2P START! Live!: E3 2011


RayRay goes on some hilarious rants about bittorrents and his hatred for everything fake, but not before we talk about everything E3! Including Wii U, Kinect, PSP Vita, Tim’s issues with Nintendo 3DS, and much more! Plus the surprising return of “What do YOU think?”


Links referenced in the show:
Wii U
Kinect Star Wars
Kinect Disneyland Adventures
Tay Zonday begging for attention
Exporting Raymond trailer


  1. Laelaps says:

    Awesome! Thanks guys, listening now…

    • Laelaps says:

      Alright, done listening. While I was a bit disappointed that there was little discussion about all the games Nintendo announced/talked about, it was pretty good. Well, the ranting was a bit much. Also, I completely agree about politics; our whole current system of appearances and weasleness needs to be seriously revamped. And you guys are good role models of practicing what you preach. Hope everything works out with the house, Tim.

  2. JohnW says:

    Will this be up on iTunes soon?

    Thanks for keeping the site updated, even after it died 🙂

  3. Aaron90 says:

    This podcast smelled like Creams Mother.
    I enjoyed it.
    Good podcast guys.

    Can’t wait for another in a few months.
    Hope you get your house problem sorted out Tim.

  4. D3vin says:

    Nice, I’m downloading this baby now, and I’ll post what I thought about the podcast after I give it a good listen.

    As for my thoughts of this E3:
    Nintendo surprised me this E3, The Wii U (Wii University? Does it have its own fraternity?) Was a neat idea, although It might take a little while to catch on, and while it may be nothing but a tech Demo, New Super Mario Bros. Mii fails because they should have done that to begin with (The Miis would have been so much better than their Recolored Fungus selections)
    I hate how all the good games I am interested in (Super Mario 3ds, Luigi’s Mansion 2) are on the 3DS, so I now have to save up for one of those…
    And Kirby Wii sounds fun, although I feel Waddle Dee would be reserved for the player who joins in last…

    I didn’t pay attention to any of the other stuff, so there it is.

    • D3vin says:

      Good podcast, I loved Ray’s rant about that long trail that started with BitTorrent. I agree with a lot of the Wii U stuff and bad console names in General. I hope they change their minds and let more screen-controllers be used at once, just to make it more of a console. It is like the 90’s all over again with their multi-taps so you can play with all of your friends at once.

      Just a quick question, though:
      Can I be in a future podcast? I feel I have done enough in the 2P START! Fan Community to warrant at least a little bit of a guest spot. 😉 Besides, I never got to talk about my fan works and that would make a really good topic on its own.

  5. BooCwis says:

    Well, you guys aren’t going to get a comment or know what I think because you didn’t tell me to do it!
    This is by far the happiest podcast in the world. A ranting loud guy and monotone just make me feel great. I was going to tell you that was a joke, but then “Just how DUMB do you think I am?” ran through my mind. Either way I enjoyed it and question how waiting a week for these was impossible for me back in the good ol’ days

  6. ScopedShotgun says:

    I know, I’m a 2PStart freak. I’ve already got it planned that I can listen to this 4 times by today. Then a listen through the archive inbetween postmordems. (Yes I’m serious, my ipod is on almost 24/7.

  7. Koopakirby says:

    Alright, nice podcast guys! Although I can’t say I agree with everything and you left out a lot of the games that were revealed and shown at E3, I still enjoyed your banter!

    Oh, and burying myself in my grave.

  8. been waiting for this forever. thank you guys so much.

  9. Teengamer says:

    You’re so right Ray, there are just too many FAKE things in this world!!!

    I hate to do this, but as an avid Zelda fan I feel obligated to ask, “Do you have any thoughts on Skyward Sword?” 😛 I know there’s not much to base an opinion on, but if you have any odd thought or detail you found interesting, I’d appreciate it! 😀

  10. cramill says:

    Although it has been a long time since I’ve gotten junk email that said, “forward this to [number] friends and [something crazy/awesome] will happen.” (Probably the last time I got one of those was the 90’s – early 2000’s) But, I have recently received a Playstation Network message saying “Send this to 25 friends and you will get $50 in your PSN Wallet”

    Do people really still start and continue these things? The last one I got even said “This is tracked by Sony” Hahaha – to believe this you have to be pretty naive.

