over time, usually being forgotten when mentioning recent good (or in this case, great) Sonic titles. Sonic Rush is easily one of my favorite Sonic games, with superb classic gameplay, fun new features, a simple yet fun story, great boss battles, and of course, an incredible soundtrack. While using a medley might be a bit of a cop-out, the entire soundtrack is so good that it’d be incredibly hard for me to pick a single song to submit. 🙂

    • CKcheeseboy says:

      If the update completed you’re fine; it was an error during the update that bricked the Wii, so anybody that already has updated doesn’t need to worry.

  13. Apkinesis says:

    Awesome as always! That Nintendo Forums reenactment bit was one of the most hilarious moments of 2P Start Live history 😀

    Also, apologies Ray, for being one of the (quote unquote) “people” who mentioned that “the logo was better than the comic” 🙁 I’ll mention again that the artwork of the comic was still great though — you did better at drawing a dog than I probably ever could. And fun sketches by the way; always cool to see that sort of thing.

    There, now that I’ve saved myself from receiving Ray’s next Black Doom Award (j/k; I really do mean all of what was said above), I heard about the Wii Update the day after it came out, and despite never having hacked my Wii (I wouldn’t even know where to start), I’m considering never updating it again, just on the off-chance that the download gets interrupted and kills the system. As mentioned in the Podcast, the update is pointless, since the only ones theoretically affected are those who never download updates anyway, so it’s only really hurting the “innocent bystanders,” if anyone. Seriously, this whole ordeal is one of very few times I’ve been upset with Nintendo, and I’ve been with them since the NES days.

  14. mocliamtoh says:

    If you think that that monopoly speed run is pointless, check this speed run of clue. It is the same thing, but instead of 4 minutes, its 3 seconds…so it’s essentially the same thing, but just 1/80 as long.

    • mocliamtoh says:

      Ok…after actually watching it, the video in its entirety is 43 seconds long…including about 10 seconds for the SDA splash at the beginning and the end. But the listed time is 3 seconds.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        Actually, the way they count the time is the end of user input, so the last button pressed was at three seconds, and then the rest was just waiting and watching.

        As far as the Monopoly speedrun goes, it wasn’t so much luck as it was a tool-assisted manipulation of the “luck” in the game. Basically, for anybody that doesn’t know, computers don’t actually generate random numbers, they use “pseudo” random numbers, such as picking numbers from an incredibly long list of numbers in no particular order. Often, this is made more random by somehow determining a different starting position in the long list, such as using time (either number of seconds since some date, number of seconds since the game was turned on, etc.). So by using an emulator, he was able to precisely manipulate the exact frame where each button was hit, giving him whatever roll he wanted (essentially). I’ve kind of oversimplified, so some of that may not be entirely accurate, but it’s probably close enough that you get the idea.

        So while I agree that it’s still a little stupid, it’s not stupid for the reasons you guys mentioned.

      • CKcheeseboy says:

        I forgot to mention, though, the Clue one was in fact luck, they just kept playing until it was the first choice for all 3. That one was more of a “see how fast any game can be beaten” thing than a real “I want to beat this game fast” thing.

  15. zijjh says:

    Way to Go Guys. I really enjoyed your podcast. I just wanted to give you guys a shoutout on something that I find unique to you guys. I think the fact that you guys take callers from your fans is awesome and really shows how far above and beyond you guys go for your fans. Anyways awesome job guys.

    *This will surely get me comment of the week*

    Just Kidding, just wanted to give you guys a pat on the back for something really unique and awesome.

  16. Highwater Trousers says:

    You know, I kind of miss the old days when updates weren’t forced. I have a PS3 and a lot of times I have to update before I can play a new game (even when not connected to the internet.) Open the game, pop it in, wait for the update, and then get to the gameplay. Not fun when I have a limited time to play. I mean, don’t get me wrong, updates are nice and getting rid of problems are great, but they can sometimes get in the way.

    Sorry for straying a bit of topic, but on another note I think iTunes might have added Final Fantasy music to the store. So, I guess that’s a step forward for video game music, right?

  17. Loooca says:

    That was a fun podcast, you guys. And wow, your first sketches were awful, Ray ;p Drawing animals is quite difficult to me, too, so I can relate to that. Good thing the final product turned out so well.

  18. blaster says:

    Nice Podcast.
    I can’t draw anythimg, so I can’t imagine how hard it is to draw a dog…
    I know there’s going to be one when my Wii starts shining.
    And that Roleplay seems fun.

  19. Snifit says:

    Oooh a new album. That sounds exciting.
    Also hurray for the Gameboy Color. I love that system! Metal Gear and Mario DX were two of my favorites.
    I think the whole thing about Monopoly speedrun is just about the game. A lot of people have tried to speedrun Mario or Super Metroid so its hard to get your name out by beating something that someone else is going to do faster in four months. If you speedrun a game that no one cares about you’ll probably keep that run forever.
    Really, a person hacks their Wii to get back at “the Man.” Maybe if Nintendo released Another Code R in America SOME people wouldn’t have to hack their Wii to play import games in order to buy a copy from Europe.
    Theoretically of course
    All in all another great podcast guys. Its always nice to see some sketches and the Internet Police had me rolling.
    And I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon and say I miss the old outro and not the prerecorded one.

  20. freeplay says:

    WOW, my dream came true. I was going to call in, but then i got grounded. This is ridiculous. Stinks to be me.


  21. DrOswald says:

    I think 2P Start is in kind of a rut (only in the comics. The podcasts are better than ever.) The 2P Start brand of humor is good, but is too predictable in a way. The problem seems to be that 2P Start punchlines never seem to have any impact to them. I am trying to be constructive here, but the truth is I am not good enough at comic style humor to tell you how this could be fixed.

    By the way, I am not saying the comic is no good. I actually think it is one of the better comics out there, but it could be better.

    anyway, comments on the podcast:

    I think the reason people said that they liked the logo more than the comic is because the logo was completely different than the normal logo and therefore a surprise. I liked the comic more, personally.

    I liked Tim’s black doom laugh this time. Also, great black dooms.

    Do you do a specific black doom chime (see 16:37) depending on the company that gets the black doom? Like, is Nintendo always that same music?

    I like the way ray says twitter in the outro. It sounds like “tawhitter.” I think it is funny because everything else on the outro is so professional sounding.

  22. DrOswald says:

    Something just occurred to me. Each week we all try to get musical misfits and comment of the week, people call in and rise from their graves, but the 2P Start fan who has to have it all will also have to go out and earn a Black Doom award.

    • Keja says:

      Don’t worry, I’m the designing process of creating a Charmy Bee spin off. It’s a PS3 exclusive, and Shia Leboef will make an appearance as the voice of every character.

      I’ve also personally asked Ray to do the music, but I’ve had no reply yet.

  23. blaster says:


  24. sheppy says:

    I do have to take umbridge to the comment that nothing was missed on handhelds. A LOT has been missed if you skipped out on handhelds. About the only one worth missing is the GP2X and that’s because, well, if you’re not Korean, you’re missing out on 90% of the content.

    But I will suggest a Black Doom for next week. This is something that I’m sure will cause both of your great laughter.


    Yes, that’s right…. Konami has officially made a WALKING SIMULATOR for Wii.

  25. Kyzin says:

    That first attempt at drawing the eyes just makes it look like that puppy has been terribly wronged, like he just witnessed his entire family slaughtered.

  26. Kyzin says:

    You “people” and your “lives” doing “things” sicken “me.”

  27. Rokai says:

    This episode was so funny that I actually had to listen to it twice. Which I haven’t done with any podcasts ever since I started listening to them. Good job guys.

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