2P START! Live!: A Summer at the Movies


RayWill Ray and Tim agree on anything? Reviews of Thor, Super 8, Cars 2, Green Lantern, Crazy Stupid Love, Captain America and more! Plus, questions about waitresses at Applebee’s, and Earth’s threat of “green” aliens!


Links referenced in the show:
Webcomics.me review of 2P START! (with follow-up comments from Tim & Ray)
Guardian.co.uk story about aliens


  1. Daecious says:

    I actually really didn’t care for cars 2 but I loved captain America. Am I really the only one to comment on the podcast so far?

  2. blaster says:

    I am with Noah.
    I watched no movie this summer, or any summer.
    So no comment on your comments.

  3. D3vin says:

    I liked X-men: First Class, but that was just because it was meant to elaborate on the origins of the important stuff: How Prof. X and Magneto met, how the Mutants divide into the Good vs Bad, How the whole Human vs Mutant thing happened.

    Since Cars 2 was the opposite end of the spectrum compared to the first one, and since it was so Saturday Morning cartoon-like, They should do a spin-off. You already have the expanded universe. It will be kind of like those shorts they made, except longer. I’m thinking Cars 3 will be more about random misadventures of some other character.

    The review of the webcomic was interesting, and while I agree when he said the artwork was bad in the begining, I didn’t quite like how he kept railing on it. It was a different style. It would be like railing on Team Fortress 2 because it doesn’t look like any other FPS out there. It is called being “Unique”. You say I’m ugly, I say you look like everyone else.

    Green aliens? Like the little squeaky ones from Toy Story? Maybe they’ll Take us all over with a giant claw grabber machine XD.

    I also have somewhat of an idea of what you could do for the website, but I’d rather save it until I get everything together.

  4. TheSpaz179 says:

    I haven’t seen Cars 2, but I have seen Captain America.

    …Wow, I need to see more movies..

  5. ProtoEclipse says:

    I saw Green Lantern, and being a person who has never read the comic, I enjoyed it too, though it did seem kinda goofy to me.

    Tim needs to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Everything Ray said is completely true. Although there is one scene that ends in a body part being ripped off that was pretty freaky, the movie was awesome.

  6. Gewurztraminer says:

    Thor & Captain America were definitely the highlights of the summer for me. Heck, I made it 30 years in this world without so much as even touching a comic book* and now I’m obsessed with the Marvel universe.

    Did not see X-men, Cars2, or Green Lantern. I heard X-men was decent so I’ll be buying that one; and I have all the other Pixar films so I can’t imagine I’d last for long without breaking and also picking up Cars 2; as for Green Lantern… um… rental. And when I do see GL it’ll probably be for the best that I have limited knowledge of the character(s).

    *[spoiler] ok, I exaggerate; I once bought a Sonic the Hedgehog comic. But seriously, that’s pretty much it.[/spoiler]

  7. Teengamer08 says:

    I completely agree that Cars 2 was largely underrated. :'( Makes me sad.

    By the way, have you seen the gorgeous box art for Skyward Sword? :3 http://www.zeldadungeon.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/i_304821.jpg

  8. Retl says:

    Haven’t seen any of these movies. Really haven’t seen any movies at all in the past few months. But I had fun listening. Thanks for recording and sharing! NPG!

  9. Firethorn43 says:

    I loved Rise of the planet of the apes and Super 8. I just hated that everyone in the crowd when the apes did ANYTHING and could not be serious about it at all. Cowboys vs. Aliens was kinda just that. And I saw probably the worst movie ever called Rubber, I would love to hear your opinion on it, its on Netflix!

  10. LiancoZ says:

    Woot new episode. I’ve pretty much got the whole archive stuck in my head at this point.. xD

  11. randomperson says:

    my main problem with cars 2 was how predictable it was i knew the bad guy pretty easily but everyone else i talked to didn’t think so.

  12. Frozen says:

    Hmmm, it was so enjoyable to hear your lovely little voices. Though, Tim’s choice in recording methods assaulted my audiophilic sensibilities. Such a shameful decision. I disgreed with your comments on X-men First Class as the Cuba scene nearly forced tears out of these dried up ducts of mine. But, might I suggest Midnight in Paris? Such a comedy it is. Such a comedy.

  13. shadowhog says:

    So get this. I listen to like 10 episodes a day. I plug up my ipod and start at a random episode and let it go on throughout the day. I even listen to it while I go to sleep. Many people would think that listening to Ray’s voice for so long would start to drive people insane, but I didn’t care. That is until I had a 2p start related dream.

    I had a dream that I was in the mall and I ran into Tim and Lily, but I really don’t know what Tim looks like so It was Tim’s Mii or Timii or whatever his name is. Then Tim pulled out a sandwich and started eating it, except the sandwich was made out of money, so he had like a wad of bills and was eating them in between bread. Then Lily stole Tim’s Ipod touch and started watching Zip Chord Invincibility on it. Then Ray came floating by (real Ray because I know what he looks like due to my excessive stalki- nevermind) in a chair with two Iphones mounted in the cupholders. Then he started saying something, I forgot what it was but lets just assume it was sonic related. Then I forgot what happened next, but I am fairly certain it involved Ray flying around shooting robots with Iphones. Needless to say I don’t listen to 2pstart while I go to sleep anymore.

  14. blaster says:

    I have a question, when can we expect twitter the movie and Lace the movie to come out?

  15. zeldadude says:

    Well, inspired by you guys (IE: ray) making those toon Tim and toon Ray texture hacks for brawl, I’m making my OWN hacks of a similar kind (I’m editing the model as well, not just the skin) to put you guys in my favorite FPS to date, it’s been free for months, a new update for it is coming tommorrow: Team fortress 2! I’m posting here and not Emailing you becasue I’ thought I’d share it with the rest of the 2PStart! community as well. Anyways, I’m making a ray skin for the scout, a Tim skin for the soldier, probably a willie skin for the heavy weapons guy, and maybe even a Lace skin for someone else! (If anyone already plays it or decides to get it free at store.steampowered.com then please let me know who you think it should replace) On top of all that, I’m also going to make a few hat reskins so you fellow fans can rev up your minigun, don your black doom helm, (will be replacing the spine chilling skull) and going out there to show people just how hard core willie really is! By now your thinking something along the lines of: “But Zeldadude, if we do this then won’t we be putting the game at risk of quote unquote bricking?” worry not! VALVe (not a typo, that’s how they spell the name of their company, all capps except the e.) actually ENCOURAGES hacks that don’t do anything to the scripts and don’t give you an advantage, hence the enormous amount of texture hacks on the website I’ll be posting these reskins on. so prepare 2PStart fans! YOU WILL ALL SOON BE ABLE TO PLAY AS YOUR HEROES AND ROLEMODELS IN THE MOST POPULAR GAME ON STEAM!

    PS. You would make a pretty good brony Ray, and you too Tim if you aren’t already (you know, ’cause of your daughter and all)

    PPS. I might also make some sound hacks to get certain parts from the various 2PStart! live podcast to play when being killed/dominated/dominating someone, if I can’t then help would be appreciated!

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