  11. They Call Me Mr. Awesome says:


    I agree, the Wii U is a dumb name, but hey, NEW SMASH BROS!!!

    Well I guess I’ll just go jump back in my grave for a few months. Anybody gotta shovel?

  12. Haha, the bittorrent website was freakin’ hilarious! Great job, guys.


  13. kickawesome says:

    I’m so excited to listen! I always wait a few days though, to tell myself I’m not addicted (but let’s be honest, I am. I’ve been re-listening through the entire archive for a while now)

    You guys updated and I got a text that said you guys had updated, and my friend made fun of me for it. If he only knew…

  14. Grandpalove says:

    The reason all that fakery exists is because some people are that stupid.

  15. kelster165 says:

    I was SO disappointing with the nintendo E3 conference. First, Reggie’s presentation didn’t help the awful name of the Wii u. “We’re so convinced of it, that we put that pronoun right in the name.” It always reminds me of the sound an ambulance makes, “Wee-ooo wee-ooo”. I thought for at least a few days after E3 that it was just a controller add on. Plus, I don’t like the controller. It’s like a garbage can of everything. It’s a controller, it’s a handheld, it’s a tablet, it’s a video chat thing, it’s a store. It also seems kinda uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time, I feel like it would be awkward for playing hours of Zelda or something. It doesn’t seem that revolutionary. I don’t see anything that special about it except an awful name. Also, they barely mentioned Zelda. They were just like, “Yeah, there’s this thing called skyward sword. Anyways, 3DS, YEAH!”

    As for the 3DS, I was surprised that they had so many big titles for it at E3 because I had seen it at best buy and my only though was, “Wow, that’s some pretty bad 3D”. So I went back to see if I was mistaken, and I wasn’t. Unless you hold it at exactly the right angle at exactly the right distance, it’s foggy.

    Thank you guys so much for the podcast, it was hilarious!

  16. Wow…Tim is homeless and Ray seems to be in need of anger management counseling. Clearly, life has not been kind to our 2P Start! creators since the last podcast. Ray’s girlfriend is right: you two need to do the podcast more often! 😉

  17. The Mark Lindemulder says:

    So when is Lindsay going to be on the podcast giving her expert opinion on video games?

  18. For me there was only one stand out thing this E3, and that was footage of Uncharted 3.

    Nintendo had me with the Wii and DS at the start of this gen of consoles and I stuck it out for 2 years before desiring the H-Dees. At this point in time the 3DS and WiiU seem like huge enigmas and have yet to capture my attention or interest. Smash Bros is a huge draw, to be sure, but this ‘no GameCube controller compatibility’ may seriously be a reason for me to not care. Of course, I played the original and Melee in college and rarely had a chance to play Brawl with others so my waning interest in Smash could also be situational.

    The 360 was my first Xbox and I’ve been impressed with its options for a few years now. The Kinect has a way to go but I think it has promise. I’ll be keeping an eye on games for it over time to see if any would sell me on the device. Plus, you don’t have to buy expensive controllers for the thing once you have it. Other than that, I’m not a Halo fan so whatever.

    Sony finally got my money this year as I broke down and got a PS3 and PSP. And in return I get my personal information hijacked by hackers. Joy. Aside from that, I’ve been enjoying Blu-ray and Uncharted(s) to their fullest. As cool as it would have been to be playing it 5 years ago, I was never able to justify $600 (this is why I started with the Wii). I think Sony’s going to well with the Vita, but I’ll be in no rush since I’m only just now getting around to older PSP games myself.

    In short, this E3 seems to be more of the same:
    – Nintendo is going with inexpensive tech of yesteryear that’s still likely to be fun
    – Sony is going with pushing high tech prettiness (buy our 3D TVs! please?)
    – Microsoft is staying very middle-of-the-road in terms of price & tech

  19. Shmoopshybob says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to the Wii U. I am definitly curious to see what kind of games will be made on it.

    You know, it has not been confirmed if there will only be one controller. They only said said that they had only been working with one so far, adn that they are still looking into using more than one controller. If I remember correctly, there is a good chance that there will be more than one. Although, I definitly think it would be a terrible idea t only have one controller.

    Personally, I would not like the 3DS to be the controller for a few reasons. For one, I actually like the difference between a handheld and a system. I feel like making them into the same console would take some of that away. Nintendo themself said that they wanted to make sure that contoller was not a handheld, but a part of a console. The second problem I see about having the 3DS being a contoller would be that it would make the console expensive to play. Not everyone wants to have a handheld and console. I know of a few people that would be very upset if the 3DS was the controller, and if they do have more then one controller I would not want to buy more than one 3DS.

    I myself don’t really care, but I actually have a few friends who were very excited about Halo 4.

    The only main thing I don’t like about the 3DS is it’s lack of games, and that will change over time. I like the 3D, because anything that enhances playing a game is welcomed by me. Full blast 3D definitly bugged me at first, but I have found that my eyes have gotten very use to it now.

    E3 wasn’t as excited as I had hoped, (I didn’t really like the lack of support for the Wii) but it made me look forward to Wii U games at the next E3.

    And yeah, the name Wii U is pretty sad.

  20. Copper says:

    Ray, no joke, the same thing happens to me with bittorrents, only mines a little less frustrating. But only a little. And it’s sad, becuase I’m not trying to steal music illegally, its just that I lost my Itunes account password, and now I can’t download music anymore, so I really have no choice. So let me give you an example:

    Ever since Limewire got shut down, a RELIABLE bittorrent, I’ve been stuck with Frostwire, which sucks. Basically, I’ll try to download a song, and every one(not exaggerating) will say “CONGRATULATION! AS PART OF A LIMEWIRE AND FROSTWIRE…”and I immediatly hot pause after their. First of all, Limewire’s dead. It’s impossible for them to do promotions, and second of all, why would you lie to me like that? This isn’t Reel Big Fish, this is Let’s Reel In More Money. Anything thats not on the radio 24/7 will not work. And it just really pisses me off. Take my advice, just download music using a youtube mp3 converter, it’s much easier.

  21. roadjcat says:

    Man, I’m slacking on these post mortem podcasts! I need to listen to this!

    • roadjcat says:

      Random but I feel I should say this: I know over the years I was super opinionated/nitpicky/etc. So I want to apologize for being kind of a jerk. Sorry that it took me a few years to say this.

  22. TheSpaz179 says:

    That “U” logo looks like a purse.

  23. shadowhog says:

    I love how all the awesome stuff happens to Ray. He definetly was destined for podcasting!!

  24. Mr. Saxaphone says:

    Great pod cast guys!! Since I rose from my grave last pod cast, and now you said I left you you!! Now I must SERCOMBE TO MY GRAVE and be with 2P START! Yet again.

  25. Frozen says:

    Best post-mortem yet! Love you guys! I will find you and drag you to the back to the internet one of these days. I will chain you to a chair and make you make more 2P START!. You shall be fed dorritos and dr. pepper, and nothing more than that.

    • ScopedShotgun says:

      Not even Pixie Sticks or grape soda?

      • Frozen says:

        Hehehe. Silly silly. I might feed them some penguin meat if I run out of the doritos, maybe a bit of hedgehog while I’m at it.

  26. Daecious says:

    I like to lay down at night while listening to 2Pstart live! And pretend tim and ray are on either side of me talking to eachother above my bed while I sleep. It makes sense for Tim because he’s to the left of me and there’s nothing in the way of where he would stand, but to my right is a window. That means ray has to stand outside while poking his head into my room.

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